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Monkey Bar Set For Backyard

Vuly Quest Monkey Bars

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure | Model 90143 | Features & Benefits Video

Its time to go on a Vuly Quest. The custom monkey bars adventure for your family.

UV resistant shade cover included, the Quest is more than just a climbing frame, its a flying fox, an obstacle course, a fitness training center and more.

With dozens of add-ons to choose from that you can swap in seconds, every Quest is unique.

Thanks to a super strong, height adjustable steel frame with a 750 kilogram load rating, parents can join the fun too.

The double galvanized and powder coated frame is backed by a seven-year warranty.

Its designed in Australia for Australian backyards. Play inspired and take your family on a Vuly Quest.

Happy And Healthy Kids

Like you, we grew up as kids before the technology takeover, when making your own fun meant going outside and using your imagination. It meant that running, climbing, swinging, swimming, dancing, chasing and jumping were all a part of our everyday lives.

We think thats the healthiest way for kids of all ages to grow up, and were all about making it safe and accessible for your kids to play everyday in your own backyard. When our youngsters are active and finding fun outside, they develop all kinds of skills, from socialising, to independence, to motor and physical skills.

Is A Jungle Gym Or Monkey Bars Dangerous

Adult supervision is the best way to make sure children are safe while climbing on monkey bars. Properly setting up your rungs set with a soft substrate for landing lessens the risk of injuries.

You can add materials such as shredded wood mulch, shredded rubber mulch, rubber mats, or sand to create a soft place for children to land.

Its also important to maintain your climbing equipment and monitor for any damage, sharp edges, or rust that could cause your ladder rungs to deteriorate.

Empire AP Wooden Swing Set

WillyGoat has many exciting configurations of playground equipment to choose from. In addition to monkey bars, they also offer a variety of wooden swing sets, slides, and rock climbing walls. The vibrant colors and exciting elements will have your children itching to play outside.

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Development Of Muscles And Strength

Successfully traversing the monkey bars takes a fair bit of strength, for which kids need core strength. For example, they have to keep their lugs tucked while swinging, which strengthens the core muscles. Swinging from bar to bar develops arm and back strength, too–specifically in the shoulders, biceps, and lats. Monkeys bars are also excellent for childrens gross motor skills, or movements of the large muscles of the arms, legs, and torso. Plus, they encourage agility and hand-eye coordination and bolster blood circulation.

Why You Should Buy A Kids Monkey Bar


Having a monkey bar in your backyard encourages your children to get outdoors and be active. There is a long list of benefits of outdoor play for kids, and play equipment such as monkey bars help promote this. Vulys monkey bars are fully customisable, meaning you can create play equipment perfect for your backyard and your kids.

We’ve created a comparison guide between all of the major monkey bars brands in Australia, including GrowPlay Monkey Bars & Funky Monkey bars for your convenience.

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Installing The Steps And Horizontal Runs

  • 1Measure the distance between the outer edges of 2 posts for the steps. Choose the 2 posts on the short end of your monkey bars. Stand in front of the posts so one is on your left side and one is on your right. Start the tape measure on the leftmost edge on the left post. Extend the tape to the rightmost edge on the right post and write down your measurement so you dont forget it.XResearch source
  • Both of the short ends will be about the same distance apart so you only have to measure one side.
  • 2Cut 2 in × 4 in boards to the length you just found. Multiply the measurement you found by 6 to find the total length youll need for your steps. Buy 2 in × 4 in boards that are 8 feet long so you can cut them down to size. Make sure you buy pressure-treated outdoor lumber so it doesnt rot. Mark the lengths on your boards and use a circular saw or hand saw to make your cuts.XResearch source
  • Save any scrap wood you have left since you may be able to use it later in the build.
  • Youll need approximately 18 feet total for your steps.
  • 4Place additional steps 12 in apart. Measure 12 inches up from the top of your first step and make a mark on the post. Align the bottom edge of the next step with the mark you just made and add 2 screws to each side to secure it in place. After that, add a third step another 12 inches higher. Repeat the process on the other end of your monkey bars to finish the steps.XResearch source
  • Types Of Monkey Bars On Amazon

    On Amazon, you’ll see a variety of playground accessories for kids that love to hang out. Monkey bar climbing towers are the most popular. The play equipment doesn’t look like the playset you’re used to seeing, but it works similarly.

    Kids can climb on the climbing frame to get to the middle of the play structure.

    You’ll also see folding trapeze bars. They’re great for developing upper body strength and practicing gymnastic moves at home.

    Another type of monkey bar you’ll find is obstacle training courses. They have heavy-duty rings for climbers to swing from. These are great for big kids who want a play space similar to their school’s monkey bar setup.

    We rounded up three top-rated options perfect for your child’s needs.

    Amazon’s best-selling horizontal bar is a great piece for outdoor play or indoor play areas. Use the extra bedroom as an indoor playground this summer or on cold, rainy days.

    The $93 indoor gym bar is very stable. The two round pedestals and four slip-resistant rubber floor rings increase friction and absorb shock from exercising. The indoor monkey bar set is foldable, so you can store your kid’s play gym equipment when they’re done playing.

    The weight limit is 140 pounds, ideal for ages 3-8 years old .

    Now we’re talking. This $74 obstacle course is the ultimate playground equipment for kids who love a challenge.

    With climbing rope, gymnastics rings, a hardwood bar, triangles, and a swing set, your kids will have fun for hours and hours.

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    Portable Indoor Monkey Bars

    In addition to the Overhead Monkey Bar attachment, we can also provide a side 8 Monkey Bar attachment. The bars are of the same no-flange design which permits the addition of unlimited obstacle elements. This is the ultimate in obstacle training or ninja obstacle course training in your own back yard. This is also a great unit for gyms that want to provide bodyweight training option above and beyond standard pull up bars.

    Development Of Fine Motor Skills By Using Monkey Bars

    Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set | Lifetime Assembly Video

    Fine motor skills, or the ability to make movements with the small muscles in the hands and wrists, are critical in the lives of schoolchildren. These skills are involved in all kinds of everyday activities, such as writing, cutting, buttoning up a shirt, or holding a pencil or scissors. Though doing puzzles, playing with play-dough, and drawing are more common ways to encourage the development of fine motor skills, monkey bars are also excellent for this purpose. As your child grips the bars, they have to sustain their entire body weight with their hands. This type of activity develops the muscles in the hands that children need for everyday tasks.

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    Monkey Bar Buying Guide

    Hi, Im Jack from Vuly Play. If youre looking at our monkey bars, then theres a few key points you need to consider before purchasing for you and your family.

    Monkey Bars comes in all different shapes and sizes, dont just ask what will fit in my backyard, ask yourself what will fit well into my backyard.

    And remember, youll need a lot more room than you think in case you want to add on extra attachments such as the flying fox or the punching bag.

    This right here is the Vuly extra-large Quest, its 5 metres by 5 and a half and its the biggest configuration we have, but dont worry we do have smaller sizes to fit all types of backyards.

    Find out how your monkey bars can be fitted to the ground. All of the Quests have the option to be fitted either onto concrete or grass.

    Make sure you properly secure your climbing frame to avoid any damage to your home from wild weather.

    Now its important to check the sturdiness and the quality of the frame, because after all, that is the most important part.

    Another important factor to consider is the steel. You want to make sure its galvanised and ideally powder coated to protect against rust just like the Vuly Quest.

    Make sure you take particular attention to the joiners, as they take a huge amount of stress during playtime, so you want to make sure its a top quality monkey bar product.

    A Strong frame should be able to withstand 750 kilos of static weight rating, just like the Vuly Quest can.

    Buying A Vuly Monkey Bar Or Monkey Bar Frame

    Traditionally, monkey bars have been a piece of outdoor play equipment with over-hanging horizontal bars. They have been a staple for childrens playgrounds for decades and a great way to get your kids active and out in the sun.

    Vuly monkey bars have taken the concept of the traditional monkey bars and redesigned them to be customisable so they are suited for most Aussie backyards. We give you the power to choose what size and accessories your childrens monkey bars have. You could even create something similar to the Australian Ninja Warrior setup!

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    Stress And Anxiety Relief

    Though it may seem hard to believe, even young children have stress–just different stress than we adults do. Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve anxiety, and having monkey bars provides a full-time stress reliever right at home. The focus required to get good at the monkey bars takes kids minds off other things and alleviates some of the tension they experience daily. It also allows them an outlet to release a bit of the abundant energy they have, helping them be calmer and more relaxed.

    Why A Wooden Swing Set


    A wood swing set is one of those safety bets you can take to have the best of both worlds: lots of fun with a stylish look.But besides that, having a wooden swing set has all these benefits:

    • Offers you a heavy-duty structure without looking ugly.
    • Wood is resistant to weather conditions.
    • Maintenance can be easier for wooden swing sets.
    • Offers you the possibility of customization. A wooden swing set or playground can become an art project if need it.
    • Wood can project a sense of luxury.

    If you are thinking of buying a swing set for your backyard, make sure to go with an option that offers you more possibilities to increase the fun.

    Can you exchange the swing seat? Belt swings seats are good for toddlers but for young children not so much. Make sure your swing set offers you the possibility to escalate alongside your children.

    Can you add a trapeze bar or some Olympic rings? A swing set does not have to be only that.

    Can you add other playground equipment to the swing set structure? You can never say no to more chances for having fun. Thow some play deck or a slide and see for yourself the evolution of fun.

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    Monkey Bars For You Backyard

    The innovation does not stop with the Free Standing Pull Up Bar. We offer the optional Overhead Monkey Bars that converts the unit into a true ninja warrior or obstacle training rig. The Monkey Bars attach to the top of two opposing pull ups bars. The extra height is perfect for hanging our Ninja Tee Grips, Cannonball Grips, or Nunchuck Grips for OCR training. Additionally, the monkey bars have a unique no-flange design, allowing the bar to be threaded onto any obstacle, like the direct-mount Beater Bar for true Spartan Beater Training, the Grip Wheel Rotating Pull Up Bar, or other obstacle element of your choice.

    Growplay Monkey Bars Reviews

    We have 3 young active boys with way too much energy during this extended Sydney lockdown. We did some research and decided on the Growplay Monkey Bars. No regrets! They arrived within a week. The quality is amazing! Customer service was great. Hours of fun for our boys. – JT Breeze

    We purchased this 12+ months ago and it still looks brand new. It has been used almost daily by my 3 boys. Great quality, sturdy and easy to assemble. Would recommend this to anyone in the market for a monkey bar frame.– Cameron J

    We chose to go with these monkey bars after seeing some friends with a small set from the company. The quality is absolutely excellent. Straight forward and easy to put together with minimal arguments . We had been thinking for some time about getting these bars for our 3 kids and my only regret is not investing sooner. Amazing service.– Alice G

    We put up our Monkey Bars before Christmas. Our children have developed many motor skills and increased strength since using. Nothing more satisfying than seeing your child being able to finish a row of monkey bars when they couldn’t even hang on in the first week! The entire neighbourhood enjoys coming over to play at our place. No more complaints like “what can we do now Mum..” – they are straight outside!– Amber E

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    What Is The Average Lifespan Of Outdoor Monkey Bars

    Depending on the type of materials chosen to build outdoor monkey bars, they can last a relatively long time. The strength and durability of a metal monkey bar frame make for a longer lifespan.

    If your jungle gym is made of galvanized steel or aluminum, it can last much longer, provided there is no damage where water can seep in and cause rust.

    However, If you choose pressure-treated wood, it can have a longevity of 3-5 years. Wood stamped FDN is designated as a material appropriate for floor use and is a much safer option.

    Borate treated lumber is the only variety considered safe for both indoors and outdoors. This is the best option because it naturally occurs in all natural things: water, soil, and minerals found in rocks.

    Now, pressure-treated lumber is clearly marked. However, youll want to avoid wood stamped with L-P22. Its the most toxic. Its designed for direct contact with the ground and contains arsenic.

    You will also want to avoid wood stamped with L-P2. Its less toxic than L-P22 but is also designed for direct ground contact.

    Borate protects wood from decay caused by bugs and fungus. Heres a detailed guide to pressure-treated lumber.

    With that in mind, we can now look at the best location.

    What Types Of Monkey Bars Are Out There

    Growplay Monkey Bars – Australian Backyard Fun!

    Straight rung horizontal ladders are what most children know as monkey bars or jungle gyms. They are made of different materials but most commonly, either metal or wood .

    Other monkey bar sets have wheels to climb on rather than traditional metal rungs, and come in a multitude of shapes, colors, and sizes.

    The average age group of children utilizing monkey bars is between 5 and 12. Whether youre purchasing a monkey bar set that is pre-assembled or planning to build your own, factor in the number of years youre hoping to get out of your monkey bars when selecting the material and considering its longevity weve explained this more below.

    With so many different monkey bar options to choose from, there are limitless opportunities for families to create a monkey bar set up that meets their needs. Children of all ages can enjoy endless hours of monkey bar climbing fun.

    Lookout Lodge Wooden Swing Set / Playset

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    Free Standing Monkey Bars

    We also provide Free Standing Monkey Bars, which features the 8 truss section with 4 verticals and stabilizers. This includes three monkey bars plus two pull up cross bars for a total of five monkey bars at a 2 spacing. The bars are the same heavy duty 1.25 diameter bars as the Overhead Monkey Bars. The Direct Mount Beater Bar can be used with this rig. The side of the truss has eight 9/16 mounting holes for our Mounted Ball Grips, or for mounting of ledges or hand holds. This rig can be set up low as a backyard monkey bar set for kids ninja workout, or can be set up high for OCR workouts or OCR training. Either way this is a great outdoor training rig.

    Ninja Warrior Training On Monkey Bars

    The outriggers provide stability greater than many squat racks, power racks, and multi-station pull up rigs. Kipping pull ups can be executed with very little bar shake. Extreme calisthenics moves, such as back lever holds, front lever holds, and planches can be executed with no concern of tip over. The distance from bar-to-bar is 5 2, which is perfect for ninja -warrior-style laches and street calisthenics workouts. Check out this video of some of the moves being done on the FitBar Free Standing Pull Up Bar.

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    Buying The Best Custom Monkey Bar In Australia

    Buying the best monkey bar in Australia couldnt have been easier with our monkey bar builder. Order from our full range of monkey bars online where you can create your dream monkey bar frame and check out, all from the comfort of your own home.

    If you want to play around with our monkey bars, come visit our showroom in Brisbane, our monkey bar experts are eager to show you around and the different monkey bar accessories you can add on to bring your imagination to life. Take advantage of your visit by taking one of our kid’s bikes for a ride or testing out our playsets and premium trampolines.

    Vuly monkey bars are also available Australia-wide through our authorised Vuly Resellers.


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