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Can You Leave Patio Furniture Outside In The Rain

What Patio Furniture Can Be Left Outside In The Winter

The pro tips to keep patio furniture looking new all winter long

In Buyers Guide, Winter by JamieAugust 30, 2020

Patio furniture can make or break your homes outdoor appeal, its important to find long-lasting furniture that can handle the days of rain, wind, and snow. I know that patio furniture is expensive so buying these pieces you want them to last many years of backyard gatherings, both big and small.

Depending on your location you might only have time to use your patio furniture in the warmer months of the year. Winter brings snow and extreme cold leaving patio furniture abandoned during the winter season. The real question is does snow harm my outdoor furniture and can patio furniture be left outside in the winter?

Yes, you can leave patio furniture outside in the winter. It is vital to properly protect and seal your patio furniture when left outside in winter months. However, if your location receives heavy loads of snow it is highly recommended to place patio furniture in storage to prevent any damages.

Snow can damage outdoor furniture in a number of ways, the heavyweight can bend and crack patio furniture easily. The constant pressure plus fluctuating temperatures can make it even more likely for the snow to cause furniture damage.

Patio furniture is made from different materials all with their unparalleled durability and resistance to either heat or cold. Not all of them are made for winter. Some materials can easily get damaged with snow, the freezing temperature, or even the dampness or moisture that the season brings.

Place Outdoor Furniture Out Of The Line Of Fire

So far, Ive talked about how that cheap outdoor sectional I bought was flimsy, uncomfortable, and mildewy. It gets worse. The sectional rested under a large tree. A couple months into its life on our deck, I noticed a few blobs of bird poop on it. Gross, I thought, Ill deal with it later. Within a week, the sectional was littered with droppings, all purple from the berries the birds ingested. I dutifully scraped off what I could and put the covers in the washing machine. Despite two cycles, the stains did not disappear.

The Lesson: Look up, and consider what may fall onto your outdoor furniture. Does your spot get a lot of birds overhead? Is there a tree that sheds berries that may stain? If yes, youll definitely need to plan to protect your furniture. Or find another spot to put it.

For more on outdoor furniture care, see:

The Easy Way To Keep Your Outdoor Patio Furniture Dry

I absolutely love our little slice of the outdoors in downtown Chicago. Our patio may be small, but in the summertime we are constantly sitting out here enjoying the sunny days and warm nights.

But let me let you guys in on a little secret. I left our patio furniture outside for the entire year. Yep, rainsnow.sleetthis baby has been through it all. The truth is we dont have room to store all of our patio furniture indoors during the winter months. Heck, we dont even have room to bring the cushions, pillows, or rug inside. I dont recommend this method , but its all that we can do since we live in the city.

How to Waterproof Patio Furniture

So in order to keep our furniture from getting destroyed, Ive done a couple of things. First, I purchased furniture covers for the couch & 2 chairs. Those stayed on the entire winter and kept the furniture, cushions, and outdoor pillows dry. I also try to put the covers on whenever I know it is going to rain outside or if we leave for an extended period of time.

But to be perfectly honest, sometimes I see the forecast and I have no motivation to run outside and put the covers on our furniture before it rains. Therefore, I added another step of protection.

I bought a can of this Scotchgard Water Shield and I sprayed all of our cushions and pillows.

After doing a nice spray over the front, back, and sides of every cushion and pillowI let them dry for a few hours.

Our Summer Flowers

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What Is The Best Way To Clean Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Regardless of whether you have natural or synthetic wicker furniture, the cleaning methods for these two are basically the same. You can clean either of them using a vacuum cleaner that can easily remove dust and debris found in the crevices. If you find that your furniture is soiled and using a vacuum is not enough, then you can use a mixture made from mild detergent and warm water to gently scrub the surface of the furniture.

Are Snow And Ice As Dangerous For Your Patio Furniture As Water

Can you leave your Patio Furniture outside in the Winter?

Even more. The main reason that the most damage gets done during the winter is that water will reach into every little crack or hole that your table or chairs might have and when it turns to ice it expands, making the holes or cracks even bigger and wider. With bigger holes and cracks, there is more room for water to get in during the season when you are using your patio furniture. If you notice any damage at all you should act upon it as soon as you can, otherwise, your table and/or chairs might not live to see another season.

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Teardrop Patio Chair With Cushions

View in gallery

If youre looking for a gorgeous patio chair to spruce up your outdoor living space, this is the perfect purchase for you. This chair comes with a distinctive look and is crafted from wicker. It has four slim legs and features a seat that takes on an openwork silhouette. The chair also comes with cushions that are specially fitted with covers that are both removal and water-resistant. Its easy to take care of and will fit nicely into any space.

Who Should Purchase This?

Someone that doesnt need an entire patio furniture set, but still wants a chair that has a unique aesthetic look. Its a great chair to add to any outdoor space for some conversations by the fireplace or to simply relax in the afternoon sun.


Where To Store Patio Furniture In The Winter

If your patio furniture is made of materials that cant be left outside during the winter, then it is essential to know how and where to properly store them to make sure they are still in tiptop shape when winter is over.

Here are some ideas on where to store your patio furniture during winter:

  • Garage
  • Friends or family with space
  • Basement

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Knowing The Right Type Of Patio Furniture That Can Be Left Outside In The Winter

Winter is indeed a tricky season, especially for the outdoors. There are a lot of things to take care of in your garden before winter comesthe lawn, the furniture just about anything.

Determining what material your patio furniture is made of is already a significant step towards protecting it from winter and preserving its excellent condition. Once you know what type of furniture it is, you could decide whether you keep them inside or just leave them outside.

Dont forget the 3 Cs in winterizing or preparing your furniture for the season.

Clean them from any debris that might grow or multiply if left outside in the cold and damp environment. Make sure to dry them up before proceeding to the next step.

Coat them with a protective finish, so youre assured that your wood or metal furniture wont break or rust. Let the coating dry and have them prepped for covering.

Cover them up with breathable material. Most patio furniture covers sold online are made of polyester, so you might want to take note of that if you want it to be custom-made. There are also patio furniture covers for stackable chairs and seating that you can buy online.

These may seem like too many steps to prepare. But remember that it is better to be safe by protecting them and knowing that you can save money with it. After all, damaged furniture does not qualify for any insurance claims. Protecting your furniture is not only prolonging their life but your savings, too.

How Do You Keep Outdoor Cushions From Getting Moldy

How to Protect your Patio Furniture (3 steps)

If there is mould or mildew staining your outdoor cushions, take a gallon of water and dissolve into it: 1 cup of bleach and 1/4 cup of mild soap. Fill a spray bottle with this mixture and spray onto the stain. Allow it to sit for fifteen minutes and then rinse thoroughly, allowing the cushion to air dry.

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What Patio Furniture Will Not Rust

While spring and summer typically mean sunnier days, you should also be prepared for the occasional rainstorm. Fortunately aluminum furniture is corrosion resistant, meaning Zinus’Savannah armchair, loveseat and sofa won√Ęt rust. And just in case, use the included outdoor covers to keep your furniture extra dry in the event of a spring shower.

When The Weather’s Hot

There’s nothing worse than sitting on a scorching hot cushion. If this is one of your pet peeves, heed the advice of Millie Hammond, Fabricut’s design director: “Outdoor fabric should be able to withstand the summer temperatures, but darker colors will absorb more heat. Lighter colored fabric will stay cooler to the touch.”

It’s also important to choose a breathable fabric that can withstand varying weather conditions. Many performance and outdoor fabrics qualify don’t be tempted to use an ordinary fabric outdoors just because it’s less likely to retain heat. It’ll fade and get mildew-y outdoors!

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Best Wicker Patio Furniture Set For A Stylish Backyard Take Full Advantage Of Warm Weather

Theres nothing quite like sitting outside in your patio during the warmer days. Having great patio furniture will also help in bringing some comfort and function to your outdoor space. With a centerpiece table and some comfortable chairs, your entire patio can be transformed. If youre thinking of getting some patio furniture, wicker patio furniture is a great choice. Unbeknownst to most, wicker furniture is the name of a weaving process and doesnt refer to a material. Hence, it can be made with both natural or man-made material thats durable.

If youre thinking of getting some wicker patio furniture and arent sure where to start, the list below will provide you some detailed information on some of the best wicker patio furniture out there. Before delving into those details, well provide you with a little bit of information about the various materials used in wicker, and how to go about caring for your wicker patio furniture.

Some Outdoor Furniture Materials May Be Wrong For Your Space

Can You Leave Patio Furniture Outside in the Rain ...

Heres a very incomplete list of the types of materials youll find when shopping for outdoor furniture: teak, eucalyptus, stainless steel, aluminum, wrought iron, wicker, synthetic resin. Each material has pros and cons that make it ideal for certain climates and outdoor situations and not for others. Consider the various metals, for instance. Aluminum is lightweight, which means its not great for areas that can experience high winds. Stainless steel is heavy and low-maintenance, but it can get super-hot when placed under the sun, so its not ideal if you are planning to leave it exposed.

If you live in a particularly wet climate, you may want to skip wood furniture even teak, a durable and all-weather hardwood, will need to be treated every year to protect against cracking and warping. As for natural wicker pieces, theyre intended for covered outdoor spaces as they cant really stand up to the elements. Synthetic resin wicker furniture is a better option if you like the style and want to use it outdoors.

The Lesson: Just because you find it in the outdoor furniture section doesnt mean its right for your outdoor situation or climate. Do your homework and make sure the material you choose suits the weather in your region and the level of exposure to the elements .

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Your First Outdoor Furniture: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Buying your first outdoor furniture is almost as exciting as buying your first house with a garden. Before you rush out to shop, take the time to figure out the best all-weather pieces for your patio, deck, or porch. I wish had . Learn from my mistakes and avoid making expensive errors when shopping for outdoor furniture.

Here are five things to know before you choose the best outdoor furniture for your home:

Carmelo 7 Piece Rattan Sectional Seating Group With Cushions

View in gallery

This conversation set would fit nicely into any outdoor space and comes with a tempered glass table, padded cushions, gorgeous sofa, chairs, and throw pillows. Each piece of this patio furniture set is made with wicker rattan thats designed to ensure all sorts of weather from harsh sunlight to rainstorms. The square table has tempered glass on it for extra protection, while the comfortable chairs and sofa are a perfect place to perch while enjoying the weather.

Who Should Purchase This?

Those looking for a patio furniture set that can fit more people. This particular set can sit up to six people, and the covers of the cushions can also be removed for easy cleaning. Its a complete set and comes with everything you need perfect for setting up your outdoor space.


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How Patio Furniture Materials Are Affected By Weather And Water

Patio furniture comes in a variety of different materials, each with its pros and cons. Because patio furniture isnt full-proof living exposed to rain, wind, and sunshine, it is helpful to become familiar with these different materials.

When looking through the various materials, consider which ones would best suit your needs in terms of environment and budget. Some materials are better suited for milder, humid climates, while others perform best in dry, arid climates.


Amongst all the materials, wood has the most variety to choose from. There are hardwoods like shorea, teak, and peak that last longer because they are denser and sturdier. On the other hand, there are softwoods like fir, cedar, acacia, and pine that have natural weather resistance.

Wood, compared to most other materials, is very vulnerable to the elements. Over time, cracks can appear, which youll need to seal to prevent further damage. Usually, it is fine to leave it outside, but take steps to keep it from fading too fast, like using protective sealants that seal the wood from moisture year-round.

Can it Get Wet?
No, but it is recommended

Stainless Steel

Like aluminum, stainless steel is a refined metal made to resist weather damage. It wont dent as easily as aluminum and is slightly heavier, so it wont blow away as easily.

Can it Get Wet? Does it Need to be Covered?
Yes No, but it is recommended

Tips For Putting Your Patio Umbrella Away

How to Choose Patio Furniture | The Home Depot

Its time to get ready for the cold weather ahead and store your patio umbrella in the garage or shed. Follow these tips to ensure youre putting it away properly:

  • Figure out your patio umbrellas style.
  • Make sure its clean.
  • Close with the pole on the outside.
  • Cover the exposed pole.
  • Store your patio umbrella in a dry, clear area.
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    Covering And Storing Your Pieces

    Maggie Gienger, Arhaus director of interior design puts it this way: “Storing outdoor furniture is like parking your car in a garage! Your car will be fine parked outdoors, but it will look shiny and new longer if its stored properly when youre not using it.” Don’t have a massive shed reserved for off-season outdoor furniture storage? Not to worry: “When youre investing in outdoor furniture,” Gienger adds, “check to see if the retailer offers custom covers to fit the pieces for maximum protection .”

    Store smaller decorative accessories and cushions in an outdoor storage trunk, or indoors in cooler seasons when youre not enjoying your outdoor space. This will protect them from the sun and rain and keep them in top condition.

    Water Resistant Vs Waterproof

    You would assume that all outdoor furniture covers would be waterproof, right? Wrong. Water resistant means that its repellant, whereas waterproof means that water will not penetrate the cover. The problem is that if the covers are completely waterproof, the material becomes airtight and loses its breathability. This creates problems with moisture and mildew underneath the cover. Water resistant covers are sufficient for repelling rainfall.

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    Rebello Chaise Lounge Set

    View in gallery

    Have you always wanted to create the perfect poolside retreat? You can do so with these beautiful patio recliners. Each recliner has a curved iron frame and is wrapped with wicker rattan to help support you while you soak up those rays. Theres also a total of four different reclining positions so youre able to find the one that best suits your needs. If you need some space or it becomes colder, you can also fold and stack these chairs.

    Who Should Purchase This?

    These chairs come already assembled so you dont have to worry about setting them up on your end. The different reclining positions also make it great for a relaxing afternoon tan before a dip in the pool.



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