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Fire Pit For Wooden Deck

What Type Of Wood Deck Do You Have

Dont Put Your Firepit on a Wooden Deck

Knowing what kind of deck you have will help inform what is safe for your home and family. There are a couple of different types of decking: composite decking, wood, and vinyl.

  • Composite Decks- Composite decking is an option for somebody who wants the look of a wooden deck without the upkeep. Composite decks are made from recycled materials, plastic, and wood particles combined with resin or another synthetic polymer and then shaped into boards for installation. Composite decks are combustible but provide scratch resistance, durability and are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Wood Decks- Wooden decks are attractive for their natural qualities, including warmth and charm. They require more upkeep than composite decks, but many stain them to match any house colors. You can also purchase wooden decks unfinished for a more natural look.
  • Vinyl Decks- Vinyl decks are made from plastic PVC, a combustible material that can pose an obvious danger when used with a fire pit. Vinyl also expands quickly and is likely to crack when exposed to excessive heat, leading to warping and instability.

Select a fire pit that is safe for the type of deck in your backyard. All three types are combustible, making them susceptible to embers, sparks, and high radiant heat.

Here Are The Top 6 Things You Need To Consider Before Installing A Fire Pit On Your Deck

There arent many things better than sitting around a blazing fire in the comfort of your backyard, surrounded by family and friends. But what if your yard is too small for a fire pit, and the only space available is on your deck? Or, maybe you just want the convenience of having a cool, comfortable lounge space right outside your door?

If you have wood, composite, or vinyl decking, you might be wondering if adding a fire pit to your deck is even possible since flames and combustible materials dont mix. Were here to tell you that it is, but it depends on the kind of fire pit you choose, where you want to install the fire pit, your local city codes, and more.

Below, weve outlined the top six things you need to consider before installing a fire pit on your deck, so you can create a safe and cozy outdoor retreat!

Best Wood Burning: Tiki Low Smoke Fire Pit

  • Ash pan for easy cleanup

  • Weatherproof, powder-coated exterior

  • Pricey for its size

You can enjoy the crackle of a real wood fire without inhaling smoke with the TIKI Low Smoke Fire Pit. The fire radiates warmth in a 4-foot radius around the pit, and its unique internal airflow system creates less smoke and ash. The fire pit is crafted from powder-coated stainless steel thats extremely durable, and it comes with a stand to elevate it up off the ground. You can use this fire pit with traditional firewood or the brands wood packs, which are easy to light, and burn for 30 minutes.

The TIKI Fire Pit is just under 25 inches wide, but the bowl is on the smaller side, measuring just 16 inches deep and across. A slide-out ash tray at the bottom makes the pit incredibly easy to clean, and the included weatherproof cover enables you to store it outdoors. It’s a bit pricey for its size, but an excellent low-smoke option.

Size: 24.75 x 24.75 x 18.75 inches | Material: Stainless steel | Fuel Type: Wood | Features: Low-smoke design, removable ash pan

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Why Propane Fire Pits Are Safe To Use On Wood Decks

First, you should know that many decks are built from wood that has been pressure-treated and treated with fire-retardant chemicals.Composite wood decks also have fire-retardant properties.

This alone does not ensure safety fire-retardant materials will ignite, but then they will extinguish themselves but it does help reassure you when using a propane fire pit on your wood deck.

Secondly, propane fire pits are much safer to use on wood decks than wood-burning fire pits.For one, there is no chance of sparks or embers escaping since its only the propane gas that is burning.

Also, propane fire pits dont get as hot as wood-burning fire pits do. Wood-burning fire pits can easily reach temperatures over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.Even the most powerful propane fire pits top out a few hundred degrees below that.

Use A Fire Pit Screen

Best Wood Deck Fire Pit: 10 Safe Fire Pits for Wooden Deck Patio 2021

A fire pit screen is a heat-resistant metal mesh screen placed over the top of the fire pit to prevent sparks and embers from flying out.

Whether using a screen is essential will depend on the type of fire pit you have. If you have a portable fire pit or a wood-burning pit, a fire pit screen can be a good way to decrease the chances of a safety hazard.

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Can You Put A Fire Pit On A Composite Deck

Composite decks are made from wood and plastic, making them less likely to catch fire than wood decks. Therefore, we recommend using fire pits on composite decks .

However, you should still take many precautions.

But before we get to them, its essential to know the different types of fire pits, as each has its own set of pros and cons.

Base Protection And Fire Pits

When it comes to a fire pit on a wood deck, one of the most common worries is the heat radiating from the fire pits bottom right onto the decks wood. Not only may this create heat damage and discoloration over time, but it can even cause the deck to catch fire if it is not properly insulated.

Installing a fire pit on a wood deck necessitates the use of a non-combustible foundation between the fire pit and the decks wood. This is one of the most significant things you can do when building a fire pit because it creates a fireproof barrier between the fire pits radiant heat and the decks wood.

A hearth pad is the ideal method to include base protection into your deck fire pit. These cushions act as a protective barrier between the fire pit and the deck.

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Fire Pits And Clearance Restrictions

When building a fire pit on a wood deck, you need to consider the clearance around the fire pit. This is the area that needs to remain completely clear of any flammable objects that could ignite and spread the fire beyond the fire pit.

Some of these objects include the following:

  • Awnings and sun umbrellas
  • Patio furniture with flammable parts, such as seat cushions
  • Firestarters or other accelerants used in grilling

Most of the time, the instruction manual on a fire pit will give very clear and specific restrictions for footage clearance around the edges of the fire pit and over it. These clearance restrictions should be strictly followed to install the fire pit correctly on a wood deck. The manufacturer of the fire pit should also provide these specifications online in many cases, so you can look at them before committing to a purchase.

This is an aspect of fire safety with fire pits and decks that you simply cant cut corners with. If your deck isnt large enough to ensure the proper clearance around and over the fire pit, your deck isnt large enough for a fire pit.

Best Types Of Fire Pits On A Wood Deck

Using a Fire Pit Safely on a Wooden Deck

Now that we know the proper safety tips when using a fire pit on a wood deck, its time to decide what the best types to use are.

Generally, fire pits that are made out of metal or cast iron and are supported by sturdy legs to keep them off the ground are great options. If you have a wood-burning fire pit like this already, then you are good to go.

If you are in need of a fire pit that is safe on a wood deck, here are some of our top choices:

Still, worried about sparks flying? Gas fire pits are another great option to use and are easy to light.

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Best Fire Pit For Wood Deck

A fire pit on a wood deck is a welcome entertainment feature and a wonderful way to relax. I used to do a lot of camping, but lately, the time and opportunity havent been there. I decided I wanted to add a fire pit to my wooden deck. It would add warmth to a chilly spring night, and extend your deck enjoyment further into the fall.

A fire pit can be a soothing and relaxing way to bring the great outdoors closer to home. A quiet evening watching the flames, enjoying family and friends, and maybe even a toasted marshmallow, are what memories are made of. Before making a purchase, I did a bit of a check to see what was out there and what I type of fire pit I could have. I decided to share what I found.

Top Choices:

Heat Resistant Fire Pit Mats And Pads

There are so many products on the market its difficult to know what to put under a fire pit on a deck. This section will provide some ideas on how to protect a deck from a fire pit.

There are mats and pads designed to protect the decking from radiant heat, sparks, embers, ash, and even marks from fire pit feet. It is recommended that the pad extends beyond the perimeter of the pit. Here are three excellent products.

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Add A Pergola With String Light To Your Decking Area

Give your decking a more outdoor living room idea by adding a pergola over the whole area. You will have to be a bit wary as you where you add your firepit and make sure the pergola is tall enough to not get scorched. Complete the cozy, rustic look with rattan garden furniture, textured plant pots, throws, and cushions. String up some festoon lights to complete the look.

Can You Safely Put A Fire Pit On A Wood Or Composite Deck

Wood Burning Fire Pits For Decks  Knobs Ideas Site

Can you put a fire pit on a wood deck? The answer is typically yes. But sometimes the more important question is about difficulty instead of possibility, because there are many variables.

For instance, youll need to determine if your deck has the strength to support the fire pit, which may require you to check with a contractor or structural engineer. Youll need to look into local building codes and if you live in a populated area, those codes may require that you use a gas fire pit for your deck rather than burning wood.

A wood-burning pit will create embers, sparks, and smoke, which can pose a safety hazard. Depending on the type of deck fire pit you choose, you may need to create a no-burn zone around the pit, as well as add a protective barrier between the fire pit and the decking. And if youre thinking about creating a fire pit on a Trex deck or another composite material, youll need to follow those same precautions.

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Fire Pit Style & Shape Inspiration

In addition to considering the different types of fire pits, you also have numerous options for their presentation. This includes shape, size, and overall sense of style — as well as some differences in their functionality. Below you can get a better sense of the range of options at your disposal.

Modern Fire Pits

While many fire pits like chimineas make use of traditional-looking designs and can offer old world charm, many modern fire pits arent afraid of looking new and sleek. While this can be a gorgeous style in the right setting, some modern fire pits may feel out-of-place in an environment where everything else looks weathered. However, they can also be a fantastic statement piece and work within more modern d├ęcor.

The Christopher Knight Home Hoonah Circular Fire Pit is a great example of modern design in action: it clearly balances form and function without sacrificing one for the other. Although more complex designs can incorporate wireless connectivity, those features can be more expensive, so pay attention to the location of manual controls.

Rustic Fire Pits

Many people prefer a rural country aesthetic for their deck. In that case, some of the best rustic fire pit ideas involve cast iron or another type of metal fire pit. Cast iron can withstand years of use while maintaining its appearance, but alloy steel is another good option.

Circular Fire Pits

Rectangular Fire Pits

Square Fire Pits

Getting A Fire Pit Mat For Wood Deck

Having a fire pit is a fantastic way to bring life and enjoyment to any scenario. However, many people are hesitant to use an outdoor fire pit on their deck, which is where their family spends the most time. Whether your deck is made of wood or composite material, youll want to protect it. Wood decks are expensive to repair and even more so to replace. Your wallet will thank you for considering putting a fire pit mat for wood deck underneath.

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Make The Most Of A View

If you’ve got the views, make the most of them by positioning your fire pit and the seating that surrounds it, so it looks out over the landscape. If you have additional seating space in the garden, go romantic for the fire pit area and pick just a couple of chairs to give it a really cozy, intimate feel as well as the ideal outdoor heating idea for when the nights get cooler.

What Can I Put In My Fire Pit To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Fire Pit Mat for a Wood Deck

Mosquitos dislike strong smelling herbs. Herbs that can repel mosquitos includge lavender, mint, lemon balm, sage, and citronella. Burning these herbs in your fire pit can create a natural bug repellent to keep mosquitos away. This works great for a wood burning fire pit.

You shouldnt burn things in your propane or gas fire pit. The ash will clog up the lava rocks or ceramic logs, bricks and heating elements. If you are using a propane fire pit and want to get rid of mosquitos you need a different strategy. Citronella candles and tiki torches are good mosquito repellents you can use on a wood deck.

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Wood Burning Fire Pit On A Lower

Wood burning fire pits can emit significant amounts of smoke so they are better if far away from the entrance into your home. Fire pit placement on the lower level of a multi-leveled deck can be the answer to this problem.

A multi-level deck can be separated into a dining area and a seating area where the fire pit sits. Spark screens are also available for purchase to prevent flying debris and popping charcoal or wood embers.

Legacy Heating Fire Pit Table

LEGACY has an extraordinary sleek design that will go with your patio or outdoor pretty perfectly. This fire pit has built concerning your safety with high performance. Also, this one is compatible with use on your wooden deck.

If you want a fire pit that will not cause harm to your wooden deck. Which will come with safety features and a unique design, then this one with the best heat output and the best price is for you.

This fire pit is a 28-inch square table that is 24-inch high. This iron construction has coated with a high-quality powder coating on top. The whole structural property makes it look sleek and stylish. Also, this fire pits safe spark Piezo ignition system will secure your user experience. Yet, it does not circulate heat on its bottom so that you can have this fire pit for your wooden deck.


  • The 28 inches square table with 24 inches height makes this fire pit look very fashionable on your patio.
  • You will get a very sturdy finish of powder-coated iron material with the fire pit.
  • The push button spark ignition is safe, and you can control the flame easily.
  • Also, you can use this as a bistro table when it is not inflamed.
  • With other installation accessories, you will get 4lbs lava that can be replaceable by fire glass.

Things you are going to enjoy

Things you need to consider

  • The lid that comes with the fire is not accurate for the opening space.

Final verdict

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Is Putting A Fire Pit On A Wood Deck Safe

A fire pit may be safely installed on a wood deck, but there are a few precautions to take. Its not simply a question of lighting a fire on top of a wooden building even if the fire pit and the deck arent in direct touch, the heat and sparks that fly may still start a deadly fire.

The following are the primary factors that make a fire pit safe to construct on a wood deck:

Because decks are often immediately related to residential areas, ignoring any of these concerns when installing a fire pit on a wood deck may result in an uncontrolled fire that quickly engulfs the rest of the home. As a result, each of these elements must be examined separately.

Blubery Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

Safe Fire Pit For Wood Deck  Knobs Ideas Site

The BLUBERY is an efficient heat well-built fire pit that will give quality service and satisfaction. This fire pit is large and easy to assemble that you will find very convenient and quick to use. Yet this one is eligible to be used in a wooden deck.

If you are thinking of having a fire pit for your wooden deck that will give excellent heat output. With good durability that will let you use that as a larger tabletop with a simple assembly procedure, this BLUBERY fire pit is for you.

This fire pit has a 50000BTU heat output that is well enough to warm up your patio surroundings. It is a 28.5 inches square large table with 25 inches in height. To assemble this fire pit, follow the given instruction in the manuals. You will need no extra tools for that. This one is eligible for a wooden deck as it does not heat the bottom.


  • Its heat output is 50000 BTU that will give you warmth and a cozy ambiance.
  • You will get a safe stainless steel ignition system and durable, sturdy metal construction,
  • No heavy tools are required. You can assemble it in no time.
  • When not in use, you can have this large fire pit as a snacks table or minibar.
  • You will get a square cover, 4.18lbs Lava Stone, 600D waterproof cover with it.

Things you are going to enjoy

Things you need to consider

  • Ignitor battery is not included so you have to buy that particularly.

Final verdict

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