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Cost Of Backyard Putting Green

Costs For A Home Putting Green

Backyard Putting Green Design And Install!

Home putting green costs are pretty straightforward. The price will depend mainly on the type of surface you want, the size of the putting green and whether you plan to do it yourself or hire a company to handle the project.

To build a home putting green yourself, you can expect one made from polypropylene will cost between $3 and $5 a square foot for a polypropylene. The cost for a nylon putting green is between $4 and $7 a square foot. For the sake of calculation, well look at a 500 square foot green . This means that the price would be from $1,500 to $2,500 for a polypropylene putting green that you build yourself, while the cost for the material for a nylon turf putting green will be from $2,000 to $3,500. These prices dont include delivery or installation. If you want to have the green professionally built, or you want to use a more sophisticated material for your putting green, then you can spend between $15 and $25 a square foot. For a 500 square foot home putting green, this means it would cost between $7,500 and $12,500. If you opt for professional installation, you may want to get an even bigger putting green and add some extra features in. For top of the line custom home putting greens, many people spend as much as $15,000 to $25,000.

You can also purchase a putting green kit that comes with all of the pieces you need so you can put it together yourself. These come in a wide range of sizes and prices, but you can find many for between $1,000 and $5,000.

Hiring A Professional Vs Diy Cost

If youâre looking into a budget-friendly and not-so-serious golf practice in your backyard, then you could understandably choose to install your putting green yourself right at your residence. But, itâs important to remember that this is not an easy project to complete.

Before you can install your artificial grass, youâll need to do extensive land grading, excavation, and more. These tasks require knowledge and skills to make sure that your backyard golf will function and look at it should.

If youâre not sure about whether or not you can do it, it is best to hire a professional to do the land grading and install the putting green. Any avid golfer knows that their training depends on the little details on a golf course. If there are improper slopes and bumps, for instance, thereâs a good chance that it can hurt your game.

Type Of Backyard Putting Green

When it comes to projections about the cost of your backyard putting green, theres more to consider than just how you want your project to look. Thats because while these visual elements dictate what is visible, other parts of the process will have an effect on its total estimated cost. Plus, the hilly terrain and rainy weather common to much of Puget Sound add some unique factors that influence how much artificial grass installation costs in the Seattle area.

The type of turf you choose will dictate the cost too. There are three main types to consider: artificial putting greens, sand-filled layouts, and natural grass. If youre more interested in a softer surface or something unique that others dont have, then an artificial putting green might be right for your needs! But if you want versatility from your backyard course or a golfing experience close to what pros play on, then a sand-filled backyard putting green might be the best choice.

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Contact One Of Our Experts To Learn More About Home And Backyard Putting Greens

Ready to turn your dream of a home putting green into a reality? Turf Monsters knowledgeable and experienced experts are ready to help. From our initial meeting to the final touches, were happy to work with our clients to create a custom backyard putting oasis that will be the talk of the neighborhood and your pride and joy for years to come. Give us a call or use the contact form below to get the ball rolling for a quote or just brainstorm ideas.

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Fill In Trouble Spots

35 Excellent Backyard Putting Green Cost

The whole backyard doesnt have to be a putting green but throwing one in a troublesome area in the yard might solve some problems. Got a spot that draws too much sunlight and leaves the ground bare? See how to repair bare lawn spots before trying a different tact.

Photo: Courtesy of Michelangelo Putting Greens

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Why Should I Install A Synthetic Lawn

Real grass lawns are not only expensive, but they require irrigation and weekly maintenance, such as mowing, watering, fertilizing, thatching, wedding, edging, toxic chemical pesticides and winter over-seeding. Our lawns save you these expenses and hassles, and will actually help increase property value. As well, our turf helps preserve natural resources, cuts down on yard waste in landfills and helps reduce pollution from lawn mowers.

Where Can Our Turf Be Installed

Virtually anywhere, including any areas where natural grass cant grow . All you need is a fairly level surface with a porous base that allows rainwater to seep into the ground through perforated holes in the backing of the lawn grass. The turf comes in 15-foot widths that can easily be cut to fit any size or shape.

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Helps Improve The Price Of Your Residence

The fourth important benefit of putting green within your home is an increase in the value of the property. Imagine a new buyer looking for a home stumbles into a home with outstanding Golf Green putting in their backyard. A backyard putting instantly improves the property value by creating an awe factor. So, if you are planning to resale the property then does consider adding a backyard green putting.

Finally, the backyard putting green is a very attractive feature that makes a house look aesthetically pleasing.

Improve Your Short Game And Your Landscape

DIY Backyard Putting Green For Under $100

Installing artificial turf is not as easy as buying a patch of turf and rolling it out on your backyard. With over 20 years experience, we know the ins and outs of installing artificial putting greens and what needs to be done to ensure they last for years and years. When the turf is installed properly, your putting green can last for many years to come!With our uncompromising quality, your golf green will have lasting durability and outstanding performance in all weather conditions. The materials we use are top notch to ensure that you’re getting a durable product for years of service before it needs any maintenance or repair on the surface of this beautiful course!

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Pros And Cons Of Putting Greens

For many, a putting green can be a great place to relax, have fun and also improve your golf game. It can also be a great addition for your backyard. You can enjoy the convenience of just stepping out of your back door and feeling like youre at the golf course. And if you miss a short putt, hopefully nobodys watching.

So if youre thinking of investing in a putting green, here are some things that are good to know about them.

Grass Types Artificial or Natural

On the surface, why wouldnt you want a natural grass putting green in your backyard? It will have the look and feel of the greens at the golf course and will allow you to get some practice in similar conditions. Oh, and it will also cost you less to install than artificial grass.

Or will it? Sure, initially youll pay less to get the grass installed, but dont forget about the maintenance. Putting greens grass is intended to be really short. That will mean a lot of cutting to keep it that way. Add to that, you need to fertilize it to keep it nice and green and water it when its thirsty. Over time, all of these costs can add up.

With an artificial turf green, there really isnt any maintenance. Other than sweeping it clean from leaves or even snow, its ready to play on. Even though its not real grass, the ball should react pretty similar to the roll of a regular putting green.

So other than some up front costs, artificial grass may be the way to go.

Type of Terrain Flat or Hilly


Can I Chip Onto The Putting Green

Yes! Our special shock-absorbing backing, coupled with the spring action inter-locking fibers, makes our surface check-up, similar to most real grass greens. Please keep in mind that no synthetic putting surface will hold a ball exactly like a real tour green, and dont let anyone tell you differently. Our greens are as close as it gets to real grass greens.

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Know What You Want From Your Putting Green

Its important to decide what kind of a green you want before the installation process begins.

Practice Green or Relaxed Family Fun

If youre an avid golfer and want to work on your short game, a putting green could be a great addition to your backyard. It also might mean you need a more difficult layout to challenge and improve your skills.

Maybe you want a putting green for more family time outside? In that case, your golf green probably doesnt need to be made with the same level of difficulty. Instead, it can be designed to be more family-friendly.

Either way, its important to know what you want so you can get the most out of your artificial turf putting green.

Square Footage of Your Green

The size of your putting green and the number of holes included, play an important role in the installation process. Ultimately, it will determine the cost of the project, so it’s good to have an idea of what kind of layout you want before you decide to install.

The Finishing Touch

Theres nothing more frustrating than putting on a green and having the ball roll off the grass. To avoid that issue, most people install a fringe to complement their putting green. With artificial turf putting greens, fringe is used to create a buffer. It offers stability and protection allowing the green to keep its shape longer.

Synthetic Close To The Real Thing

Backyard Putting Green Cost : 1

Synthetic turf can mimic the challenges of putting on the green during a round by building the break into the design. Some companies use a concrete base for putting greens while others use a limestone and sand base.

When considering a backyard putting green, paying attention to drainage becomes even more important. See how to better manage your lawns drainage to avoid big puddles.

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How To Make A Backyard Putting Green With Artificial Turf

Installation by: Keepers Turf

Do you love playing golf, but hate all the time and energy it takes to pack up and get to the course?

Why not enjoy the beauty of the game from the comfort of your own backyard?

Artificial turf putting greens are the ideal addition to any home landscape. Why? Because they can be enjoyed and played on all year round.

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf is low-maintenance leaving you with more time to spend practicing putting strokes and less time spent worrying about upkeep.

Before you start enjoying the benefits of having an artificial turf putting green at your home, there are a few details you should consider when planning a backyard golf putting green.

Backyard Putting Green Size

Putting green size is a key factor in backyard putting green cost. The more square footage of land you have, the larger your backyard putting green can be, and thus the lower its price will be per sqft.

If you dont have enough space for a real-size putting green as can be seen on big golf tournaments, then there are other options available to make it workable on smaller areas such as 16×16 or 15×15 ft.

These sizes still offer a lot of versatility for practicing in your backyard. When figuring out the cost of backyard putting green, you will need to take into account the backyard greens square footage, then determine the total cost of all landscaping required.

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Backyard Putting Greens By Magnolia Turf

3-Putt no more! We design our synthetic putting greens to offer a solution that improves your short game! We offer professional-grade putting greens with creative undulation and design.

Magnolia Turf can create a professionally styled and designed architectural focal point for your home, work environment, or practice facility. We have in-house designers with years of golf industry experience and dozens of attractive green designs. Our trained staff makes the difference!

Practice Your Short Golf Game At Home

5 Reasons You Should Install a Backyard Putting Green

Weve all heard the saying Practice makes perfect. The same is true for mastering your short golf game. Perfecting your stroke, grip, and more can be time-consuming and costly if youre frequently hitting up the driving range to work on these things. This is what makes home golf greens so economical in the long run. Plus, if you do ever decide to sell your home, the personal fake golfing lawn will be a major selling point.

Making those short shots can be tricky. Youll be much more comfortable and willing to see what works for you from the privacy of your own natural-looking grass green. Instead of only being able to work on your golf game once or twice a week, home putting and chipping greens provide the convenience of practicing whenever you have free time. Barring that, its a great way to unwind and relax at the end of the day.

Interested in having a putting green installed in your home or yard? If so, check out some of our latest work performed in nearby Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Peoria, and Scottsdale for a bit of inspiration.

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The Proper Infill Sand

Infill sand is a critical component to the life and performance of a backyard green. And while there may be a variety of infill options available, Tour Greens greens only use round quartz sand .

Unlike natural or untumbled sand, RQS doesnt compact. When a sand compacts, a putting green will get too firm and too fast, sacrificing the performance youve come to expect.

RQS is one of the most expensive infill options out there, but it results in your putting green performing as it should for a much longer period of time, especially when compared to the use of a cheaper alternative.

Another important aspect of infill sand is how its added to the putting surface. For bigger greens, brooming in infill sand evenly is a time-consuming process and can take a full day. This is something we strongly advise leaving for the well-trained and clearly experienced professionals.

What Holds The Turf Down And In Place

The turfs own weight will usually be enough to weight down the turf, but some infill is required to help the fibers stand up naturally and prevent matting. Additionally, this infill will assist in weighing down the turf so it doesnt wrinkle, shift or move. Sand seems to be the most popular, and least costly.

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A Lower Handicap Starts With A Neave Sports Installed Tour Greens Putting Surface

Questions about space? Need help deciding which green type and features are right for your game and your yard? Or maybe youd like to continue this discussion on cost and what it will take to get a short-game green bump-and-running in your backyard.

Choosing to work with Neave Sports when constructing your golf green means that youre getting the best possible service. Neave Sports can install your dream putting green, complete with chipping areas, bunkers or water features so you can practice the game you love without leaving your backyard.

We custom design each golfing green to perfectly accent your space.

And because were integrated with our sister divisions, like Neave Landscaping, we can offer full renovation packages. Consider a small club or pool house, beautiful stone walkways, or maybe a shaded pergola to relax under after youve perfected your bump-and-runs. Take a look at some of our green-side work and give us a call.

We can even install seating and entertainment areas, swimming pool and/or hot tub, patios, and plantings to transform your backyard putting green area into a complete backyard retreat!

Get the ball rolling: Fill out our handy contact form to the right or call 463-0592 to talk with a designer. Its a gimme.

Is The Turf Maintenance Free

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Putting Green in Your Backyard?

Our non-sand filled turf is as maintenance free as it gets, even when partially infill assisted/weighted. Our specially designed, interlocking spring set fibers help hold the infill in place, while stabilizing the root of the fiber. Even our infill-assisted/weighted greens are virtually maintenance free. Once installed, just keep the leaves and debris off the surface, just like you would with a real putting green. You can even vacuum our turf!!!

Dont be fooled by other companies that state their turf product is totally maintenance free. This is as far from the truth as it gets. Unlike our turf, synthetic sand-filled greens require periodic sanding, top dressing, sweeping and water rolling.

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Factors That Affect The Cost Of An Artificial Grass Putting Green

Seven factors affect the cost of artificial grass putting green. Before you hire a professional to install one in your backyard, make sure to consider the size of your backyard, the type of green you want, its design, the number of cuts needed, the site preparation, the features you want to be included, and the installation process itself.


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