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How To String Patio Lights

How To Install String Lights On Your Patio

How to hang patio string lights

Make those warm summer evenings on the patio with friends even cozier with the right lighting. String lights can make your apartment balcony or patio dreamy, but do you know how to hang up outdoor string lights without damaging the walls?

It can be challenging! Before you start, youll need to do a little research. These are the methods you need to know when hanging up string lighting on your apartment balcony or patio.

Tips On How To Hang Outdoor String Lights

Are you hanging lights up for an event? Or are you looking to brighten up your back patio? These next few tips will help you with a little of both, especially if you are investing in strings of lights of your own and not just renting them for an evening.

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Q: Is brand a big deal with lights?

A: Yes. You will be kicking yourself if you decided to go with the bargain brand that only happens to be a seasonal purchase when several of your bulbs burn out during the offseason. Going with a brand that stores stock all year will ensure that there will also be replacement bulbs for these strings year around as well.

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Q: Glass or Plastic bulbs

A: its really a preference. But do a little research to figure out what it is you like the best.

Bistro string lights are generally a glass bulb and these are found just about anywhere. They give off a warm yellow glow that works for outside decor as well as indoor.

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Twinkle lights, can come in both glass or plastic as well as a wide variety of light options. You can also get LED twinkle light bulbs that are great for energy efficiency, although they do tend to give off a bit of a cooler blue light.

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Q: Whats the best layout?

A: What does your space look like? This is a matter of letting your space do most of the decision making.



One: Location & Design

The first order of business is to decide on the pattern that you will be hanging your string lights and what structures you will be attaching them to. Popular patterns are zig-zag, parallel rows, or outlining a structure which can be attached to fences, trees, the side of your home, a backyard pergola, or freestanding posts.

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How Do You Hang String Lights Without Nails

If you want to install string lights on your patio, you might want to consider doing so without using any nails. This type of lighting installation may not be quite as sturdy as lighting that is installed on nail fixtures, but for lightweight lighting strings like fairy lights or Christmas lights you may be able to get away with not using nails or guy lines.

The advantage of not using nails to hang string lights is that if you ever get to the point where you want to take the string lighting down, you dont have to remove a few dozen nails and leave a few dozen unsightly holes in your wooden patio railing.

This is a good choice for people who want to install string lighting on a rental property. Its also a good method for patios with metal railings or other installation points where using traditional nails to hang lighting wouldnt work.

Here are a few ways that you can install string lights without nails:

No matter which method you use, there are plenty of ways to install string lights without putting a bunch of holes in your patio in the process.

Hang String Lights From A Ceiling Or Covered Patio

How to Hang Patio String Lights

April from Love Our Real Life has a roof over her deck, and she has a great tutorial for hanging patio lights from the ceiling.

I hung string lights in the kids playhouse using a similar method- small cup hooks in the rafters. It takes 5 minutes to hang the lights up each Spring and take them down at the end of the Summer. You can see the whole playhouse makeover here.

Emily from Table & Hearth used a similar method to hang her string lights under her covered patio but she hung them in a criss-cross pattern.

I hope these tutorials were helpful! Now go enjoy your outdoor living space!

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Use Planters To String Backyard Lights

We really debated on using our planters on the deck to string lights. We decided against it just because we like the lights to be much higher.

We also didnt want to put that much weight on the planters. But usually you put concrete in the bottom of the planters and then add the soil and the plants on top of that so it would probably be sturdy enough for you.

We hope this article helped you with how to string lights in your backyard. If youre looking for lighting ideas, take a look at our rope lighting ideas for your backyard.

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How To Hang Patio Lights

With a little planning, patio string lights have the unique ability to make any outdoor space more exciting. We made this guide for anyone looking to get started.

Turn your dark, unused outdoor spaces into a nighttime oasis with the help of patio lights! Hanging patio lights across the backyard, deck or inside of an outdoor structure like a gazebo or pergola is a perfect way to add ambient landscape lighting for every day use, parties and outdoor events. Scroll down a little to start at the beginning or click on one of the links below this text to skip straight to the patio lights topic you’re looking for!

With a little planning, patio string lights have the unique ability to make any outdoor space more exciting. We made this guide for anyone looking to get started.

Hanging Patio Lights Guide

How to Hang Patio Lights

The installation process can vary depending on where and how you decide to hang your patio lights. To get you started, we’ve created a list of the basic steps, supplies you might need and methods to use.

Supplies You Might Need

  • Hooks- these could be screw-in hooks or another variety.
  • Zip ties

Hanging Patio String Lights Basic Steps

  • Draw a rough sketch with measurements
  • Assemble your poles if applicable
  • Hang your first patio light string with the male plug closest to your outlet.
  • Plug your patio lights in and enjoy the ambiance!
  • Where To Hang Patio Lights

    • Across the backyard or deck
    • Attached to Trees

    DIY Patio Light Pole

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    Brighten Your Outdoor Life

    With a little imagination and under $100, you can transform your patio and backyard into a magical retreat. The key ingredient is string lightswith different styles including fairy lights, Edison bulbs, icicle lights, and globe lights. Almost all outdoor string lights are now available with LED bulbs, which are more energy-efficient than incandescent filaments. You can also find solar string lights, which dont require an electrical socket or extension cord.

    Tiny twinkling lights strung in trees, or wrapped around fence posts, require little installation and offer almost instant enjoyment. Hanging globe lights over an outdoor dining area or pool takes a little more set up time. But with the right hanging kit, youll be surprised at the beautiful effectand will doubtless want to relax and entertain outside more often.

    Tips For Using Solar String Lights

    How to hang string lights for your patio

    If you are wondering how solar string lights work, it is fairly simple. They are set up just like normal, electric string lights, but the solar panel is located at the end of the string where the plug would normally be. You can either stick the end with the solar panel in the ground or mount it on a wall. Be sure to place it where it will get the most sunlight. If you do not, they may not generate enough energy to run through the duration of your outdoor party.

    Another thing to remember when purchasing solar string lights is to look for ones that are waterproof or highly water resistant. Solar lights are always at the mercy of the current weather, and rain or snow can ruin the bulbs or the solar panels. If you purchase waterproof ones, they will last much longer.

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    Patio String Lighting Ideas For Lounging Areas

    Your lounge area is the space where youve set out a few comfy chairs or couches. This is the area where youll sit back with a few drinks and relax with family and friends. You want the lighting to reflect this, so you need enough to see, but not as much as your dining area. Depending on the size of the space and brightness of the bulbs, you could get away with two or three strings throughout the area.

    To go for maximum effect with your string lights, aim for a diagonal pattern where you start in one corner, string them out to a centralized point on the opposite side, and then back to the other corner. This should create a triangle shape.

    String these lights high up so people can comfortably walk under them. The height will also provide maximum travel distance for the light. This way, you illuminate more with less.

    Easily Hang Outdoor Patio Lights Without Nails

    Patio lights can make a world of difference to your outdoor space. They immediately signal to all of your guests that you care about the ambiance of your patio.

    However, its not always obvious how to hang them up . You may be tempted to reach for a box of nails, but hold on!

    Before you do something you might regret, read on. Ill tell you how to hang outdoor patio lights without nails!

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    How To Hang Outdoor String Lights Without Trees

    Continue to string the lights between the posts untilyou have created your design.Dont have an existing structure to hang outdoor string lights from?Drill guide holes on the trees where you want to hang the lights.Hang them along the rafters, wrap them along the handrails, or frame the perimeter.

    Hanging string lights are a simple way to add a little magic to your backyard.Here are five of our favorite uses for string lights.How to hang outdoor string lights from diy posts:How to hang outdoor string lights without holes.

    How to hang string lights from a wall, fence, or building.However, you dont hang these off the lip of a gutter or other surface.I personally think outdoor lights look so much better when they are draped in the middle and sort of slack down some.I used two square planters i had on hand to create a more stable base for the outside poles.

    Identify the most accessible locations to hang your lights from.If you have trees or a fence you plan to string your lights from, identify the best branches or posts to do this from.If you plan to attach them to your house look at your roofline and sought boards for solid attachment areas.If you want to hang your cafe lights from your house or another wall or fence, simply drill a pilot hole and screw either an eye hook, a cup hook, or a coaxial staple into the wall.

    Step : Making A Square Concrete Planter This Is A Complete Diy Project That Can Be Designed To Fit Your Space Concrete Planters Are Durable And Easy To Decorate Such As Adorning Them With Mosaics

    DIY Patio Arbor Using String Lights
    How to make CONCRETE PLANTER?


    the cheapest plywood Lowes offers

    6-50 lb.bags of quick-set concrete

    the trusty nail gun and large staples


    First: Draw a sketch of the concrete planter according to the size of your plan. Next: create square inset with bottom plate according to your sizes, then staple together outer frames. The size of the bottom plate should be the same as the size of the insets. Next: Find a flat ground to place the outer frame, then mix the concrete. Spread about 1.5 thick concrete on the bottom, then place the inset on it. You need to reserve a drain hole at the bottom. Finaly: Fill the frame with concrete.

    Detailed TUTORIAL can be seen here ===>

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    Attaching Cable To House

    The easiest way to attach the cable is to attach the snap hook on the cable to an eye bolt, installed into the fascia area of the house.

    Install the eye-bolt into solid framing, if possible. When looking at the house fascia, I looked for the trim nails indicating the location of a rafter tail. I visually verified this rafter tail location by peeking up through the sofit vent.

    I used a drill bit to drill a pilot hole through the fascia and into the rafter tail. The drill bit, pilot hole should be approximately 75% of the total diameter of the eye-bolt threads. TIP: A good rule of thumb is to choose a drill bit that is the same diameter as the solid part of the eye-bolt minus the threads.

    Outdoor String Lights Care And Maintenance

    A good care for your outdoor lighting will keep them working for many years without any problem.

    • Check and replace damaged fixtures including batteries on time
    • Ensure your outdoor solar lights are receiving sufficient amount of sunlight
    • Clean the bulbs and fixtures to remove rust, dust, soil and debris
    • Ensure your outdoor string lights are made of waterproof materials
    • Ensure the cables and covers are protected from damages caused by animals
    • Let an electrician fix any problem if you have no idea of what to do

    Outdoor lights are continuously exposed to weather elements that can easily damage or affect how they function. Invest in a reliable brand of outdoor string lights with weather resistance properties. Let your lights and fixtures be installed by a professional electrician and you will hardly have a problem with your outdoor lights.

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    How To Make Easy Diy Patio Lights

    This is not a fancy project by any stretch, but then again Im not fancy. Sometimes I just want things done in a simplistic way, and thats what I got with this light project.

    • To string the lights I used 2x2x8 treated lumber poles and stainless steel screw eye rings.
    • I screwed the eye rings into the centres of the tops of the poles.
    • Then we secured the poles to the corners of our deck by screwing them into the sides of our deck base.
    • Then I strung 4 sets of outdoor lights from eye ring to eye ring.
    • Done. Really simple.

    And look how pretty they look! Whimsical like a rustic garden party. The whole deck is softly lit upsigh. I could sit out here all night longthe lights, the evening scented stockI love it so much.

    So if you have waited to do this for your deck, dont wait any longer!

    Update! We liked these lights so much, we strung them along our fence too! You can see them here, and get more ways to hang string lights!

    Thank you for PINNING!

    Choosing Size And Style Of Lights

    How to- LED Patio String Lights

    If youre going to buy staple string lights from Home Depot, Target and Walmart that are available all year, they are most likely going to be round blubs that are called bistro lights or cafe lights.

    Again, this is personal preference but I just love the look of traditional bistro/cafe lights at night. I also think about what the space will look like in the daytime and I want the lights to sort of fade into the landscape and not stand out. The bistro/cafe lights from Home Depot that I use are not terribly large and they are on a brown cord.

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    Ways On How To Hang String Lights In Backyard Without Trees

    Are you looking for how to hang string lights in backyard without trees? Weve done a few of projects with lights and no trees.

    Outdoor string lights bring a great feel and hominess to your backyard space. Well show you 7 different methods so you can pick the one that works best for you..

    How To Attach String Lights To A House Or Building

    For most houses and buildings, you should be able to simply drill a pilot hole and screw in a cup hook. Youll want to be sure you arent compromising your siding.

    My house has HardiePlank siding and we were able to screw the hooks directly into it. Theyve been in place for three years now without any problems.

    When youre just planning to drape the smaller inexpensive lights like I did on my front porch , you can use smaller cup hooks, or even try these outdoor Command Hooks.

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    Supplies For Hanging String Lights On A Patio

    The supplies youll need to hang string lights on a patio are minimal compared to the supplies and tools needed for many other home renovation projects. That makes string lights a great starter project for someone who is just getting involved in do-it-yourself projects around the house.

    These are some of the things youll need to get set up with your patio string lights:

    As you can see, it doesnt take much to get a string lighting kit up. This is one of many reasons why these lighting installations are so popular.

    Whats The Best Type Of String Lights

    Adding Patio String Lights to the Deck!

    Bottom line, these are the best and most durable string lights around. Theyre LED, heavy-duty, and will last for many years. If you want to keep your lights up year-round, intend to use them for several years in a row, or are using them for some kind of commercial application, these are your best bet.

    Ive had these high-quality lights over my patio for the past four years, and never had any problems with them. I will note that I take them down for the winter months, since we get freezing temperatures and some serious wind storms here in Seattle.

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