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Can You Leave Glass Patio Table Out Winter

Cleaning & Care Difficulty

How To Repair Glass Patio Table Problems

Aesthetic and functional durability is also affected by how well you take care of your patio furniture. Some materials require very little attention season after season and are quick and easy to clean with simple soap and water. Others require more time-intensive care and special products to keep them looking great and working properly. If your time is at a premium, or you just dont want the hassle, you may want to opt for lower maintenance materials.

Annual Maintenance For Garden Furniture

Each winter, you should take careful steps to cleaning, preserving and storing your deckchairs, tables and swing benches. None of these steps are particularly difficult, and the whole process should take no more than a couple of afternoons. Just make sure you do it on a sunny day! By the end of the process you want your items nice and dry.

Will Your Plants Survive Their Winter Blanket

Most likely. Snow can act as an insulator, helping to protect your garden from extreme cold and watering it as it melts. However, heavy snow means a lot of weight can build up on branches especially when ice forms. This extreme weight is the biggest concern as it can cause limbs and trunks to bend and break.

In order to protect your garden, keep the following tips in mind:

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Clean Using A Mild Dish Soap

Your furniture will have the dirt, grime, and potential stains from daily use and weather, so you will need to clean your furniture before you do anything else.

Mix a small amount of a mild dish detergent in with a bucket of warm water and scrub down your furniture using a brush or a sponge. A brush would be best to use on stubborn dirt and stains. Scrub any stubborn stains thoroughly and then rinse with regular water.

Resin wicker has a textured surface, so it’s essential to get in between the weaves with a soft-bristled cleaning brush. Wrought Iron can rust if left in water for too long so be sure to dry any iron furniture as quickly as possible.

If you are concerned about furniture warranties or cleaning methods for your specific outdoor furniture brand, contact your brand manufacturer and ask about their recommended methods for safely cleaning your outdoor furniture.

Why Protect Outdoor Furniture

Patio Coffee Table Out of Wooden Pallets

Why should you protect your outdoor furniture in winter? After all, isn’t the point of outdoor furniture that it can withstand the elements? The short answer is yes, for about two or three years however, if you want your furniture to last longer, you should protect your furniture during the harsh winter months.

If you live near colder areas, you probably won’t want to sit on your outdoor furniture while covered in snow and ice. If you do, then hey, we aren’t judging, live your best life. But if you aren’t interested in method-acting as a snowman, then your outdoor furniture probably won’t get any use during the winter months.

Protecting your furniture during the winter months will add years of use and require replacements a lot less. Your outdoor furniture will last three times longer if you protect it during the winter months.

Your best option for keeping outdoor furniture looking the best for longer is to protect it during the rainy, snowy, frigid winter months. Here’s what you should know about some types of outdoor furniture and how to prevent damage from the snow and ice.

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What Is The Best Material For Outdoor Furniture

When evaluating outdoor furniture, youre probably going to look for many of the same characteristics that you value in indoor tables, chairs and sofas durability, comfort and style . The primary difference, however, is that patio furniture has to endure exposure to the weather outside. While there is virtually no 100% weatherproof patio furniture, there are big differences based on the materials used.

Before you decide, its important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of various material options. Determine how well each aligns with the requirements of your residential or commercial environment, as well as your personal preferences and priorities. Choosing the best material for outdoor patio furniture is dependent on matching your specific needs with the inherent qualities of each substance since each situation is unique.

What Do You Do With Patio Furniture In The Winter

If you have enough storage space, its always best if you can move the furniture to an indoor area. This will be your best defense and keeping it protected.

Wrought iron, wood, and glass can all get damaged from the harsh elements from outdoors. Wicker furniture should always be stored in another place away from the elements. It will damage very quickly, so its not a good idea to leave it where water can get to it.

I highly recommend finding a storage solution if you splurged on high-end furniture. Sometimes placing furniture indoors isnt an option. Wrap it tightly with a tarp or cover. Periodically, throughout the winter, take a broom and sweep off fresh snow. This will prevent it from all melting right on the furniture.

If your furniture is wood and you opt to cover it with a tarp, seal it well before you do so. This will help protect the wood from mold and other damage.

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Caring For Metal Furniture

Aluminum, iron, steel, and other metals can be wrought , cast from molds , or formed into hollow tubing. Because most of these, except aluminum, are subject to rust, metal furniture is usually finished with layers of clear varnish, paint, or a durable powder coating.

Deep Cleaning

Use a mild soap solution, and scrub, rinse, and dry as described. To remove rust stains or mold, sand the area lightly using fine-grit sandpaper. Wipe it clean, and apply touch-up paint if needed in several thin layers. Let dry between coats. Humidity may affect the paint, so it’s best to work on a dry day.


After cleaning, apply a coat of quality liquid or paste auto wax with a lint-free cloth if recommended by the furniture’s manufacturer. Use a silicone spray to lubricate swivels and glides on chairs, as well as ribs and poles on umbrellas. Inspect for rust or chips regularly, especially in hidden areas where the surface may be unfinished .

Can You Leave A Glass Top Patio Table Out In The Winter

How to Replace Your Glass Patio Table Top

As we have established, some patio furniture is more hardy than others, which is why some furniture can be left out during the winter months without issue. But what about glass patio furniture? We havent covered this yet, so lets take a look.

You might expect glass furniture to be the most vulnerable to the cold winter weather, but this isnt actually the case. Despite the fact that glass is often labelled as fragile, glass patio furniture is actually rather durable. This is because it contains a special type of glass that is built to withstand the wear and tear that outdoor furniture experiences.

Outdoor glass topped furniture is made using tempered glass, rather than regular glass. Tempered glass is designed in a specific way to make it less fragile, which is why it is suitable for use outdoors.

Tempered glass is also designed to be less vulnerable to changes in temperature, so the cold weather alone will not cause your glass top patio table to break. All you need to do is cover your table with tarpaulin, and it should be safe throughout the winter months.

However, the cold temperatures arent the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to the winter. During winter, the weather does become a bit unruly, and you might find strong winds could pose a danger to your glass top patio table.

But, as long as you wrap your glass top table, and place it in a safe space in your garden, then it is perfectly fine to leave it out during the winter months.

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How Do You Wrap Outdoor Furniture For The Winter

As we have mentioned, if you do not want to put your patio and outdoor furniture into storage during the winter months, then you can wrap it instead. While putting the furniture into storage is the best way to protect your furniture, wrapping it will also protect it from the harsh temperatures.

But, depending on the size of your patio furniture, wrapping it might seem like a very daunting prospect. So lets have a look at where you would begin.

When it comes to wrapping outdoor furniture, there is one type of material that stands out as the firm favorite for this task. That is, of course, tarpaulin. When it comes to protecting anything that is kept outside, tarpaulin is the go-to, and it is also great for keeping your patio furniture safe.

To secure tarpaulin to your outdoor furniture, you need to buy a tarp that is big enough to cover the furniture. Or, you could simply buy enough tarp to cover the entire furniture.

Once you have your tarp, you should begin securing it in place. Most tarpaulin will come with holes along the edges so that you can use rope to tie it securely in place. If you still do not feel that it is that secure, you could also add some heavy things on top of the tarp to ensure that it does not blow away in the cold winter winds.

While tarpaulin is great, a specially designed patio cover will cling to your furniture, ensuring that it does not encounter the elements during the winter months.

My Glass Table Shattered By Itself

Yes. You are not alone. Unfortunately, glass outdoor tabletops can shatter for no apparent reason. Experts agree that most of these incidents occur due to a combination of 1) drastic fluctuations in temperature and 2) glass defects.

The likelihood of your glass patio or deck table shattering spontaneously is very small, but you can reduce it further by:

  • Choosing a table specifically manufactured for outdoor use.
  • Selecting a table constructed of tempered or safety glass.
  • Ensuring the glass itself is thick , with a beveled edge.

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Types Of Patio Furniture

With most types of deck furniture, forgetting about it and leaving it out all winter can cause a lot of damage. However, not all types need to be hidden away during the cold. If youre thinking about buying new outdoor furniture and know you wont have the time or energy to move it inside for winter, consider buying a variety that can withstand the winter months. Heres a list of the different types of outdoor furniture:

Wicker: Leaving furniture made with wicker material outside during the winter is no good. Wicker can expand and contract with the snow, which can cause it to break.

Steel: Steel-framed furniture is another type that just wont be able to handle the cold weather. Too much water and ice can cause it to rust or crack. Take it inside before it gets too damaged and touch up any scratches so it looks fresh for the spring.

Aluminum: This is the good stuff when it comes to weather durability! Furniture made with aluminum is the toughest of all patio furniture. Aluminum furniture can be left out all year round. So whether youre too busy or just too darn lazy to bring it in, buy yourself aluminum table and chairs!

Natural Stone: Natural elements oftentimes come with cracks and crevices which are perfect hiding places for water. Like wicker furniture, water can expand and contract and ruin what was once your favorite outdoor tabletop!

Can You Leave Patio Furniture Outside In Winter

Can You Leave Tempered Glass Outside in the Winter?

By Kevin Early. We may earn commissions on some links.

In the summer, your garden can feel like a safe haven. You make it look pretty, and you decorate it with comfy furniture, and sparkling lights. But, when winter rolls around, it can be difficult to know what to do with all of your summer furniture.

Some patio furniture can appear very delicate, and if you live in an area that hits freezing temperatures, you might feel apprehensive about leaving it out. So, should you?

In most cases, it is perfectly fine to leave your patio furniture outside in the winter. Most patio furniture is designed to be incredibly hardy, which is why it is able to stay outside all summer. This hardiness will also protect your patio furniture during the winter months and prevent it from becoming damaged or broken.

However, some patio furniture is better able to withstand cold winter temperatures than others. For example, top-quality rattan patio furniture is one of the most durable, and you can leave this out during the winter months without needing to take any precautions to protect it from cold temperatures.

Additionally, wooden patio furniture is also quite hardy, and can withstand cold winter temperatures, so it is okay to leave it out during these months.

Metal and water really dont mix well, as the wetness can cause the metal to rust and erode, causing it to break prematurely. So, you should always take your metal patio furniture into storage during the winter months.

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Are Glass Patio Tables Safe

Glass patio tables are very popular because they are lightweight, affordable, and easier to keep clean than metal tables. But Orman says tempered glass is very safe, as a demonstration showed.

Besides, why do glass patio tables shatter?

An uncommon, but unavoidable reason for glass breaking is nickel-sulfide inclusions. These tiny particles can get trapped in glass during manufacturing. In toughened glass they sometimes expand slowly and can reach a point where they cause the glass to break.

Also, can you put a glass table outside? Glass tables are generally safe to use in outdoor environments, as long as you choose the proper type of glass and edging. The weight of the glass must be able to withstand wind and rain, while the edges need to be smooth to prevent injuries or breakage.

Likewise, people ask, are glass tables safe?

Annealed glass is dangerous to use on tables. It breaks into several pieces of glass which are jagged and large. Such sharp pieces of broken glass can severe arteries in case you fell on them. Tempered glass is the most recommendable glass for use on tables.

Can you leave glass patio table out winter?

Is it okay to leave a glass top patio table outside this winter? Yes, we do. Just don’t let it sit in water.

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Furniture Covers Tarps And Storage

The last thing you need to remember is that if protecting your patio furniture is high on your priority list, the best thing you can do is keep it covered and stored. Follow our general guidelines on what to do with patio furniture in the winter so that when winter comes-youll be ready and waiting!

Even though most patio furniture is made to be outdoors during the winter, it doesnt mean the winter months wont add wear and tear to your beloved patio set. Keep your outdoor furniture clean, covered and properly maintained to get years of life from your investment.

For any questions about what to do for your outdoor furniture set, give us a call or visit our showroom and well be glad to help you any way we can.

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Protecting Patio Furniture In Winter

The truth is, there are many different options when it comes to how you protect your furniture. In a perfect world with maximum protection from winter, you would 1) clean 2) cover) and put your outdoor furniture in storage . This would be the pinnacle of preservation for any outdoor patio set you own.

But is all this absolutely necessary?!

Not all of it-but some steps definitely need to be followed.

Depending on the type of material you have will depend on what you can get away with in terms of winter protection. Storing your outdoor furniture indoors isnt an option for some people. Here are some tips on what to do with patio furniture in the winter depending on what material you own.

Outdoor Glass Tabletop Replacement

Building a Tile Table Top for my Patio Table

Would you like to have tempered glass inserted into your favorite outdoor glass table? Glass Doctor® is proud to offer outdoor glass tabletop replacements for tables of all shapes and sizes. We custom-cut tabletops made from your desired glass, finished with your choice of edge. Contact your local Glass Doctor to learn more.

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Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Cast aluminum patio furniture is one of the most durable and weather resistant pieces of patio furniture that you can buy. Cast aluminum is basically rust proof so you dont need to worry too much about moisture. There are plenty of covers that are available that fit all sorts of different shapes and sizes of patio furniture. Another added benefit of cast aluminum is that its super lightweight. If youre concerned about a big windstorm or crazy snow conditions, it should be easy to move this furniture into a place away from the elements. In our Choosing the Best Material for Patio Furniture guide, you can see that cast aluminum is top of the line when it comes to sub par weather conditions.

San Michelle Sectional Set $4,165.00

Is Tempered Glass Safe Outside

Is Tempered Glass safe outside? Tempered Glass Table Tops for Outdoor Use. With outdoor tables, tempered glass is a must-have feature. In the event that the glass is loosened, the strengthened material either will remain intact or break down into small granular pieces, which do not represent a laceration hazard.

Can tempered glass be used outside? Tempered Glass: The Closest Youll Get to Shatterproof Outdoor Glass Table. The safest outdoor glass tabletop is one made with tempered glass. This process strengthens the outer layer of the glass so that it can withstand impacts that would normally shatter other types of glass.

Can you leave a glass top table outside? Glass tables are generally safe to use in outdoor environments, as long as you choose the proper type of glass and edging. The weight of the glass must be able to withstand wind and rain, while the edges need to be smooth to prevent injuries or breakage.

Can glass tables shatter from heat? Placing very hot or very cold items, such as saucepans or barbecues, directly on the glass surface. Extreme temperature differences over small areas can cause damage, which could in turn lead to shattering.

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