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Pool And Basketball Court Backyard

Building A Backyard Basketball Half Court

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Ball is life! If your love for the game grows stronger all the time, why not bring the basketball court to your own backyard? For decades, people have assumed that backyard basketball courts are reserved for estates and mansions. But nowadays, that doesnt have to be the case. Building a backyard basketball half court is an attainable outdoor living project that brings recreation to you.

Great for kids, families, and ultimately providing hours of entertainment value, the case for the backyard basketball half court is compelling. From the benefits to frequently asked questions, heres everything you need to know about installing a court in your own backyard:

Best Basketball Court Flooring Materials

Watching a lot of basketball matches will probably give you an insight as to the kind of flooring materials that will go well with your planned ball court in the backyard. Knowing the fact that your court will be installed outdoors will greatly affect the choices that you have. Most indoor courts use hardwood because of its surface properties, that impressive dunks are actually because of the traction provided by the wood. As it is the perfect ground surface material for indoor use, yet shouldnt something be said about the outside court?

To capture the more functional flooring that you can actually use for indoor courts we made a list of materials that most people can use. Look into these choices and learn the actual pros and cons of most materials for your outdoor and backyard basketball courts flooring.

Ideas For A Backyard Concrete Basketball Court

Because of their longevity and sturdiness, concrete and asphalt are the most commonly utilized materials for patio construction.

As a result, you may use them to construct a sturdy backyard basketball court that allows the ball to bounce nicely.

A concrete basketball court, on the other hand, can be dangerous. The rough surface can cause pain in your legs and ankles. All, asphalt has the same disadvantages as concrete. It can rip your shoes, ball, and skin.

Consider surfacing the concrete with a synthetic basketball court, which will be easier on your legs and knees. It will additionally enhance the appearance of your backyard.

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Backyard Basketball Court Ideas With Facile Setup

Designing a basketball court is as easy as you find one place to hang the hoop. The easiest way is hanging the basketball hoop on a wall. Only do any construction if necessary. You can make a concrete court or just simply use textured mats.

This picture shows an evergreen court with a wooden plank fence on one side. There are concrete staircases on another side. Next to it, a raised flowerbed accentuates the court. Some large trees also create shady areas.

Backyard Basketball Court Ideas With Field House

21 Backyard Basketball Court Ideas, Layouts, And Images To Help Bring ...

A full-size basketball court features two backboards, keys, free throw lanes, and marking lines. The court has evergreen hue with white lines while the keys are brick red.

A small field house in the center becomes an added feature. It functions as a storage room to keep outdoor stuff. There are also protective fences around the court to prevent the balls from flying out. Thus, you can play safely without losing any balls.

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Backyard Court With Metal Fence

This backyard court allows both basketball and tennis games. Whenever you want to play basketball, remove the net in the middle to have more space.

After that, you can return it if it is time for tennis. It is hugely loved by kids who love to play, use distinct bright colors when marking borders to add more spirit to the players.

Backyard Basketball Court Design

Designing a backyard basketball court can always be a challenge if you don’t have inspiration or ideas. Our team members will sit down with you to go through all options for your backyard court. Options include the sports foundation engineering, size and shape of court, the type of performance surface, size of basketball backboard goal, and the game line striping. The striping is pretty straightforward for backyard basketball courts, but maybe you want an NBA size key instead of collegiate. Your 3-point line could also be for high-school, college or NBA. Typically a high-school 3-point line is appropriate since the kids are more than likely still living at home, and using that same radius.

Take a few minutes to read through one of our latest blog entries about designing your backyard basketball court. You can also utilize our online interactive court builder tool to design your own court!

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Find Out What Our Experts Can Do For You

Neave Group Outdoor Solutions is comprised of a number of divisions that specialize in unique aspects of designing, building, and maintaining your outdoor world. Our scale and experience truly allows us to provide the best of both worlds a single point of contact for everything, yet deep know-how and craftsmanship required to deliver a superior result.

What Is The Best Surface For An Outdoor Basketball Court

I Built An Indoor Basketball Court In My Backyard!

Asphalt is considered to be the best surface for an outdoor basketball court.

It is strong enough to withstand the hardship condition brought about by the rigorous play that takes place on it. Asphalt can also stand harsh weather conditions like rain and high temperatures that are fond of creating cracks on other materials.

This material is smooth and absorbs shock reducing on the risks of getting injured while playing.

It is also water proof thus enabling one to enjoy basketball in all weather conditions. Please note that asphalt is also resistant to wear and tear that could occur in extreme weather conditions

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Professional Level Basketball Flooring For Your Backyard

Play like the pros on SnapSports indoor and outdoor basketball courts. We offer courts for every sized yard and budget. Our basketball courts are fully customizable and available in a multitude of colors so you can create the perfect court for your home. Be the envy of your neighbors with a sports floor by SnapSports.

Our colorful backyard court flooring is low-maintenance and durable. With superior UV stable all-weather performance, our outdoor flooring will not warp, peel, chip, or fade, eliminating any need for repainting. Plus, The NBA and AAU use our flooring, so you know it has to be good.

From hoops to netting, SnapSorts offers many options to customize your court in addition to the floor. Take your game to the next level with the addition of a DuraSlam® Adjustable Basketball Hoop System to give your backyard or home gym a professional appearance at an affordable price.

Branding A Basketball Court

Suppose you have a child or a family member who loves basketball and has been continuously asking for autographs from his favorite player whenever you attend a basketball match consider branding the floor of your backyard court to uplift his spirit. The branded court will connect him to his passion.

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Basketball Court With Metal Fence

Here is a metal fence court that integrates with tennis. No need to choose since players can play whichever they want at the time. If you want to play basketball, the net will be easy to remove. Therefore, you can have more space available.

Kids who like to stay active will love this kind of court. Tones of light blue borders and the bright blue court give more spirit to play.

Choosing The Perfect Outdoor Basketball Court Surface

Pin by Christine Hryzan Ayotte on Outdoor Ideas

Once you decide on the backyard basketball court size construction you will be doing, the next step you need to examine is its surface. Do not get worked up with the cost, this project will not just be about the expenditures but also about the safety and assurance that the court will be safe for players from getting injured. When constructing an open-air ball court, you might need to choose a spot spacious enough for you to do exercises involved with the sport. Aside from that you also need to remember that this space will also be used if you want to have your personal time with your children or even your friends. Backyard basketball court dimensions need not be too wide but enough to entertain everyone who wants to use it. After getting your dimensions measured, the next step is to determine the surface material you will be using.

Since your flooring material is one of the essential things that need to be taken into consideration for your outdoor court, you need to be more detailed before you push through the construction. Knowing the types of materials available, we will now assess them with some properties that they should possess in order to make the perfect flooring for your outdoor court. Listed below are some of the things that you need to look into.

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Outdoor Basketball Court Flooring

What an eye-catching court it is! This concrete court has a full painting. The bright color of tennis blue in the court makes it a formal basketball court. That will attract your neighbors attention to join playing the game.

Besides, the court& #39 s surface is rich in textures. Start with a wooden base or concrete slab, and then use textured mats to cover the surface. This kind of texture provides a good grip for the rubber soles of shoes.

Sport Court Northern California

Your Single Source for Total Sports Construction

Sport Court® Northern California, a division of Sport Court® and AllSport America Inc, has been a leader in backyard-residential and commercial Sport Court systems for more than four decades, providing Northern California and Northern Nevada with safe, low-maintenance surfaces for all types of courts.

At Sport Court® Northern California, we build backyard basketball courts, backyard Sport Court® Game Courts , pickleball courts, futsal courts, tennis courts, bocce ball courts, custom putting greens and batting cages. We also provide indoor athletic flooring for multi-purpose gymnasium facilities. Athlete safety is important to us, so we offer only the highest-rated sports flooring.

Our team members will custom design a court that meets all your needs, from space concerns to budget requirements and more!

Our projects are all completed in-house, by professionals with over 40 years of court-building experience. We take pride in offering a hands-on approach and unparalleled customer service.

Custom court installations require a professional group to oversee all aspects, from start to finish. We provide this full-service experience. We have also worked alongside other contractors, architects and designers to offer necessary insight and direction throughout a big project.

Contact us today for further details and receive a free on-site estimate.

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Be The Hotspot Home For Your Kids & Their Friends

Having a game court of your own is more about getting active. This is about creating a place where your family and neighborhood friends can play, practice and make memories.

  • Keep track of your kids and meet their friends.
  • Build a versatile game court whether its basketball, volleyball, tennis or anything else, take your practice to the next level.
  • Find a court to fit your family and your budget.
  • You name the sport, well find the right surface.
  • Spend more time playing and less time taking care of the landscaping
  • Build memories in your own home.

Your Family Your Sport Your Court

VersaCourt and MegaSlam XL – Backyard Basketball Court

Your family is one that loves to hit up the gym basketball court every once in a while. Unfortunately, youve got schedules to balance. Between school, work, practice and everything in between, how do you fit in the fun?

Allow us to bring a game court into your backyard. Whatever you want to play, whenever you want to play it the court is ready for you.

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Small Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

Fancy pass-ons, athletic dribbling, poster dunks and jaw-dropping leaps, basketball is exciting because anyone can start playing at any age.

According to theSports Show, basketball is the third most popular sport in the US, and unlike soccer, most enthusiasts can do without any prior experience or decent skills in their very own backyard basketball court. So even if you have a small backyard, make the best use of it by installingall-pro hoops to polish those shooting skills.

Not only do you get to work out and shoot hoops whenever you want, but adds unlimited fun and excitement with family and friends. As a fantastic addition to your property, building a backyard basketball court is not that expensive. In fact, often, its cheaper than paying monthly membership fees.

And theres great flexibility in terms of placement, installation, and customization of your sporting courts. You can get yourbackyard basketball court built in as little as $4 to $16 per square foot for a standard court.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, weve compiled some of the best backyard basketball court ideas to help you get started.

Add Sports And Games To Your Backyard

We have all seen tennis courts, basketball courts and trampolines at the neighbors. And backyard hockey rinks are a favorite here in Minnesota. But consider adding one of these less common sports or games to your backyard chess boards,horseshoes, putting greens, bocce ball, volleyball, shuffleboard, or badminton. No reservations necessary.

You Want a Piece of Me? Who can resist a little friendly, family competition? Your house will be THE place to be in the neighborhood. A ton of fun, and right out the back door!

Between the pool and retaining wall, a putting green and game space add another dimension to the backyard fun.

How about a game of chess?

Eden Prairie backyard with a putting green for dad, and an in-ground trampoline for the kids!

This elegant basketball court has beautifully inlaid lines in contrasting brick that will never need to be repainted.

This award-winning Minnetonka backyard with a putting green and lakeside view.

Backyard horseshoe pitch in Minneapolis, MN is a neighborhood gathering place.

This basketball court is made of interlocking hard plastic squares that quickly shed water so players can get back to the game.

Backyard play space for basketball and roller hockey.

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Patio Court With Tile Flooring

Batting Cages &  Netting

A patio with tile base flooring transforms into an interesting basketball court. Different tones add rich patterns to the surface. Black tiles become the lines to separate the court, key, and free throw lane.

Add extra fun elements like a fire pit and wooden chairs in the patio court. Therefore, it is not only for basketball but also for an entertaining seating area. Fresh natural colors around the court create a stress-free atmosphere.

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Bold Tones Of Basketball Court

Bright red and green colors give bold shades to this basketball court. Asphalt with a protective acrylic layer is the material to create that surface. Then, the color painting will mark each area.

The backyard is large enough to create a full-size court. It features two hoops as well as an official court. Its green area also functions as a tennis court.

The Basketball Court Foundation

The foundation for your backyard basketball court should be concrete. Concrete provides the most stable, long-lasting and low-maintenance foundation for your court. Asphalt oxidizes over time and becomes brittle, making it highly susceptible to cracking. Your city ordinances or municipal codes may put a limit on the amount of hardscape, or impervious coverage, you can have on your property. When you run into this situation, we have a system called SportBase which provides a perfect solution.

SportBase is an interlocking modular base system, that allows water to percolate right through it and its aggregate base layers. This system is portable, eco-friendly, shock absorbing and provides a great secondary solution to concrete when concrete is not viable.

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Backyard Basketball And Golf Court

It is possible to design a double court in a spacious backyard. This photo is one example of how the homeowner creates a basketball court and golf area. At the front part, a grassy yard acts as the golf area. Meanwhile, the back part becomes a basketball court.

An idea of conjugating two sports in one backyard is skillful. The great accessibility enables you to walk in through the court and choose one sport over the other.


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