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Gazebo For Hot Tub

Solchalet 13 X 25 Spa Gazebo

Pairing a Gazebo with your Hot Tub for Shelter and Privacy

Looking like a ruggedized greenhouse, this 13 x 25 Solchalet wooden hot tub gazebo is a real winner. French doors open up to a large interior, with 325 square feet of space able to house a large tub and still have enough room to include a furnished lounge area. The structure is outfitted in Western red cedar wood and kiln-dried for longevity and stability.

This type of wood has natural preservatives in it to stave off fungus and insects, and its low density gives it excellent insulation properties. The kiln-drying process further protects it against warping over time, and it stands up well to all types of weather. The wall panels join together during assembly, and acrylic windows are built-in to save you time.

These windows can be tinted to your specification and slide open to provide customized airflow when using your soaker. Westview Manufacturing also sells bug screens for protection against flying insects if you wish to add them to this model.

Topping the gazebo are Lexan Thermoclear panels which are 200 times stronger than glass, and translucent to let plenty of light in. With accents like wooden knobs and brass hinges adding uniformity, this is a natural, high-quality spa enclosure that will perform flawlessly for many years.

Key Features:

Aleko Pergsand Grape Trellis Pergola Patio Gazebo


Lets get real not every hot tub needs a gazebo. Some of you jacuzzi owners have been doing just fine without one for years. But, sometimes when you want to use your hot tub in the rain or snow, the option just cant exist. For those who enjoy their wide-open spaces but still want to use their jacuzzi in crappier weather, look no further than the Aleko Pergsand gazebo. This gazebo is essentially just a few poles with a removable top, so you can let the sun in when you want, but close off the rain when you dont want to. Its elegantly designed to look beautiful and drape nicely alongside the rest of your outside furniture and the aluminum and steel frame is both long-lasting and immune to chipping and erosion.

Review Of The Yardistry Cedar Wood Gazebo

Yardistry Cedar Wood Gazebo Photo

Here we will go over the features of the Yardistry Cedar Wood Gazebo, which features an aluminum roof, to see if it’s something that would be right for your backyard or outdoor living space, and check on what purchasers overall think of this structure.

First off, let’s talk about the general price range of hard top gazebos. This is no small purchase, as these structures are big, sturdy, and usually made from a combination of wood and metal.

As such, you can expect them to generally set you back roughly at least a thousand dollars, and often over two thousand. This Yardistry model of gazebo is in that price range somewhere, depending where you buy.

In regards to the financial aspect, if spending roughly 2K on a gazebo makes you stop and pause, that’s understandable, because it’s a big purchase one way or the other. It’s seriously an investment.

That said, the alternatives to hard top gazebos are basically soft top gazebos, which, essentially, give you the same sort of structure, but without the sense of protection that you get from a big hard top.

Even simple sun shade sails can do the trick in a pinch, or patio umbrellas, if you were never looking for anything too substantial or rugged to begin with, but you still want some escape from the harsh sun.

All that being said, let’s look at the aluminum roof of this Yardistry gazebo. This is a sturdy, attractive feature that will be a beautiful addition to your backyard.

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Outdoor Living Today Naramata Spa Shelter


Having all the bells and whistles when it comes to an attractive, durable and multipurpose hot tub gazebo wont come at a bargain price, but this spa shelter comes in at around a $5,000 price range is a splurge worth investing in. The gazebo itself is nine feet by nine feet, so itll fit most normally-sized hot tub jacuzzis with no problem. It has a center skylight up top in its cedar roof, so you can view snow collecting as you hang in your big, hot body of water. During the summer months, feel free to use the sidebar counter attached and have some drinks with your closest pals. Heck, it even comes in handy during the winter when sitting wine outside.

Mellcom 10 X 13 Hardtop Double

The 8 Best Hot Tub Gazebos You Need for Your Jacuzzi in 2020

The Mellcom kit on Amazon is one of the nice double top designs Ive seen, with the curtains and privacy screens you need for a good hot tub setup. Out of all the kits, this one for the money I think is a good option even at its smallest size. This model comes in different sizes, so would be large enough to place both your hot tub and any furniture you may be considering.

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X 13 Grand Patio Gazebo With Mosquito Net And Shade Curtains

This chic, grey, and white I found for under $400 and is a great solution for creating an enclosure around your hot tub keeping out mosquitos, harmful rays, and prying eyes all year round.

I do like that this one since the interior frame is made of iron with an anti-rust coating. While not as durable as some of the others, still a great choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Yardistry Cedar Wood Gazebo

Frequently Asked Questions about The Yardistry Cedar Wood Gazebo

What is the return policy on this gazebo?

Customers report that Yardistry customer service is generally very good, and they have been known to replace parts if they are delivered with any damage or inconsistencies. Still, a full refund may not be possible once delivered. Please contact Yardistry directly to see about their current policies when it comes to returns here: Yardistry Customer Experience Team : 1-888-509-4382

Do I need a permit to put this gazebo up in my back yard?

You may wish to consult your city officials if you have any doubt as to whether you may not be able to erect this gazebo, but, generally speaking, if you attach a structure to your home, then you need a permit. Otherwise, if a structure is free standing, as this one is, then a permit is not needed.

Is there any fitted mosquito netting that can be purchased with this gazebo?

If you are looking for fitted netting, check Amazon for current availability.

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Is A Hardtop Spa Gazebo Worth The Money

Hardtop gazebos cost more than hot tub enclosures with canvas canopies. They also require more time and work to put together.

That said, the finished structure can actually add value to your home and end up paying for itself in the long run. Not to mention, the solid cedar framing and steel roof will last many many years with minimal upkeep.

Furthermore, the SummerCove Gazebo comes as a DIY assemble-yourself kit. Therefore, you can build it yourself and save the money that you would otherwise pay a contractor. In the end, you still get an upscale, custom-looking hot tub gazebo that youâll enjoy for years to come.

Note: If you want to get outdoor chairs for your gazebo bar, check out these industrial metal barstools.

They come in a variety of colors, and their 30â³ height fits well with the 40â³ tall bar table. Plus, their budget-friendly price is an added bonus.

The Perfect Pool Gazebo

3m Gazebo Build over Hot Tub in Trowbridge Wilts

The perfect pool gazebo is one that looks right at home in your pool area, providing aesthetic appeal and charm. For smaller pool areas our 10×10 gazebo makes the perfect pool gazebo compact, space-saving and elegant at the same time. Our rectangular gazebos are also a great pool gazebo choice with their straight and even lines that fit easily into blocked areas beside the pool. For larger pool areas, your gazebo choices are only limited by your imagination and budget!

Add a screen to your new gazebo to keep snacks handy by the pool without worrying about flies or bees ruining the fun. We can add a screen package and decorative door to any of our gazebo styles and sizes for the perfect enclosed gazebo.

Consider maintenance-free vinyl for your new pool gazebo, thats perfect for the wet environment around your pool. Never worry about painting or staining your new gazebo to keep it looking its best season after season!

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Luxurious Hot Tub Gazebo Ideas

The hot tub and swimming pool have the same colors. Along with crisp white oversized pillars, they lend the space a Mediterranean feel.

Brown pillows and beige curtains turn the hot tub gazebo into an elegant hideaway. They are such a striking contrast to the pillars too.

The candles subtly illuminate the area and carve a romantic vibe. Meanwhile, blooming flowers raise the beauty of the hot tub gazebo.

How To Choose The Perfect Hot Tub Gazebo Or Enclosure

Theres your hot tub, sitting out in the open on your patio or deck, inviting nosy neighbors to peek in on you. Not exactly the relaxing environment youd hoped for. You could fix it with a spa enclosure. Maybe youve imagined something rustic with stone detail. Maybe you love the look of silky drapes flowing in the breeze. But do you know whether a hot tub gazebo, a pergola, or a solarium would best allow you to enjoy fresh air while you soak? Are you sure the spot where youd like to put up privacy screens wont amplify the sound of your spa motor?

Though its not exactly rocket science, choosing the best enclosure for your yard involves a few considerations you might not have thought of yet. From keeping you cool to protecting you from your neighbors prying eyes, choosing the best spa enclosure will increase your enjoyment of your spa tenfold, or maybe even twelvefold, but whos counting?

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Solarus 9 X 13 Hot Tub Gazebo

Crafted from kiln-dried red cedar, the Solarus 9 x 13 wooden hot tub gazebo is a model you should consider if you are looking for a high-quality outdoor enclosure. Made to withstand the elements, the cedar wood has been treated to resist warps and twists that can occur over the years. 117 square feet of interior space is enough room to house a large hot tub with a small table and chairs, and the windows can slide open so you wont overheat.

The gazebo is stained for protection and aesthetics, and it has a smooth finish due to a painstaking hand-rubbed process Westview Manufacturing includes on their models. Wind, rain, ice, and snow are no match for the Lexan Thermoclear roof, which provides overhead protection that is 200 times stronger than glass, while letting natural light into the shelter.

Attention to details like wooden knobs and brass hinges are included on the double doors for a uniform look, and you can customize the windows with blackout or clear panels. Adding optional screens will let you keep the windows open while the bugs stay outside. With no cutting or drilling necessary during assembly, this is an easy DIY model that screams high quality.

Key Features:

Wood Slat Surround Provides Privacy & Style

The 8 Best Hot Tub Gazebos You Need for Your Jacuzzi in 2020

The horizontal wood slat privacy walls have a modern, contemporary style, while they also allow light and air flow through. In other words, they are functional, and they create an attractive backdrop too.

And even though the space feels more secluded with the side walls, it still seems light and open. Plus, the rooftop skylight also brings in natural light during the day.

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Suncrown Outdoor Garden Gazebo


This outdoor gazebo is perfect for placing over your hot tub and has excellent reviews on Amazon. Its dual-tiered and features a canopy that gives it stability against harsh winds. The powder-coated aluminum frame is rust-resistant and designed to keep it in place, and the corner curtains cover the poles so your gazebo looks polished at all times. Its quick and easy to setup and versatile, you can use it anywhere in your backyard if you decide to give away the hot tub one day

Building A Gazebo For Your Hot Tub

If youre handy with tools, you might be considering building a gazebo for your hot tub yourself.

This can certainly save you money in the long run if youve got the skills and help you need. However, even if you can build a gazebo, you may not be able to build the stylish gazebo youve always wanted.

So, if youre looking for a gazebo with a certain look to cover your hot tub, you may want to buy one. That way you dont regret it later!

Its important to keep in mind that gazebos can be complex structures. They need solid foundations and a strong build quality so they can protect your hot tub investment and provide years of shelter and comfort.

If youre not confident in your ability to build a gazebo that meets your needs, its best to consult with a professional.

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Best Luxury Hot Tub Canopies And Enclosures

If youre really looking for something more premium, keep in mind that you will defintely pay for it when it comes to canopies.

You must factor in build materials, as well as whether or not the enclosure was specifically designed for a hot tub.

The option below is a good choice designed for hot tubs, and contains features like a bar and some other accents as you can see below.

Jacuzzi Gazebo Adds Both Style And Function To Your Tub:

Spa Gazebo Hot Tub Enclosure Assembly – Aspen 12×16

I like this patio gazebo because it can make a plain, ordinary hot tub feel cozier, more private and more luxurious. In addition, the structural design makes the space more functional.

For example, now you have a place to set food and drinks and can invite more friends to sit outside the spa. Plus, the hardtop roof provides a place to hang lights, speakers or other accessories.

You can also attach curtains or mosquito net if you want. The frame comes with a built-in dual rail system to hang from, so you can easily add more shade or privacy if you want.

Note: The heavy-duty wood frame and metal roof can make your hot tub more enjoyable year-round. Therefore, you can get more use out of your spa, even during winter.

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Choose A Temporary Gazebo For Summertime Fun

Get your garden party-ready with a pop-up shelter

If you’re looking for cheap garden ideas for your hot tub gazebo, then a pop-up design could be just the thing for your plot. Although not as sturdy as permanent installations, they’ll provide a welcome dose of shade or shelter from light rain for an afternoon or evening relaxing with friends.

Most will need dismantling overnight and won’t handle extreme weather conditions, but they’re so quick to put up and down that this won’t prove a hassle. Add a string of colorful bunting and some outdoor fairy lights and you’ll have an inviting setting for your next garden party in no time.

Summercove 11 X 11 Cedar Wood Frame Gazebo With Steel Hardtop

This gazebo from SummerCove features a cedar wood frame and a steel and polycarbonate roof with a small skylight which nice nice.

The hardtop roof will protect you from rain, snow, and sun. It has customizable privacy screens on 3 sides.

You could also consider the option to install DIY curtains for added privacy to the front. If you have friends over and want to take turns, the added barstools and bar area are a nice option.

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Colorado 12 X 14 Spa Enclosure

Long-lasting and low maintenance, the Colorado 12 x 14 hot tub gazebo enclosure is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. A large footprint of 168 square feet provide more than enough space for a hot tub and any furniture youd like to include in the shelter, and its dark grey color scheme is flexible to go with any home decor and instantly class-up your backyard.

Made by Westview Manufacturing, the Colorado uses uber-durable ultrawood throughout the structure, which will outlast rain and snow due to its composite material nature. A PVC roof works to quiet rainfall, and its ridge cap design eliminates roof leakage and allows water to effortless flow off it. Letting light in through roof is a polycarbonate skylight which is a material that is also found on the rounded corners, as it can take a lickin and keep on tickin.

Six tempered glass lockable windows are also included, and they can be opened for airing out the interior. The design of the overhanging roof also provides 24/7 ventilation, making sure the windows never fog up while you are in the tub. Lockable double sliding doors can be swapped out for French doors, you can add mosquito screens, and assembly of it only takes a few hours.

Key Features:

Spectacular Hot Tub Gazebo Ideas

Superior Spas Marley Hot Tub Gazebo in Grey

Posted on

Welcome to our gallery featuring splendid hot tubgazebo designs.

One of the most relaxing things you can have in your yard is a hot tub. A hot tub draws people to your home and serves as a place for you to kick back and let all troubles melt away.

To really make your hot tub stand out you may opt to build a gazebo around it. A nice relaxing hot tub covered by a gazebo will extend the hot tubs usage. You can have a lovely romantic evening in the hot tub even if rain is coming down, or even while it is snowing. What could be more atmospheric than that?

When pairing a gazebo and a hot tub, you should find two that go well together to make one unified relaxation spot.

What are the pros and cons of putting a hot tub under your gazebo?

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  • Relieve stress Hot water can be used in therapeutic ways. It can relieve stress as well as certain types of pain. There are a number of potential health benefits that come from hot tubs, and with one in your gazebo you will have instant access.
  • Entertainment spot With your very own hot tub your space will become the toast of the town and everyone will be clamoring to come over for a dip. You will have the ultimate hangout spot for socialization and relaxation.
  • All weather use When you combine the fantastic powers of a hot tub with a gazebo you have a relaxation spot that can be open in all kinds of weather.
  • Cons

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