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Can You Put Roman Blinds On Patio Doors

What You Need To Know About Patio Door Window Treatments

Why Do You Need Window Treatments for Patio Doors?

  • You want added privacy.Patio doors give your neighbors a clear view of your home’s interior. Window treatments provide privacy when you want it and a clear view out when you don’t.
  • You want to add decorative accents.From patterns to bold colors, window treatments can accent your home’s interior design and style. Like coverings on windows, blinds, curtains, and other options offer a pop of color or pull together the room’s décor.
  • You want added insulation.Larger patio doors aren’t always energy efficient especially if they’re older. Insulated curtains or blinds or exterior shutters can keep the cold/heat out and the cooled/heated air in.
  • You want a light-free space.Even though the natural light brightens your home, it isn’t always desirable. Window treatments can eliminate the light or reduce the amount of sunlight your doors allow in.
  • You want to block the view.Do your patio doors face a not-so-scenic space? Blinds, curtains, or drapes block the outdoors area from your view.

What Types of Window Treatments Should You Hang on Patio Doors?Sylvan’s & Philip’s Drapes & Blinds

Drapery Ideas For Sliding

Draperies and side panels add a soft, elegant feel to sliding-glass doors. And while they look gorgeous on their own, consider pairing them with another window treatment for more privacy, and temperature and light control.

So how do you know what will work best? Since drapes are much easier to change out, first choose your window treatment. After that, pairing it with drapery is easy. For every Hunter Douglas window treatment, theres a complimentary Design Studio Side Panel or Drapery that will layer beautifully. The signature fabric collection ranges from exquisite sheers and silk blends to jacquards and velvets. 

Key Benefits of Side Panels and Drapery:

They create a soft, elegant feel to any room. With so many patterns, textures and styles, there are endless design options. When paired with a window treatment, they provide extra privacy and light control.

Read This Before You Buy Window Treatments

When choosing window treatments, there are several vital considerations that will help determine which sliding door window treatment is best for your space and will fit in with the overall feel of your home. The benefits of slider doors make choosing the perfect window treatment for sliding doors a potentially tricky process.

Here are some tips to remember to help you choose the right window treatment for your sliding glass door.

1. Match your Existing Window Treatments

First, if your sliding glass patio doors are in the same room with other windows, then be sure to coordinate your window treatments. It will look best if all your window treatment match.

2. Open in the Same Direction as the Door

Next, I always recommend that your window treatments operate in the same direction as your sliding glass doors. Meaning that if your door opens from left to right, then your curtains should also open that way. This obviously depends on the type of treatment you choose and rules are meant to be broken.

3. Think About Durability

The last tip, sliding glass doors are usually highly-traveled areas. So youll want to choose window treatments that will stand up over time. Dont buy some cheap hanging plastic blinds, they easily crack and break with daily use of the sliding doors.

4. Think about Light Control

5. Think about Easy Access

6. Think about your View versus your Privacy

Best Blinds For Light Control

When it comes to managing light levels, especially across wide expanses of glass, Day & Night Roller blinds are hard to beat.  These innovative blinds cleverly combine sheer and opaque panels in a single blind. In the opaque/translucent position, Day & Night blinds gently filter light, while in the opaque/opaque position they block out unwanted light and create a cosy feel. Of course, you can also open these blinds right away from the window just like a standard Roller blind when you want to let lots of light in.

Contemporary Look With A Traditional Curtain Finish

Sliding Patio Door Blinds Ideas  Madison Art Center Design

There are windows where you would like a contemporary look with regular curtains over blinds. You can use a pelmet layered over voile curtains along with matching tie-backs. This style hides window treatments that you do not wish to highlight like regular vertical blinds or shutters that can sometimes become an eyesore. You could choose a geometric print with a Moroccan vibe to highlight the design of the pelmet. Choose colors that are fresh and neutral for a modern look. An ideal way to mixing window treatments in one room in case you have a budget in mind.

With Google home Blinds, an advanced technology options for your homes, life is made much simpler. An affordable device that you can use to control the workings of your existing window treatments with a voice command. It can be programmed to raise or lower your blinds from anywhere in the world. With this smart technology offering, life cannot be any easier.

In case you find the above ideas insufficient while putting curtains over your blinds, check out our online web store  and get some professional advice. You will fall in love once again!

What Blinds Are Best For French Doors

What blinds are best for your french doors? Weve spent 130 years learning what is and what isnt right for certain windows or doors.

Our recommendations are always based on 2 things.

  • Reliability. Will it last? We will never recommend blinds that we know are not suitable and will not last.
  • Easy to use. If the blinds are not easy to use, again we would not consider them suitable.
  • Here are our recommendations based on our years of experience.

    INTU Blinds. In my opinion these blinds are the perfect choice for your french doors. Available as either a Roller, Pleated or Venetian blinds. They integrate perfectly into your french doors without the need for drilling or screws. They also work really well in the kitchen for large french door frames. They become part of the doors allowing them to open fully whether the doors open inward or outward. If youd like to insure appliances in your kitchen whilst fitting intu blinds .

    Vertical Blinds. These are another good solution for French Doors but only if the doors open outward if your doors open in the Vertical would get damaged when you open the doors.

    Very reliable and easy to use. Tilt the louvres to adjust the light entering the room and simply move the fabric across the rail to allow access to the opening door.






    Wooden Venetian Blinds. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid. We turn down around 30 jobs a year because people want Wooden Venetian Blinds fitted for their patio doors. There a 2 main reasons for refusing the orders.

    #5 Increase The Resale Value Of Your Home

    If you are planning to sell your home, you can increase the resale value of your home by investing a little by replacing your old and shabby window treatments with the beautiful modern window treatments. These make your home look new and sophisticated which influences the buyer to pay a higher price than when he looks at your home with those old window treatments. The newer the home looks, the more the resale value increases. Window treatments help to create the ambiance you would want to create in your home.

    How To Install Patio Door Blinds

    Patio door blinds are a simple and cost-effective way to add a modern flair to any room. One of the most popular uses for these blinds is to dress patio deck doors, as they afford easy accessibility or complete privacy with just the pull of a drawstring. Theyre easy to install too. All you have to do is follow these easy steps:

    Can You Put Perfect Fit Blinds On Sliding Patio Doors

    PerfectFit blindsperfectdoorsdoorspatio doorsinstall

    People Also Asked, Can perfect fit blinds be fitted to sliding doors?

    And what these blinds are good for: Perfect Fit blinds are ideal for conservatories, bi-fold doors, patio doors, French doors and almost all UPVC windows. Then you need to take the supplied brackets and slide these between the rubber beading on your window and the glass.

    Also know, What is the best way to cover sliding glass doors?


    H2: What Are The Advantages Of Using Horizontal Blinds For Patio Doors

    Better Light Control and Protection

    The reduction of harsh sunlight and harmful UV radiations is the primary concern of all homeowners who are looking for window covering solutions. UV radiation can damage your skin, furniture, flooring, and other household items. Some amount of natural light is good for a comfortable ambiance in a home, but when this amount exceeds to a limit then the atmosphere inside becomes hot and uncomfortable; it becomes necessary to install window coverings.

    Horizontal blinds for patio doors and large windows, specifically shades, will not only insulate your space but also will give it a touch of beauty. Horizontal shades are easy to install and simple to use. Depending on the type of shades you can filter the light, see-through or completely blackout the window. They are easy to clean as well. They require regular dusting or vacuuming just like any other household item.


    Better Privacy

    Horizontal blinds for patio doors or French doors take the lead over vertical blinds when it comes to complete privacy. Vertical blinds will always have a small gap in between each hanging louver, whereas horizontal shades generally wont have any gaps that you can see through . Prying eyes hindering in your privacy can be really frustrating and even unsafe at times.


    Less Noisy During Strong Winds

    Double Up On Shutters

    In this bay the original solid have been left in place but they dont allow for varying the shading, so pristine white louvred shutters have been added. For elegance, these have no visible rods to control the louvres and the hinges are hidden. Full height shutter in Pristine White with 89mm louvres.

    Adjust Lighting With A Venetian Blind

    Venetian blinds, both practical and stylish, are usually made from wood, plastic or metal, which makes them easy to wipe down so they won’t harbour dirt or dust. The adjustable slats provide lots of options for privacy and light control, and when not in use, you can pull them up almost out of sight, which is great if you have garden views. These aluminium Venetian blinds in teal cost are from Style Studio.

    Tips For French Door Blinds

    Trio of Remote Control Day & Night Blinds on Patio Doors

    You can use many styles of window treatments for French doors, but there are a few things you need to consider.

    Outside Mount

    Blinds for doors will be mounted on the outside of the window because unlike regular windows, the French door window has no depth. Look for window treatments that are available in an outside mount.

    Picture: Cordless 2 1/2″ Faux Wood Blind in Espresso.

    Your door will most likely have a handle that might get in the way of operating the window treatment. The solution is to buy shallow blinds that fit comfortably between the door and decorative handles. Most 1 blindsroller shades and honeycomb shades will fit behind the door handle, assuming there is 1 clearance.

    Pictured: in Kula Coconut.

    Hold Down Brackets

    When your window treatment is lowered, it may swing when the door is opened and closed. To prevent this, use hold down brackets to keep the bottom of the blind or shade in place. These can be added to most blinds and shades at checkout.

    Can You Put Mini Blinds On Sliding Glass Doors

    WindowSliding Glass Doors

    We do not recommend using horizontal blinds for sliding glass doors. This includes wood blinds, faux wood blinds and mini blinds.

    People Also Asked, What blinds go on a sliding door?

    • Vertical blinds are a common and affordable solution for two-panel sliding glass doors.
    • Panel track blinds for sliding glass doors are best if your top priority is light control.
    • Vertical cellular shades are a newer alternative to traditional vinyl vertical blinds.

    Also know, how do you install mini blinds on a door?


    Cellular Shades Over Sliding Doors

    Sliding door window treatments don’t need to be overpowering. Whether you’ve bi-fold or sliding doors to the back of your property, adding the style and functionality of cellular shades is a great move. They are great for temperature control and come in practical designs also. Kelsey Stuart, CEO of Bloomin’ Blinds adds ‘TDBU is available on all cellular shades and offers control of the bottom of the shade as well as the top.  TDBU allows for privacy on the lower 2/3 of a window, yet allowing the top to drop down, exposing the upper 1/3 to the natural light or view of the sky.’

    Choosing Blinds Curtains And Shades For Sliders

    When you need to add a layer of privacy over sliding glass doors, there are plenty of window treatment options, including blinds, curtains and shades that elevate your homes style beyond those old-fashioned vinyl vertical blinds. Since sliding and patio doors often see a lot of traffic, you want window treatments that open and close easily and can withstand heavy use.

    Since a sliding glass door can fill your home with natural light, it is important to consider how much light you want to let in when shopping for window coverings. Choosing the right window treatments will give you the ultimate ability to control how much light shines in.

    With custom sliding glass door window treatments from The Shade Store, its easy to add style to your sliding and patio doors without sacrificing functionality. To make the selection process easier, weve included ideas and recommendations for the best sliding door window treatments. 

    What Blinds Are Best For Patio Doors

    There are several blind types that are suitable for patio doors but before we go into more detail about these, we suggest you take a moment to ask yourself some important questions:

    • Are my patio doors mainly for light control or do I need regular access to the outside?
    • How do I use the room and space around my patio doors?
    • Are my patio doors overlooked? Does my blind need to protect my privacy?
    • How do my patio doors affect the way the room feels throughout the day and seasons?

    Once you have an idea of what youâre looking for in a blind, youâll find it easier to narrow down your selections. Letâs have a look at the options:

    Can You Put Curtains Over Blinds 5 Ideas On How To Adorn Curtains Over Blinds


    The way you dress up your windows at home can make or break your rooms design scheme. And to wandering eyes from the outside, it can alter their opinion. Blinds are those rare features in homes that help you block out sunlight while giving you more privacy. They are the more practical and functional part of doing up any window. But by adding a second window treatment, not only do you bring in the finesse and elegance but also the functionality of completely blocking out light and giving you more privacy. They can also add a distinctive design feature by adding color, pattern, or texture that you might choose to introduce to your home.

    The window treatments you embellish your home with are a portrayal of yourself. To ensure that you carefully choose treatments that would go with your existing decor. Vertical Blinds, Wood/Faux Wood Blinds, Cellular Blinds, Venetian Blinds or plain simple shutters are all great choices. And to dress them up, add a layer of curtains for that sheer elegance that gives room gallops of attitude.

    Special Considerations For French Doors

    French doors often have a few features that can make it tricky to choose blinds or shades. Consider whether your blinds or shades will need to pass behind a door handle or lever. French doors also typically have raised, beveled trim around the glass so you’ll need to take this into account when measuring .

    Pictured: in Kula Coconut.

    Also be sure to check the outside mounting surface requirements to be sure you have enough flat surface for the shade to be installed. Hold down brackets are often available and can stop the shade from swinging when the door is used.

    Measuring for French Doors can be tricky. But our friendly Design Consultants are here to help! 844-551-3769.

    The Best Window Treatments For Sliding Glass Doors

    Sliding Panels

    Shop Vertical Cellular Shades for Sliding Glass Doors

    Blinds For The Front Door

    Many front door windows present different challenges as they come in many shapes and sizes. With blinds for doors, there is no reason you cant control light and privacy like the other windows in your home.

    Pictured: in Halo Candlelight.

    Aluminum blinds and cellular shades can be used as window treatments for front doors. They are usually inexpensive and take up little space when raised. They come in a variety of different colors and widths which allows you to find the one to go with your door. For a sleeker look, try the Brand Completely Cordless Mini Blind.

    Roller Blinds For Large Patio Doors

    A Guide To The Best Patio Door Blinds

    If youre looking for roll down blinds for french doors, your classic roller blind can be a great option.

    Roller blinds are one of the most customisable styles of blind, they come in a huge variety of patterns, materials and colours, and you can even include features like blackout fabric or remote control.

    But when youre shopping for roller blinds for large patio doors, the wider your windows, the more difficult it becomes.

    Because roller blinds are usually longer than they are wide, there are far more off-the-shelf options for smaller windows and doors.

    But if you have large sliding glass doors, finding a roller blind option can become tricky and even expensive. Thats because the material needs to be produced on a much wider roll if you aim to have one single blind.

    A good alternative is to have multiple blinds for large windows. This can give you a lot more flexibility with your window shading too, as you can have each blind on an individual roller, so they can be at a different lengths whenever you like.

    If this is the right option for you, its always best to get custom blinds measured and fit specifically for your patio doors.



    Roman Shades On Sliding Glass Door

    You folks are so helpful and knowledgeable so I’m asking for help. A search provided no info for this particular situation.I’m planning a kitchen remodel.There is a sliding glass door in the eating area. Pleated drapes on a traverse rod are currently there to one side.If I do something other than drapes, more cabinet/counter space will be gained in addition to having a better view .I plan on using Roman shades on the two kitchen windows. So, would a pair of Roman shades hanging from the area above the door and hanging to the floor look tacky?If not Roman shades, what else? Not interested in blinds, vertical shades, or anything that extends to the sides of the door edges.Thanks for any comments or suggestions.

  • 11 years ago

    No it wouldn’t look tacky. I’ve seen them used on patio doors many times. Couple of thing to know before ordering; 1)mount it high enough above the patio door so your head doesn’t hit it when walking in or out. If you have an avg height patio door of about 81 inches, then I would order the shade at about maybe 92 inches. The reason is when you draw the shade up, the gather will be about 14-16 inches. 2) Order it as a 2-on-1 headrail. That way you’ll get two roman shades with a common valance or 1 valance going across both shades. One more thing, if the door slides to the right have controls for both shades on the right.Same if its a left. The cords will be less obstrusive when going in and out.

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  • Best Patio Door Shades offers many custom blind and shade options for covering sliding patio doors. Our most popular option is Vertical Blinds, which provide superb light control and are available wide variety of textures and patterns in vinyl or fabric. Other options include Vertical Cellular Shades, Sliding Panels, Sheer Vertical Shadings and Draperies. Shutters provide an elegant finishing touch, and can also be designed to cover patio doors perfectly.

    Choose Motorized Blinds For Tall Doors

    A smart solution for doors in frequent use, electric door blinds do away with the need for cords and can be opened at the click of a button.

    The Reflection roller blind range from Luxaflex features subtle patterns and textures, perfect for adding a tactile quality to large rooms. Suitable for humid rooms, it can be wiped clean with a sponge.

    The 6 Best Blinds For Patio Doors

    Armed with the answers to the key questions above, you can make an informed decision on the best blinds for patio doors in your home. In some cases, you may need to compromise a little on budget, style or design to find the blind that fits best. Here are some of our favourite blinds to use on patio doors throughout your home.

    Shades For Sliding Glass Doors

    Whether youre looking for more privacy, better light control, or glare reduction, Shades are a versatile window treatment solution for sliding glass doors. When choosing sliding glass door coverings, shade styles including roller, solar, and Roman provide a custom fit that elevates the décor of the room.

    Solar Shades: Use Solar Shades if your primary concern is reducing glare and blocking UV rays. Solar shades for sliding and patio doors are available in a variety of transparencies; for example, our 10% material blocks 90% of UV rays.  Solar Shades are also perfect window coverings for your sliding doors if you want to maintain a beautiful view.

    Roller Shades: For a wider variety of material choices and transparencies, try Roller Shades for your sliding glass door. Available in light filtering, blackout, and print options, you can coordinate your shades with any style of décor.

    Roman Shades: Sleek, sophisticated, and highly functional, Roman Shades are a steadfast window treatment solution for sliding and patio doors. The bottom fold of each Roman Shade ensures a clean look when the shade is lowered, and a neat stack when the shade is raised. roman Shades also function well with every day use perfect for high-traffic areas.

    All shades and curtains for sliding glass doors can be crafted in widths up to 144, so you can cover a wide set of sliding doors with one shade or opt for multiple shades to dress the space. 

    Can You Install Wooden Blinds On Patio Doors

    Blind Expert

    If your home has a patio door or set of French doors then youll have probably looked at it wondering, How do I cover these? Now, with most patio doors consisting of a pane of glass on each side, and then the two doors, this can quickly become quite a large width to cover. The other type is a larger 2 door set-up where one or both doors slide to open. If your doors open inwards that adds another complexity to the equation. If they open outwards then its slightly easier, but here we look at the practicalities of installing a wooden blind over each type of patio doors.

    The Best Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors

    So, when youre looking for the best blinds and shades for sliding patio doors, our recommendation is for simplicity, style and ease of use, vertical blinds, or perfect fit are going to be excellent choices.

    Vertical blinds are perfectly practical, easy to install on wide windows or french doors, and can give you a great finish in a great range of fabrics and colours.

    Perfect fit blinds open up a huge range of different options, from roller and roman to concertina blinds. By installing the blinds within your window frame, it means that every blind is perfectly set to each window to give a precise finish.

    But for an incredible look that saves energy too, external blinds are the obvious choice for a modern, stylish home.

    Want to know which blinds are best for your patio doors and windows? Get in touch with us today to get a quote and some expert advice.


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