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Can Pergolas Be Free Standing

Whats An Arbor And Its Uses

How to Build a Free Standing Pergola

An arbor is a decorative free-standing outdoor structure with two or four pillars, a curved, arched, or rounded roof usually placed in entrances, walkways, passageways.

An arbor has flat side panels from which plants and vines grow, extend to the roof to provide shade.

You can make an arbor using different materials such as wood, stones, bricks, and vinyl.

How Do You Attach A Pergola To A House

Builders connect a pergola to a building via joist hangers or ledger board, depending on the type of home . There are structural considerations when choosing to attach a pergola to a building. The connection needs to be secure to avoid damaging your home. We recommend hiring a licensed contractor with experience attaching pergolas to homes for this type of install.

Choose an attached pergola to create:

Pergola Ideas: Attached And Free Standing

Whether youre planning on an attached or free standing pergola, we have the ideas to make your outdoor space come alive. At Garbrella, weve made our name by building and shipping different styles of pergolas across the country!

However, we dont just know high-quality vinyl pergolas we also know the deluxe outdoor style you crave. We have a wealth of inspiration for both free standing and attached pergola ideas.

See some of our attached and free standing pergola ideas start shopping right now!

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Exclusive Haven On The Water

A freestanding pergola complements an inground pool. The area transforms from a backyard to a luxury retreat. Since a pergola protects you from the sun and rain, you can enjoy more time relaxing by the pool whether the mid-day sun is blazing or an afternoon shower passes through.

A freestanding pergola can also provide protection for your hot tub, providing shade in the summer heat and fending off snow in the winter. Just imaging being be able to hop into those calming jets without having to clear snow.

What Type Of Wood Is Best For A Pergola

21 Great Garden Pergola Ideas For Your House

Generally Cedar and Redwood are considered the most attractive and best types of lumber to use for building a Pergola. Both species of wood are rot and insect resistant naturally, and have an inherent beauty in the wood.

However, if you wish to save money, we recommend using pressure-treated lumber . This lumber has a greenish color when new, which fades to grey as it ages. If you intend to stain or paint your pergola after it ages, pressure-treated lumber is a great cost-saving option.

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Freestanding Pergola Plans And Designs

Throughout the years, theres been a lot of different outdoor backyard structure types, each with different purposes, different meanings and various downsides. However, the very nature of an outdoor structure has always been about freestanding constructions. This is true for pergolas, as well while there are a lot of different pergolas that can be attached to a house or other building, the freestanding pergola is the classic idea for this structure type.

Freestanding pergola represents the bare bones of the original outdoor structure idea four goalposts and an adjustable roof, with no additional support from anything else. While this setup might seem like theres not much to work with, theres been a lot of different ways that people managed to utilize this pergola type. Next well go over some of the examples of a freestanding pergola in different environments.

Our first example from Ljubljana is the simplest one out of all, its your regular freestanding pergola without anything else. The area inside of a pergola doesnt even have a dedicated flooring to begin with. This structure is still capable of providing the basic pergola-related needs: capable of keeping shade at bay on sunny days, and protecting users from harsh weather conditions like rain.

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Free Standing Metal Pergola

A free standing metal pergola can be an excellent way to add shade to your outdoor space. This type of pergola can be free-standing and will provide certain square feet of shade. You can also more options for additional cover & protection. This unit is also durable and will withstand weather conditions. The following are some important questions to ask yourself when considering a metal pergola. Free standing metal pergolas are often higher, so its important to check with your local government to make sure that the structure will not obstruct your view or interfere with the view of your neighbors. Its also important to note that there are a few ways to anchor a free-standing metal pergola. These methods are not all appropriate for your area, so make sure to seek professional help if needed.

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Designs To Suit Your Preferences

While the oldest form of a pergola may be the kind that is attached directly to a home or other structure, pergolas are versatile enough that they dont have to be pigeonholed. The traditional, attached design is great for adding shade and natural cooling over a deck or patio, but the freestanding design has its own benefits.

Whats The Difference Between A Pergola And An Arbor

How to Building a Freestanding Pergola

Both pergola and arbor are great outdoor hardscapes that add elegance and ambiance to a home. Though they make look similar on some occasions, these hardscapes are distinct from each other. The table below shows simplified significant differences between a pergola and an arbor.


Here are the significant differences between a pergola and an arbor.

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Pick Size Of Pergola To Build

Pergolas can come in many sizes and shapes. Traditionally, you can find pergolas between 8 to 10 feet to cover a backyard space.

Size should be determined by the seating group you plan on setting up, and of course the available space you have to build a pergola.

Depending on what material of wood you decide on, you should be able to construct your pergola for between $500 and $750 because you are doing it yourself and cutting out the costs for labor.

How Much Does A 1010 Pergola Cost

The estimated cost for materials and labor to install a 10×10 foot pergola is around $3,600. Pergola costs can range from as little as $1,000 for a small prefab vinyl or PVC kit on the low end to $9,000 to design and install sprawling custom patio covers and structures made out of high-end materials like teak wood.

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Anchoring To Grass Or Earth

The easiest option for securing a freestanding pergola to grass or bare earth is helical piers. You can drill these down deep into the ground, past the frost line, to provide secure footing. You can then attach the top of the pier securely to the post. However, these items usually require special equipment to get them drilled down to a sufficient depth .

The alternative is to dig holes in the ground to a depth of one-third of the height of the posts. Four 15-foot posts would require four separate 5-foot holes. You can then situate the posts in the holes, level them, and pour 12-inches of concrete around the posts. One the concrete is dry, you can fill the rest of the holes with dirt.

Applications For Aluminium Pergola

Red Cedar In

A free standing metal pergola can add architectural interest and shade to your yard. Made from heavy-duty aluminum, this sturdy structure retains its like-new appearance even after many years of use. Its curved lattice snaps into a beam construction, eliminating unsightly screws. Free standing metal pergolas are also available as operable structures that can function as a traditional pergola when needed. The main difference between an operable and a fixed pergola is that an operable one does not require any attachments.

A simple metal pergola with retractable canopies blends into modern architecture. Gray frames match the windows and doors in the house. A retractable canopy makes it possible to use this structure as an event venue, as well. A pergolas size and openness are priority factors. Using fewer columns allows more space inside the structure, which in turn allows for an upscale and airy feel. The pergola also optionally combines foldable canopies for shelter, and goes with sliding screens for added privacy.

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Go Modern Stay Traditional

Tibor M/Shutterstock

Metal construction is increasingly common. You dont necessarily need a steel-framed pergola to add a modern touch, and you probably dont want to go too overboard and completely depart from the traditional aspects of a pergola.

So consider using steel, fiberglass, or aluminum as part of your structure and staying old-school with some overhead canvas or sails as your shade. This technique is a great way to balance your pergola with touches of the old and the new.

Why Its Important To Anchor Freestanding Pergolas

At a glance, most pergolas dont look like they can easily be moved. Most are very heavy by themselves. Plus, since they have a latticework roof, theres not a lot of wide, flat surface that can catch the wind. However, you would be surprised at how easily a strong wind can move a pergola. Even moving the structure a few feet can result in thousands of dollars of damage to your home or yard. Not to mention the threat it can pose to your neighbors homes. Add to that an attached shade canopy, and youve got a disaster waiting to happen even if you dont live in an area prone to hurricanes.

But thats not the only reason to anchor your pergola. Solid attachments can also provide the structure with the support it needs to last for many years. This is especially true for wooden pergolas that can warp over time due to moisture, exposure, and extreme temperatures.

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Here Is How To Install A Footing And Start Building A Pergola The Same Day

The beauty of installing pergola footings this way is that you can literally have the footings and posts in place in as little as 30 to 45 minutes if your locations are already set. Best of all is you can start building the pergola right away.

You can see from the illustration that this footing assembly is ready to be installed into the ground. The auger will turn freely and the load plate will stay still as you drive the auger into the ground.

Wear work gloves and hold the auger vertically with one hand while the other hand holds the impact wrench. The wrench will not exert any continuous torque so it will be very easy to manage. Just let the tool and the auger do the work.

drive the auger down into the soil

Drive the auger into the ground until the load plate makes good solid contact with the stone dust soil and the upper surface of the plate contacts the nut above it.

You will feel the auger continue to try and pull into the ground. Once you feel that tension in the auger stop driving it down.

Do not continue driving the auger or you may just churn up the soil around the helical blade. During the next step, the load plate will be set into place.

compress the footing load plate against the soil

Using a socket or a wrench, tighten the upper nut against the load plate so the plate is compressed against the soil and so the underside of the footing load plate makes contact with the stop washer welded to the auger.

Attach 6×6 post saddle to footing

Is It Difficult To Build A Wood Pergola Yourself

How to Build a Pergola | Mitre 10 Easy As DIY

If you have reasonable carpentry skills, and a friend that is as capable (or more capable than you to help you out, theres no reason you cant build your own DIY wood pergola. Be careful not to make it too complicated.

There are a ton of DIY pergola plans out there that you can build yourself, which can be a little overwhelming.

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Pour The Concrete For Posts

  • Step 1: Now that your post is in the ground, you will need to place concrete around it to make it even stronger. For your pergola plans, a 40-pound bag of ready-mix should be enough for this project. You will need to mix 6 gallons of water with the concrete ready mix.
  • Note: If you mix too much water, your concrete will be weakened, it will take longer to dry, and your pergola could have structural problems. If you do not use enough water, the concrete will never form properly, creating another set of problems. So you need to get the mix right by following the instructions. The mix should generally have a peanut butter type consistency, to be ready for use.
  • Step 2: Pour the concrete into the hole surrounding your post, and use a stick to push through air pockets in the concrete. This way, the concrete will settle properly.
  • Step 3: Allow the concrete to settle over a minimum of 48 hours before you proceed with the project.

What To Consider When Buying Pergola

What to Consider When Buying Standing Metal Pergola? Read on to learn about its features, materials, and cost. Then, you can choose the right one for your backyard. And if you dont know much about metal, dont worry, this article will give you the details you need to make the right choice. Hopefully, youll find this guide helpful! Weve broken down the different types of free standing metal pergolas to make it easier to select the best one for your yard.

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Comparison Between Freestanding And Attached Pergolas

Freestanding and attached pergolas are both good options in their own way. They are extremely popular all over the world, however, there are certain things that you could consider before making a choice. An attached pergola is attached to the home in various places, and a detached pergola requires it to be firmly anchored into the ground.

Install Braces And Trim

Vinyl Belvedere Free Standing Pergolas

To this point, you almost have your pergola plans completed. There are just a few more things to do with your free standing pergola plans. Braces and trim are next. When it comes to braces, you will need to stay with the same wood that you used for the support beams and cross beams.

For example, if you used 2 by 6 lumber, then use the same 2 by 6 wood for your diagonal sided braces. Cut them, by using a chop saw, at 45 degrees. Cut 8 diagonal braces to fit in between the cross beams and support beams around the posts. Fasten with screws, and you will really be on your way to finishing up your pergola.

When it comes to trim, cut pieces that cover the outsides of each post. Make sure the length and width are measured accurately for the best outcome. Most pergola plans will ask you to notch your trim effectively so it will fit sandwiched between your support beams.

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How Close Can A Pergola Be To The House

Are There Any Preferred Places To Build A Pergola? Its always better to build a pergola on your own property line or at least 5m away from any buildings or fences. This way you wont have trouble building it or adding fixtures like lighting because nobody else has an issue with it being built in that specific place.

Free Standing Pergola Kits That Can Bring Life To Your Space

Pergolas are an excellent way to enhance a backyard space. Not only are they a beautiful addition that comes in many shapes, styles and sizes, but they have other benefits as well.

They can help define areas in your yard, maximize your space, provide shade, privacy and protection from the elements, and more. Choosing a pergola, however, can be overwhelming, with all the different options available.

One of the most popular types of pergolas is free standing pergolas, which relies on horizontal beams to support the pergolas upper structure.

The choices dont end there, however. You can build your own freestanding pergola or buy free standing pergola kits the easier and more popular option. Heartland Pergolas makes high-quality freestanding vinyl pergola kits at an affordable price and in a range of different styles.

Lets look at what a pergola kit is and then at seven style options for freestanding pergolas you can choose from for your home.

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Top 5 Uses For Freestanding Pergola Kits

Designing your outdoor space and looking for a way to make your backyard memorable? Make a statement with a pergola. Freestanding pergola kits offer functionality as well as beauty for any patio or garden. One of the fab 5 uses for pergolas that always appears at the top of popular gardening lists is garden enhancement.

What Is A Pergola Kit

Heres How to Build a Pergola in One Hour

Its possible to build a pergola from scratch, but it can be complicated and expensive. Instead, you can buy a pergola kit, which is a pre-fabricated, unassembled pergola that can be ordered and shipped to your home. These kits will have everything necessary to put the pergola together and can save homeowners time and money. Also, they take the guesswork out of pergola design.

With pergola kits, you have the option to buy an off-the-shelf pergola or work with a company to design a custom kit. Heartland Pergolas offers customers a customizable experience, allowing them to design an attached or free standing pergola kit to fit their home and style.

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