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Foldable Fire Pit For Camping

The Favourite Budget Camping Fire Pit

Folding Camping Fire Pit and Grill

Campers, backpackers and van-lifers looking for a budget portable fire pit cant get much better than this option from BobbyQ.

Instead of stainless steel construction, the fire pit uses iron to form a strong and stable portable fire pit. This does mean that the fire pit weighs in heavier than the competition, at a huge 11kg, but for half the price of others on the market, its a sacrifice that were willing to make.

One of the top features of the BobbyQ portable fire pit is its fully collapsible design. Campers can simply assemble and disassemble the fire pit, allowing for totally flat storage when not in use. If youre looking for the best possible budget fire pit, its the BobbyQ that will be the best choice.

The BobbyQ Portable Fire Pit is our top pick for budget campers searching for a quality fire pit. An iron construction offers strength and durability alongside a fully collapsible design.

*Prices correct at the time of publishing.

Creative Diy Fire Pits

As you begin planning your next DIY project for a fire pit that you can take with you on the go, then sometimes you may want something that is a little out of the box and nontraditional. When you need to get a new boiler, these little furnaces below offer a more unique take on the fire pit while still offering you the portability that you are looking for.

Complete Guide To The Best Portable Fire Pits For Camping Australia 2022

by Melissa | Jun 1, 2022 | Camping Gear

Looking for the best portable fire pits for camping? Then read on because in this camping fire pits Australia 2022 guide, were going to help you find the best camping fire pits for sale!

There is nothing better when camping than sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows with the kids or having a few coldies with your mates. Its the perfect way to end the day and such a nice way to relax in the evenings.

While some campsites have designated campfire pits for you to use, these are mostly communal. Campsites with individual campfire pits are far and few between, and while making new friends is lovely, sometimes its just nice to have a campfire right by your camp setup.

This is why having a portable campfire pit is so handy. These days, there are some great portable fire pits for sale, which are lightweight, inexpensive, and allow you to have a campfire regardless of where you are .

While there isnt a huge amount of choice on the Aussie market for the best fire pits for camping, more and more products are becoming available. Their price has drastically come down too, which means now is a great time to buy one.

But which is the best camping fire pit to buy? What things should you consider when looking for one? Of course, you want a portable fire pit camping option that is safe to use and lightweight to transport, easy to set up, and one which will provide a great campfire.


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    Amazonbasics Folding Fire Pit

    Say what you will about Amazon and their market domination, some of the things that their house brand, AmazonBasics, offers are just too good to pass up. Or at least thats the case with their folding fire pit. Built from solid steel, this pit looks good enough that you could keep it in your backyard year-round, but the folding format also gives you the opportunity to take it with you on adventures. Thats bolstered by the fact that it comes with its own carrying case, features tool-free setup and breakdown, and comes with a cooking grate and fire screen .

    What Size Fire Pit Should I Buy

    Fireside Outdoor Portable Folding Outdoor Pop

    Portable fire pits range greatly in size. When choosing the best portable fire pit for you, consider where you are planning to use the fire pit, making sure to leave a perimeter around the fire to avoid overheating nearby furniture or greenery. When it comes to weight, make sure that the fire pit is durable enough to withstand repeated fires and transport but also light enough to carry in and out of storage when you want to use it.

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    How To Choose The Best Portable Fire Pit For Camping

    The campfire is a central part of camping – it serves as the center of group gatherings at camp, a means of cooking meals, and introspective entertainment after a long day enjoying the outdoors. And portable fire pits offer a seamless means of enjoying a campfire wherever your camping adventures take you!

    In this post well cover the two main categories of portable fire pits for camping – both propane and wood burning. Youll learn what to look for when trying to select the best portable fire pit for your adventures, and well point out several of the best portable fire pits for a variety of camping styles and budgets.

    Best Portable Fire Pit

    Since the idea of making fires can be off-putting or dangerous, weve tried the best portable fire pits on the market place and reviewed them in detail based on safety, ease of storage and tidy away following a fire. This will reassure you which fire pits might be more suitable for you so you can feel confident about buying and using these products. Read on to learn about the best 6 portable fire pits on the market today.

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    Ash Tray And Clean Up

    When a fire burns, it creates ash. So where does the ash go good question. Does it drop to the ground and make a big mess, or does it stay in the fire pit clogging up the burning area? The best portable fire pit will have a mechanism such as an ashtray to collect the ash as it burns. This allows you to easily dispose of the ash after the fire has been put out, rather than having to shovel the ash.

    Odoland Folding Campfire And Grill

    Portable Folding Fire Pit On The Next Level!

    Dimensions: 12.2 inches by 12.2 inches by 8.3 inches

    Weight: 4.41 pounds

    BTUs: N/A

    You dont have to spend a fortune or sacrifice storage space to bring a fire pit with you. The Odoland folding campfire and grill delivers everything you need for cooking and creating a small campfire. Despite having five parts, this simple fire pit assembles in 60 seconds and will make keeping warm and preparing food incredibly easy. It comes with a grate for cooking and an ashtray to ensure you keep your campsite clean. The compact traveling case makes it easy to carry anywhere youre camping.

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    Other Portable Fire Pits We Tested

    We found that the six portable fire pits listed below had good performances overall, but they had minor inconveniences or weaknesses that prevented us from choosing them for our list of top picks.

    Blue Sky Outdoor Living Steel Peak Patio Smokeless Fire Pit: Our tester said this fire pit was effortless to set up and use, but the octagonal shape is awkward to carry, and it weighs too much to be super portable.

    Tiki Low-smoke Portable Fire Pit: It took less than five minutes to setup the fire pit, and we love the unique design of the base with raised hairpin legs, but it’s heavy enough that it requires two people to carry.

    Breeo X Series 19: This fire pit comes ready to be used without any setup required, but it weighs 47 pounds and isnt the most portable option.

    Breeo Y Series: This Breeo model has standout features like grilling capabilities, a built-in bottle opener, and adjustable legs, but its heavy and awkward to carry.

    Solo Stove Smokeless Bonfire Fire Pit: Its nearly identical to our top pick, the Solo Stove Ranger 2.0, but we didnt love that this model is advertised as smokeless and still produces low smoke. The Ranger 2.0 has low smoke, too, but its not advertised as smokeless.

    Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0: We had high hopes for this Solo Stove model, but its heavier than we expected, and there are better models for the same or less cost.

    Double Flame Smokeless Outdoor Fire Pit

    Height: 15 inches

    The Double Flame Smokeless Outdoor Fire Pit also holds a 4.5-star rating.

    Heat rises from the bottom and get released through the holes along the rim.

    At the same time this is happening, smoke is being burnt off at the top layer so virtually little to none makes its way out.

    Its is portability is still good even weighing at 57 lbs. Build up some muscle and take it camping.

    The thick, heavy duty stainless steel creates a strong fire pit capable of withstanding 15 years of use and easily fights corrosion and rust.

    It has an optional grilling feature , which lets you cook all your favorite foods but without tasting smoke and soot while enhancing the flavor.

    The grilling feature is NOT included in the purchase and has a heat-resistant handle for easy handling.

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    Our Pick For The Best Camping Fire Pit Australia 202: Fireside Fire Pit

    Dont fancy reading our entire best portable camping fire pit guide and just want to know our recommendation? Well, we suggest the Fireside Pop Up Fire Pit.

    We recommend the Fireside fire pit because its incredibly lightweight at just 3.6 kgs, assembles in seconds and has a large fire pit surface, so perfect for cooking camp meals. It also comes with a carry bag and a low price tag too! The Fireside portable fire pit is exceptionally good value. This is the portable camp fire pit we have and so far, we love it.

    Keep reading below for our full Fireside fire pit review, or

    Supa Peg Grand Frontier Folding Fire Pit Review

    Best Choice Products 22in Folding Steel Fire Pit, Portable Outdoor ...

    Another spacious fire pit is the Supa Peg Grand Frontier fire pit this is well worth considering for those after the best fire pit for camping. The Supa Peg fire pit is made with thick Australian heavy duty steel, with all 8 pieces packing down flat to a compact size. Then for easy storage and transporting, the fire pit is stored away in its very own canvas carry bag.

    To assemble these camping firepits, grab out the eight side panels and slot them all together in a circular direction. Then, a locking pin gets slotted into the outside to keep it all together. Lastly, drop in the ground plate to catch the ash and prevent damage to the grass. Also included in your firepit camping kit are two BBQ rails that sit across the fire pit, which are great for putting on the camp oven.

    At 15kgs, this fire pit is much heavier than most of the other portable firepits in this guide, so keep that in mind before purchasing. But overall, its certainly a good option for those wanting a top quality yet super compact fire pit for their next camping trip.

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    Adreak 18 Inch Portable Fire Pit

    This fire pit is consists of four detachable plates allowing assembly and disassembly occur in just a matter of seconds. Because it is made from alloy steel, the product is fast heating and very durable. And of course it comes with a cooking tray to for grilling steaks and patties as well. See its specifications below:

    Why have I chosen this?

    This camping equipment has a clever assembly design that is both extremely durable and fire efficient, but also folds down completely flat for ease of movement. And once it is set up there are handle holes integrated on both sides allowing it to be moved around the campsite as needed . For family and larger group camping, this makes a great option.

    Adreak Outdoor Portable Fire Pit With Bbq Tray

    Dimensions: 11.4 inches by 15.7 inches by 18.1 inches

    Weight: 26 pounds

    BTUs: N/A

    The Adreak portable fire pit is a great option for your camping adventures. Its unique V-shaped design keeps your fire off the ground and avoids potential issues with it getting out of control. Once you get your fire going, you can prepare a delicious campfire meal by adding the BBQ tray. Your mouth will water as you watch and smell the food cooking over the fire. The steel construction ensures you wont have to worry about bumps and bruises, and it will last for years of camping.

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    Local Laws And Regulations

    Since any kind of open flame can be dangerous, it’s important to know what your city’s rules are about the use of outdoor fire pits. “Depending on where you live, your city or county may have fire bans in the area or have completely banned wood burning in city locations,” Whitehead says. Check out the rules and regulations in your area to make sure your fire pit complies with code.

    Consider The Intended Use

    Portable Camping Fire Pit That Will Blow Your Mind!

    Outdoor enthusiasts like campers or backpackers should consider highly portable fire pits like collapsible options made of lightweight stainless steel that uses wood as fuel for cooking. If youre planning on using a portable fire pit for mostly cooking, consider buying one with a grill attachment. For shoppers in need of a backyard fire pit, the weight might be less important than someone looking to bring a portable fire pit to the beach or for a picnic.

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    Wolf And Grizzly Campfire Trio

    Dimensions: 11 in. long, 11.25 in. wide, 3.7 in. tall | Weight: 4.4 lb | Fuel: Wood, charcoal

    Wolf and Grizzly Campfire Trio Portable Fire Pit
    Wolf and Grizzly Campfire Trio Portable Fire Pit
    • Size limits amount of heat it can radiate

    It might be a bit limiting, referring to the Campfire Trio as a fire pit. It includes three parts, naturally: a Fire Safe, a Grill, and a Fire Set. Whats more, the Campfire Trio breaks down into two small cases, capable of fitting in a backpackconducive to hikes into remote locations.

    Fire Safe really says it all its a safe way to contain a fire when camping. We set up the Fire Safe itself in under two minutes. Its incredibly simple. The grill took only slightly longer. The Fire Set is for getting a blaze going without matches, and it includes two metal bars that, when rubbed together, produce sparks. We were impressed with both the quantity of sparks and how long they lingered. With a little practice and the right materials, it was relatively easy to get a fire started. Though the Fire Safe footprint is only 11 square inches, limiting how big of a fire we could create and therefore how much heat we could get off it. Huddling up close, we could warm our hands, and while sitting back, we could warm our feet.

    The Best Portable Fire Pits For Camping In 2022

    If youre in the market for a fire pit, here are the best options we think are worth considering. Add one of these to your shopping cart, which can arrive before your next big adventure!

    Dimensions: 19 inches by 19 inches by 11 inches

    Weight: 22 pounds

    BTUs: 58,000 BTUs

    Anyone who likes having a quick and easy fire for their morning coffee or enjoying a smokeless evening should consider the Outland Living Firebowl. With no assembly necessary, it will be only a few minutes before you have a cozy fire to keep you warm. The high-quality steel construction can handle the bumps and rough demands camping will throw at it. With five stars, over 2,600 reviews, and a budget-friendly $150 price tag, its hard to consider any other propane fire pit on the market.

    Dimensions: 15 inches by 16 inches by 17 inches

    Weight: 18 pounds

    BTUs: N/A

    The Solo Stove Ranger is for you if you enjoy the crackling sounds of a wood fire but dont want to deal with smoke. These portable fire pits have been very trendy in the RVing community lately, and for a very good reason. They do a tremendous job of optimizing your campfire experience and creating minimal smoke. This increases airflow for even burning, and the stainless steel construction helps them last.

    The convenient carrying case helps protect the Solo Stove Ranger when not in use. If you want everyone around your fire to have a great time, we strongly recommend considering the Solo Stove Ranger.

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    Types Of Fire Pits To Consider

    The two main fuel sources for fire pits are propane and wood. Gas-powered pits have their advantages, in that theyre easy to connect to a tank and start upand theyre just as easy to turn off, so theres no need to wait for your fire to burn down or try to put it out when its time for bed. A standard full propane tank may weigh nearly 40 pounds, but you wont have to deal with carrying bundles of firewood. Propane pits also allow you to make a fire during burn bans in certain areas . The other benefit of using a propane fire pit is that they burn cleanly, with no smoke, so you wont smell like a campfire when you go inside. The downside is that these models dont create large, picturesque flames, and generally emit less heat than a wood-burning fire pit of similar size.

    22 PM Fire Starter Pks.
    22 PM Fire Starter Pks.

    Portable fire pits vary quite drastically in design as well. Some look like the traditional permanent kind but are lightweight, while others have folding legs and carrying bags. Options like the UCO Flatpack fold for hikers who need to keep their flames off the ground. In addition, some pits have more practical features for cooking food and grilling, such as included grates. The BioLite even allows for charcoal, if thats your preferred method of grilling. So keep in mind how you plan to use your fire pit when considering the options below.


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