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Best Material To Cover Pergola

What Supplies Are Needed:

The BEST Pergola Cover For Homes: Us vs. Store Brands | Cover Your Pergola

*First you must have your pergola built, and figure out the size of covered area you are doing then buy accordingly.


Since our pergola was white, we painted all the closure strips to match.

Now it is time to install. Looking back, we wish we did more closure strips to help with the corrugated panels longevity.

Installing the panels it was so hard to decide how long to do them in the front. You can see here the three different lengths.

We went with the first one, honestly for looks. It probably wasnt the best option for all the rain we have and if we did the longer it would be less rain on the deck front. I do have to say I still dont regret it.

Now the install, make sure to predrill each hole before using the screws. Make sure to get it right the first time so you dont have any unwanted holes. You DO need to overlap so take that into account.

Install A Louvered Roof

If youre looking for pergola shade ideas with maximum flexibility, a louvered roof is a sound solution, allowing adjustment throughout the day.

‘Designed for those who want to live life outdoors, modern pergolas with rotating aluminum louvered roofs permit the user to play with light and shade, offering an open-air alfresco feel when left fully open, and ensuring a completely water, wind and even snow-tight roof when closed,’ says Stuart Dantzic, managing director of Caribbean Blinds .

Create Temporary Shade With Vintage Fabrics

Pergola shades dont need to be permanent additions to the structure. On a sunny day, simply drape a minimalist metal pergola with pretty fabric to create welcome cool and privacy. Use mismatched fabrics to create a laid-back boho vibe, then pair with rattan garden furniture and plenty of pillows for a cozy spot in which to relax.

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Aecojoy Retractable Pergola Canopy Best For Temporary Use

The final pergola cover on our list is a retractable one, and it works for a range of different outdoor areas like decks, gardens, or terraces. It has a unique retractable design that allows you to pull it back when youre not using it to ensure that sunlight spills in, and its easy to pull back out when you want to sit in the shade. You can adjust the lengths to match the suns position along the sides to keep yourself comfortable, but you do have to remove the canopy on rainy days because it has a much thinner material that wont withstand inclement weather conditions well.

Youll get two boxes when you order this pergola cover with a full set of installation instructions to help save time when you put it up. Each of the feet come with mounting holes to help you affix it into the ground, and you get a one-year warranty from the date of purchase to help protect your initial investment. The customer service team is very responsive to questions or concerns, and the sturdy steel frame will resist rust and corrosion with hard use.


  • Easy to adjust the cover


  • Have to put the cover away in bad weather

What Should I Cover My Pergola With For Shade

Add striped fabric pattern retractable awnings to your existing pergola ...

A fabric cover provides shade, but for rain or snow protection youll need something more sturdy. You can purchase a pergola with a metal roof, or you can build your own waterproof cover out of corrugated metal or plastic. As a bonus, the raindrops will sound beautiful as they hit the solid pergola cover.

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Whats The Point Of A Pergola

A pergola extends your living space and increases the amount of time you can spend outside. Designed and oriented correctly on your lot, a pergola can cast enough light shade to make even a warm afternoon enjoyable or if you still need additional protection, you can install a retractable shade cover for more shade.

What Is The Best Roof To Put On A Pergola

  • Do pergolas need to be anchored?
  • Metal pergola roof materials are considered to be the most durable, thus they are also more permanent than many of the other types of roofing materials. The best thing about metal roofing material is that it can be cut down or sized to fit any size or shape structure.

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    Is The Polycarbonate Roofing Expensive

    Its not the cheapest project, but its worth it!!

    Hopefully I answered all your questions on installing and the upkeep of the polycarbonate roofing panels! If you have any more questions just let me know.

    I love that we can keep all this furniture and cushions out year round, and its given us an additional place to escape to.

    You can see here how much light it gets in, and how even after two years of not cleaning it it is still crystal clear! We love it and hopefully if you decide to do it you will too!

    If you are wondering how we did the rest of this space including our lifted pergola check out the posts below!

    Pergola Roof Heres What You Need To Know

    The Very Best Pergola Roof Around Meet The SkyPoly Hercules | Cover Your Pergola

    When you think about it, pergolas are better than arbors and gazebos because of their unique roofing systems.

    So why would you need a roofed pergola?

    Well, for starters, because it is uniquely designed to let some sunlight shine through while also providing partial shelter and shade in a garden or patio. Its the perfect addition to the outdoors as it allows you to enjoy nature while dealing with changing weather conditions.

    Pergolas have been a popular shade solution since the dawn of ancient Egypt. The Romans made pergolas a quintessential aspect their public and private bathhouses. The ornate pergolas of the Renaissance built of marble and stone, still stand today.

    While pergola designs have changed over the centuries, the one very consistent design element has been the slatted pergola roof. The partial shade of an open louvered pergola roof instantly brings an Old World feel to any outdoor space. Modern pergolas, with advanced powder coatings and customizable designs, can also compliment any type of architecture from country relaxed, to nouveau contemporary. So, its no wonder that homeowners love pergolas with their slatted roofs.

    So, its no wonder that homeowners love pergolas with their slatted roofs.

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    Fiberglass And Plastic Pergola Tops

    Fiberglass and plastic pergola roofs are durable materials that are fairly inexpensive to purchase and more permanent in comparison to other types. Both materials are designed to allow complete light exposure but do a great job keeping rain and harmful UV rays from passing through.

    Plastic usually comes in lightweight panels of different sizes that can easily be cut down to size if needed. Fiberglass may be a little bit harder to find but it is also a very green alternative. Most fiberglass materials are made by using recycled materials, which helps reduce the amount of waste on our planet.

    How To Build A Pergola From Scratch

    If you are not opting for professional pergola installation and are not a particularly handy builder, it is best to choose a DIY pergola kit. This will save you from measuring mistakes, cutting mishaps, and multiple trips to the store for forgotten joists or more bolts. But, if you have a strong do-it-yourself spirit and are determined to build your patio cover from scratch, here is some basic information about costs, materials, and project steps to help you get started.

    Costs vary greatly depending on the type of materials used and the size of your pergola. For example, pine is about half the price of higher-end woods, such as teak.

    The following assumes you are building a wood pergola since that is the most common material for pergolas built without kits.

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    How To Train Wisteria To Grow Up A Pergola

    Wisteria is a highly trainable plant because its eager to climb and grows very quickly. Its a seeker type plant that will make its way into any nook and cranny it can find as it continues its movement upward. Without some training, the plant will grow wildly and have an unkempt appearance.

    Wisteria doesnt have suckers or adhesives to help it climb, so it needs something to twist around. A pergola thats large enough to support the massive weight of the mature plant has posts that are likely too large to effectively climb when the plant is young, which is why youll need to give it a little bit of assistance.

    Start With A Strong Foundation

    Over 300+ fabric colors/designs to choose from. Delivery in 14 days or ...

    Your pergola must be very sturdy if you plan to cover it in Wisteria. This vine can become heavy and massive, reaching up to 100-feet in length and living for 50 years or more. When Wisteria flowers, its even heavier. These plants are known for pulling down pergolas, arbors, and fences that arent strong enough or become weakened by weathering over time.

    Select or build a pergola with durable materials, like pressure-treated or rot-resistant wood , heavy metal pipe, and beams set in concrete.

    If you build your own pergola using wood, I recommend using at least 4x4s for the main posts. Your pergola should be set at least 54-60 inches into the ground, with concrete footing or pea gravel to set it in place. Backfill the holes with a few inches of class 5 gravel, level it down to keep each post nice and straight, and then repeat.

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    How To Cover A Pergola For Shade

    There are a few ways to cover a pergola for shade. One way is to install a retractable canopy. This can be done by either buying a canopy that is specifically designed to be used with pergolas or by installing a retractable awning. Another option is to install some type of shade cloth or curtain. This can be done by either hanging it from the pergolas roof or suspending it from poles installed around the perimeter of the pergola.

    How Do You Add More Shade To A Pergola

    You can add more shade to a pergola with coverings at the sides. Fabric panels are a simple addition, and can be hung, like curtains, from railings fitted just below the perimeter of the roof structure. They will soften the lines of the pergola, too.

    Alternatively, use large foliage plants in pots, positioned around the sides of the pergola to cool and green the area.

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    Whats The Best Cover For A Retractable Pergola

    Retractable pergolas are designed to deal with the often unpredictable weather in New South Wales, and they need to be free of obstructions, so you can easily roll out and retract the roof as necessary.

    The range from OZTECH comes with fabric covers and aluminium louvres, which are built to provide complete protection and longevity. Our team will be able to advise on the best cover for your requirements, to ensure you achieve the look and function you want from your retractable roof system.

    Relax In A Pergola Tent

    A Covered Pergola Is A MUST Here’s 5 Reasons Why | Cover Your Pergola

    If you’re hosting a garden party, adding a decadently dressed pergola for shade to the lawn creates a focal point for gathering and the perfect spot to escape the heat of the day.

    Ideal for summer celebrations, this 9 foot pergola from Raj Tent Club is able to seat up to 10 guests. As well as offering shade from above, the delicately tied curtains at each post can also be untied and closed to create an intimate setting. Just add lighting to linger in the yard after dark.

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    Pergola Covers Can Be Personalized

    For a touch of class why not add a text, logo, crest or design of your choice to your custom pergola covers. These graphics will be printed in a fade-resistant color and font to lift your pergola covers to another dimension.

    Keep your beautiful pergola in great shape with our economical custom covers. You can order online from anywhere in the world and within no time we will deliver your custom pergola covers right to your doorstep.

    Didnt find what you were looking for? Need to find something else? Take a look at our other custom covers here

    Louver Design Is Important

    Not all metal louvers are created the same. Some are simple single-layered wood or steel. This basic design is fine for blocking the sun, but leaves the shaded space below the pergola susceptible to annoying drips when it rains. Azenco uses a unique dual-walled louver design that channels water into an integrated drainage system and away from the outdoor living space below. Homeowners researching a louvered pergola roof for their home should make sure to ask their dealer how the louvers will handle rain water. Even better, ask them to demonstrate the drainage system first-hand.

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    Using Top Runners To Achieve More Shade

    To gain more shade, you could simply install more top purlins by positioning them closer to each other.

    How you choose to space the top runners on your pergola is a totally up to you, just remember the further apart the runners are spaced, the less shade the pergola will provide. A good place to start is by spacing runners 3 inches apart to provide a bit of shade. The first runner is attached at the exact center of the arch, with additional runners placed at 3″ intervals on each side. This is the most shade that can be provided with the top runners, so if you’re looking for more shade consider adding one of the other options we talked about above like a canopy or lattice top.


    What Is The Best Patio Cover Material

    Vinyl Pergola vs. CPVC Material Pergola: How to Choose The Best ...

    In terms of strength and durability, extruded aluminum is the best patio cover material on the market today. If you want to take your patio or deck to the next level while maximizing outdoor living potential, its all about choosing the right roofing material.

    An extruded aluminum patio cover provides superior, year-round protection because it doesnt warp, crack, or generate mold. Aluminum is ideal for properties along the coast or in humid climates where salt and moisture are constant threats to the integrity of other common building materials.

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    How To Care For Your Wisteria And Pergola

    One of the great things about Wisteria is that,other than its need for pruning, its such a low-maintenance plant. You shouldnt have to do much for it other than pruning to keep it under control once its established around your pergola. However, there are a few things you can do to keep it healthy and promote blooms.

    • Add a layer of compost to the soil and a thick layer of mulch to help keep the roots moist and protected. You can do this when you first plant your Wisteria or in the early springtime.
    • Make sure your Wisteria gets sufficient moisture during its first year of growth.
    • Watch for unwanted shoots away from the pergola and clip them off or pull them up.
    • You shouldnt need to fertilize your Wisteria, but if you do, avoid fertilizers high in nitrogen and opt for high-phosphorous types, like bone meal.
    • Remove seed pods before winter ends to avoid having an explosion of seeds and unwanted Wisteria popping up.

    Metal Roof Pergola Cover

    A metal roof pergola cover is the perfect way to keep your outdoor living space protected from the elements all year round. Not only does it provide superior protection from rain and snow, but it can also help reduce cooling and heating costs. Plus, it is virtually maintenance free so you can spend more time enjoying your backyard oasis and less time worrying about upkeep.

    Adding a metal roof cover to your outdoor living space is a great way to improve its function and appearance. This type of pergola cover will keep you and your guests protected from the elements while adding style and sophistication.

    But they have some drawbacks too. First, they can be very heavy, which can make them difficult to install or remove. They also can be expensive and may not be available in every color or style.

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    Custom Pergola Covers Come In 3 High

    A stunning pergola provides a perfect sit out to enjoy the beauty of your lawn and flowers. However, exposure to the rain, snow, sun and strong winds can slowly wither away what was once a gorgeous pergola. Our UV-resistant custom pergola covers promise to keep your garden trellis looking fresh and untouched by the rigours of the outdoor weather for a long time. We use 100% waterproof, high-tensile fabrics to make long-lasting and durable pergola covers.

    Our pergola shade covers are made using 3 different fabrics to suit a variety of needs. These include Tarp Max and Tarp Tuff, two durable PVC coated fabrics and Tarp Clear, an ultra clear PVC fabric. To provide the best protection from moderate weather we suggest pergola covers made from Tarp Max, a durable 1000D fabric, 100% waterproof fabric. Available in six UV resistant colors – blue, black, gray, brown, white and beige, this hardy Tarp Max fabric comes with a three-year warranty.

    Tarp Tuff is our heavy-duty champion which will protect your pergola from damage caused by severe weather. Covers made with this heavyweight 1000D fabric can be picked up in vibrant shades of blue, red, gray and black. Strong and sturdy, Tarp Tuff protects your pergola from debris brought on by strong winds. It comes with a warranty of five years.

    To let sunshine warm you up in your pergola, you can have covers made from Clear Tarp, our 48 PHR ultra clear PVC fabric. This durable clear vinyl tarp comes with a one-year warranty.


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