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Which Patio Cleaner Is The Best

Patio Cleaners And Pressure Washers: Does One Need The Other

How To Clean Patio Pavers Surface Cleaner vs. Pressure Washing Wand

The truth is that the days when using a patio cleaner needed a pressure washer as standard are over. Most modern patio cleaners can simply be applied and left to do their work, and the next rain will take care of the rest. The only situation where a pressure washer is required is where the patio cleaner is quite strong and you don’t like the smell lingering . Sometimes there’s also so much of an algae buildup that you will need two applications of the cleaner to see results. Other than that, an application with a brush or stiff broom is enough for most patios.

Will Using Patio Cleaners Damage My Plants

Unfortunately, a lot of patio cleaners will damage certain plants if they come into contact with them, due to the large number of chemicals that must be included in the solution to make it effective. If you are worried about this then try using a garden sprayer to make your application of the solution more reliable, water the detergent down as much as possible, or try a non-harmful method such as washing up liquid .

Can I Clean My Patio With Bleach

Bleach has often been used for cleaning patios, providing it is diluted . However, as bleach is not made for this, you will find that you have to scrub the patio very hard for the bleach to have any effect on the patio, and even then it will be unlikely to do as good of a job as a specialist patio cleaner!

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Complete Wood Cleaner & Wood Brightening Kit

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Need a deck cleaner thats great for your wooden deck? This particular deck cleaner will not revitalize all wood types from Pine to Redwoodand more, but itll also help with restoring most wood surfaces. Once youre done with the restoration kit, your wooden deck will look as good as new.

Whats great about this deck cleaner is that itll also brighten your wood without bleaching. Itll also help with cleaning dirty and old wood, and gently strip any existing oil-based stains, dirt, grime and dead wood fibres. Customers who have purchased this wooden deck cleaner love it and mentioned that it has exceeded their expectations. They also like how the deck cleaner did a great job at stripping dirt and cleaning away mildew.

Ecoclean Solutions Mold Mildew & Algae Remover

Bostik Cementone Brick Patio Cleaner Review  Fence Ideas Site

A lot of cleaners out there fall short when it comes to removing lichens and algae. However, the EcoClean Solutions Mold, Mildew & Algae remover is here to solve your algae and lichen problem. It is a highly concentrated formula that cleans and disinfects at the same time.

It works on different surfaces, from your patio surfaces to your bath tubs, and even your tools.

If you are only interested in disinfecting, you can dilute the highly concentrated cleaner and apply directly to the area you want to disinfect. Furthermore, it has a mild and pleasing scent.


  • Some customers have complained about the poor quality of the container. Check it out here .

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How Do I Clean My Deck Without A Pressure Washer

There are a couple of ways that you can clean your deck without a pressure washer.

  • Mix oxygen bleach and detergent and pour it on top of mouldy stains before scrubbing with a broom.
  • Applying a general wood deck cleaner on top of a deck and letting it sit there for about 10-minutes or so before rubbing it in with the broom.
  • Use a general vinegar spray and work the mixture into the wood with a stiff brush. Once youre done, you can rinse the area with cold water.
  • Naturvet Yard Odor Eliminator Plus Citronella Spray

    This versatile spray is important for various reasons it can be used to get rid of urine and stool odors, it is safe to use on grass, shrubs, walls, and different types of floors, and it is very easy to use. If you have pets in your house, then you need something to get rid of the odor and mess some of them leave behind.

    It is not as concentrated as some other cleaners but it is easier to apply than most, all you have to do is to spray directly from the spray bottle and get to cleaning. Apart from cleaning, it leaves a nice odor on your surfaces.


    • It can be used on a lot of different sources


    • The scent is very strong
    • It may not be suitable for people with allergies. Available at Amazon here.

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    Shoppingwhere To Find Outdoor Furniture Deals Right Now

    Adjustable wands: This accessory lets you adjust the spray width or the water pressure of your machine without changing the nozzle each time.

    Portability: Electric pressure washers typically weigh between 15 and more than 60 pounds, while many gas-powered pressure washers weigh well over 100 pounds, so wheels will make transporting the machine onto cars and boats easier.

    Detergent tanks: Pressure washers can feature an on-board detergent tank, which holds a cleaning solution thats pressurized with the water and released through the spray gun with the touch of a switch. If the pressure washer doesnt come with a detergent tank, you can use a siphoning hose to mix the detergent in with the water. However, Carson noted to never use bleach through your pressure washer since it can ruin and break your machine.

    Best Patio Cleaner For Block Paving Concrete And Natural Stone

    How to clean brickwork and patio slabs

    Cleaning paving slabs on a patio can be difficult if you are not using the best patio cleaner for the job. Cleaning natural stone patios in particular can be challenging as the porous surface of sandstone or limestone paving is the perfect environment for the spread of moss, algae, mould and lichen on a patio. Using an effective patio cleaner is a must if you want to make your paving slabs or block paved patio look like new.Green algae on a patio is quite easy to clean off or remove. Our moss, mould and algae removers will quickly kill green algae, which can then be washed off. Green algae is always likely to grow and spread on a porous patio as the water content within the substrate makes it easy for green algae to flourish. Use our moss killing biocide Moss Clear to swiftly kill green algae, mould or mildew on a porous patio surface.On patios that are very dirty and covered in patio black spot, a very aggresive form of lichen, use Patio Clean Xtreme, which can remove the most stubborn and ingrained dirt within sixty minutes. This effective patio cleaner is great for cleaning block paving, granite sets, flagstones and other patio surfaces.If you are cleaning patio slabs, Smartseal have the best paving slab cleaners that can make old patio surfaces look like new. Our block paving cleaner for patios can make old block paving look much newer, so if you are considering a block paving cleaning product, please give us a call on 01268 722500 as we can help.

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    The Bucko Soap Scum And Grime Remover

    Versatility is something you want any cleaner you use to have, so that you can clean a lot of things that need cleaning in your home, without having to buy different cleaning products. The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Remover is perfect for your walls, patio, floors, stainless steel, porcelain, and a lot of other surface and tools.

    It has a mild scent lemon scent and you wont have to scrub, all you have to do it spray and wipe away. It is non-toxic, it contains no bleach and it is free from harsh chemicals.


    • It works well on tough stains


    • It is not fast-acting. Available at Amazon here.

    Choosing The Best Patio Chairs

    There are tons of benefits to having some nice outdoor chairs. Just having a comfortable space to enjoy outdoors almost guarantees that you will be getting more time outdoors breathing in fresh air. This is even shown to have health benefits.

    When you will be using something as often as you are likely to use your outdoor patio chairs, you want to make sure to make the right choice for your needs.

    To help you narrow down the options and get the perfect chairs for your outdoor space, please read through the following considerations!

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    Ease Of Use And Versatility

    Patio cleaning solution is generally very easy to use. Different brands require different levels of dilution, but its not difficult to measure out the formula into a separate container.

    Patio cleaners can also be very versatile, with some solutions not only able to clean patios but other hard surfaces which also attract algae and mould, such as caravans and window frames. The Pro-Kleen Patio Cleaner, for example, can be used to cleanroofs, fending, uPVC windows and motor homes! Having a versatile product can make it even better value for money, as well as make your life easier by not requiring you to buy separate cleaning products.

    Lastly, there are products which dont need rinsing. These can really save time and are so simple to use. After applying the solution, you simply wait for it to dry, and thats it! No need to return to wash it off. This can be a great help if youve got other jobs to get on with.

    Size Of The Bottle And Dilution

    Best Patio Cleaners

    As mentioned, patio cleaners generally require dilution. Its good practise to check the dilution of the patio cleaner youre looking at some smaller bottles may be better value for money than larger bottles if they are more concentrated.

    If you have a very large patio, look for a patio cleaner that covers a wider area. Most bottles of patio cleaner will list the coverage area in square metres, so you can check how many cleans each bottle will give you.

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    How To Clean A Deck Or Patio

    After taking a beating all winter long, your could use a little tender loving care. Whether you have a wood, vinyl or composite deck, or a concrete or natural stone patio, heres how to spiff it up:

    • Clear off furniture and planters
    • Sweep up loose debris
    • Repair any rot or cracks
    • Choose a cleanser made specifically for your type of surface
    • Reseal or refinish, if needed
    • Let dry

    How To Properly Clean A Patio Or Driveway

    Most of the products chosen in our list are spray andforget detergents, when you neednt do much other than apply with a sprayer orwatering can, then come back to check out the results.

    However, its not always so simple and depending on theend-result, you may need to carry out further work to achieve the best results.

    If your patio cleaning fluid hasnt been entirely effective,we recommend following these steps:

    • Either re-apply the cleaner or use water to re-activate the product youve already applied.
    • Scrub with a wire brush and ensure that youre really working thebristles of the broom into the surface.
    • If you are still seeing no improvement,you will probably need to resort to the power of a pressure washer. Sometimessurfaces that havent been cleaned in a while can become battle-hardened andthey may need something with a little extra clout. You can findpressure-washers in most good DIY stores, or even hire a premium washer for afew days at less cost.
    • Stone surfaces can be sprayed at near maximumpressure, but you should be careful not to set these too high for woodensurfaces such as decking. Usually we recommend working upwards from the lowestsetting until you see the desired impact.

    And thats it! We love to see before-and-after shots so feelfree to get in touch or post yours below.


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    Iosso Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

    Iosso is a non-chlorine based cleaner that claims to tackle stains as well as mold and mildew.

    The instructions specified applying with a sponge, leaving to soak for 15 minutes before giving the canvas a light brush and rinsing.

    Most of the green colouring was removed, but the darker stains were not removed.

    It is possible that this cleaner is kinder to the fabric than other products, and may well be better at removing mildew if left to soak.

    Use: Dissolve 1 scoop per litre of waterPrice as reviewed: £24.95

    Wessex Sail Cleaner is sprayed on and wiped clean and does not need rinsing.

    It is a non-bleach-based product so is entirely safe on your stitching and is also biodegradable.

    Having given a generous spray, this scented cleaner smells like school corridors the world over.

    Having left it to soak for a few minutes, we gave it a wipe and a good amount of grime came away, but it needed a bit of a scrub for tougher stains and did not leave the fabric looking particularly clean.

    This might be more effective on more waterproof sail cloth it tackled the worst of the dirt, but did not wipe totally clean.

    Active Ingredients: Methyl isothiazolin, benzisothiazol, < 5% non-ionic and anionic sufactantsUse: Spray on

    Regularly Wash And Clean Your Deck

    Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner – Before and After

    Its important that you clean your deck at least once a year to have proper upkeep of your outdoor space. If you let leaves and dirt sit on your deck for extended periods of time, it could result in discoloration, mould and rotting. To start, you should always sweep any visible debris and dirt away from your deck. Then, go ahead and use a good deck cleaner to scrub your decks surface. For more thorough cleans, you can consider using oxygen bleach on your deck.

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    The Best Patio Heaters In 2021

    The best patio heaters will warm your backyard throughout the autumn and winter months. They can be a practical purchase solely for heating, but some are also built with aesthetics in mind. Thats why theres so many types and shapes on the market, from open flames to wall-mounted designs and fire pits.

    On top of that, theres also fuel type to consider do you want gas, electricity or propane? Because of this, what seems like a simple purchase can actually be a tricky decision. Luckily, weve taken the time to do the research for you. Weve scoured the market to find the best patio heaters out there. So, whether youre shopping on a budget or you want a premium design, theres one here for you.

    Best Pick Patio Cleaner

    This is why we would recommend a liquid patio cleaner to remove moss, mould and other dirt from your paths, stone paving and paving slabs. Quick, easy and relatively cheap, they can also be used on almost any surfaces around your garden that arent grass or bedding areas! For example, driveways, decking and any size of the patio. You really will wonder why you have never considered this before!

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    Smartseal 5l Patio Clean Xtreme


    The Smartseal 5L Patio Clean Xtreme is a professional-grade cleaning product that makes your patio look less grimy and tired. This patio cleaner is a highly concentrated cleaner that works on natural stone, paving slab, crazy paving and paving block floors. It quickly removes dirt, algae, lichen and moss, along with black and white moulds. You dont even need to use a pressure washer along with this cleaner.

    The first step in using the Smartseal cleaner is to decide how you need to dilute it. Five litres of the concentrated solution treats approximately 40m2 of the patio when diluted. Create a solution of 1 part water and 1 part concentrate for most cleaning jobs. If youre trying to get rid of black spot, then use the solution at full strength.

    Applying the Smartseal solution is straightforward. Sweep away the loose debris and hose down the surface to make it wet. Smartseal works only in damp or wet conditions. Apply the cleaner using a watering can or sprayer and work it into the patio with a broom.

    Leave it on for up to one hour and then rinse off the patio. If its a hot day, make sure to keep the patio damp while the cleaner is on it. If not everything is removed, reapply the cleaner and leave it on for a longer period. Alternatively, apply the cleaner undiluted to the remaining stubborn stains and leave as before.



    • Reviewers say that its best to leave the cleaner on for a few hours.
    • Expensive compared to some other patio cleaners.

    Patio Cleaner Buying Faqs

    The Best Patio Cleaner

    Q: How to clean patio paving slabs

    A: Simply use the stiff brush broom to agitate the moss and weed growth or apply a vegetation killer before cleaning the patio paving slab. The latter can take up to two weeks for full results. Then, make a mixture of warm water and patio detergent, apply to the stone paving slab in small quantities and scrub the solution gently into the stone paving slab surface. Once finished, rinse off the solution with cleaning water, preferably from a garden hose.You can also use a slab cleaner or a power washer, though you should avoid constant use of the latter.

    Q: How to clean a patio without chemicals

    A: You can use vinegar to clean your patio. Cleaning patio slabs with vinegar is not complicated mix in water or use neat and apply with a squirt bottle, then scrub gently after about 20 minutes. You can also spray it off with a power washer.Baking soda is also useful for cleaning a patio. You can mix with vinegar, make a paste, apply to the stain and scrub off after a few minutes. You can also mix with equal parts of water and salt, spread all over the area, leave for some minutes, then scrub.You can also use hydrogen peroxide. Put in a spray bottle and apply all over the patio surface, let is set in, then scrub gently and flush off when youre done.

    Q: How to clean a patio

    Q: How to clean paving stones without pressure washer

    Q: How to clean a patio with a pressure washer

    Q: Best way to clean a patio

    Q: Best pressure washer for patio cleaning

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