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Pergola On Deck Attached To House

Can I Build A Pergola On Top Of A Deck

How to Build a Pergola Attached to Your House | Mitre 10 Easy As DIY

The use of pergolas to give shade over a deck or patio during the summer months is becoming increasingly popular.An outdoor structure that may stand alone or be attached to the side of your house is called a pergola.Building an attached pergola on your deck that is 16 feet by 20 feet may be accomplished by first evaluating whether or not your deck is large enough to accommodate this size of pergola.

How Do You Attach A Pergola To A House

Builders connect a pergola to a building via joist hangers or ledger board, depending on the type of home . There are structural considerations when choosing to attach a pergola to a building. The connection needs to be secure to avoid damaging your home. We recommend hiring a licensed contractor with experience attaching pergolas to homes for this type of install.

Choose an attached pergola to create:

Size Of Pergola Determines The Need For Permits

In most Canadian cities, the defined size is generally 10 m2 . If the pergola is larger, it requires a building permit. A smaller pergola not requiring a building permit.

Quick math, a pergola bigger than a 10 x 10, will need a permit. Most tables will fit under a 10 by 10 pergola, but if you want a larger table and pergola. Most likely, you will be applying for a building permit.

Freestanding pergolas, larger than 10 m2 are classified as accessory buildings. Pretty much, a large pergola is considered a shed or garage with similar building requirements and restrictions.

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Is Bob Evans Still Alive

Path is with paving stones. My plan: Fix some wooded supports, or one or two long support, to the side of the house just below the soffit. Fix another horizontal support to the fence posts near the top. Then built a simple roof with plastic corrugated sheet on a wooden frame that can then be attachedto the. A pergola that is attachedto your house can be a great addition it’s a good way to create a useful sheltered outdoor area and give you shade from the sun..

Best Garden Furniture For Under Your Pergola

Pergola Attached To House Plans

The best garden furniture under a typical sized pergola is a 4 seater rattan furniture set. This is because they tend to frame the space nicely without spilling out past the boundaries. In addition, rattan is a tough material from naturally renewable palm, widely grown in Asia, Africa, and other parts of the world. Rattan furniture can withstand harsh environmental conditions and provide great aesthetic appeal under your newly built pergola.

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A Stylish Front Porch

Attaching a pergola to the front of your house combines style and function. It can serve as an expanded outdoor living space, create an inviting flow into the home, and a covered porch adds curb appeal that makes a home more welcoming to visitors. Imagine socializing with neighbors passing by, reading a good book, or enjoying a beverage on a pergola-covered porch. With a wide range of designs available, your new porch can fit any architectural look from stylish elegance to farmhouse chic.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pergola On A Deck

Pergola construction costs typically range from $2,200 to $5,900, or about $4,000 on average. A basic structure can cost as little as $1,300, while a personalized design might cost up to $10,000.

If youre ready to construct your own pergola, you can save a lot of money. A beautiful cedar pergola with simple do-it-yourself instructions may be purchased for roughly $1,300 from big-box retailers.

However, if you want a properly installed pergola constructed of premium materials such as tigerwood or ipe, the cost can easily exceed $10,000.

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Shaped Pergola And Deck

Decks aren’t always perfectly square and straight. Sometimes they come in other configurations, such as this deck, with cut corners. The attached pergola is able to match the same shape as the overall deck. It’s also blended into the railing, so it’s a part of the deck, rather than an addition to it.

This creates a cohesive appearance with the feeling of a cozy enclosure. The entire deck is covered by the pergola, so it gets an even amount of shade throughout.

How To Build A Pergola On An Existing Deck That Will Stay Strong And Beautiful For Years

DIY Attached Pergola | Build It Better | EP. 01

When I first put in my deck, I couldnt help but feel like it was missing something. I wasnt sure what it was at first, but one sunny Saturday morning, as I was trying to enjoy the outdoors but getting sunburned, it occurred to me: I needed a covering. I decided that the best way to manage this would be to build a pergola over my deck. Turns out, it was actually easier than I thought it would be.

If youre wondering how to build a pergola on an existing deck, weve got some tips. Its a fairly straightforward process, but your focus should be on stability and security, and you can get that with the right materials. As deck hardware has become more advanced, its getting much easier to build on top of existing structures without having to reframe everything. Stronger post bases and more versatile wood ties allow you to essentially clamp two structures together and turn them into one. Here are our picks for the hardware you should be focusing on.

How to Build a Pergola on an Existing Deck: Choose Great Hardware

There are lots of styles of pergolas you can build on your deck. You can even use lattice work on the sides of your pergola to create a DIY privacy screen that gives your pergola mock walls. But before you choose a style, youre going to need to focus on the fundamentals. That means choosing the right hardware so you end up with a structure that will stay standing no matter what. Here are the pieces of hardware youll really want to focus on:

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Pergola Designs For Decks: 5 Ideas To Spark Inspiration

Over the last year, outdoor living spaces have become one of the most popular and sought-after ideas for homeowners. This has led to an explosion of patios, decks and coverings such as pergolas. More homeowners are focusing on their outdoor living spaces than ever before, and these areas are getting a focus and attention that hasn’t been previously seen.

Shade coverings like pergolas can go a long way toward making decks and other structures even more functional and enjoyable. Whether it’s a raised deck or a platform deck, adding a pergola can enhance the structure in several ways.

If you’re looking for inspiration or ideas to help you find the right pergola and deck combination, check out these five designs.

Shipping Our Wall Mounted Pergola Kits Nationwide

A vinyl pergola attached to your house can transform your deck, porch, or patio. Whether you use it to provide a canopy for your grill, to serve as a seating area, or as a place from which to hang potted plants, the improvement your new wall mounted pergola kits will make cant be understated.

At Garbrella Pergolas, our Amish craftsmen build our pieces in the heart of Lancaster County, and we ship them nationwide. In fact, Garbrella attached pergola kits have even made it all the way to Hawaii! That means no matter where you live, you can adorn your backyard with authentic Amish craftsmanship and striking outdoor style.

Request a Free Quote on a New Attached Pergola Kit Today

All of our attached pergola kits are easy enough for most homeowners to install on their own in an afternoon time. We provide complete instructions along with every kit we sell and we are always able to provide guidance to all of our customers. If youre ready to start shopping, you can buy right now however, if youd like to see what makes Garbrella Pergolas so different, request a pergola sample kit.

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Big Kahuna Attached Pergola Kit

Big Kahuna Pergola Kit: Classic pergola design, built for maximum sun coverage and engineered for extreme weather conditions. The Big Kahuna pergola kit comes standard with:

  • Double 2×8 Beams

If you think an attached pergola kit is right for your space, continue on by reading How to Order an Attached Pergola Kit below. We also build freestanding pergola kits in over 90 standard sizes and custom sizes, if you think that might be a better fit for your patio design. You can make that selection after you choose the size and wood type of your pergola kit.

Well walk you through how to order an attached pergola kit here, but you can always reach out and ask questions during the process.

Benefits Of Having A Pergola Attached To Your House

47 Pergola Patio Attached To House Railings

While most homeowners have a preference before they start shopping, there are a few advantages of attached pergola kits that you should know. These vinyl pergola models are some of our most popular due to its stability and strength. The architectural shade structure in which the pergola extends from the wall of your home across your patio, deck, or even your pool, adds durability to the structure along with its inherent beauty. These showpiece structures complete any outdoor living space with elegant style. Both free-standing pergolas and attached pergola kits are sure to enhance any outdoor space which is why we sell both!

Finally, since the pergola is attached to your house, it can create a great stylistic connection between the pergola and the outdoor space, which exterior designers and homeowners love.

No matter which style you choose, we are confident that you will be satisfied with your new attached pergola kits beautiful style and affordable price.

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Mount Post Bases For Pergola Posts

Have two adults lift each leg while one adult slides a LINX Unifit or Post Base under the post. Slowly drop post into place. Attach screws. Square and level the post base. Measure and align all posts. Plumb all upright posts

Anchor the LINX UNIFIT or Post Base Kit to the ground and substructure below. Affix post base to substrate per local building codes. Fasteners for anchoring the pergola posts in place are . DecksDirect recommends using GRK Rugged Structural Screws for post installation on wood or composite decking material, or the Caliburn XL Concrete Screw for mounting the pergola posts on concrete or stone material.

Learn more about the basics of deck framing and building in the and put that building knowledge to good use with Pergola and Porch backyard shade structures for your DIY build!

Browse more ideas to upgrade and enhance your home’s usable outdoor living space such as a dry lower-level patio by installing a under deck drainage systems, creating a late-night relaxation spot with making a screened-in porch, or a DIY shade structure such as a pergola or pavilion.

The more you know, the better your deck and backyard projects will be! Whether you’re looking at a brand new start or a fresh end-of-season deck renovation, give our deck designers a call at or send us an email at . Our deck experts will help you get the information, products, and tools you need for a gorgeous deck that you created and designed!

How To Build A Pergola

Pergolas have become a popular backyard fixture in recent years. These stately structures add character to an outdoor area, and can also provide shade, as well as enhance the curb appeal of your home. Building a pergola can be an easy project for even novice DIY-ers who want to add a stately, yet inviting element to their backyard.

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The Pergola Size You Choose Determines The Number Of Posts

All of our full size attached pergola kits have been engineered with two posts for sizes 8×8 up to 20×20. 20×20 is the largest standard pergola kit size offered on our website. You can request a larger size by completing our custom quote request form, or by contacting us by phone or email. Once you go over 20 feet overall in either direction we will need to add extra support posts to bear the weight of the pergola.

Install The Clear Corrugated Roof

Installing An Attached Trex Pergola On A Deck

Next, you will install the wood roof supports on top of the wood slats and then install the clear corrugated roof on top of these roof supports. As far as painting goes, you should at least paint the wood roof supports before installing them because once the roof is attached it will be very hard to paint, and impossible to paint the top .


  • Corrugated roof panels we used 8x 26 wide panels at 12 lengths from Home Depot
  • Horizontal plastic closure strips, packs of 6 we used 8 packs of 6 to cover our 4 roof supports at 16 long each support
  • 2×2 wood roof supports we used 8x 8 lengths, but you could use 4x 16 lengths, or whatever length you need for your project to at least create 4 roof supports across the top
  • 1.5 Decking screws
  • 1.5 Fastener Screws

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Can An Existing Deck Support A Pergola

When you build a freestanding pergola on a raised deck, you need to make sure its secure and structurally sound. A typical freestanding pergola will stand on four or more posts set in the ground with concrete to ensure structural integrity, but you may not be able to do this with a pergola on a deck. In some cases, the vertical beams of the pergola can replace the existing corner beams of your deck.

Generally, the support posts of a deck pergola should be securely attached to the joist structure under the decking, not the actual floorboards of the deck. The additional support that a pergola built on a deck needs can be achieved through strong hardware and secure bolts.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the post bases will be visible instead of buried underground, so its worth thinking about how to incorporate this into your deck and pergola design as this hardware can sometimes look quite industrial and out of place.

Examples Of Pergolas Attached To A House

Here are a few pergolas built onto the side of houses.

As you can see

each pergola is a little different, as each one is custom designed to fit the look and feel of the home.

And the preferences of the homeowners.

This long pergola covers a narrow patio.

Check out the heavy duty beams used in its construction.

This pergola is in a very woodsy settings.

And fits nicely with the back of this home.


Was added as part of a new sunroom and patio project.

Notice how its fully supported on columns under the eaves of this home.

Check out this pergola.

And protection from the elements.

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Outdoor Dining And Entertaining

Building a contemporary pergola is also a great way to add dining and entertaining options to your backyard space. Todays pergolas can feature everything from stylish solar shades to LED spots that deliver just the ideal ambiance for your backyard. And with a pergola attached to the house, you get the true indoor-outdoor living experience from your outdoor kitchen.

Height Of Pergola Deck Matters For Permits

DIY Clear Corrugated Covered Pergola Attached to the House and an ...

The height of the deck matters for pergolas permits.

Not have a finished floor higher than 0.6m above grade, unless it is a private garage. For example, a pergola on a deck that is higher than 0.6 m , would not meet by-law.

City of Calgary

Most by-laws are in place to create uniformity in neighbourhoods. These is especially true with pergolas. A tall pergola on top of a high deck will tower over its neighbours. Your house has height restriction, so does pergolas. Pergola in Calgary can only be built on ground level decks or patios.

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How Tall Should A Pergola Be On A Deck

What is the standard height of a pergola? In most cases, the height of the pergola is between 8 and 12 feet. It is not always necessary, however, to follow this path. For example, if you desire an 8-foot head clearance, the beams will allow you to get at least 9 feet, and the rafters will give you a total of 10 feet with no problem.

Adding A Pergola To An Existing Deck

I have an existing deck on the back of my house, and Id like to add a pergola. The deck is 17 x 16, and Id like to build the pergola to roughly match the size and shape.

The attached picture shows a view of the deck from above, along with measurements and placements of the existing support posts and beams. The posts are 6×6 and the beams are paired 2×10. The joists on top of that are 2×8, and theres deck flooring on top of that. There is also a ledger that runs the width of the deck, so it is attached to the house. I dont want to attach the pergola to the house though.

My idea for the pergola is this:

  • Place 4x4x10 posts at the same locations as the deck posts. These would pass thru the deck floor and rest on the beams below.
  • For the 4 posts that are at the outer edges of the deck , lag-bolt the new posts to the adjacent joists.
  • The 5th post would be 2 feet in from the edges of the deck, and about right in the middle between 2 joists, so Im still wondering how to secure it. Maybe a post bracket attached to the bottom of the post and to the beam?
  • Run 2×6 beams between the new posts, either sitting on top of the posts or attached to the sides of the posts with joist hangers, to form the outer edges of the pergola.
  • Run 2-3 additional 2×6 beams across the middle, parallel to the house.
  • Run some number of boards on edge, perpendicular to the house, across the top.


Thanks for any info you can provide.

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