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How Do You Fix Patio Chair Straps

Dont Throw It Away Let Our Patio Chair Repair Company Fix It

How to replace broken patio chair straps

Repair, dont replace your beautiful, high quality patio furniture. The Southern Company can add years or even decades to your furnitures usefulness through refinishing. Whether the legs have gotten a little bit wobbly, or the sling isnt providing the support it used to, or youd just like to update your look, now is the best time for your patio chair repair.

Contact The Southern Company today and let us breathe new life into your premium patio furniture. Our skilled technicians will make your furniture look and feel just like new for a fraction of what it would cost you to replace it.

How Do You Fix Patio Furniture Straps

What is a double wrap vinyl strap?

  • Step 1: Remove the old strap. Pull off the old, broken strap until you have the frame with the empty holes underneath.
  • Step 2: Measure strap size. Hold your tape measure around the edge of one hole.
  • Step 3: Make the straps.
  • Step 4: Install the straps.
  • . Beside this, can you paint vinyl straps on patio furniture?

    Vinyl strapping is used as part of some exterior chairs. If you would like to paint vinyl strapping, you must combat a pair of problematic issues. Vinyl is poorly suited for paint adhesion. In addition, because vinyl strapping is flexible, it will cause ordinary paints to crack.

    One may also ask, how many feet of webbing do you need for a lawn chair? 39 feet

    Secondly, how do you measure a vinyl strap?

    How To Measure Vinyl Straps

  • Step 1: Measure Width. Measure the width of the strap in the middle , not on the ends where it is attached to the frame.
  • Step 2A: Measure Length for Single-Wrap Method. Place the tape measure at one hole and measure over the frame to the hole on the opposite bar following the placement of the strap. (
  • Step 2B:
  • What can I do with old patio furniture?

    Yes! Aluminum patio furniture is easily recyclable, but you can‘t place it in your curbside bin. To recycle your patio furniture, you’ll have to either take it to a local scrap yard or have it hauled away by an eco-friendly junk removal service like LoadUp.

    How To Replace Single Wrap Vinyl Straps

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    Many types of outdoor furniture use vinyl strapping stretched over a frame to provide comfortable support for the seat and back. These straps become brittle and discolored over time, and may need to be replaced. This is an easy operation and will make your furniture look like new.

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    Can I Convert A Double

    Yes, but you might need to make some adjustments. Usually the rivet holes for double-wrapping are positioned on the bottom of the frame. If you use these holes for single-wrapping, the rivets might pull out because the strap only wraps the frame half way round.

    The rivet holes for single-wrapped straps are usually positioned inside of the frames, so the strap will be in contact with 3/4 of the frame, This means more friction and less sideways strain on the rivets. So just to be on the safe side you should drill new holes on the inside of the frame. Jeff covers the possibility of drilling in additional holes in the video on how to install single wrap straps here.

    How To Replace Vinyl Straps On Pool Deck And Patio Furniture

    How to Install Double Wrap Vinyl Strapping on Patio Chairs ...

    Use tongs or gloves to pull out one strap and immediately install it before it cools. Push in a new plastic rivet through the hole on each end, both facing the same way. Pop-in the rivet on one side, wrap it twice around the rivet and stretch it to the other side, but not over the hole, so you can wrap it twice and push in the other rivet. Then pull up on the vinyl so you can slide it over the hole, as shown by this expert from our warehouse.

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    How Do You Fix Wicker Patio Furniture

    The steps below will guide you on how to fix wicker patio furniture:

    i. Take a wicker strand and soak it in water for about thirty minutes.

    ii. Use a utility knife to cut the end of any of the old strands that are sticking out.

    iii. Cut a piece of the soft new strand but make sure it is a bit longer than the old strand.

    iv. Place some glue into the woven strands.

    v. Insert an end into the woven wicker close to the strand that is broken.

    vi. Then weave in the new strand.

    vii. Cut of any excess when done.

    viii. Place the end unto the next intersecting piece.

    How To Repair Patio Chair Straps In 5 Easy Diy Steps

    Patio chairs are prone to becoming brittle due to prolonged exposure to the sun. However, you can easily remedy it by learning how to repair patio chair straps.

    To repair patio chair straps, you just have to cut the old ones and replace them with new straps. You can learn more about how to do them below, along with learning how to clean and paint patio chair vinyl straps.

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    How To Restore A Patio Zero Gravity Recliner

    Zero gravity recliners are also popular purchases that end up on the patio, and just like the other chair types we mentioned above, they may start to sag after long periods of use. They might look a bit similar to mesh sling chairs but are different in how theyre made.

    For one, they recline and are therefore better options for relaxations. Next, they use a fabric sitting surface that doesnt stretch.

    If youre wondering how they end up sagiing, the answer is that they are attached to the frame of the seat using elastic cords. It is these cords that will deteriorate over time and eventually lead to sagging. This, of course, makes your course of action clear if you want to correct the problem.

    Once the purchase arrives, you can go to your patio and take out the elastic cords holding your chair together. If you have no more use for them, you can use scissors to cut the ends and make the whole removal process easier.

    After that, knot the new cord on the first buckle and ensure its tight enough to hold. Follow up by threading the cord through the first eyelet on the fabric of the seat and back to the second buckle. Keep doing this for as long as there are buckles and eyelets, all while maintaining the cords tightness. Remember that if you let up even a little, the chair may end up sagging again.

    How To Fix A Sagging Chair Cushion


    If your patio chairs have cushions, they will likely be the first components to deteriorate. After all, these have to bear your weight day in day out. This is also the case with your indoor couch.

    The sagging happens because the materials inside the cushions have deteriorated over time, and it can be one of the easiest things to fix. First, youll have to remove the material inside the cushion cover, and in most instances, it will be foam.

    As for the latter, youll take out the stitches on one end of the cushion case and pull out the insert as well. Youll also need to buy foam and have it on standby while youre taking out the inserts. After that, you can take measurements of the inserts and cut similarly-sized pieces from the new foam. A spray adhesive should be useful in attaching the old insert with the new one.

    Next, you stuff the now firmer insert back into the cushion cover. Alternatively, you can forego the old insert if you remember the size of your cushions before they got saggy. In this scenario, you can just buy and cut matching foam and use it to replace the old insert.

    Re-zipping or re-sewing the cushion cover is the last step in sagging cushion restoration before placing it back on the patio chair. This is one of the more straightforward approaches, although there are other ways to go about it. Of course, this is dependent on the extent of damage and the underlying issues.

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    Nylon Or Woven Plastic


    Remove the old, damaged webbing. Unscrew the fastener, or pry it out with a screwdriver or pliers.


    Stretch the old webbing across a flat surface and use it as a template to cut a new piece. If the old webbing is too stretched or frayed to make a good template, weave a new section of webbing into place on the chair and allow it to hang over each side of the chair by 2 inches, then cut the new piece with a pair of scissors.


    Weave the new fabric into place, over and under the webbing that crosses it.


    Fold each corner of the new webbing to form a triangle at each end in much the same way you would fold paper to create the nose of a paper airplane.


    Punch a hole through each folded end and drive a new fastener through the punched hole and into the chair frame. Use a hammer to tap in new fasteners, or a screwdriver to twist in new machine screws.

    How Can I Make My Couch Cushions Firmer

    The following steps will guide you on how to make your couch cushions firmer:

    i. Remove the cushions. You can use the opportunity to clean your couch as well.

    ii. If your cushion is zipped, unzip the cover. If it is sewn, then youll have to loosen it and re-sew it when you are done.

    iii. Take out the insert from the cushion.

    iv. Measure the insert and cut foam to fit it.

    v. Attach the foam to your cushion using a spray adhesive.

    vi. Put the insert back into the cushion cover.

    vii. Re-zip or re-sew the cover.

    viii. Put back the cushion on your couch.

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    Has Anyone Replaced Glued On Vinyl Strapping On Patio Furniture

    • Dee on Jul 08, 2018

      I would use Loctite Marine glue. It is used for boats and can withstand water and pressure. I have used it on many outside project with no problem.

  • on Jul 08, 2018

    Hello Buffy,

    I am considering an alternative replacement options that dont involve glue for my Woodard ramsgate chairs from the 1990s.

    Heres a few diy instruction links for your viewing and consideration.

  • Doreen Kennedy on Jul 09, 2018

    After you glued the straps I wonder if you were to drill small holes in each to reinforce them with flat headed nuts on top screwed into washer topped nuts underneath. Im not sure if that would help or compromise the strength of the straps so its just an idea.

  • Linda K. Ritter on Jul 09, 2018These may not be glued in, it looks like the inner metal bar is snapped in to place, keeping the straps in place. It might be possible to pry that inner frame away and then install new straps, and snap it back in place.
  • Alice on Aug 03, 2018

    If I were you I would look up macramé and do it that way. It will tell you how, I had a cousin that use to so it and it is beautiful and very sturdy on the old chairs. I would love to do mine but I have carpel and can’t use my hands to well. good luck.

  • Lori Evenson Lutz on Apr 19, 2020

    I have those same exact chairs and am stumped also as to an economical way to redo the. What did you end up doing please??

  • Lori, were you able to get any answer on how to re-strap these type of chairs?

    Thank you,

  • Repair Or Replace Your Patio Furniture

    Paracord Patio Chair Repair : 6 Steps

    Vinyl patio furniture has been popular for decades largely due to its relatively low price. It is also popular because it is lightweight, making it easy to move around, and it is easy to clean. On top of that, it is readily available both at high-end stores as well as at grocery stores, drug stores, and discount retailers.

    Even though some vinyl furniture is inexpensive, you could spend a few hundred dollars replacing an entire set of chairs. If for aesthetic reasons you want all of your furniture to match, not only will you need to replace chairs that need restrapping, but also tables and accessories. You will end up spending close to $1000 for a new set of lower end furniture to well over $1000 for a mid to higher end set.

    On the other hand, restrapping patio furniture will cost just a fraction of the amount spent buying new patio furniture.

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    Outdoor Furniture Repair: How To Fix A Vinyl Strap On A Lounge Chair

    You know how it is, with all that wear and tear in the garden, sometimes patio furniture breaks. You have the choice of paying to get it repaired, throwing it away, or you could fix it yourself! Learn how to wrap a double vinyl strap in this step by step guide and repair your furniture on the cheap.

    If your pool lounger or patio chaise lounge is missing a strap, you can order a vinyl replacement here or you could even cut one to size yourself. With over 50 vinyl strap colors to choose from, vinyl strapping replacement is a cost-effective way to make your outdoor pool patio and lawn furniture look like new. Sunnilands founder Jeff will show you how in this video.

    Woodard Vinyl Strap Replacements In Tennessee

    Attached are the before and after examples of our lounge restoration.We plan to do four chairs next. We started with the brown straps to see how it would go and it was not surprising how well they looked. This patio deck set is 28 years and counting. I dont know why I waited so long. The replacement was not difficult and results well worth the decision.Willie & Mary Ann NelsonFranklin, Tennessee

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    Patio Chair Webbing Replacement Screws

    Use these screws to attach the lawn chair replacement webbing to your furniture tube. These screws are a must, and should fit any tubular aluminum patio furniture frame.

    Each package contains 20 screws, and for most chair models, youll need one screw per strap end.

    Count the number of straps, vertical and horizontal, and multiply by two to determine the total number of screws youll need per chair.

    If you dont plan on using webbing replacement clips, use a washer to help take the load off of the screws, and to slow down the fraying process.

    • Screws for Lawn Chair Re-Webbing Furniture
    • Works on Tubular or Wood Furniture
    • Rust and Fade resistant

    Measure And Cut The New Straps

    Patio Furniture Repair – How to Reinforce Couch Seat to Support Cushions – by DIYNate

    Next, get your measuring tape and gauge the length you will use. You can do this by positioning it at the hole of the chair frame, and wrapping it around the same direction as the old vinyl straps.

    Then, measure the opposite hole by wrapping the tape around the frame. After this, the exact length of your new strap should be 10% shorter than what you have measured with your tape. Reducing it is required because the new straps should be stretched upon installation.

    After this, shift the measurement to your new vinyl straps, then cut it. Drill holes at about ½-inch from the end of each strap, then cut the corners to give the straps dog-ear ends.

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    How To Repair Your Resin Wicker Outdoor Furniture

    • Written by Carol S. on Dec 29, 2009To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

    Although resin wicker outdoor furniture is built to resist most weather conditions, it can still suffer accidents at the hands of people and pets. Sitting in a chair incorrectly can put a strain on parts not meant to handle the weight, and standing on them can potentially loosen pieces. Additionally, if you have a teething or nervous chewing dog, there is no limit to the amount of damage they can do. However, all is not lost. Here are some tips on how you can repair damage to your resin wicker.

    Step 1 – Determine the Full Extent of Damage

    Check the piece of wicker furniture over carefully to see if the frame is damaged as well as the wicker weaving. If there is no frame damage, proceed to the next step. If the frame is bent or scratched, straighten it back into place and repaint any damage with an outdoor metallic paint that matches the original color.

    In the event that there is rust where the old paint was scratched away, it is important that you remove it first with a wire brush, and then sand the area before you add a new topcoat.

    Step 2 – Clean the Chair

    Step 3 – Use a Resin Epoxy to Re-glue the Loose Wicker Strips

    Step 4 – Buy New Resin Strips and Reweave Them

    Step 5 – Paint if Necessary

    Attach The New Vinyl Strap

    After the cutting and the stretching, you can proceed on attaching the new vinyl strap by inserting fasteners on its ends. When using machine screws, make sure to drive the screw until its securely fit in the frame. A word of caution, you may need help in securing the vinyl because it requires force to stretch it to opposite sides of the frame.

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