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What Is The Difference Between French Doors And Patio Doors

French Doors Vs Sliding Doors: Security

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Security of exterior doors is always a major concern, as there is little point in installing beautiful doors that will make break-ins easy. In the case of patio doors, security needs to be a top priority, if for no other reason than they will include a lot of glass and could lead to serious vulnerability. Both French and sliding styles of patio doors have their own advantages and disadvantages, in terms of securing a home, which we’ve listed below.

French doors security: Generally considered to be fairly good, as one door is locked into place, either into the frame or the floor, to form a secure installation for the other to be locked to as well. You can choose a variety of locking mechanisms, including insurance-recommended five point mortice designs. The glass panes can be easy to break, however, if a plain panel is chosen.

Sliding doors security: Thought to be even better than French doors in terms of security due to all panels being fixed to one sliding rail. There isn’t a ‘weak’ spot, as the whole installation is one secure unit, which can only be opened from the inside. There is the element of breakable glass to consider, but if triple glazing is used, it will be incredibly hard to shatter sliding French doors.

Whats The Difference And Which Ones Suit Your Requirements

Both sliding patio doors and French doors come in a range of sizes, but the key differences are as follows:

A French door; are traditionally hinged double doors which mainly open outwards, . Theyre known as French windows or French doors so you may see them advertised as either. When the doors are open you have full access to the width of the opening into which they are installed. However, you are constrained by the maximum leaf size which is generally approx. 900mm/leaf. So a maximum opening width, with both doors open, is approximately 1800mm wide. Having access to the full width of the opening at smaller sizes is great for access particularly into smaller properties, or smaller gardens where space internally or externally is critical .

Sliding Patio doors give you availability of achieving much wider opening spaces with sliding doors going to standard general widths from 1600mm right up to 4200mm. The only problem with sliding doors is that only approximately 50% of the space can be open at any one time, as when the doors are open they are still in part blocking the opening space you have. Sliding doors can be beneficial with restricted space, either externally or internally, as they do not protrude from the line of you wall when open. This is a definite benefit in restricted areas!

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Which Is Right For Your Home: French Doors Or Patio Doors

It all depends on your style and preferences!

Cant decide which you like more? Consider our French Rail doors. They combine the space-saving features of sliding patio doors with the beauty of French doors. French rail doors are ideal for larger spaces, as theyre available in two and four-panel designs.

To learn more about our patio door selection, schedule your free consultation today! The professionals at Window World Huntsville will help you decide which type of door is best for your home and your budget.

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What Are The Types Of Doors To Install In Outdoor Areas

Fortunately, outdoor environments are very receptive when remodeling and installing new decorative elements; therefore, the different options of french doors and patio doors fit perfectly in any space. Simply the model or design to install will depend on the creativity and taste of the homeowner. In this sense, both the french doors and patio doors can be:

  • Collapsible: it´s the type of installation indicated for small spaces since its accordion-type installation method makes it possible for the door to be opened and closed in small spaces.
  • Folding: it´s the design style that includes 2 doors that can be opened completely and offer a convenient view to enjoy all its width. The only disadvantage of this type of door is that it requires enough space so that both leaves can open completely.
  • Sliding: its installation is a little more complicated than the rest since it contemplates the installation of a rail or slide so that the door can slide on it and make possible an adequate opening and closing. Depending on the type of installation and convenience, one or several doors can be slid on the same track.

Once the most common types of doors to be installed in outdoor areas are known, the question arises as to the selection of each of them as the case may be. The truth is that one of the main elements to take into account at the time of the choice is the taste of each person, but especially the space available.

Is There A Third Option On Offer

What is the difference between a French door and a patio ...

If thermal efficiency is your concern, we are proud to say that we offer some of the most energy-efficient doors on the market. Our composite doors are made in a green and environmentally-friendly manner.

The materials ensure the door is strong and durable. Made out of glass reinforced plastic, our composite doors have one of the strongest materials on the market. This material is used to make boat hulls. The hinge edges on the composite door are fitted with a PVC edging, ensuring a snug and superior fit in the doorway.

The range of composite doors can suit any type of property. While sliding doors are more suited to contemporary homes, and French doors fit only in traditional and heritage properties, composite doors are versatile enough for both.

Composite doors are the most modern doors on the market nowadays. They offer so much more benefits for your property, and by choosing to work with us, you are choosing a trusted and reputable contractor that delivers superb results. You will be able to save money in the long run, as you will not need to replace your door for many years to come. Sorted!

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Should I Choose A Pvc Patio Door Or A French Door

It is vital that homeowners understand the difference between a PVC patio door and a French door before they make a decision on which option is best for their property. Expert advice is priceless, and in many cases can be the only helping hand to assist with making a decision.

French doors are becoming more popular, with many housebuilders opting for this traditional style rather than the sliding counterpart on offer. French doors are a suitable option when space is limited, both inside and outside the property but if youre lucky enough to have a large opening to fill, a PVC patio door would be the perfect partner for your refurbishment.

French Patio Doors Vs Sliding Doors

If youre looking to get the best from your patio, then why not bridge it with your home with a large, glass door like a;French door, or;sliding door?

French style doors consist of double glass doors i.e. an ordinary set of double doors with substantial amounts of glass. Sliding doors are formed of two or more panels, which can be slid behind one another with the help of tracks built into the floor and ceiling.

While there are many differences between French doors and sliding doors, they share many similarities. Notably, being patio doors with windows they both help create a sense of space, and they open your home up and out into your garden.

As above, a significant advantage of both French doors and sliding doors is that they increase the subjective impression of space inside the house. This is self-explanatory: if youre able to see more of your garden from your living room or kitchen, it follows that youll have a greater impression of the space around you. A further plus to both these patio door options is the amount of light that they let into the home.

So how do French doors and sliding doors differ? Lets pit French doors against sliding glass doors.

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Advantages Of Sliding Patio Doors

For their part, popular sliding patio openings offer a number of benefits, many of which are the same as for French doors, including easy access, chic appearance, thermal efficiency and connection with the great outdoors. Here are some others:

  • Easily opened: Thanks to their smooth gliding operation when you tug them open.
  • Thinner frames: Allowing for more natural daylight to flood your property and giving you the widest possible view of the outside world.
  • Flexibility: These models are incredibly versatile, and work well where theres plenty of space, but also where space outside the door is more restricted since they slide across rather than opening outwards. Really they can generally be made to be as big as the space requires.

You Get Slimmer Frame Lines

Marvin Windows Clad Sliding French Door and Clad Sliding Patio Door – Glenbrook U

When it comes to what doors are the slimmest, its hard to beat aluminium. PVCu is always thicker as it needs this bulk for strength and security. Timber is a wonderful natural material but this too is usually thicker than any standard aluminium patio door set.

So if reducing the visible sightlines of essential frame profiles matters, aluminium is the slimmest when choosing French doors, sliding doors or bifolding doors.

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Ready To Replace Your Patio Door Take The First Step

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The Differences Between French Doors & Sliding Doors

To allow more light into a room as well as combine indoor and outdoor spaces, homeowners look to improve their homes by installing patio doors. Patio doors come in an array of different sizes, styles, and materials that it can get quite overwhelming when trying to choose the right option.

In this article, we discuss the difference between french doors and sliding doors. There are a number of considerations when installing either option, as although there are many benefits to both designs, each one also comes with a few constraints.

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In Summary Which Is Better Sliding Or French Patio Doors

The answer really depends on your needs. If youre looking for a patio door thats cost-effective and doesnt use much space, then a sliding patio door is the best option. But, if you want a more traditional look and have the extra space, French patio doors could right for you.;Either way, with the customization and energy efficiency options now available with both door styles, you cant go wrong.

Which Other Factors Should I Consider While Choosing Between The Two

French Door & Patio Door Difference


Most people work on a budget, therefore you have to factor in the element of cost while making most purchases. The costs of these doors vary depending on the area of your door opening.

But if you look at the cost per square meter, then the sliding door is usually a little cheaper when compared to a French door set.


Because these doors access the outside of your house, you should ensure that they are enhanced with extra security features. On the sliding doors, make sure they have anti-lift devices & multi locks to prevent them being levered open & anti-bump or snap 3 lever lock cylinders to prevent forceful entry.

For French doors, go for one with 3 to 5 locking points. Cover splines are highly recommended to cover the gap where the doors meet in the centre, usually the weakest point.

There are other factors to consider such as the thermal efficiency of the doors. As with such a large area of glass, the last thing want is all your heat leaking out or cold coming in though the glazing.

Low-e oxide coated glass is good for energy efficiency, as are 20mm gap double glazed sections. The use of an inert gas, such as Argon, within the sealed glazed units is another method of increasing the overall energy rating of the doors.

Whichever way you go you cannot go wrong with either French or Sliding patio doors as they allow the maximum amount of natural light into your home.

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What Is The Difference Between Patio And French Doors

There are a number of important differences between patio & French doors, the main one being how they open. French doors are operated like a traditional door in the sense that they are hinged and open inwards or outwards. Conversely, patio doors are opened by sliding them to one side via a track. However, this is not the only area where they differ. Theres plenty more and weve looked into them for this post.

Whats The Difference Between French Doors And Patio Doors Which Should You Choose

There are a number of considerations when buying either French doors, patio doors or internal;French doors. Firstly, its vital that you understand the differences and constraints of each design.

Lets start with what is a patio door? The term patio doors, otherwise known traditionally as sliding doors, has morphed over time to cover all types of doors that open out either onto your garden/patio area, or in to your living area, or simply slide open/closed.

What is a French door? There isnt really a difference between French doors and patio doors. Rather, French doors are a type of patio door, folding sliding and ;of course sliding doors. All types operate differently and offer you certain different benefits. In this article we relate specifically to the difference between French doors and sliding patio doors and what to look for when buying them.

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The Difference Between French Doors And Patio Doors

Patio doors, also called sliding glass doors, have two panels: one is stationary and the other slides open. The pane of glass in a patio door is usually unobstructed so you can enjoy panoramic views.

French doors are technically a type of patio door. They also have two panels, but both are operational and open like a normal door. Typically, one panel is the main operator, with the ability to to open the other if needed. A hallmark of French doors are their multiple individual window panes that span the entire door.

Read more to learn about the different types of patio doors and decide which one is right for your Huntsville home.

So Which Ones Should You Buy French Doors Or Patio Doors

Perma-Shield® Gliding Patio Doors with Blinds Between the Glass | Andersen Windows

There are lots of factors to consider

Cost The cost varies, dependent on actual opening size you have. If you looked at cost per square metre of the opening, then sliding patio doors will work out around 10-20% cheaper at sizes bigger than 1800mm as locking mechanisms and hardware generally together with manufacturing methods are all slightly more cost effective than French doors. At sizes above 1800mm, the cost of French doors can become restrictive as additional windows or sidelights are required to fill the opening.

Security All types of exterior patio, or French or sliding doors come with security features, but here are some important features to look out for when buying:

Patio Doors;. You need to ensure your doors have the following as a minimum

  • Multipoint lock, with security hooks to prevent the doors being levered open
  • Lockable drop bolts are a great addition on the sliding leaf
  • Anti lift devices on the doors to prevent them being forced upwards and lifted off their sliding mechanism
  • Lockable anti bump cylinder lock to prevent the barrel being forced
  • The doors need to have toughened double glazing and ideally need to be PAS24:2016 rated, meaning they must pass a variety of tests to ensure they meet required performance standards.

French Doors be on the look-out for these:

You also need to consider ventilation requirements of the property and what is offered with the product, in compliance with Part F of the UK Building Regulations.

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French Doors Provide A Wider Opening

While sliding doors have greater flexibility in terms of space, French patio doors may provide an overall wider opening to the outside. A wider door opening can be convenient for a variety of reasons, such as hosting a party or moving large pieces of furniture. Two operable doors will also allow better ventilation.

In Summary: The Differences Between The Two

The main difference between sliding and French doors lies in the way each type opens: French doors open outwards via a hinge, while patio doors slide along a track and open to the side.

French doors are arguably more suited to heritage properties. Sliding patio doors, with their more modern appearance, often look ideal in contemporary homes.

Finally, if you have less room, French doors often provide the best solution. But if you have sheds of space and are keen to let in maximum light, sliding doors may well be the best home improvement.

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