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Do It Yourself Fire Pits

Rectangular Gravel Fire Pit

How To Build A Fire Pit Under $60 Easy Simple

Rectangular fire pits are starting to gain in popularity and for good reason. But you dont have to limit the size of your fire pit just to keep the size of the flame down. Build a rectangular ring around the central point of the fire pit. It lends an elegance to the rest of the fire pit while also giving you the size that you desire without having to deal with extra large flames.

Interior Tiered Fire Pit

Remember the tiered fire pit idea from a few spots above? This is something like that but in the inverse. There is something cool about tiering the bricks on the inside of the fire pit. It is one of the more unique designs out there and generally pretty easy to pull off, especially if you have a rectangular fire pit. It doesnt take much to stand out among fire pits, but this is a great way to do so.

A Modern Fire Pit Made From Concrete

The Nathanielfire pit is made of concrete, a material often introduced in a lot of modern and contemporary designs and appreciated for its versatility. Its very compact and space-efficient which makes a really nice choice for small backyards and other outdoor setups.

It uses propane as a fuel type and the tank fits inside, out of sight, into an easily accessible compartment. The overall dimensions of this fire pit are 23.25 H x 31.75 W x 31.75 D and it weighs 90 lb.

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Huge Rectangular Fire Pit

Speaking of epic fire pits, what if you just want to do something bigger? There is nothing quite like a roaring fire and the bigger the flames, the more impressive and epic it feels. This is why a truly huge fire pit, the size of a jacuzzi, can be the way to go. It is a visually impressive thing and can really become the attention-getter that you imagined out of your fire pit.

Rectangular Stone Fire Pit

10 Spectacular Do It Yourself Fire Pit Ideas 2022

Because rounded fire pits are so common, you may be looking for something different. Brick is also quite common but that doesnt mean that you have to go away from it entirely. Just change up the shape and you have a beautiful fire pit. A rectangle fire pit is simple enough to create but can really stand out from all of the rounded fire pits out there.

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Diy Mini Table Top Fire Pit Bowl

This is another great inclusive option thats perfect for smaller gardens and outdoor spaces. The Garden Love offers us this DIY burning bowl, which is perfect for outdoor summer activities.

Youll enjoy a stylish addition to your garden, with a beautiful concrete burning bowl. It will improve your overall garden atmosphere while also adding a lovely flow at night time.

Youll add a bag of river rocks onto the concrete, which can be arranged in a unique pattern to suit your preferences.

Brick Patio With Built

This next one is for all of you with fancy backyards! This beautiful brick patio setup features a fire pit in the middle which makes it great for entertaining. To pull this off, you might need the help of a professional which means that its not totally DIY. But maybe you have a professional friend who can help you pull it off!

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Can You Make An Indoor Diy Fire Pit

Most people choose to build a fire pit in their backyard as it is easier to clean up, but you may be wondering if it is possible to build your own fire pit indoors.

The good news is, you absolutely can. Indoor fire pits can be used to spruce up a sitting room or lounge area during the cold winter months.

Be aware, however, that building a fire pit indoors is a big project, and you will need to ensure the fire pit runs on gas, as wood-burning fires are not safe to have indoors.

If you absolutely must have a wood-burning fire indoors, its best to keep it in the fireplace rather than building a DIY indoor fire pit.

$50 Concrete Tree Ring Firepit

DIY Patio And Fire Pit Seating Area

Concrete tree rings make for a brilliant fire pit. Stack two or more tree rings on top of each other. Make a smaller circle using smaller concrete rings on the inside. You can place some stones or pebbles in between the two rings to make it look nicer and to give it a good finishing touch.

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Do It Yourself Fire Pit In Easy Steps

If you have been thinking about building a fire pit in your garden, then you have come to the right place. We have put together a list of step-by-step plans that will show you how to build your own fire pit.

Youll need a few things to build a fire pit, and most of them can be sourced from the local DIY store.

There will be various materials and tools you will need to buy, and youll have to look around your garden to find suitable-sized rocks or bricks for the structure you are building.

It can be tricky to find the right-sized bricks and rocks, but with a little know-how, youll be able to spot what makes for the best fire pit.

Making a DIY fire pit is a perfect project if you are living in a highland area where there is no access to electricity.

You wont require any special skills to make this type of fire pit as long as you follow our instructions carefully.

The first thing we would recommend doing before starting on the actual construction process is to get some advice from someone who has experience making their own fire pits.

This way, you dont end up spending hours trying to figure out why something isnt working properly.

Super Easy Stacked Stone Firepit

If you have a sandy or muddy ground that you want to convert into a place for a fire pit, all you need to do is dig a hole and place a few big stones around it. If you want to give your fire pit more height, you can also stack the rocks one on top of the other. You dont need to use concrete to set these in place, though it would help if you want to keep this pit for a long time.

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Select Location And Fire Pit Shape

Whether you are building a fire pit out of stone or concrete pavers or using a fire pit kit, you must select a location that is a safe distance from any structures and low hanging trees.

  • Consult local building code and homeowner association for any restrictions.
  • Disclosing your backyard fire pit could be a requirement of your homeowner’s insurance policy. Check with your agent to learn if having a fire pit may affect your coverage.

The style and shape of your fire pit will determine the type of blocks youll need to purchase. Fire pits typically measure 3 to 4 feet across.

  • For a fire pit ring, you need trapezoidal blocks, which are narrower on one side. This allows the edges to fit snugly together for a circle without creating any gaps.
  • A square fire pit uses rectangular blocks and can be constructed in a variety of patterns with blocks of different shapes and sizes.

Upcycled Truck Wheel And Stone Firepit

Outdoor Greatroom Company DIY

If you have a spare truck tire at home, you can use the inner portion as a base for your firepit. You, of course, need to remove the outer rubber part of the tire. Otherwise, you will get burnt tire fumes. Stack concrete slabs around the fire pit to make it look a little better and to cover the inner portion.

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Stonehenge Brick Fire Pit

We cant think of any other way to describe this particular fire pit than to call it a Stonehenge pit the way that the bricks are arranged vertically just reminds us of the famous English attraction. Aside from its appearance, this fire pit is very easy to make and does a good job of keeping smoke fumes away from your eyes.

Diy Round Brick Firepit Tutorial

Grass bases can also easily be converted into space for a firepit. All you have to do is dig a hole in the ground according to the height that you want for your fire pit and place bricks at the base and around it in a circular form. Dont forget to add some stones and pebbles to make it stay in place better.

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Diy Smokeless Fire Pit Conclusion

Regardless of the size of your garden or outdoor space, a fire pit is a perfect addition for outdoor gatherings. Whether you choose to make a DIY fire pit or buy one from an online store, youll find your family and friends will love hanging out this year at your new garden focal point.

Even if you have a small garden, we think this is a great investment and one that you can use at any time of the year. If you live in a cooler climate, it will help you spend a little more time outdoors without getting chilly in the colder months. Whichever fire pit you go for this year, we hope it makes a great addition to your garden setup.

Fire Pit With Rustic Seating

How To Build A Gas Firepit

If you have a fire pit that has a rustic feel, why not create an entire seating area that has the same appeal? You can create rustic seating around the fireplace of a few big logs and the right cutting tools. A halved log can create bench seating with a little bit of sanding and finishing, creating the most rustic seating space you can imagine.

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How To Build Your Own Fire Pit

There are few things as relaxing as a warm fire on a cool evening. An outdoor fire pit makes any patio or backyard into a great gathering place where friends and family can eat, talk, or just rest by the fire.

While you can build a fire pit from rock or have one poured, this fantastic do-it-yourself version from the folks at Progressive Farmer magazine uses bricks or cinder blocks and offers clear step-by-step instructions and a materials list to help make your project both fun and easy.

The installation is pretty quick you can build a fire pit in just one day and doesnt cost a whole lot, especially if you look for a sale on bricks at the end of the season at Lowes or Home Depot. You can even occasionally find bricks for free when someone tears down a structure or replaces their driveway.

One Last Thing: Building The Fire

To make a teepeefire, stack kindling, then stand wood over it. The vertical wood forms a chimney, and the draft through it produces a quick, hot fire that looks pretty and makes a small pile of embers.

Instafire Popular Mechanics Fire Starter
Instafire Popular Mechanics Fire Starter

The log cabin, or ladder, burns slowly and is better for cooking.

The teepees embers can start a log cabin fire.

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Heres A List Of Diy Fire Pit Materials You Can Consider:

  • Paint if you desire

Although bricks and concrete blocks are the easiest materials to make a DIY fire pit with, you can use other materials like glass, recycled metal, or even old flower pots.

Just be sure whatever you use is fireproof, and know that if it is metal, it will be hot to the touch when a fire is in the pit.

Build Your Own Concrete Block Firepit

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company BRON52

You can also create own concrete block fire pit using a few tools and materials. All you need to do is trace out the shape of the fire pit that you want to construct and go on from there. Stack up a few concrete blocks on top of each other and you will have a neat little fire pit ready for use.

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A Propane And Natural Gas Fuel Fire Pit

If you want an eclectic fire pit thats both convenient and elegant, this might be it. The Stokerfire pit works with propane and natural gas fuel sources and has a very graceful design, featuring a form that starts out narrow at the bottom and gradually expands.

The circular top has an opening at the center and features a geometric checkerboard pattern with a trim around the edge. The overall frame is made of aluminum and the burning area is made of stainless steel.

Concrete Fire Pit With Inset Bowl

This is a combination of some of the more popular options laid out above. The bowl design is different in a lot of ways, providing a more elegant feel than your traditional fire pit. So, why not place an inset bowl in the middle of a concrete fire pit? With a layer of gravel or even glass pieces surrounding the bowl, you can create a truly luxurious looking fire pit that doesnt cost nearly as much as those other high-end fire pits.

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Finish Off The Top Lip

  • Mortar the brick caps.
  • Finish the pit with a matching row-lock cap using regular face brick set on edge.
  • Youll need about 40 face bricks for this cap, which will:
  • Help protect the wall joints from rain
  • Keep sparks contained
  • Add a small amount of mortar to the joints to fill any gaps.
  • Check level frequently and tap gently with a brick hammer to adjust the spacing.
  • Leave a 1-in. overhang on the outside to allow for rain to drip off.
  • Once all the bricks have been mortared in place, strike the joints for a smooth, finished look with a concave jointer.

Family Handyman

Lay And Level The First Course

How To Build a DIY Smokeless Fire Pit That Really Works!
  • Place the first block in the ring. Using a 2-foot level, check that it sits level both side to side and front to back. Where the block is too high, tap it down with a rubber mallet. Where it’s too low, shim it slightly with a handful of patio base. Make sure this first block is perfectly level and positioned correctly in the trench before moving on.
  • Lay another block next to the first one. Butt the sides together tightly and line up the front and back edges. Using the first block as a reference, level the second block side to side and front to back.
  • Lay the rest of the blocks in the trench in this manner until the ring is complete and all the blocks you counted earlier are used. Make sure each block is perfectly leveled and lined up tight with its neighbor before moving on to the next one. Using a 4-foot level, occasionally check level across the ring.
  • A small hit with a mallet can make a big adjustment work slowly and carefully, block by block.

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How To: Build A Gas Fire Pit In 10 Steps

A fire pit is a great way to enjoy time outside. This easy DIY project is great for all skill levels and customizable to your own backyard or patio. It can be built in grass, on concrete, or patio pavers. Debating between a propane or natural gas fire pit and wood-burning fire pit? Gather around a warm and cozy fire with family and friends to create memories that will last a lifetime. If youre looking for a one-of-a-kind gas fire pit, consider a custom fire pit table to match your unique backyard style!


  • DIY Gas Burner Kit with Control Panel
  • Lava Rock or other filler rated for use with gas fire pits
  • One AAA Battery for burner ignition

Tools needed for block assembly:

Tools needed for burner assembly:

  • 2 adjustable wrenches
  • Power drill with Phillips bit

You can also view the original step-by-step instructions on HomeAdvisor here.

1. Before assembling your gas fire pit, plan where you want to build it and decide how you will supply gas to this location. If you choose to run a natural gas line to the unit, be sure to have it installed by a certified gas technician before you begin this project. Check any city ordinances as well, to ensure your new fire pit will be legally built to code.

3. After the paver base is installed, if using in grass or on top of a paver patio, install the vapor barrier. This will prevent moisture from the ground and protect your Gas Burner Kit. The vapor barrier is not needed if building on a concrete slab.

Picking The Right Spot

Common sense with an eye toward fire safety requires that you build the fire pit somewhere that it doesnt create a fire hazard to your home, outbuildings, or neighbors houses or their property. Dont build the pit under low-hanging limbs or a power line where a flying ember can arise and melt the lines insulation. Although it doesnt pose a fire danger to a well head, septic tank, or leaching field, those are also areas you should avoid. Local laws will almost certainly require you to position a structure of this type a given distance from your house or the neighbors property line. Check the codes at the town hall.

When I had located the ideal spot in my yard, Berendsohn and I drove a stake at the approximate center of the pit, looped a masons line around the stake, and then tied the line around a can of white landscape spray paint, with which I created a 102-inch-diameter circle. This is large enough to accommodate the pit, whose outside diameter is 66 inches, and a surrounding 18-inch band of River Jacks gravel.

Some Tools You’ll Need for Building a Fire Pit
Bosch PL1632 Hand Planer

For aesthetic reasons and to ensure the fire pit blocks align properly, its important to build the pits walls on a level surface. So we marked a 68-inch-diameter circle on the compacted stone and checked it using a 4-foot masons level, adding and removing material as needed.

Installing a Fire Pit in 4 Easy Steps

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