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Where To Put Gazebo In Backyard

A Large Chandelier For A Large Gazebo

How to Put Together a Gazebo from a Kit

Keep in mind the size of your gazebo when picking the right lighting fixture. A standard pendant light, in this case, would not be sufficient.

Choose a large crystal chandelier that will look proportionate to its surroundings. Make sure the chandelier is front and center to achieve the wow factor you are looking for in your backyard.

I have included this example to remind you that size can either make or break your home design.

Site Preparation For An Outdoor Structure

Careful site preparation is necessary to ensure the stability and long-term enjoyment of your outdoor structure. Proper site preparation techniques depend on the size and type of structure youre installing.

You may choose to have the company that builds your structure prepare the site or hire a contractor to handle this task. However, depending on the structure, you could save a significant amount of money by handling at least some of the prep work on your own.

What Will You Use Your Gazebo For

Before you pick a spot for your wooden frame gazebo, you should have a good idea of what you want to use it for. If you dont then it is a good idea to consider this now. We have a whole post dedicated to the 5 most common reasons to get a gazebo here, but in case you are in a rush here, they are Sun protection, rain protection, entertaining guests, relaxation, and using them in multiple ways throughout the year.

Whatever your reason for wanting a gazebo, you should consider how your intended use will influence where you place it. For example, if you want to put a gazebo in a good place for rain cover then close to the house would make the most sense so you dont get wet going to and from it. If it is for sun protection then choosing a nice open space you normally could not enjoy will open up new possibilities for you. If your desire is to relax alone in your gazebo then put it somewhere private you like to sit and make sure it feels secluded and tranquil.

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Create A New Space For A Gazebo

Even though we suggested using a gazebo over an existing structure, it doesnt mean you cant create a whole new backyard space for it. You can learn how to create the right base for a gazebo in this blog post.

You can use your newly-created outdoor gazebo space for a variety of purposes, or just to get away from everyone inside your house. For example, a gazebo can cover a kids play area, or be used as a retreat for reading, a Zen den, a quiet space for yoga, or a simple garden getaway.

What Is The Ground Like

The Top 80 Best Gazebo Ideas

Before choosing the best place to put a gazebo in your backyard you should have a look at the lay of the land. By this I mean, you should survey all the potential sites for your gazebo, looking at things like if the ground is level, foundations, and if there are any obstructions. You could look at raised areas that would give you a better viewing point when sat down or little dips that would provide extra privacy. If you have soft ground you may need to lay harder foundations and if the ground is hard you may need to hire digging equipment to help you. Ideally, you should choose ground that is level and will support the weight of the structure as well as accommodate guests.

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What Is The View Like

Perhaps most importantly, how is the view from the place you have chosen to put your gazebo? You want to make the most of your investment by making sure the view you get is the best your backyard has to offer. Quite often you can pick two views that you like and have the gazebo positioned to enhance those views. If you think you have found the best place to position your gazebo but the view would be better 12 feet to the left then you have to decide what is more important. If you have a view of an open landscape, a body of water, or some kind of visual stimulus then it makes sense to position your gazebo in that direction.

Play With Tones Of Light

Achieve this look by mounting an outdoor candle chandelier in the very center of your gazebo. Let it hang low, so it will be visible to guests. You can embellish the edges of the roof with string lights.

Spice things up with lightbulbs that emit contrasting tones of light. Warm white light will help you set an alluring ambiance for your guests to enjoy.

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Reasons To Put A Gazebo In Your Backyard

Quality outdoor structures are a great solution forhomeowners looking to make their backyard more functional and attractive.Should you decide to invest in a new feature for your outdoor space, a gazebowill be one of the most versatile and standout options.

Many people think of gazebos as structures youd only find at parks or event centers, but they can be amazing backyard accents too. In fact, lets take a look at some of the advantages a backyard gazebo has to offer!

Anchoring A Gazebo To Pavers Using Concrete Footers

How to put up a Gazebo

This method can be tricky depending of what kind of bedding you have under your pavers. It consists of digging a hole into the ground directly under the pavers and adding concrete to said hole, so you can see how difficult that can be.

In order to use this method, first decide on the position you want your gazebo to be. Once you do that, youll know what pavers you will need to remove, so mark them with chalk and move the gazebo out of place.

Now you must remove the pavers you marked with chalk. To do that you can use a flat head screwdriver and a rubber mallet to carefully remove the pavers.

Once the pavers are removed and the round under them exposed, you can dig a hole at least 10 inches deep. The best tool for that job is a post hole digger, but you can also use a regular shovel. Once the holes are dug, you can place the gazebo posts into them.

Now you add the concrete to the hole to secure the gazebo posts, making sure to level it with the ground. Let it dry for at least 48 hours. After that you can put the pavers back in place and your gazebo is set.

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A Gazebo To Transform Your Patio Or Deck

An existing patio or deck is a practical place to install a gazebo, and the reason is twofold. First, since the patio or deck is usually right next to your house, it makes it a natural extension of your living space. Second, it means you dont need to create a new base to install your gazebo, which means you will save some money on your overall backyard investment.

As protection from the elements over a patio or deck, there are a number of backyard gazebo ideas that you can emulate for your home. You may simply want to utilize a gazebo as an outdoor living room for the family. Simply mount a flat panel screen to an external wall of your house for television viewing, movie nights, gaming nights, or karaoke nights.

Additionally, you can use a gazebo as part of your plans to build an outdoor kitchen. Although appliances and fixtures made for an outdoor kitchen are designed for weather resistance, a gazebo can be used to keep the chef protected from the elements, or to cover an outdoor dining area.

Also, if youre a member of the growing remote workforce, you can utilize a gazebo as home office space. Furthermore, that outdoor office space can be used as a study area by children and young adults who are being home schooled, learning remotely, or simply need to get their homework done.

How Do I Apply For A Permit To Build My Gazebo

Now you know what you need, you can go ahead and apply for the right permits. But how do you do that? Again, its all about making contact with your local planning office.

If you know what you want and youve explained this clearly to the permit clerk during your conversation, they should be able to mail the right forms to you. Dont start until you have your permits approved and returned.

If you live in an area managed by a HOA, please check with them as well. There are often very specific local rules that apply to your immediate neighborhood. These could affect the size, materials, appearance, and location of your new gazebo. They could even have a clause that prevents outside structures being built at all

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Is It Hard Or Soft Top

Soft top gazebos are much easier to assemble than hard tops. The canopy comes as a single piece that can be attached to the posts.

Hard top gazebos will be heavier but provide protection from sun and rain and make quite a statement in the yard.

If you are setting up a gazebo for an event, then you will want to opt for a soft top since they are more temporary in design.

Take Measurements For Proper Sizing

Backyard Flower Garden With Gazebo 20 (Backyard Flower ...

After youve decided on the potential placement of your new structure, its time to take some measurements. Youll want to measure the length and width of the area to narrow down your size options. You should also look at how the potential height of a structure will affect other elements in your yard.

Be sure to factor in any space you might need to walk around the structure to other areas of your yard or garden.

Based on the area you have available, you should be able to narrow your size choices for the structure youre considering.

For maximum entertainment value and room to grow, choose the largest structure you can easily accommodate in your space. Over the years, weve learned that most never regret purchasing a larger structure, since there are always more ways to use it, once you have it.

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Need Help With Planning Your New Outdoor Structure

As you can see, theres a lot more that goes into adding a new structure to your backyard than simply choosing the best design for your needs. Deciding on the proper size and placement, checking with your township and homeowners association and following the right site preparation techniques can help you avoid many pitfalls and get you well on your way to enjoying your new gazebo, pergola or pavilion.

If you have any questions about your potential outdoor structure or need help deciding on which structure is right for you, feel free to contact us. Our experienced team is skilled at helping customers think through the placement and design of backyard pavilions, pergolas, and gazebos.


How Much Does It Cost To Install A Gazebo On A Deck

The range varies based on the size of the gazebo as well as the features you want it to have. Most gazebos will cost between $5,500 to $9,500 to install on top of a deck. This includes the act of reinforcing the structure as well as the cost of actually putting the gazebo together.

With that said, most people who pay for this upgrade to their home find it to be well worth the money. Its an upgrade that will definitely pay off when summertime hits. Your friends and family will love it.

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Erect The Gazebo/anchor The Posts

Now that your foundation is figured out, you can build your gazebo.

You will first install the posts by anchoring them to the ground. The gazebo manufacturer should and most likely will have sent stakes or anchors with the gazebo itself.

Dig at least three inches down and secure to the ground by driving the stakes down.

They typically slide through the posts and into the ground, thereby holding the gazebo in place.

Lay weed barrier

Cut a piece of weed barrier and lay it on the grass where the gazebo will sit. You can use plastic sheeting or designated weed barrier for this purpose. It will stop grass and weeds growing through.

Measure Out The Surface Area

Garden Winds Universal Gazebo Replacement Canopies part I

Using a measuring tape, measure out the area that will be covered by the gazebo. You will need these dimensions to create a foundation of sorts and to lay weed barrier. It also helps you envision the yard with gazebo.

Level the ground

A level foundation ensures stability and is pleasing to the eye. You will want help for this. Using shovel, dig the dirt from the high spots and use it to fill any low spots.

If installing a wooden floor, where do you want that floor to sit? You can dig about five inches down into the earth and level that area. It is useful to also compact the area if you can.

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When Do You Not Need To Secure Your Gazebo

Generally speaking, if the weight of the gazebo and the build of the gazebo isnt amenable to wind, youre probably good to go. That being said, even temporary gazebo tents used at parties can do better with a little securing.

Even if you dont want to secure a gazebo, its in your best interest to do so. Remember, securing a gazebo isnt just about protecting your property. Gazebos are massive structures. If they go flying, they can easily end up crashing into your home, your car, or other people.

Is Wood Or Metal Better For My Gazebo

Both metal and wood can be a long-lasting and durable material. Both can also corrode and decay quickly if you choose the wrong type. A wrought iron gazebo will be heavy, but sturdy and durable. At the same time, an aluminum one might get picked up in the wind. When building a wooden gazebo, it should be either hardwood or treated wood.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Gazebo Location

Gazebos have become a popular addition to backyards across America, providing a great place to spend time with friends and family. From hosting an elegant dinner party to relaxing with a good book, your gazebo can be the center of your outdoor living space. However, before you make the purchase, there are a few factors you should consider when choosing the location.

What Is The Easiest Pop Up Canopy

23 Interesting Gazebo Ideas for Your Garden

Best 10×10 Canopy Reviews Summarized Comparison Table Rank Pop Up Canopy Tents Rating 1 Eurmax Basic 10×10 Pop Up Commercial Canopy 4.8/5 2 ABCCanopy King Kong 10×10 Commercial Instant Canopy 4.7/5 3 Core 10×10 Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy 4.7/5 4 Leader Accessories Instant Pop Up Straight Leg Canopy 4.6/5

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The Best Way To Secure A Gazebo On A Paver Patio

If youre dealing with a paver patio gazebo, you have your work cut out for you. Though rare, this kind of gazebo foundation can still be seen on grass. Technically, its not actually a grass-based gazebo. Even so, its good to know how to secure your gazebo.

The problem that paver patio gazebos hold is the fact that they have a lot of bricks and stones. If you eventually choose to get rid of the gazebo, drilling down through them will prove to be a regretful move, since youll be stuck with drilling holes.

To make matters worse, if you choose to go more traditional routes of having concrete footers sticking out of the ground, you might end up with an aesthetically jarring look. So, whats a person to do?

One of the better ways to secure a gazebo while keeping things hole-free and beautiful is to use plantersyes, just like the ones you use to hold your rose bushes or ficus plants! Check out this sleek method of securing a gazebo below:

  • Get planters that are slightly larger than each foot of your gazebo. The planters you choose should have no holes at the bottom and also match the aesthetic of your patio.
  • Place a planter pot at each post. You will need the help of three other people to do this in most situations. Still, its worth it.
  • If you arent interested in this, consider putting a tile mosaic down instead. Mosaic tiling is a great way to add some interesting color and style to the concrete. After all, no one wants to have to deal with a stark-looking setup, do they?
  • What Are The Best Screws For Concrete

    The 3/16-in. diameter screws are plenty strong for most home tasks like installing furring strips, screwing down walls to concrete floors, and attaching hardware to block or brick. And since theyre a little cheaper and the smaller hole is easier to drill, the 3/16-in. size is usually the better choice.

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    Outdoor Patio Gazebo Ideas

    The four-post open gazebo has a hanging outdoor-grade lighting fixture, white painted square post columns, and royal blue roof shingles. The effect is has on the garden patio really livens up the outdoor area.

    Gazebo ideas come in a variety of designs. This simple and modern gazebo design employs round stone pillars, an outdoor wicker love seat sofa, slate outdoor flooring, and a motorized ceiling fan-light fixture in the middle of the gazebo ceiling.

    This rooftop patio is perfect for al fresco dining events and meals that one might want to enjoy while enjoying the outdoor sky. The glass ceiling of the contemporary gazebo used is perfect for this it gives people sitting on the outdoor dining set to be able to clearly see the overhead sky.

    This stone patio has a quaint brown and white wood gazebo that houses equally charming blue outdoor furniture. The overall feel of the space is cozy and welcoming.

    This traditional Victorian design of a gazebo uses white wood, wood shingles, and numerous thin ballusters to create a shaded built-up space that is classy, stylish, and welcoming.

    Bright and colorful tropical garden backyards make thorough use of landscape elements to enhance the experience of the outdoor space. Stone block paths and a small wooden bridge create a path to the beautiful gazebo in the back. Built-in seating, beautiful ferns, and potted plants were used in this space.


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