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Best Gas Fire Pit 2021

Choosing The Best Propane Fire Pit For Your Backyard

Best Portable Propane Fire Pits in 2021 -Top 5 Picks!

I like to think of the fire pit as the heart of the backyard. A place where friends and family can gather year round and enjoy good conversation over a cold beverage. With the right outdoor fireplace, you can also add an elegant focal point that will beautify your backyard space for years to come.

Choosing a quality, outdoor propane fire pit for your yard is no easy task mind you. There are dozens of options, styles and finishes available in both propane fire pits and wood burning fireplaces.

For this article, I wanted to test out a bunch of propane fire pit/ fireplaces that would work for nearly any backyard. I chose several different styles and price points and came up with 5 picks that are the best fire pit for adding some flair to your yard.

Our Best Pickups Of Best Gas Fire Pit

  • Outland Firebowl gas fire pit with cover premium outdoor fire pit
  • Heininger portable propane fire pit portable outdoor gas fire pit
  • Outland table with campfire gas fireplace table
  • Blue Rhino Gas Fire Pit with Blue Fireglass
  • Christopher knight gas fire pit
  • AZ patio heaters gas fire pit
  • Best Choice Products outdoor Gas fire pit
  • Best Choice Products with 40,000 BTUs
  • Endless Summer LP Gas fire pit
  • Elementi Manhattan cast concrete

Propane Gas Fire Pit Faqs

Many users still have plenty of questions about propane gas outdoor fire pits.

Read on for some of the most frequently asked questions to find out some vital information on gas firepits.

Is a propane fire pit worth it?

Propane fire pits are absolutely worth the cost.

Youll save a great deal of money in comparison to always buying firewood. Theyre decorative, functional, easy to operate, and may cost less than running a wood-burning fire pit.

Simply getting a fire pit ring or insert is the cheapest option , but theyre not on the same level of quality.

Do propane fire pits give off heat?

Yes, a propane tank fire pit will give as much heat as fire from any other source.

Make sure that youre cautious around them, as the metal parts of the fire pit will heat up.

Can I roast marshmallows on a propane fire pit?

Yes, marshmallows from a gas fire are perfectly safe to eat.

Its often easier to roast a marshmallow on a propane fire, as the flame is easier to control.

Can a propane fire pit be used under a covered patio?

With proper safety procedures, yes.

Ensure that theres nothing that your fire pit will catch on fire, and theyre safe to use anywhere.

Adequate air ventilation can help if youre worried about propane fumes as well, but if you smell propane, you should ensure youve hooked up your propane tank properly.

Are propane fire pits safe on wooden decks?

Yes, propane fire pits are safe to use on wooden decks.

You can use a heat resistant mat as an added precaution.

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Best Splurge: Bryndle Root Fire Pit


  • Wide rim can hold beverages

  • Includes protective cover

  • Lacks propane tank cover

For a truly unique, natural-looking fire pit, the Bryndle Root Fire Pit is well worth the splurge. It features a rustic design aesthetic and is made of fiberglass composite material. Designed to look like logs, this model has a grained texture and multi-colored finish. Inside the stump, you fill the bowl with the included lava rocks. A wide rim around the bowl provides the perfect spot to rest your beverage or prop up your feet.

Propane fuels this luxurious fire pit, and the included 10-foot commercial-grade connector hose allows you to keep the fuel tank separate. The manufacturer offers a matching propane tank cover, sold separately, that resembles a stump. Alternatively, you can convert this fire pit to natural gas, but the conversion kit is also sold separately. When using this fire pit, you can choose between two heat settings, and at the end of the night, you can simply toss the included cover over the pit to protect it.

Size: 42.5 x 39.5 x 13 inches | Material: Cement-fiberglass composite | Fuel Type: Propane | Features: Battery-operated ignition

Bali Outdoors Gas Fire Table

5 Best Gas Fire Pit Tables Discussion In 2021: How To Choose


If youre sprucing up your backyard on a budget, you wont find a better buy than Balis Outdoors Gas Fire Table.

The 28-inch fire table outputs heat at up to 50,000 BTU, which matches the power of tables that are significantly larger. If youre hosting a bunch of people, you wont have to huddle close to this fire table to feel the heat. Bali Outdoors doesnt go into specifics about the materials it used for this fire pit beyond saying the burner is stainless steel, which is our only significant complaint.

Another thing to consider is that Bali Outdoors doesnt bundle any accessories including a cover with its this fire table. Thats easier to forgive when you consider this fire tables sub $200 price point. If you want those accessories, Amazon is offering a discount on both a cover and wind shield if you get them at the same time as this fire table.

If you want a basic, powerful fire table for your backyard, you cant go wrong with this one from Bali Outdoors.

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Outland Firebowl Gas Fire Pit With Cover Premium Outdoor Fire Pit

The outland fire pit is a perfect outdoor recreation the auto-ignition fire bowl adds ambiance to outdoor activity and offers the alternative to traditional labor-intensive campfires. The 19 diameters certified fire pit is safe to use during campfire bans you can bring the warmth and expensive of the cozy campfire with you anywhere outdoors.

The outland fire pit comes with the 58000 BTU fire bowls from high-quality steel with an enamel finish and protective powder coating for long-lasting durability. The fire pit includes stainless steel fasteners, burner, chrome knob with a rubber comfort grip, and a one-year limited warranty. The lining is committed to consumer satisfaction and safety all fire pits are CSA approved.

Select a firepit with an accredited certification that ensures not just safety consideration but also manufacture and design standards approved through independent expert testing. The cover of the fire pit protect the premium fire bowl form outdoor elements and carry it wherever you want with the nylon straps that clip on to the underside of your fire bowl.

What Type Of Fire Pit Tabletop Material Is Best

Arguably the most significant determining factor of how durable a gas fire pit table will be is the material from which its frame is constructed. Aluminum is usually the longest-lasting material, with steel running second. Keep in mind, though, that premium materials will come at a premium cost.

If youre looking for a more budget-friendly model, youll likely be better off looking for a table made from a less expensive material.

How about a Hot Cup of Tea to go with that Cozy Fireplace? The 10 Best Electric Kettles

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Best Adjustable: Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Firepit

Perfect for those seeking a firepit that can double as a grill, Bali’s wood-burning pit comes with an adjustable cooking grate that swivels 360 degrees, so you can perfectly position whatever food you’re charring. “Not only is it a good size, the pit has everything I need,” wrote one reviewer. “Sturdy legs, no worry of it moving. Big belly, deep enough to have a large amount of wood to keep a fire going. Adjustable grate, great for any grilling and cooking over a campfire.”

Features Of Best Choice

Best Propane Fire Pit 2021 HOW TO ADD MORE HEAT!!!
  • It can conveniently hold food, drinks, doubles as storage for the propane tank. you can place the propane tank under the side table.
  • The fire pit is ideal for gathering with your favorite people for good conversation, warmth, roasting, and making smores it makes for an outdoor centerpiece.
  • The fire pit is easy to use turn the knob to make flames that radiate brightly against the lava rocks to provides an ambiance.
  • The fire pit is an elegant, simple, rectangular design made of cast wood and sturdy steel with a natural wood finish to look more elegant in your garden.
  • The traditional fire pit table farmhouse stab-style design adds rusts to any outdoor area with the built-in side handles to move easily.

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Dining Table Height 28 To 30

This size fire pit is a popular height for dining tables. You can sit around and chat comfortably as the fire glows between you. When its time to serve a meal, these models feature a cover for the fire pit, allowing you to use the entire table surface to serve your guests. Most of these models let you store the propane tank in a cabinet under the fire pit.

Top 5 Best Propane Gas Fire Pit Tables For 2021

A gas fire pit is useful when you want to have a campfire but dont want to deal with the problems that come with it. Unlike a wood fire pit, a gas fire pit runs on propane, which is stored in tanks similar to those used for gas grills. As a result, a gas fire pit burns cleaner and produces no smoke or ash. Propane is also more handy than wood, less expensive in general, and easier to handle.

When searching for a gas fire pit, you have a plethora of options. Aside from the general heat output, size, and assembly, there are aspects unique to gas fire pits, such as the ignition system , burner, and cover.

Weve put together this buying guide to help walk you through some of the features youll need to consider before purchasing a gas fire pit.

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Ecosmart Fire Table Ark 40

William Sonoma

Want to take that cozy fire inside? Pick up this Ark 40 fire table from EcoSmart. It works with natural gas or propane for outdoor setups, or bioethanol for lower-output, indoor-friendly use. If you choose to use it outside, definitely opt for propane, which the little fire will turn into 65,000 BTU of heat.

Besides power and fuel versatility, we think the Ark 40 does very well in the looks department. Measuring 40 inches in diameter, the smooth, round design is chic in just about any setting, and three color options let you customize the look to fit your taste. The fire table can also be equipped with a glass firescreen, which is sold separately.

Cheap Propane Fuel Cost

Top 10 Best Fire Pit Under $200 You Can Buy 2021

When buying a heat source, it is important to consider more than just the initial cost. Ask yourself what fuel is needed for it to run and also how available it is to you in your area. Most of the time, gas fire pits are favored because propane costs are low.

Propane is cheaper to get, and hence a gas pit that uses it will also be cheaper to run.

The other thing that makes propane cheap is that it is easy to get. Availability usually drives the price of any commodity up or down.

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Best Wood Burning: Tiki Low Smoke Fire Pit

  • Ash pan for easy cleanup

  • Weatherproof, powder-coated exterior

  • Pricey for its size

You can enjoy the crackle of a real wood fire without inhaling smoke with the TIKI Low Smoke Fire Pit. The fire radiates warmth in a 4-foot radius around the pit, and its unique internal airflow system creates less smoke and ash. The fire pit is crafted from powder-coated stainless steel thats extremely durable, and it comes with a stand to elevate it up off the ground. You can use this fire pit with traditional firewood or the brands wood packs, which are easy to light, and burn for 30 minutes.

The TIKI Fire Pit is just under 25 inches wide, but the bowl is on the smaller side, measuring just 16 inches deep and across. A slide-out ash tray at the bottom makes the pit incredibly easy to clean, and the included weatherproof cover enables you to store it outdoors. It’s a bit pricey for its size, but an excellent low-smoke option.

Size: 24.75 x 24.75 x 18.75 inches | Material: Stainless steel | Fuel Type: Wood | Features: Low-smoke design, removable ash pan

Features To Look Out For

Just as when you are buying any other appliance or gadget, it helps to know what you need to be on the lookout for so that efficacy is at an optimum level. One of the great things about these fire pits is the ability to customize how they look and make them your own. You can do this by using specific pit fillers, which we will look at later in this article.

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Tavola Iv Gas Fire Table By Prism Hardscapes

What Makes It Great:

The Tavola IV Gas Fire Table features a low-profile design, modern linear lines, and a 66-inch width, making it the ideal size for medium to large outdoor patios. A bold statement piece that functions as a contemporary table during the daytime, the Tavola IV pairs perfectly with modern outdoor furniture to create a cozy backyard escape.

Key Features:

Each fire table is handmade in the USA from glass-fiber reinforced concrete and finished with a custom patina for a one-of-a-kind look. The CSA-approved stainless steel insert produces up to 65,000 BTUs and is complemented by ¾-inch lava rock. Personalize the Tavola IV to meet your needs by choosing your desired fuel-type, ignition system, and color. Add on the matching side table enclosure to hide your propane tank out of view and streamline the look of your outdoor room.

Is It Safe To Use A Gas Fire Pit On A Wood Deck

5 Best Propane Fire Pits on The Market 2021 [ Reviewed & Tested ] âââ

One of the most significant advantages of a gas fire pit is that you can use them on almost all kinds of decks and even grass. Non-combustible material decks like concrete, marble, or stone are the safest for any fire pit. In comparison, combustible decks from wood, vinyl, or other recycled materials can quickly catch fire. Most gas fire pits are ok to use on combustible material decks if the clearance is high enough and they remain upright. Always check manufacturers clearance and installation documentation for guidance. If in doubt, it is always a good idea to use a FIRE PIT MAT. Always be sure to keep your fire pit far enough away from your house. You dont want the flames licking at your siding on a windy day.

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Best Under $: Best Choice Products Steel Firepit

Compact enough to take to the beach, a campsite, or your neighbor’s backyard, this top-rated firepit is built with your comfort in mind. Just $45, it comes with a mesh screen to stop flying embers from landing on your clothes, and it also has an easy-to-clean finish that makes after-fire chores a breeze. Use wood or charcoal for the best results. Shoppers confirm it gets the job done for a reasonable price, but if you’re looking for a firepit that will last for years to come, you might consider investing in a more expensive option.

Fire Pit Fuel: Gas Wood Or Propane

Think about your preferred fuel type. Options generally include natural gas, propane and wood. According to Jackie Hirschhaut, the VP of public relations and marketing for the International Casual Furnishings Association, fire pits’ most popular fuel sources are natural gas and propane. Propane is easy to buy, inexpensive, comes in portable tanks, doesn’t make a mess to install and burns clean. Many propane fire pits also equip temperature control and are easy to light, says Elle Meager, the founder of Outdoor Happens.

If you go with a plumbed gas-fired fire pits, which Hilliard said many of her clients choose for ecological and aesthetic reasons, you need to be sure that a gas line can be piped and plumbed to the desired location by a professional.

While depending on where you live you might not be able to have a wood fire pit, I’m a fan of wood. There’s something more authentic about it, and if you have kids, it’s easier to get them involved in the fire pit experience by helping collect wood and twigs from the yard for the pit and eventually letting them help to get the fire started. Woodfire pits also tend to be cheaper, according to Meager, and you can use charcoal in most wood fire pits, which can create long-lasting heat as the charcoal tends to burn longer than wood, similar to a grill.

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Buying An Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit provides the warmth and visual beauty of a fire without the hassle of building and tending a wood fire. Gas fire pits allow you to enjoy instant-on flame without smoke or ash. And theyre available in various styles and sizes.

Whether you want a permanent gas fire pit for the backyard or a portable model to take on camping trips, theres an option out there for you. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for a gas fire pit:

Style: Gas fire pits can be in-ground or self-contained, permanent or portable. Some are intended for entertaining and eating, while others are purely decorative. Fire bowls are round, attractive designs that curve upward from the ground. Fire tables with flat tops may be tall enough to use as a dining table, or low-slung like a coffee table. Fire columns have a small footprint, just enough space for the propane tank and decorative enclosure.

Portability: Almost all natural gas fire pits are permanent installations. And while many propane models are intended to remain in place, others can be picked up and taken on the go. Keep in mind youll need to factor in a propane tank when considering a portable model. Propane is available in containers as small as one gallon, but the most readily available tanks are five gallons.

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