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How To Install Patio Blinds

Things To Consider When Choosing Patio Door Blinds

How To Install Vertical Patio Blinds

Your patio door blinds installation cost will depend on the types of blinds you choose and the scope of your project. Here are some of the most important factors you will need to take into account when considering your options for patio door blinds installation.

11Patio Door Type

Whether youre choosing sliding door blinds, panel patio door blinds or French patio door blinds, the types of patio doors you have is perhaps the most important factor in considering what kinds of patio door blinds you select for installation.

For instance, some blinds and shutters can be installed directly onto French doors, an option that is not available for sliding patio doors. On the other hand, vertical blinds are a more practical and functional option when choosing sliding door blinds than they are for French patio door blinds.

22High Traffic/Low Traffic

If youre choosing blinds to cover a frequently-used patio door, youll want to consider patio door blinds options that are the easiest to open and close. Durability is important, too, since youll want to choose blinds that can stand up to frequent use. Similarly, these considerations are less important when installing patio door blinds over doors that are rarely used or in low-traffic areas.

33Light Control

44Matching Other Blinds

Find out about the many custom window covering options available to you when you request a free consultation from a Home Depot Installer.

Installing Horizontal Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are ideal for rooms where you want light to come in throughout the day. Make sure the tension mount is installed securely to ensure ease of operation. A hammer can be used to tap screws in lightly to create a pilot divot if you don’t have a drill.

Inside Mount Installation:

  • Measure in from each top corner of the window frame. The distance will vary across manufacturers, so consult your owners manual for the exact specifications.
  • Align the brackets along your markings and drill pilot holes where the screws should go.
  • Drill the screws into place to secure the brackets.
  • Raise the shade into the frame and position the headrail back into the brackets. Rotate down until it snaps into place.
  • Remove the protective covering from the shade.
  • If your shade has a cord, install the safety bracket or tension pulley onto the window frame to keep the cord taut.
  • Finish by lowering and testing your new shade.

Outside Mount Installation:

  • Position the shade on the outside of the frame where you want it mounted.
  • Line up the front of each bracket so theyre even. Mark where your screws will go.
  • Drill the screws into place and secure the brackets.
  • Install the headrail by sliding it onto the brackets and pushing toward the back of the window until it snaps into place.
  • Install the safety bracket or tension pulley along the bottom of the frame where it will not interfere with the operation of your shade.
  • Finish by lowering and testing your new shade.

Inside Mount Installation:

Getting The Right Types Of Outdoor Shades

An outdoor shade is essential in the sense that it prevents the suns rays from falling on the building structure. It acts as a solid barrier, and when it is in place, the home becomes cooler even in the hottest weather. Let us examine the different types of popular outdoor shades that you can opt for, based on your requirements.

1. Solar or Roller Shades for Your Typical Sunny Day: Universal for any kind of house, solar shades can be mounted both inside and outside the brackets. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and have the same level of efficient operation. All they require are rollers that wrap up the material when they are drawn all the way up. When the shades are pulled down, they offer a minimal yet appealing look while preventing the home from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

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How Much Will My Outdoor Blinds Cost

When you first contact us well organise a time that suits you to visit you in your home.

In this consultation we will discuss exactly what youre after, then measure the area and prepare an accurate quote based on your personal preference.

As a result of this personalised service we are unable to provide an accurate quote without first sitting down with you and discussing exactly what you want.

We do this to ensure complete honesty and clarity throughout the whole process.

At Australian Outdoor Living were not in the business of giving out a quote then adding hidden costs later on.

It is due to this reason that we offer a free measure and quote so we can determine what exactly it is you need from us, and how we can deliver the perfect outdoor solution to go with your home.

Why Do I Need Custom Blinds Installation

How to Install Patio Blinds

Choosing custom blinds installation allows you to get exactly the blinds, shades or shutters you want for your windows. Choose from any colours, materials, patterns and styles, from top brands. Custom window blinds are measured to fit your windows exclusively, a major advantage since not all windows are sized equally. With custom blinds installation, our experienced design consultants will help find the right products to suit your home and budget.

Cordless, motorized and automated blinds are available, as are traditional manual blinds, all professionally installed by trusted professionals from The Home Depot Home Services.

The following services are included in your custom blinds installation cost:

  • Design consultation

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H: What Are The Advantages Of Using Horizontal Blinds For Patio Doors

Better Light Control and Protection

The reduction of harsh sunlight and harmful UV radiations is the primary concern of all homeowners who are looking for window covering solutions. UV radiation can damage your skin, furniture, flooring, and other household items. Some amount of natural light is good for a comfortable ambiance in a home, but when this amount exceeds to a limit then the atmosphere inside becomes hot and uncomfortable it becomes necessary to install window coverings.

Horizontal blinds for patio doors and large windows, specifically shades, will not only insulate your space but also will give it a touch of beauty. Horizontal shades are easy to install and simple to use. Depending on the type of shades you can filter the light, see-through or completely blackout the window. They are easy to clean as well. They require regular dusting or vacuuming just like any other household item.

Better Privacy

Horizontal blinds for patio doors or French doors take the lead over vertical blinds when it comes to complete privacy. Vertical blinds will always have a small gap in between each hanging louver, whereas horizontal shades generally wont have any gaps that you can see through . Prying eyes hindering in your privacy can be really frustrating and even unsafe at times.

Less Noisy During Strong Winds

How To Install Vertical Patio Blinds

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Hello Welcome To Your Quick And Easy Guide To Installing Blinds And Other Window Treatments

For complete instructions on how to install your blinds, shades, shutters, and/or draperies, please select the appropriate category below. Have fun!

  • Easy Installation Tips

    Most of our window treatments require very few tools and are easy to install on your own. Have the following tools handy before you begin:

  • Screwdriver
  • Level
  • Measuring Tape

Installing blinds or shades in your home may seem like a daunting task. is here to make it easy with our Installation Guide!

Keep in mind that the steps in this guide provide a general overview of installing blinds. Depending on your specific product, your installation instructions may vary. Always refer to your specific product for precise installation instructions.

Consult a Professional

Not a DIY person? No need to worry – has professionals waiting to help you with measuring and installation. Click here or call us at to find a local professional.

What You Will Need

Mount The Add On Blinds Unit For The Patio Door

How to Install Patio Bistro Blind With Rope Configuration (Outdoor Roll Up Blind)

Now, were ready to mount the actual blinds unit for the patio door! Youll first get in place and raise it up. There are two little tabs on each of the mounting brackets that you need to fit into slots on the top of the unit. Its key that theyre not just partially hanging there so I would check them out to make sure theyre fully secured.

There are also two little tabs on the bottom that youll swing in thats what those shims were used for: to give you a room to go behind the frame. From there, your unit is secured and done!

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How To Prep The Home For Outdoor Blinds Installation

Outdoor blinds are the perfect choice for homeowners looking to extend their living space and create an awesome entertainment zone. The only thing you have to do before Slidetrack comes out to install your cutting-edge blind solution is prepare the space so that installation is a smooth process.

Here is a quick guide for readying your home for blinds installation.

Installing Inside Mounted Blinds

When the blinds arrive, refer to the manufacturers instructions before you begin. The blind installation kit should include all the products you need, including the bracket clips, valance, vane stems, vanes and screws. Here are some vertical blind installation tips to consider as you attach your blinds to the sliding glass door:

  • Measure: Using a steel measuring tape for accuracy, measure the distance away from the window recommended by the manufacturer to allow your vanes to rotate freely. This measurement will determine where to place the headrail brackets.
  • Using a pencil, mark a few inches from the sliding door frame. This mark will determine where to drill the holes and attach the brackets.
  • Drill: For each screw, drill two pilot holes and attach bracket clips. Drive each screw into the bracket clips with the valence screws attached and adjust the bracket clips, so they are evenly spaced. The width of the blinds determines the number of brackets you need.
  • Assemble: Install the headrail in front of the brackets, rotating down until you hear it snap into place. To install the vanes, use the wand or cord to position the stems evenly throughout the headrail. Then, rotate the stems until each front part is visible. Attach the vanes by sliding them into the stems until they snap into place.
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    First Unpack Your Vertical Blinds

    How to install vertical blinds on a patio door. These outdoor blinds will make sure you have privacy and are protected from the harsh elements. The width of the vertical window blinds should be measured from the outside of the window frame from left to right. 2021 cost to install vertical blinds average of.

    Wooden blinds have what is called a stack height. This is where the slats stack together when the blind is pulled up. Love spending time on your patio?

    for outside mount, you will have to take measurement from the top of where the headrail is fitted, down to the floor. The benefits of horizontal patio door blinds. So on a regular patio door length the stack height of the blinds.

    Test your vertical blinds by pulling down on the cord to open or close and blinds. Once your brackets are in place, you will mount the head rail evenly into the brackets, making sure the placement is even with the measurements of the width of your patio doors. The vanes should not touch the floor and must fall just short of the floor.

    How to accurately measure for sliding patio door blinds. Pick a point under the sliding glass door where you want the vertical blinds to reach. The best vertical blinds alternatives for sliding glass doors com blog.

    Well walk you through everything you need to increase light contr. Measure the width of the blinds track, as well as the blinds themselves to ensure you have the proper size. Vertical blinds should be mounted about 3 inches above the window opening.

    Factors That Affect Your Patio Door Blinds Installation Cost:

    How To Install Add On Blinds to a Patio Door

    Type of Material

    Like all window coverings, patio door blinds are available in a full range of materials, from vinyl and aluminum to fabric, bamboo and solid wood. Consider which materials are right for your patio doors, your home and your budget.

    Stock or Custom

    Stock patio door blinds can be purchased off the shelf at your nearest Home Depot however, custom-purchaesd patio door blinds are measured to fit your doors and frames specially, also allowing for more style and material options.


    Not all patio door blinds manufacturers offer products for the same prices. Products from some more premium brands may come at a higher cost.


    Motorized options are now available for your patio door blinds and have become increasingly affordable over the years. Choose from a range of hard-wired or battery-operated options.

    Smart Upgrades

    Some of the newer types of patio door blinds can be operated remotely, timed to adjust automatically, or even controlled through your phone or smart home interface.

    Number of Patio Doors

    If your project involves double doors instead of single doors, or multiple patio doors rather than just one, you can expect a higher cost for your patio door blinds installation.

    Type of Patio Doors

    Patio door blinds need to match to the needs and/or function of your patio doors. Vertical blinds, for example, are not an appropriate option for French doors but are well-suited for sliding doors.


    Your Location


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    How To Install Patio Shades

    The idea of sitting in the morning sun can be rather exciting. We are talking about balmy and pleasant weather when exposure to the shiniest spot in the sky can be pretty relaxing. Imagine having your sunglasses on when you sit on your porch, sipping on a drink and having your legs comfortably spread over your outdoor wicker sofa or while you relax on your garden chair. Unfortunately, it doesnt always work out that way. Pleasant mornings dont last, and the pleasant sun is often instead scorching and uncomfortable. As much as being exposed to the sun is important for a daily dosage of Vitamin D, it can also cause skin irritations, pigmentation and other serious skin ailments, including cancer. This is where the role of patio/outdoor shades comes in. Not only do they allow you to sit comfortably in your verandah and enjoy the weather but also protect the indoors from heating up, thus minimizing the need for costly air conditioners. They can be set up in a number of different ways: from being used as awnings to provide shade directly above your front entrance door, to being used as shade sails for your outdoor seating.

    How To Install Bistro Blinds

    March 24th, 2016 ยท Published to Outdoor Blinds by nicole

    A brief guide on how to install bistro blinds

    Bistro blinds, otherwise known as cafe or outdoor blinds, are a very popular shade and weather protection solution across Australia. They not only provide fantastic UV-R protection at a very affordable price, but they also allow home owners to create their own outdoor living room at a fraction of the cost of developing a permanent structure. These two factors alone make bistro blinds very attractive to anyone looking to conduct a home improvement on a budget.

    As such, here at Global Shade, we offer budget-friendly outdoor blinds across Australia, with additional savings if you wish to install the blinds yourself. In this article Ill explain just how to install your bistro blinds.

    Read on as I explain how you can install bistro blinds yourself and save on costs.

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    The Things That You Need:

    a) A tape measure for deciding the height and width of the shade b) A pencil for marking each pointc) Drills for marking holesd) A screwdriver for holding the brackets in placee) Most importantly, a ladder or stool to ensure balance

    2. Mount the brackets provided with the setup with the help of a screwdriver. In almost all cases, the brackets are universal, and unless specified as left or right, each of them can be placed in locations where you want them. It is important to use your pencil to mark the location of each screwdriver so that you dont face inconvenience in finding the exact point later.

    3. Put the bracket covers on. Here it is important to understand the shape of the brackets and correspond them to the covers so that they can be fit properly. Dont try to force them on to the brackets. Be patient, and seek help if required.

    4. Install the chain tension device, in case you have shades that are operable through a cord or string.

    5. If you have motorized shades, understand the workings of the remote. If the shades are operable through a smartphone, get to know how the device works for adjusting and scheduling purposes.

    6. Keep the contact number of the manufacturer handy just in case. It is preferable to not purchase shades that do not come with a warranty.


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