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Who Is Roxy From The Fireplace And Patio Place

Largest Selection In The Southwest

Outdoor Gas Fireplace With Buff Flagstone Patio Installed By Denver Landscape Contractor

Come visit our showroom to see working models of fireplaces, woodstoves, firepits, gas logs and more. Our staff can help you design the fireplace of your dreams and equip you with the information that you need to make the best and safest choices for your home. Whether you need warmth and functionality or aesthetics, we have a huge selection in stock to meet your needs. More

Wequassett Resort And Golf Club

Wequassett Resort and Golf Club in Harwich on Cape Cod Photo courtesy of Linda Laban

Set on peaceful Pleasant Bay, this resort includes one of the finest golf clubs in the United States the Cape Cod National Golf Club right on the doorstep. But theres so much more to enjoy on this Mid Cape lodge, which is surrounded by cedar-shingled cottages of various designs.

Theres also tennis, two pools and the spacious rooms and extravagant suites, which have patios and fire pits. Enjoy dinner or drinks in Thoreaus, set in an 1800s sea captains house that was moved from Brewster, or the main restaurant, Twenty-Eight Atlantic, where a locally inspired menu offers vibrant flavor pairings even at breakfast.

Wequassett Resort and Golf Club

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Outdoor Escape: The Fireplace And Patioplace

Winston Palazzo set with California outdoor fire pit

Walking into The Fireplace and Patioplace showroom in Cranberry is all about using your imagination. At first, youre visualizing the comfortable wicker seating set at the front of the showroom sitting pretty on your back deck that could totally be where you relax after work and read a book. Then, you spot the entire line of grills and cooking islands, and suddenly youre envisioning one of those too, and whats a seating area without a matching patio table? Suddenly, you need that glass fire pit, a design youve never seen before, where the flames are your tables centerpiece, emerging out of sparkling shards of glass. Youre envisioning serving chilled lemonade around a cast-aluminum dining set too, when you finally remember, well, you only have one backyard.

But thats what this showroom does. It presents new ideas, displaying complete patio scenes with complementary furniture, grills, and working fireplaces, so that visitors can visualize and re-visualize these items exactly as theyd be in their homes. We want customers to be able to see every type of fireplace, for example, that they could imagine from stone fireplaces to traditional mantel and marble fireplaces and from traditional wood burning to gas burning. We wanted to give our customers all the ideas possible to make their decisions, says owner Marci Buckiso.

Brown Jordan dining set from the Cast Aluminum Flex Collection

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Enjoy Radiant Heat From Gas Logs Available For Natural Gas And Liquid Propane

We are experiencing intermittent technical issues with our phone system. Please contact us by email or visit our showroom during business hours if you are unable to reach us by phone. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We were looking to build what we thought would be the perfect fire pit for our back yard. We saw photos online of what we wanted but we didnt know what parts were needed. We gave Michelle a call at Georgetown Fireplace and Patio and she was very helpful. Not only did she provide us with instructions during an hour long call but she also was kind enough to send me photos to my phone of the exact specs of the various parts and she even took the time to draw us a picture of where the vents and drains should go. I highly recommend this business for all your fire pit needs.

Weve been toying with a wood burning stove idea for our house for years and we finally pulled the trigger. We ended up going with a Lopi Gas Stove and I cannot say enough good things about how GT Fireplace helped us decide on the right stove but, more important, helped us through the installation and custom configuration of our stove. Brad and his crew were always super helpful and werent afraid to help us explore alternatives for our particular installation. They were hugely knowledgeable on all things fireplace and they put up with my DIY mentality. We eventually got the stove installed and working and could not be happier. Thanks again GT Fireplace. You guys rock!

Should I Install A See

Kamin Und Patioplace #Kaminöfen

Three-sided see-through fireplace

A state of the art open see-through fireplace can provide contemporary fire enjoyment in any large space, between multiple rooms or can even act as a room divider. Wherever it is built, a see-through can deliver a striking architectural statement, allowing fire viewing from both sides and perhaps the use of exotic facing materials, different on each side.

But, open see-through fireplaces can also be troublesome, usually because the ratio of the effective area of the fireplace opening compared to the cross-sectional area of the chimney, may be out of kilter allowing spillage of the products of combustion due to insufficient updraft. And other air-movement devices such as air conditioning or even a simple kitchen extractor can affect the safe operation of such a fireplace.

Essentially, its all about the chimney. Will it exhaust the gases safely at all times? A professionally installed chimney fan can often cure spillage, but this can be an expensive option.

The correct approach should be to listen carefully to a design or installation professional before purchase. An early site visit is essential, particularly if you want to utilise an existing chimney or flue. Starting from scratch with no flue at all in a new or refurbishment project often offers a better chance of creating a safe open see-through fireplace chimney system and ensuring that it always operates correctly.

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Menemsha Inn & Cottages And The Beach Plum Inn

Menemsha Inn & Cottages and the Beach Plum Inn in Chilmark on Martha’s Vineyard Photo courtesy of Linda Laban

Located in the less touristy western tip of the island, the pretty Menemsha Inn and its adjacent sister spot, the Beach Plum Inn, overlook Vineyard Sound in the distance. The area is still raw and natural, and because Chilmark is a dry town where alcohol isnt served publicly, theres no nightlife beyond dinner and the spectacular sunset.

Dining at the inn takes place at the Beach Plums excellent restaurant. Choose from delightful rooms in Menemshas Carriage and Tea Houses, or one of its standalone cabins, which come complete with a kitchen, decks, fireplaces and open views to the water.

Menemsha Inn & Cottages

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Are Outdoor Fireplaces Legal In New York City

Me – “Hi. Do you know if it is legal to have an outdoor fireplace in New York City?”Woman – “You mean like a grill?”Me – “No, like an outdoor fire bowl. I live on the Upper East Side and I have a backyard. I’d like to purchase an outdoor fire bowl to use in it.”Woman – “Ma’am, it is illegal to have camp fires in Manhattan.”Me – “No, no, not a camp fire. It’s like…an iron bowl that you can build small fires in. Kind of like a grill I guess, but open….”Woman – “I’m not sure what you’re asking. Yes, it is legal to have a grill in Manhattan. But you cannot have brush fires.”Me – “Well, it’s not a brush fire –“Woman – “Maybe you should go the FDNY website and check there. They break down many of the city’s regulations. I’m sorry I can’t be of more assistance.”

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We have everything that you need to create your patio dream space. We carry furniture from Tropitone, Mallin, Woodard, Meadowcraft, North Cape and more. We also have a complete selection of fountains, firepits, grills and outdoor kitchen appliances. Youll love our selection of accents including outdoor decorative cushions, rugs, wind chimes, umbrellas, hammocks and other accessories. More

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