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Outdoor Fire Pits At Lowe’s

What Wood Is Best For A Fire Pit

How To Build a Fire Pit (w/a Ring Kit)

Oak and Hickory are the two best wood types to use in a fire pit. Oak is everywhere, so it is easy for campers to get it for a campfire.

It burns slowly and steadily hence, you will not need plenty of wood. Hickory on the other side is better than oak and other woods. It holds less water and burns quickly and produces a hotter flame.

Different Types Of Patio/backyard Fire Pits

Fire pits come in a variety of styles where you can choose the one that meets your needs. You can also build a fire pit with some essential tools and enjoy services.

Here are the different types of fire pits available for you:

Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are common and easy to use. Most of them are small and portable. Hence you can use them anywhere you prefer in your backyard or patio. When you are considering remodeling your project, a good fire pit is the bowl type.

The fire bowls arrive in different sizes and produce the flame you need to serve an extensive area in your patio. The bowls are designed in different shapes to hold wood and glass beads, depending on the type of fuel you are using.

The small-sized fire bowls allow you to sit on the floor or on a high chair to catch the warmth evenly.

As much as the fire bowls are popular and loved by many patio owners, some produce smoke that can be a bother.

Fire Pits

In most cases, fire pit styles are suitable if you have a large backyard. It is commonly a DIY project. The most simple one involves sinking a pit in your yard where you can safely start a fire. Fire pits are massive, and some go up to 10 ft in diameter.

If you host social events regularly with a large social gathering, then a fire pit might be perfect. If you lack the skills and artistry to make one for yourself, hire a contractor for a long-lasting and professional-looking fire pit.

Fire Rings

The fire rings come in two types

Fire Tables

Tabletop Pits

Fire Columns

Biolite Firepit+ Outdoor Smokeless Fire Pit And Grill $220 Original Price: $300

Adored for its rectangular, BBQ-like design, BioLites FirePit+ creates a wonderful gather-round-the-campfire experience, many thanks to its X-ray mesh body for 360-degree views.

Interestingly, you can control the size and intensity of your flames either manually or remotely with the free Bluetooth paired app.

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Faqs On Wood Burning Fire Pit

Could you put a wood burning fire pit over a deck?

This depends wholly upon the deck type youve got and the type of fire pit you buy.

Wood-burning fire pits should not be used on a wooden deck, not having the inclusion of a fire pit mat to serve as a heat-resistant barrier. Wood-burning fire pits can create issues for concrete patios without such a barrier, out of cracking and spalling to explosions. Meanwhile, brick patios and patio pavers must stand up to high temperatures just fine.

Almost all propane fire pits and fire tables are designed for safe use on composite, wooden, and concrete decks however, the heat can result in discoloration. It is usually better to check with the specifications of the specific make you aspire to buy.

What could I put around a fire pit?

Fire pits frequently serve as the focal point of your outdoor area, so it is absolutely normal to organize your seating all around the firejust store away seat walls no closer than four feet from the lip on the fire pit. A wood burning pit must be kept ten feet away of any structure.

How can I clean a wood burning fire pit?

Your very first defense against a dirty fire pit is an excellent cover to keep it protected from the elementssitting water will create a flame pit to rust.

What fire pit provides the most heat?

Could you leave a wood burning fire pit burning?

Can I burn any wood in a wood burning fire pit?

What do you put in the bottom part of a wood burning fire pit?

Do fire pits keep you warm?

Common Fire Pit Materials

Gas Fire Pits at Lowes.com

Fire pits are crafted from different materials. This explains their quality, ease of use, portability, and even functionality. Below is a review of the different materials you will find on fire pits.


You are likely to embrace copper if youre looking for the best outdoor fire pit that boasts quality and durability. Copper is heat resistant and will still provide warmth when the fire is out.

Despite the excellent heat retention, you need extra time to maintain copper fire pits. Be ready for frequent cleaning. Another issue with copper-made fire pits is they are highly-priced. Therefore, be prepared to break the bank.


If you are looking for a rust-resistant fire pit for an outdoor area, you can consider steel models. They are coated in dark corrosion-resistant metal to last longer.

Its legs are also made of stainless steel and wide enough for stability. Steel is lighter and suitable if you prefer a portable fire pit. Compared to copper, it is easier to maintain.

Cast Iron

Iron is known to spread heat evenly and also retain heat for warming the patio when the fire is off. Solid iron is heavy and hard to knock over. It can stay in the same place for safe use. If you are looking for safety, the cast-iron units work well.

They also transform the looks of your patio thanks to the rustic feel. You will enjoy endless summer evenings. The only disadvantage is the high-cost wire you will need to invest more to acquire the fire unit.

Cast Aluminum

Wicker Construction


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Endless Summer Fire Table

Endless Summer is one of the most popular brands of products like fire pits and fire tables that makes for a great pick for your patio because of the features offered by it.

The Endless Summer GAD15258SP fire table is a great option for a lot of users out there since it offers a great performance to the user. Just like most other options out there, this one also offers a heating capacity of 50000 BTU thanks to its stainless steel burner that is integrated inside it. And for the given size of 36 inch, that is quite decent for most users out there.

As you would expect from most other fire table units out there, this one also offers a 1-year long warranty to the user. Unfortunately, its build quality is on the average side and could have been better for the given price tag. Thankfully, you do get a classy looking design with it that goes great with most patio setups out there.

Best Features:

  • Heating capacity of 50000 BTU
  • 36-inch size in terms of width
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty


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How To Clean Different Types Of Materials

As explained earlier, there are a variety of materials used to craft fire pits. Each material differs from the other and requires careful routine maintenance.

Stone or Masonry Types

Cleaning requires you to put on protective gear. The gloves are suitable. While brushing the stones, you will remove the stains. Do this routine maintenance once the stone is cool. You can also apply a stone sealant to prevent soot from sticking.

Steel Construction Types

Stainless steel construction types are easy to clean. Use soapy water to remove soot and debris then leave it to dry for the next days use.

Cast Iron

Iron rusts easily. Taking good care of your cast iron fire pit to prevent rusting is critical. Use steel wool to scrub off any rust from the metal. Rinse then dry them using a dry cloth.


In most cases, copper requires lacquer treatment for easy cleaning. If it is treated, use a piece of cloth and wipe off the suits, and smoke. If it is not treated, take a lemon and sprinkle the juice on the surface. Use a rag to wipe the mess.

Grand Patio Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

Lowes Fire Pit Review

If you are looking for captivating decor for your outdoor amusement Grand Patio is the brand you should lookup. The fire pit table from this brand has a heat output of 45,000 BTU and has a 20 lb propane tank which means you can have the lovable warmth for a long period. It comes with an integrated push-button ignition that lets you easily start and adjusts flame height as you require.

It is made of a durable powder-coated steel frame that is resistant to rust. It comes with all-weather resin wicker which is rated at 2000 UV hours ensuring resistance to fading for at least 3 years straight. The tabletop is given durable ceramic tiles that can be removed easily for cleaning purposes.

This 18-inch burner makes your day better than ever by being your fire pit for warmth or by being an outdoor coffee table when you put off the flames and cover the burner.

Best Features:

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Why You Need A Fire Pit

A fire pit is essential for anybody ready to spend time outside the house and catch a breeze in the patio or backyard while warming.

It is also a good way to get rid of papers and small documents.

You need a fire pit to keep warm during winter or when the weather turns chilly. The firepit has regulated heat to keep your patio warm and good for relaxing.

You need an outdoor patio fire pit to keep guests warm if you are set to spend a night in the open air.

Patio fire pits add decor to the place of choice. Some come with unique patterns, so when you lit it, the display is attractive.

What To Search For In Wood Burning Fire Pit


Fire pits are available in an assortment of designs, from standard circular types to tables. When picking out a fire pit, think about the actual size of your outside area and how you intend to use it. If you seek to use the fire pit to have guests, larger tables and styles will make for a fantastic addition. For smaller areas or camping trips, portable styles which are not hard to move and store are your best option.

Burn Type

A fire pits burn type will be either wood burning or propane each has its own disadvantages and advantages. With wood-burning choices, you will need to have a source of dry wood handy in addition to deal with any ash and soot. They will provide you with the standard feel and look of a crackling fire, nonetheless, and in specific ways often present less of a safety concern than propane choices.

When looking at propane, you will need to be aware of gas lines and filling the propane container. Meanwhile, theyve got a cleaner burn and are a lot easier to clean up because they do not produce ash and soot.

Extra Features

Besides the pit itself, many choices on the market provide additional accessories to raise your fire pit experience. It is worth considering options that embrace fire pokers, spark screens, or grates. Though the bulk of accessories are usually bought separately, having them included makes it easier to have your fire pit earlier.

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Bonfire 20 Frequently Asked Questions

When your wood is burned through completely, and your fire pit is cool, remove the ash pan from under your base plate and dump it. Read up here if you’re unsure what to do with your ash.

As your wood burns on the base plate, the ashes will fall to the ash pan below. When it’s done burning and completely cooled, you won’t have to tip your fire pit over to get rid of ashes. A simple lift of the base plate and removal of the ash pan means you can easily clean your fire pit.

Yes! Unique to Solo Stove, our fire pits were made for easy transport, no matter your need. Reposition your fire pit in your backyard for a new aesthetic, or take it with you on your next adventure.

There are many benefits to a smokeless flame! A low-smoke fire means there’s less smoke to dodge, so you can enjoy a night around the fire pit without the smell to prove it. And with little to no smoke, less harmful particles like creosote are being released into the atmosphere, making your fire pit environmentally friendly.

Our customers have also been vocal advocates for the health benefits, especially. Less smoke from the flame means less smoke inhaled, making the ’round-the-fire enjoyment for everyone!

Fire Pits should not be touched while burning. Once the flames have died out, you should wait at least an hour before touching it with bare hands.

No, your fire pit is ready to use with just wood. However, we do offer several accessories to make your experience even better. Check out our accessories .

Breeo X Series Smokeless Fire Pit $399

Landmann USA 36

If the look of Breeos X Series Smokeless Fire Pit isnt enough to sell you, then its patented X Airflow system will. This results in a campfire experience that doesnt require moving your chair every five minutes, per the brand.

Not to mention, the corten steel makeup also known as weathering steel is designed to develop an iron oxide surface over time, called patina. This reddish-brown coating will wonderfully protect your fire pit from the elements, so its built to last.

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Solo Stove Ranger Stainless Steel Smokeless Fire Pit $225 Original Price: $300

Meet the titan of all fire pits. The Solo Stove not only comes in many size varieties but its also one of the most well-adored brands for giving that smokeless and chic delivery.

The polished stainless steel finish is bound to match any outdoor space, too. Because of its portable nature, you can also enjoy the flames as a camping fire pit. Most notably, its double-wall design maximizes airflow and the burning process which, in turn, gives you more flames and a more efficient burn.

Gas Or Propane Burning

allen + roth Stacked stone Fire Pit Table from Lowes

Gas fire pits are one of more gorgeous additions to an outdoor area. Because there is no rubble left behind, they often look cleaner and more put together.

The fire pit pictured above is a best-seller on Lowers website, however, this gas fire pit is a more budget-friendly option.

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Outland Living Portable Smokeless Fire Pit $156 Original Price: $175

An Amazons Choice product, Outland Livings Portable Smokeless Fire Pit is an alloy and stainless steel hybrid thats less than $200 and has an easy-to-transport round design.

It even comes with a complete fire pit kit, clad with a pre-attached 10. ft. hose, a fully adjustable regulator with a chrome valve knob for varying flame height and a natural lava rock set for aesthetics and to enhance the flickering effect.

The 7 Best Fire Tables Reviews And Buying Guide


Make your outdoor space more attractive and functional to enjoy with fire tables

A fire table not only provides warmth but also enhances the ambiance of your patio or backyard.

Compared to traditional fireplaces, they are easier to maintain and provide complete control over the flame intensity.

From cosy looking wood finish models to sleek concrete models, there are several options to suit different needs and style. If you are confused which one to choose, then we you consider these key factors.

The heat output of an outdoor fire pit table is measured in BTU/Hr. It let you know how much heat a table can provide to warm the surrounding. It depends on the type of climate you are living in. Warmer climates wont need over 20,000 BTU, high altitudes require higher heat like 50,000 to 70,000 BTU/hr. While cooler climates require around 50,000 BTU/hr.

The space availability is essential to consider while buying this fire table. A large-sized fire table will occupy more space in your area and thereby increases the risk of fire. So, prefer to go with a model with 2 feet for smaller yards, a 4-foot table if having adequate room and above 5-foot table for larger yards.

Fire tables are powered using natural gas or propane. Both have their own set of pros and cons.

Natural gas using firepit table consume natural gas from household gas line, as it wont need any propane tank to operate. It is affordable and cheap to operate but need a professional installation.

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