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Easy To Store Patio Furniture

Select The Materials For Your Dining Set

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The next step in the process of choosing the best patio dining set is selecting your ideal materials. Patio sets come I a wide variety of materials, from cast aluminum to wood, rattan, wicker, and steel frames with fabric covers.

Choose a material that compliments your patio entertainment area. If your home has earthy colors, then consider adding a wooden or wicker set for a stunning visual result.

When choosing your ideal set, youll need to take the following factors into account.

  • Weather-resistance Do you leave your set exposed, or is it undercover?
  • Care How easy will it be to maintain your patio dining set?
  • Visual Aesthetic Will your set keep its look over time?
  • Surfaces Do you need a glass tabletop for food and drink?
  • Comfort Are the chairs comfortable? Do you prioritize comfort over functionality?
  • Price Choose a set that within your budget, and one thats good value for money.

A note on softwoods and pine materials in patio dining sets Hardwoods are an excellent choice for an outdoor patio set.

However, many cheaper sets feature construction with softwoods. Softwoods dont have the same type of environmental durability that you find in hardwoods, and you can expect your softwood set to weather quickly.

Sew On Hook And Loop Strips

If youre a savvy sewer, you can use hook and loop strips to secure the cushions to your patio chair, swing, or bench. Find strips that are at least 1-inch wide by 1-inch long to sew directly onto the cushion. Sew one side to the cushion and glue the other to your piece of furniture. Finally, firmly press the cushion in place while making sure to line up the hook and loop strips.

Farmers Cottage 7 Seater Rotating Garden Pod

It comes with a circular waterproof vinyl bench pad with room for up to seven guests, plus a center table that can be lowered so you can add a center cushion pad to turn it into a bed, or even a garden bedroom. Moreover, the stainless steel exterior touches and mirrored louvers above and below the UV protected acrylic tinted windows reflect heat and add an extra touch of class. You can get this product from John Lewis.

Made from 100% eucalyptus, this sideboard is an eco-friendly choice thats durable and can withstand exposure to the elements. Not only is it stylish, it is also UV ray-resistant and moisture-resistant.

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Cover Furniture With A Tarp Or Sheet Of Plastic

Do you like the idea of the commercial storage covers, but they arent on the budget? A great low-cost solution for the storage of your outdoor items is to use a standard utility tarp. While they may not look as professional, this is a handy storage solution that will ensure that your patio furniture is protected from the elements without breaking the bank.

Make sure to tie the tarp down securely to keep it from flying off in the wind. If youre concerned about rodents, you could also use a tarp underneath your furniture, securing it to the top tarp to seal off any potential entry points.

Why You Should Trust Us

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For this guide, our team interviewed both landscape and furniture designers, including Aaron and Claire Van Holland of the Los Angeles furniture company House Van Holland Calvin Abe, a landscape architect based in the Los Angeles area Andy Balderson, a Washington, DCarea landscape designer and Los Angeles landscape designers Russ Cletta, Maggie Lobl, and Naomi Sanders. We gathered more insight into what people are seeking in outdoor patio furniture by speaking with three retail experts in Pasadena, California: Veronica Hoodless, sales associate at the high-end Fishbecks outdoor-furniture store Jesse Mezger, manager at the upscale Patioworld and Jesse Bawsel, manager at Armstrong Garden Centers. To find good options that will last, we also looked at hundreds of tables, chairs, and sofas online, and at dozens in stores.

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Tips For Picking The Right Style

We recommend that you follow a few guidelines when choosing furniture, to make sure the style harmonizes with your outdoor space:

  • Bring your indoor decor outside: Imagining the outdoors as an extension of your home can help establish a continuation between interior and exterior living spaces. Look for outdoor furniture that will provide a cohesive design scheme and smooth transition between the indoors and out.
  • Look for complementary elements: Choose colors, shapes, and patterns drawn from outdoor surroundings, to create an easily identifiable theme. For visual harmony, draw from a color palette found in your landscaping or the surrounding architecture.
  • Contrast surfaces and materials: Dont be afraid to veer away from matching materials or proportions. Contrast establishes a hierarchical relationship between furnishings and setting. For example: A metal dining set paired with an all-wood deck is much more interesting than an all-wood setup. Similarly, contrast in scale creates interesting dynamics. If your patio is surrounded by tall trees, a wide and low outdoor lounge set will result in a more intimate environment, while also accentuating the presence of the surroundings.
  • Choose simplicity over busyness: When in doubt, err on the side of caution by picking a less busy, simple design. This is also practical advice simpler forms tend to break less often than their complicated and adorned counterparts.

What Should You Consider When Buying Patio Furniture


Whether you have a small or large space on the balcony or backyard, IKEA has a vast variety of patio furniture to choose from. If you have limited space, IKEA offers individual pieces of chairs that fold and stack, small tables and outdoor storage options. With large spaces, we have a variety of outdoor dining sets and sofa sets with ottomans available! Maybe even try an activity space for the whole family to dine, relax, play or cook.

Make Everyone feel at home

Give your family and guests options to feel more comfortable outside. Think of comfort including outdoor seat cushions, chairs and benches. If its sunny out, maybe an umbrella or gazebo for shade? If its night out, maybe outdoor lighting to brighten the space? Another tip is to add additional patio accessories like pillows and rugs to bring your living room outside.


The fun part about your outdoor living space is the d├ęcor! Have fun with it, make it yours and personalized. Think of the colors and styles you want for your space whether its subtle, vivid or an eye-popping pattern. IKEA has traditional, modern, coastal and more outdoor furniture styles that are durable, made of sustainable material and low maintenance.

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Furniture Ideas You Should Know

You can fully utilize the time you have this quarantine by budgeting and planning for your patio.

When youre decorating your outdoor living space, youll discover that options span the gamut, from strictly practical to the downright whimsical. Enhance your outdoor living space simply by adding outdoor furniture that can boost both the functionality and aesthetics of its surroundings.

To help you settle in for a little sun, weve rounded up the most eye-catching essentials that wont break the bank.

How To Store Patio Furniture In The Winter

Easy DIY Outdoor Patio Table with Limited Tools.

Small-scale furniture that can collapse or stack is the easiest to store. Remove the cushions and store them in a plastic bin or bag with a tight closure so rodents cannot access them. Furniture covers will help protect outdoor furniture from the elements when outside as well as dust when stored indoors. You can purchase pre-fitted covers or use plastic tarps secured with bungee cords to help repel moisture, debris and dust.

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The Amount Of Space You Have

Space is a very key factor to consider when buying a piece of outdoor furniture. You may need to consider the space available to keep the particular piece of furniture you are looking forward to purchasing. Consequently, there is a need to have a clear idea of the size of the furniture you plan to purchase. Also, try to have a mental comparison with the kind of space you have available for it, and how you look forward to utilizing it. Consider if there is a better alternative for the space you have on the ground.

What Is A Bistro Table

Bistro tables are what you often see outside Parisian cafes and restaurants. The standard size of a bistro table is around 24 inches, with a height not exceeding more than 30 inches. Though small in size, they offer great convenience and comfort, especially to customers who enjoy dining in open air and spaces.

These tables pretty much have the same function as portable picnic tables. Theyre lightweight, small enough to fit any tight space comfortably, and multifunctional to use with any demands. Nowadays, they come in varying heights and sizes yet are still small enough not to surpass standard table sizes.

With people leaning toward al fresco dining, homeowners are now setting up bistro tables in their backyards to celebrate seasons with food and fun outdoors. If you plan on spending your money on quality tables, here are some things to consider beforehand.

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The Reason For Which You Want It

Getting a piece of outdoor furniture goes beyond just the love of outdoor relaxation or the aesthetic additions they can add to your environment. An understanding of the specific reasons why youll love to have any piece of outdoor furniture will help you decide the exact kind of furniture you require. If what you require is a place to receive visitors outdoors, a few single outdoor chairs wont be the ideal stuff you are looking for. What you are looking for maybe a pergola kit furniture that serves as a shelter and, perhaps, porch furniture that suits a conference setting.

Select Your Preferred Color Option

Aluminum Patio Furniture

Outdoor patio sets come in a variety of designs, shapes, materials, and colors to suit any outdoor living space. If youre buying a hardwood set, youre limited by the color of the wood on offer. In some cases, you might be able to stain the furniture frames to darken the color if you need to do so.

Aluminum and faux finishes on sets provide the widest range of color options, from browns to greys, greens, and other vibrant colors as well. Choose the color that resonates with the other furniture and fixtures around your patio.

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Sunhaven: A Modular Option That Comes Pre

SunHaven Home

Best for: Entertainers and growing families.

If you like rearranging your furniture, get ready to have some fun: SunHavens furniture is fully modular. They also offer extra seating, like with this 11-piece sofa set. You can effortlessly set up, move and set up again according to whatever entertaining situation youve got going on. Plus, every piece comes pre-assembled, eliminating the sweat and headaches that typically come with furniture construction. To complement your furniture set, SunHaven also has a wide variety of accessories, including pillows, rugs and lanterns.

How To Store An Outdoor Coffee Table

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With both outdoor coffee tables and patio end tables, its a good idea to clean them well before storing them, as theyre often used as a place to set food, drinks, plants, candles, and other messy items.

  • Wood, plastic, and metal outdoor coffee tables can be washed with a warm water and mild soap solution. Allow each table material to completely dry after rinsing.
  • With glass tables, use white vinegar or glass cleaner on a microfiber towel to wipe away any built-up dirt or grime. If possible, remove the glass tabletop from its frame for both cleaning and storage.
  • For pieces made from wicker, use a water and oil-based soap solution. Be sure to clean all crevices.
  • Cover patio tables with bubble wrap, sheets, or tarps for protection in storage. If tables are sturdy and dont use glass, you might consider stacking them in self storage for additional space.

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How To Store An Outdoor Hammock

Photo via @mykindoflike

Cloth and rope hammocks can be stretched and ruined by water or snow weight, so its best to pack them up and store them away when the weather turns.

  • Gently wash your patio hammock either by hand or in a washing machine with detergent.
  • Lay out the hammock material on a flat surface and let it air dry completely.
  • Carefully fold the hammock and store it in its original bag or an airtight, closed container.
  • If you have an outdoor hammock frame, wash it with a mixture of warm water and detergent before storing.

Choosing The Best Material For Your Outdoor Furniture

How to make an outdoor chair

outdoor furnitureOutdoor Teak FurnitureOutdoor Resin Wicker Furniture

Outdoor Plastic Furniture. The sleek texture of plastic is highly sought-after for its incredible stain-, fade- and mildew-resistant properties. Plus, because it is easy to produce, plastic along with eco-friendly recycled plastic is also one of the most affordable options for outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Iron Furniture. Heavy, long-lasting and vintage-chic, iron furniture offers a versatile, classic elegance that goes with every style. Perhaps its only downside is its susceptibility to rust but even that can be prevented with protective coatings and routine furniture maintenance.Outdoor Aluminum Furniture. Aluminum offers the same durability, longevity and vintage-inspired aesthetic as iron, but for a fraction of the price. Because it is so light, though, aluminum furniture is often recommended in areas with little to no winds especially if the piece is made entirely from 100% aluminum.

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The Weather Conditions In Your Area

The kind of weather in your environment should inform the kind of outdoor furniture you are going for. If you stay in an environment with harsh weather conditions, you may not consider metal-made furniture. Plastic or wood-made furniture, for instance, is much more preferable in the tropics. Concrete-made furniture may also be ideal to cushion the effect of extreme weather, especially in places where rain is prevalent.

Proper Furniture Storage Can Save You Money For Years To Come

It may be tempting to simply leave your outdoor furniture outside to face the elements, especially if you have a wooden or metal set. However, many of these items arent designed to withstand the snow and cold. At a minimum, outdoor furniture should be carefully covered with a tarp or plastic sheet to offer a much-needed layer of protection. However, investing in proper storage for your furniture can help to extend its life for years to come, saving you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

While we have listed several different storage solutions in this guide, dont be afraid to use your imagination and trust your gut. There are many unique and effective ways to make the most of the space available to you, whatever that space may be. Put in a little work now, and you will be thankful when you unpack your well-kept outdoor furniture in the coming spring months.

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Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Simple Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is more than just a place to sit and relax. It’s also the focal point of your outdoor living space, so it’s important to choose pieces that are both functional and stylish. Browse the top-ranked list of simple patio furniture below along with associated reviews and opinions.

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    Love the chairs added extra.s for additional seating under my patio with end tables…Love our furniture…We are so happy with our yard bird patiofurniture. We love the Pepin swivel rocking chairs and the round table.

    See all Patio ChairsTop comment

    Love the chairs added extra.s for additional seating under my patio with end tables…Love our furniture…We are so happy with our yard bird patiofurniture. We love the Pepin swivel rocking chairs and the round table.

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    Product Description

    This is the most comfortable cast dining chair we have ever sat in. Built with sturdy, hand poured cast aluminum frames that will stand the test of time on your patio. Frames are a dark espresso brown.See all Patio Dining Sets

    Product Description

    This is the most comfortable cast dining chair we have ever sat in. Built with sturdy, hand poured cast aluminum frames that will stand the test of time on your patio. Frames are a dark espresso brown.

  • How To Store An Outdoor Grill

    Easy Care Resin Wicker Furniture

    Photo via @bulldoginsimi

    Once grilling season is over, youll still need to take good care of your outdoor grill by cleaning it, covering it, and storing it properly.

    • Clean out charcoal from charcoal grills, unplug electric grills, and disconnect propane grill tanks.
    • Wipe down the inside and outside of your patio grill to remove any crumbs, grease, and grime. Soak and scrub any removable burners in water and dish soap.
    • You can store a grill in self storage, but charcoal, propane tanks, and other flammable items must be removed and stored elsewhere in a dry environment.

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    How To Store Patio Furniture In Winter

    If you live in a cold area and have patio furniture, its critical to store it properly when winter comes around. Forgetting this process can lead to damage and destruction to your patio furniture. If you want to protect your patio furniture from harsh winters, you might wonder how can you store patio furniture in the winter?

    Read on to learn more about the best way to store patio furniture in the winter. With the right steps, you can safeguard your furniture in the coldest times of the year. Its worth the effort when the months warm up! Theres a lot to cover, so lets get started.


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