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Front Porch Columns With Stone

Front Porch Columns: On

ð?¡DIY Stone Porch Columns with Concrete Topper || Barndominium Living

What do you picture when you think of porch columns? Do you think of them as merely structural, or do you see them as a design element? At brick& batten, we believe porch columns can be both! There are so many different sizes, materials, colors, and placement options to consider when incorporating columns in the exterior design of your home. Weve compiled some of our favorite on-trend ideas below to get you thinking about new ways to implement columns.

Does your homes exterior design feel outdated? If you want to freshen things up, brick& batten has you covered! Our team of experienced designers will work with you to understand your tastes and create a virtual exterior design you can use as a guide to bring your home back to life.

Advantages Of Fiberglass Polymer Column Material

Low Maintenance:

While wood columns are prone to insect damage and decay, our fiberglass columns are completely resistant to rot and destruction from pesky insects such as termites and carpenter ants. Each column is completely waterproof and nonporous, allowing them to be used as channels for plumbing and wiring. The constant care and maintenance that other columns require is nearly nonexistent with our columns. FRP columns are a great investment for not only your home, but also your peace of mind.

Load Bearing:

If strength is what you need, look no further. Pound for pound, FRP is stronger than concrete, steel or aluminum. Depending upon what size you are interested in, our columns have concentric load bearing capacities ranging from 6,000 to 20,000 lbs. Their beauty and strength is not solely reserved for outdoor use. Many of our customers install FRP columns inside their homes as well.

Classic Architecture:

Most PVC, aluminum, and concrete columns dont achieve a traditional look that adheres to classical architecture. We find that columns are often designed with a straight taper, however each of our FRP columns are designed with an architecturally correct entasis. A correct entasis provides an aesthetically pleasing look. Additional information and a great visual example describing entasis vs straight taper can be found here.

All About Affinity Stone

While rock column wraps may be the product were putting into focus here, were first and foremost known for our line of manufactured stone panels. These pieces of manufactured stone are a smart and stunning solution for bringing stone elegance anywhere. Whether you want to accessorize an interior space or add excitement to your exterior, our manufactured stone veneer is perfect for the job. Just like our rock post wraps, our stone siding is affordable, easy to install, and comes in a variety of colors and textures!

Shop Rock Post Wraps Here

Do you want to see how amazing a luxury rock post wrap can look? Enter your zip code here to find out if there is an Affinity Stone partner nearby. They will demonstrate how easy it is to install our product line and show off everything thats available!

However, if no one has partnered up with Affinity Stone yet for your area, we still want to work with you. Please fill out our contact form at the bottom of this webpage to work directly with our team!

  • Self-drilling thread for easy start
  • T-25 Torx bit included

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Did You Know These Points About Cast Stone Columns

  • Longevity:Cast stone monuments are still standing that are around 2,500 years old
  • Available colors: White, tan and buff are usually standard colors. Custom colors and finishes are usually available also depending on the manufacturer.
  • Painting cast stone: Cast stone can be painted or stained acid staining is the most common method.
  • Sealing: Sealing is not necessary but often done to protect its original appearance. It will have a natural patina appearance over time if it is not sealed.
  • Installation Cost: Many different variables are used to calculate the installation cost.Transportation and labor costs also vary considerably by geographical region.

Benefits Of Pvc Column Wraps

36 Pretty Front Porch Decor Ideas

Installing PVC column wraps is an excellent choice for your front porch makeover. Some of the benefits of opting for PVC column wraps for your porch posts include:

  • Durability unlike wood and other delicate materials like fiberglass, PVC is durable enough to withstand cracks, weather conditions, and insects.
  • Low-maintenance PVC porch columns will require minimal maintenance, simply cleaning and painting should they be yellowed by the sun.
  • Versatility you can paint PVC porch posts in any color to match your homes exterior, and they are available in many different styles with different accents to suit your homes aesthetic.
  • Low cost compared to stone and wooden porch columns, PVC column wraps are relatively low cost.
  • Elemental effects if you prefer the look of wooden porch posts, you can opt for elemental-style PVC columns which emulate the look of wood.
  • Easy installation you can install PVC columns on your own with ease.

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Installation Of The Stones

You can install the stones in any of several ways. First, you can stack them naturally, one on top of the other in an interlocking pattern based on turning them this way and that so they naturally provide a solid base. You can also trowel thin-set mortar onto the column base and then set the stones in the mortar, which won’t be visible on the face. Thin-set mortar is an excellent adhesive for stacked stone.

Or, you can set mortar between each individual piece and either leave it as it is, or come back and grout the joints full. When stacking with cement, note that you can only go so high per day before the concrete in the lower joints begins to compress under the weight of the stone. This is why large columns and fireplaces, for example, are built over three to four days, giving the concrete time to cure for each row.

Porch Columns Do More Than Just Serve A Practical Function For Home Entries And Porches You Can Also Use Them As Decorative Elements To Enhance A Home’s Exterior Palette Learn The Basics Of Column Materials And Styles With These Ideas For Using Porch Columns In Your Home

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How To Update Front Porch Columns

Structural support beams can serve as an additional architectural feature in your home. Available in many materials and styles, you can use porch columns and porch column wraps to make your home more visually appealing and improve curb appeal.Read on to learn all there is to know about column wraps for your homes exterior from the different types of column wraps to how to install them and more! Take advantage of the structural features in your home to get the look you want.

Front Porch Column Ideas

Front Porch Stacked Stone Install || Polebarn Home

Kim completed one of the most transformational projects weve seen, and GenStone products were a major factor in the stunning change. Kims residential building was previously a red brick building with dark front porch columns. Kim painted the brick white and then got to work with GenStones Ke… Expand full text

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Front Porch Remodel: Little Stone Style With Columns

One of the things we constantly hear from our customers is what a big change just a little faux stone made to their home. These pictures sent in by Peggy Zillgitt is the perfect example of how this works. By investing in three Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone columns in Motley Gray, her front porch remodel went to a whole new level.

Front porch remodel complete

From the before pictures, you can see that Peggy’s porch overhang is supported by three posts installed into a concrete foundation. They were nice enough, but hardly noteworthy – and Peggy wanted more. Unfortunately, the cost of building real stone column supports was prohibitive – not to mention time consuming and inconvenient. That’s why she went online and started researching the products we offer.

BEFORE offer a range of column options with various stone and brick textures and sizes. Colorado Dry Stack Stone is one of our most popular product lines – vividly recreating the texture of a hand-stacked stone wall in a variety of realistic hues.

The sheer realism of the “stone” is difficult to describe with words alone. You can see from the pictures how bold and vivid the texture is – but its only when you see them for yourself that you appreciate their natural look. Most people agree that it’s impossible to tell the difference without touching them.

But unlike real stone, these columns cost a fraction of the price, and are incredibly easy to install.

The realistic look of stone is undeniable


Fiberglass Polymer Columns Provides Peace Of Mind

Our Fiberglass Polymer columns are the best material for porch columns. They offer countless advantages such as architectural beauty, strength, and rot resistance. They also provide you with something you may not realize peace of mind. FRP columns give you the opportunity to sit on the porch with your favorite beverage, admire your work, and simply relax. You wont have to worry about the performance, durability, or future of your columns.

You can enjoy the humidity and breathe easy when your landscaper is making close cuts to the hedges directly next to your columns, and laugh at the one sprinkler placement that shows no mercy to the column placed on the corner of your porch.

FRP is the best material for your porch columns project. It provides the most advanced material of today without losing touch with the traditions and beautiful architecture of the past.

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Concrete Vs Wood Base

First, you have to deal with the columns existing base material. If it is wood, you will need to include underlayment, such as a layer of tar paper, to protect the wood from moisture. You will also need wire mesh tacked onto the column face to hold up the concrete if you are cementing the stacked stones in place.

If you plan an open stack without grout or any cement, you don’t need the wire mesh, just underlayment to protect the wood. If the column has a concrete base, you can install stacked stone without worrying about moisture.

Fiberglass Polymer Is The Best Material For Porch Columns

Pin by Wildwood007 on Getaway Exteriors

When most people say fiberglass columns, they are usually referring to Fiber-reinforced Polymer, or FRP. Around here, we typically just call them Fiberglass Polymer columns. This is a synthetic material made of fiberglass, synthetic polymers, and marble dust. This gives each column a stone-like feel. It is one of the most cutting-edge materials in the construction industry. Our FRP columns have an extremely high load-bearing capacity and makes them the strongest option for your project. These columns are known for their ease of installation and low maintenance. They are architecturally appropriate for the projects that require them.

While many other materials are susceptible to varying weather conditions, stains, limited design options, and constant upkeep. Fiberglass Polymer material offers an array of advantages making it the best column material choice for your home. For these reasons, FRP columns are the best selling column choice among our valued American Porch customers.

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Faux Stone Column Wraps

Beautiful, textured stone looks for a one-of-a-kind space. Set your deck or porch apart from the neighborhood with the rugged, organic look of real stone. Faux stone column wraps protect your posts and columns in incredible style.

Perfect matches for your unique style. DecksDirect carries the largest selection of deck products youll find anywhere. That makes us the best place to find railings, porch boards, and accessories to match the classy stone look youre dreaming of.

What Is A Porch Column Wrap

Porch column wraps are split in half, designed to fit around an existing column to improve its appearance and enhance the look of a buildings exterior. Column wraps do not bear any weight and are simply decorative installations. If you have structural support columns in your home that appear bare or unsightly, you could benefit from installing porch column wraps.

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The Best Way To Achieve The Stone Pillar Look

The traditional way for homes to have a stone pillar look is to build the masonry fixtures into the porch or space from the beginning. However, that often isnt an option , so most modern contractors choose to wrap the columns instead. If done right, this can be effective and gorgeous! Since Affinity Stone is all about delivering solutions to hardworking contractors while creating designs homeowners love, we have a line of columns that create the illusion of a partial stone pillar.

Heres what makes Affinity Stone column kits the best way to achieve this beautiful style:

Home Exterior Trend: Rock Post Wrap


If you have a porch, you have the chance to enhance your home with one of the trendiest x-factors. Rock post wraps transform ordinary porch posts, while creating a one-of-a-kind curb appeal. These manufactured stone wraps attach around the base of a porch post to make it appear as if it is built on a stone base.

At Affinity Stone, we build a range of gorgeous manufactured stone products that look amazing for interior and exterior designs. Were one of the few companies that specializes in these rock or stone column wraps that are becoming more popular than ever. Discover the advantages of these column wraps and find them in a store near you!

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How To Build Stacked Stone Porch Columns

Inspirational porch columns ideas with faux materials barron designs building stone pillars or columns part 3 mike haduck you installing stone columns seating wall you coronado stone stacked pedestals hold up beauitful front porch columns by discovery builders pillars porches craftsman building stone pillars or columns part 3 mike haduck you decorative column wraps exterior home design pictures stone porches house photos.

Faux panels home exterior makeover craftsman style porch brick columns coronado stone stacked pedestals hold up beauitful front porch columns by discovery builders pillars porches craftsman stacked stone front porch column wrap project genstone column and post surrounds add beauty value to your home column and post surrounds add beauty value to your home.

Faux Stone Front Porch And Door

The front porch and door are an important part of your home they make a statement in one way or another. That is why this GenStone customer decided to upgrade their porch using our Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone panels. The panels are the perfect complement to the dark wooden front door, and they stand out against the siding. The customer reported being thrilled with their front porch and door upgrade. This type of project is popular with homeowners because it is such an easy way to upgrade your homes curb appeal.

If you are looking for inspiration for your front porch or door, we recommend installing our lightweight faux stone panels. Our line of stone veneer products offers all of the natural beauty of stone without the extra costs and extended timelines of a professional mason. Many projects can be completed in a single weekend even a project like this customers front porch!

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Open Stone Or Grouted Stone

Pin on Front Walk, Porch &  Stairs Redesign

You can choose to stack the stones around the base of the column with nothing but their weight holding them in place, says Huckleberry Stone Supply. Alternatively, instead of stacked stone porch pillars, you can install them with some type of concrete backing, such as you might use with ceramic tiles. However, you can also choose to fill the gaps between the stones, giving you a veneer that shows only stone faces of various sizes, not the whole stones. These are merely options. No method is superior to another.

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