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Fire Pits On Wood Decks

How To Build A Smokeless Firepit In The Wild

Dont Put Your Firepit on a Wooden Deck

There are lots of videos online that show how to build a Dakota Fire Pit. For the most part, they all boil down to digging two adjoining holes.

A large hole for the combustion chamber and chimney and a smaller one as an air intake tunnel.

Fuel is inserted into the bigger hole.

To start, remove a 12 circle of soil and plant roots and set it aside to replace them later.

Continue digging straight down roughly 12. Then expand the base of the hole several inches on each side. This leaves a broader area to accommodate larger pieces of firewood.

Next, repeat the process to create a 6 airway tunnel that angles down to meet the combustion chamber at the base.

This tunnel will provide fresh air to the base of the flames. This allows your fire to draft better and burn clean.

Once your Dakota fire pit is complete, build a fire in the combustion chamber. Make sure to use plenty of dry fuel and small kindling to get it going.

After the fire is lit, you should see a strong draft down into the airway tunnel. With flames and heat building inside the combustion chamber.

As the fire heats up, the smoke will taper off, and youll be rewarded with a clean, even heat!

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Can You Build A Fire Pit On A Wooden Deck

The simple answer is yes, you can. While its not always a good idea or recommended, you can build a fire pit on a wooden deck. You will need to take some precautions and do the job right if the answer is going to be yes for your situation. Our guide will help you how to build a fire pit on a wooden deck in a safe way.

Is It Safe To Put A Fire Pit On A Wood Deck

It is safe to put a fire pit on a wood deck, but youll want to do a few thing to make sure its safe. It isnt just a matter of putting fire on top of a wooden structureeven if there isnt direct contact between the fire pit and the deck, the heat and sparks that fly can still cause a dangerous fire.

The main things that make a fire pit safe to build on a wood deck are the following:

Ignoring any of these factors when putting a fire pit on a wood deck can lead to an uncontrolled fire that can soon envelop the rest of the house since decks are often directly attached to residential spaces. Therefore, each of these factors needs to be considered on its own.

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Fire Pits For Your Wooden Deck: The Ultimate Guide

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There is something strangely dual-natured about a good fire pit.

On one hand, they are exceptionally elegant and sophisticated and lend your patio an air of luxury and beauty which few other fixtures can.

And on the other hand, they are purely primal in their appeal, offering an atmosphere of earthy primitivism which touches something deep inside of each of us.

They are also, for these very reasons and many more, a great way to heat your patio or wooden deck. They add warmth and beauty to parties, cookouts or any get-together, and provide a great focal point and gathering point for lively conversation, music and singing, and for telling the tale of that days mammoth hunt.

Indeed, if you are by yourself or with a bunch of your best friends, there is nothing like sitting out on your deck and staring into a dancing fire, while the days troubles melt away and the nights stars spin above.

Fire Pit On Wood Deck Ideas

Best Wood Deck Fire Pit: 10 Safe Fire Pits for Wooden Deck Patio 2021

Select the best options to ensure it works best for you, your family and guests. Below are two additional options to consider and some of their benefits.

This fire pit has a rustic stone like outside covering a magnesium oxide and steel outline. It doesnt need to be put together. Simply connect a propane tank, put the lava rock in the burner skillet, and get it started. The 40,000-BTU fire pit has a movable fire stature as well. It requires 72 inches of leeway above just 48 inches of clearance on each side. It gauges a strong 155 pounds and shouldnt be put on a burnable surface, so approach an expert to ensure it can securely be introduced with a fire pit base.

A huge 23.5 distance across a steel bowl-molded wood consuming fire pit. Packed and requires to be put together. It sits on three legs, has an external ring-like guard for conveying and added assurance, a veneer cooking grate, an arch molded flash gatekeeper, and a poker. It is accessible in a dark or mud tone. In any case, a non-flammable cushion should be utilized under it. Weighing under 30-pounds, it stands 29.5 top to the ground, and the external ring expands the 23.5 bowl distance across to 29.5 moreover.

Roll Up:

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Keep Water & Fire Extinguisher Close By

Make sure that theres plenty of water and a fire extinguisher within easy reach, as well, and let all your guests know where it is. For many households, this is already a done deal, at least if the outdoor hose is nearby. If not, its easy to keep a covered bucket, tub, or pitcher full of water near the fire pit on your deck. That way, anyone enjoying the contained fire will be able to put out a potentially dangerous blaze quickly and efficiently.

Tacklife Fire Pit Table

This TACKLIFE fire pit is a sturdy option that will last to serve you for years. Its perfect size will go with any interior. Also, it is eligible for use in wooden decks, so you dont have to think hard for safety. You can enjoy its multifunctioning feature to extend your patio or outdoor life.

Are you finding a fire pit that will be a powerfully built fire pit for a wooden deck? Which will be good enough in size and shape, and that can also let you have broad uses, then this fire pit is for you.

The fire pit table is solid steel made, coated with a quality anti-rusting spray that makes the fire pit table sturdy. That wont crack or cross. It is 25 inches in height. Space in between the burner restrains the bottom from getting warm. The steel paneled and solid designed 28-inch perfect square shape makes it more functional with the lid on top.


  • The sturdy structure of this metal fire pit will give you the best service for a long time.
  • Do not flow heat on the bottom so that you can use it safely on a wooden deck.
  • Autoignition system will give you a more safe and user-friendly experience.
  • You can use this multi-functioning fire pit as a coffee table, casual bar, or even for dining.
  • You will get a square lid, a 20-inch gas hose, lava rocks, and a 24-month warranty.

Things you are going to enjoy

Things you need to consider

  • The assembly process is easy but it takes a long time that can be tiresome.

Final Verdict

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What Are Safe Materials To Place Under A Fire Pit

Most stone surfaces will work, whether it’s gravel or a hearth made out of natural stone such as sandstone or bluestone. Even marble and granite should tolerate heat intensity well.

Cement blocks can be used, however, a stone product like quartz will probably not stand up to the heat.

Sand is also a go-to substance for securing an area that might experience high heat.

Synthetic materials often do not stand up to fire unless specifically designed for that purpose, so be wary of what you are placing underneath and around.

Final Thoughts: What Are The Advantages Of A Fire Pit For My Wood Deck

Fire Pit Mat for a Wood Deck

Actually, while we consider this a good and valid question, along with ones like why should I buy a fire pit for my wood deck or is a fire pit a good idea for wood decks, the answer seems fairly obvious or at least it does if you have ever had great joy and the great privilege of sitting around a campfire.

Imagine that you can have that same experience a hot open fire dancing in front of you, the night dark around you and the sky black above, good company, a warm conversation, laughter and singing, roasted marshmallows whenever you want it, and on your own deck!

If fire pits really are safe to use on a wooden deck, how could anybody resist?

To make sure that you get a fire pit that really is safe, and that you can experience that special, unique feeling, that we ourselves have felt both while camping in the wilderness and in the wilderness of our own back yards, this is why we have put together Fire Pits for your Wooden Deck: The Ultimate Guide.

Because there is nothing like the feeling of sharing an open fire with those you love although the feeling that comes from knowing you are getting absolutely the best fire pit and the best value possible is pretty special too!

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Fire Pits On Wood Decks Are Great But Should Be Installed Carefully

Theres nothing quite as picturesque and cozy as sitting around a fire pit on the back deck, but for you to do it safely, it has to be done right. If you bought a new Solo stove, heres our article on whether a Solo stove can be installed on a wood deck.

Taking shortcuts in installing a fire pit on a wood deck is a recipe for disaster. So, if a fire pit is a renovation youre planning for your outdoor space, you must consider all the possible safety angles before moving forward with the installation. If you have decided to purchase a fire pit heres our top backyard fire pits that we recommend.

How To Build A Fire Pit On A Wooden Deck

We have all spent countless hours sitting around a fire pit on a chilly night, listening to the crackle of the fire and enjoying the warmth it brings. Theres just something about being around that warm glow that makes you feel alive. What if you could take that feeling with you, even when it is too hot during the summer months to enjoy a fire outside? You can, by building your own wood-burning fire pit. Lets discuss How to build a fire pit on a wooden deck or whether it is good or not to build a fire pit on a wooden deck.

  • What if the sand is too hot?
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    Top 19 Simple And Low


    In a world where we are constantly inundated with information, its easy to get lost in the shuffle and forget the big picture. This article is a reminder of some of the big ideas that have shaped our world and continue to influence our lives today. These are the ideas that have stood the test of time and continue to inspire new generations.

    Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

    10 Most Popular Fire Pit On Deck Ideas 2021

    This fire pit is a one sleek fire pit. The thing that has made it an eye-catching alternative is a stainless steel body that promises durability and makes it look better.

    The best thing is that it is designed in such a way that it enhances the air circulation from inside.

    It claims that it features 19 double-wall design, and it, therefore, permits freer circulation of the air into the fire pit that, in turn, makes the wood burn better and produces smoke in a less proportion.

    The most significant thing is that this option is safe for patio decks, ensured by a bonfire stand that keeps the heat away from the decks surface.

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    Northland Fire Pit Heat Shield

    The shield will support a hefty 350 pounds. It is 26×26 and 4-inches high. The four corner feet allow for a 3-inch air space between the deck and the aluminum surface, further protecting your deck from radiant heat.

    The Deck Defender is made in the U.S.A. to withstand all weather conditions so that it can stay under your fire pit year round. The space between it and the deck ensures moisture isnt trapped, further protecting your deck or the shield from damage.

    Create A Thermal Barrier Between The Fire

    A fire pit screen may help to contain any sparks that fly out from the fire, but you need a thermal barrier to protect the decking from the heat radiating from the fire pit.

    The most common way to build a thermal barrier around your fire pit is by constructing it with heat-resistant materials such as concrete or pavers. Fire pit tables with glass walls are another great option and achieve a more modern look.

    A popular option for portable fire pits is to place the fire pit on top of a heat-resistant metal tray that will raise the fire pit off the ground and create a barrier between the heat source and the decking. You can search for fire pit heat shield or fire pit pad to find different models.

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    Base Protection And Fire Pits

    When it comes to a fire pit on a wood deck, one of the most common worries is the heat radiating from the fire pits bottom right onto the decks wood. Not only may this create heat damage and discoloration over time, but it can even cause the deck to catch fire if it is not properly insulated.

    Installing a fire pit on a wood deck necessitates the use of a non-combustible foundation between the fire pit and the decks wood. This is one of the most significant things you can do when building a fire pit because it creates a fireproof barrier between the fire pits radiant heat and the decks wood.

    A hearth pad is the ideal method to include base protection into your deck fire pit. These cushions act as a protective barrier between the fire pit and the deck.

    Square Corner Placed Fire Pit

    Using a Fire Pit Safely on a Wooden Deck

    Fire pits can occupy a great deal of space on your wooden deck depending on placement. To prevent unused or wasted space, consider placing your fire pit in a cutout space on the corner of your wood deck.

    A large square stone fire pit placed on the corner of your deck adds a unique decorative element. Placing your fire pit on the corner of your wooden deck also allows you to create a separate seating space on your wood deck.

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    Radiant Heat And Fire Pits

    Radiant heat is a serious threat of fire pits on a wood deck. Even if there is plenty of space between the fire pit and other combustible things on the deck, the radiant heat emitted by fire pitsparticularly wood-burning fire pitscan catch anything on fire even if they arent close by.

    Sparks and embers are another concern that fire pits bring to a wood deck . Logs in a wood-burning fire pit may not only emit a lot of radiant heat as they break down, but they can also emit sparks and embers that can fly away from the fire and ignite surrounding items. The bigger the fire pit and the bigger the flames, the more dangerous the scenario becomes.

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    In compared to the flames and embers of a fire pit, radiant heat is a mainly unseen risk. Nearby combustible things, such as dry leaves or pine needles, may spontaneously ignite without ever being touched by fire due to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the fire.

    When fire pits burn through the bottom of a wood deck, radiant heat is partly to blame. The heat radiating from the bottom of the fire pit may burn the wood of the deck and ultimately combust if the fire pit is hot enough over a lengthy period of time without sufficient insulation between the wood deck and the fire pit.

    Are Fire Pits A Safety Hazard

    They can be if proper precautions are not taken.

    You’ll need to make sure you have a durable surface that can tolerate intense heat in the case of fire pits that sit directly on a surface.

    This is not normally a problem for pedestal fire pits and propane fire pits.

    Never place a firepit directly on top of flammable surfaces like outdoor rugs, wood, or a grass lawn you’d like to keep green.

    If you plan on placing one on top, you’ll need to take steps to ensure that the fire pit is properly raised off the surface using cement blocks or comparable materials.

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    Best Fire Pit For Wood Deck

    A fire pit on a wood deck is a welcome entertainment feature and a wonderful way to relax. I used to do a lot of camping, but lately, the time and opportunity havent been there. I decided I wanted to add a fire pit to my wooden deck. It would add warmth to a chilly spring night, and extend your deck enjoyment further into the fall.

    A fire pit can be a soothing and relaxing way to bring the great outdoors closer to home. A quiet evening watching the flames, enjoying family and friends, and maybe even a toasted marshmallow, are what memories are made of. Before making a purchase, I did a bit of a check to see what was out there and what I type of fire pit I could have. I decided to share what I found.

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