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Small Front Porch Furniture Ideas

Embrace Boho Vibes With A Bistro Set


We adore the eclectic feel of this small patio

The best bistro sets are ideal for porches, especially if you opt for a foldable one that can easily be tidied away or popped into storage when needs be.

This pretty blue set paired with vibrant floral cushions fits with the artsy vibe of this home beautifully. Tumbling greenery on all sides adds to the relaxed, bohemian style while offering shade and boosting the privacy levels, too.

Connect With Other Outdoor Spaces

If your porch leads to a front garden area, think about how to keep the look cohesive. Use similar plants, choose paint colors that echo nature or speak to your designer about emulating the architectural features seen in your pathway or stonework.

In this California property, designed by Taylor Lombardo Architects , not only does the stonework provide a cohesive look, but so do the plants surrounding the porch.

The Best Small Front Porch Ideas

There are many ways to add style to a small front porch, and you may be surprised to find that it doesnt have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are some ideas to get you started. Use a matching color scheme for your porch and front door. This will create a cohesion between the two spaces and make the porch appear larger. In fact, you can even paint your front door black, as shown here.

Consider a nautical theme for your porch. This theme will evoke an oceanic mood, so use nautical-themed decor throughout your porch. Consider adding a compass doormat or shells to the walls. Put nautical-themed pillows on the porch furniture, or choose a throw blanket or rug to cover it. Then, add other elements to create a fun and cozy atmosphere. You can even buy decorative items to place on your front porch, including a mug, bottle cap, or sailor-inspired hat.

You dont have to spend a fortune on decorating your front porch, either. By using creative ideas, you can turn an old, worn table into a seat outside, and use it as a platform for knick-knacks. Small front porch ideas are endless! You can install steps and railings to give the space a sense of height. You can also add hanging planters to give your porch a personal touch.

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Black Furniture For Front Porch Ideas

Here, homeowners lined their white siding with black rocking chairs. Apart from facing the front yard, they infuse enough depth.

The white rocking chair, handrailing, and pale gray porch ceiling lighten the scene up. Meanwhile, herringbone pavers create balance and interest. Vintage ceiling fans and sconces echo the black hue of rocking chairs.

Use Pillows And Blankets For Coziness

31 The Best Small Front Porch Ideas To Beautify Your Home

I love adding a pillow and blanket to our porch chair. However, a pillow or blanket might not work out if you have an uncovered space. Even though our space is covered, the pillow still gets hit from the elements, so I am sure to choose an outdoor pillow. If the weather is really bad, I try to remember to bring in the pillow and blanket.

This might not be a practical option for you, so it is something to consider!


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Add A Shout Out To The Season

Adding a nod to the season is an easy and so pretty way to decorate a porch!

Pumpkins in the fall. Evergreens at Christmas. Planters of blooming bulbs in the spring. And lots of pretty, colorful annuals in the summer!

For summer I added three planters of vibrant, colorful annuals. The tall architectural planter on the right side of the porch balances the bench on the left side and is filled with shade-loving plants. The planter does not get any direct sun.

These fast growing annuals will fill this planter and spill over it in no time!

The large round self-watering planter gets sun until about 3:30 every day so it is filled with sun loving summer annuals! Im thinking of this planter as my front porch cutting garden!

I added a big round architectural piece to this container. Ive had this and another one like it for years. The rustier they get the more I like them! As the flowers get larger the ribs will help support the taller blooms.

The last nod to the summer season is a basket of annuals on the bench. This area, like the tall pot on the porch, does not get sun at all! So Ill rotate a few pots of red and pink geraniums to sit on the front porch bench.

Play Up Architectural Features

Modern lighting solutions are so fun and one of my favorite front porch decor ideas. Your front porch and entryway are quite similar in function and size. So, it only makes sense to draw inspiration for your porch light scheme from entryway lighting ideas.

Not all lighting choices have to be practical! A combination of lanterns, battery-operated candles, and votives placed strategically creates a warm welcome. Dont leave your garden or walkway area in the dark either. Spotlights, spike lights and floodlights help to illuminate your landscaping feats.

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Add Something Spectacular To Your Front Door

Nothing makes an instant impact like something spectacular on your front door especially if you have a small front porch!

Our eyes will go right to the front door if there is a wreath or basket or some other focal point on it!

For late spring into the summer, our front door has a big French-inspired basket filled with red and pink geraniums hanging on it. You just cant miss it! I adore red and pink together!

No matter the size of your porch and the time of the year, make your front door the focal point!

Did you notice the little hello to the door! Its a cheery welcome for sure!

You can see this super easy diy and some cute things to add to your door by going to

Give Your Porch Furniture A Boost With A Fresh Lick Of Paint


This color palette creates a unique aesthetic

When warmer weather comes around, it’s always nice to freshen up your outdoor scheme. And one way to do so without breaking the bank is by painting garden furniture.

Whether you have existing pieces that need a little TLC or have found some thrifted treasures, giving them a lick of exterior paint can totally transform them. These rocking chairs a classic when it comes to front porch furniture ideas have been given a modern makeover in a sugar-plum hue. We think they look stunning against the yellow backdrop and ditzy-pattern tablecloth.

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Swivel Chairs With Cushions And A Cafe Table

If you love dining al fresco, then you’ll definitely want to pair a table with your porch chairs. These metal swivel chairs have comfortable bounce and swing, and the cushions are easy to replace with off-the-rack alternatives. The glass table is easy to clean, and the metal legs on both the chairs and the table are easy to touch up with spray paint if they get weathered.

Combine White And Pink For A Pretty

Pretty planters complete this scene

If you love the whimsical charm of cottage garden ideas, then perhaps a look like this is the perfect update for your porch.

A bright white bench and tiny-yet-still-practical table create a cozy space for a spot of peace of quiet. And the trellised panel behind is the perfect support for a scented climber, while providing a bit more privacy and shelter to the setup.

A pair of planters, brimming with pink pelargoniums, frame the doorway beautifully, upping the romance of the scene. We love the bunting up high, too, for a pretty finishing touch.

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Hanging Chairs Are Awesome

If you want something fun and a little different, why not consider a hanging chair on a stand? These chairs are great if you want something swingy but don’t have overhead rafters. Think about these for a porch that is more of a deck in style. They are contemporary and ultra-cool, along with being very comfortable.

This hanging porch chair is made out of weatherproof resin. Comfortable, contemporary, and just plain awesome, this piece will make you happy.

Furniture For Colorful Bohemian Porches


Speaking of bohemian furniture for front porch ideas, try integrating assorted furnishings. This multifunctional gathering space boasts rattan furniture pieces. The daybed and end tables certainly produce symmetry here.

A stunning assortment of pillows infuses personality. Furthermore, the multicolored tablecloth ties the front porch accessories together.

The black ceiling fan delivers contrast while circulating the air. Palm trees and punchy flowers create an invigorating setting. White pillars and railing systems brighten the porch. Since floor cushions feature handles, they become easy-to-maneuver seats.

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Surround Your Porch Seating With Planters

Create a stylish divide between your porch and the outside world

This rattan garden furniture is perfect for summertime lounging. And tempered-glass-topped tables are a good choice for easy wipe cleans. Plus, opting for matching designs like this is a failsafe way to create a smart and pulled-together look.

But our favorite thing about this scene has to be the wooden containers that surround the space. Not only do they present the opportunity for lots more planting potential, but they also create a distinguished divide, defining the borders of the zone.

And don’t forget about hanging baskets, too, for adding even more blooms.

A Dark Porch Is Uninviting & Uninteresting Heres How To Brighten It Up

Im willing to bet that youve had the experience of approaching someones front door thats located on a dark, shadow-filled front porch. No one likes the foreboding, uninviting and even scary feeling of a dark entry like that!

The problem could be that your porch is enclosed, that the house is painted a dark color or that trees or a roof prevent the sun from shining in.

One easy fix is to paint your front door a brighter or lighter, eye-catching color that is different from the rest of the exterior of your home. Be sure to use a color on your door that compliments the body of your home and doesnt clash with it.

You can go bold or you can go soft with the paint color that you choose.

The color of this front door from Sunnyside Design is just right for brightening this small porch. The color is brighter than the surrounding trim and blends perfectly!

Also notice how the addition of a pot filled with pretty bright white flowers adds an instant pop of brightness.

If you arent a bright front door kind of person, a neutral color is equally appealing.

This soft gray color on the door from Cottage On Bunker Hill is a neutral color, but still draws your eye to the front porch and brightens what would otherwise be dark because of the porch ceiling.

Also take note of how much interest the texture of the shingled siding adds.

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Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas

If you have a tiny porch, it might be time to update your decor a bit. Throw on some pillows and a patterned rug for a cozy, inviting feel. Add some potted plants and outdoor pillows, and switch out the signs for the seasons. You can also put up a new wreath for spring. We like this idea by Erika it features a pink and coral wreath, a coral-colored chair, a vintage plant stand, and a DIY solar lantern.

A little lighting can make a big difference. Wall lights draw attention to feature elements, thereby opening up the porch. Alternatively, a small chandelier can provide a romantic glow. If youre trying to create a refined, classic look, avoid using too many colours and opt for simpler tones instead. A rug can also be a great way to organize furniture. If youre using colour as an accent, try avoiding mixing too many shades of the same hue.

A small front porch doesnt need to be boring! It can still be just as charming as a larger porch, if youre creative. Consider using the steps as decorative accents, too. A hammock chair or a porch swing can be a great addition to a small porch. Then, add a few decorative touches to your front door. Using a metal lantern along the front steps can also add pizzazz.

Use The Same Color Throughout


Whether you have a covered porch or one that’s open to the elements, choosing the same color for the ceiling and walls will help lift the space and make it feel more expansive.

‘It’s important to think about the flow, so paint the ceiling and the walls the same color. Also, think about what color you have in the hallway. There should be a thread that follows throughout and complements your hallway paint ideas,’ advises Nikki Rees who runs an interior design practice in south west London.

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Where To Shop For Front Porch Furniture

Now that youve seen ALL of the front porch and outdoor furniture at my home are you inspired to makeover your space?

To help you narrow down and find the best outdoor furniture options, Ill share my favorite places to shop online.

These retailers are the best options to find quality outdoor furniture and accessories at affordable prices.

Add Unexpected Details To Spark Interest On A Boring Front Porch

Front porches can be very basic spaces with nothing to really make them interesting. That definitely applied to the front porch on my first house!

This is where your local big box building store can come to the rescue! You can find lots of inspiration for adding architectural details to your front porch design by strolling through the trim department.

Whether on the exterior or interior of your home, using architectural trim pieces is a look that is always on trend! This porch from Delineate Your Dwelling is a great example.

The board and batten siding on the front porch at Fox Hollow Cottage adds interest on its own, but consider what the addition of a framed sign does!

Now, technically the decorative sign isnt architectural trim, but it visually feels like it is because the signs frame adds another layer to the board and batten.

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Warm And Welcoming Front Porch Ideas

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Your front porch is your home’s best chance to make a good first impression. No matter how big or small it might be, whether it is showy or unassuming, and regardless of the style of architecture, your front porch deserves as much attention to design and decor as your interior space.

A front porch can function as nothing more than a pass-through space or double as a second outdoor living room. It can create a convenient landing space for comings and goings, or simply sit there looking pretty, inviting passersby to wonder what else you have going on inside.

Whether you are looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal, create a welcoming portal for both you and your guests, or make life a little more pleasant for all of those hard-working delivery people who visit your doorstep every day, check out these front porches in a range of layouts and sizes that don’t skimp on style for some clever ideas on how to beautify your own outdoor space.

  • 01 of 60

    Design by Studio Robert McKinley / Photo by Read McKendree

    The front porch at this New England Shaker-style home in Montauk from Studio Robert McKinley is a summertime dream with its golden shingled siding, jumble of plants, and welcoming mustard yellow door.

    Continue to 2 of 60 below.

  • Your Porch Is An Extension Of Your Home

    31 The Best Small Front Porch Ideas To Beautify Your Home

    Nowadays, our porches extend our square footage and give us great spots to relax and unwind with friends. Don’t overlook styling them in a way that brings you joy and comfort. Hopefully, something here inspired your own great porch ideas. For more great posts, check out these below:

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    Or Opt For A Hanging Sofa For Your Porch Instead

    A stylish hub for socializing

    Double up the fun with a hanging outdoor sofa a dreamy place to chat away an afternoon with a loved one. Layer on all the cushions and blankets to keep things cozy, remembering to pick patterns and colors that enhance the theme you’re going for. This selection ties in nicely with the outdoor rug and potted plant nearby.

    The duo of chairs provides a second seating option, turning the area into a stylish hub for socializing. ‘Rattan is perfect for achieving a more traditional style,’ says Jonny Brierley, CEO at Moda Furnishings , and outdoor-suitable designs are super on-trend right now.

    Front Porch Dining Space Furniture

    Wicker dining chairs encircle an oval table with a bright white top. Furthermore, the front porch eating area boasts dark stained wood railing and flooring.

    Gray placemats and white cushions soften the porch dining areas look. Meanwhile, the wooden ceiling fan creates a seamless look while keeping visitors cool.

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    + New Front Porch Ideas

    20+ New Front Porch Ideas. Most cottages include a front porch that extends the houses width, providing lots of room to exhibit creative front porch ideas. 19 magical fairy garden ideas.

    It wasn’t very comfy out here and it certainly wasn’t used by all of us.’, says interior consultant julia reynolds . This design, seen with a striking textured bronze pivot door from urban front , has been planted on top with a green roof a brilliant porch idea to steal. Create a welcoming and cosy vibe.


    #2 // make the most of smaller spaces. Usually on a timer, these lights not only add drama to your front entrance, but.


    10 front porch ideas we love. Usually on a timer, these lights not only add drama to your front entrance, but.


    The new front porch on the home extends the interior living space outward. 46 pictures of front home porch design ideas.


    Porch remodel ideas with wood floors. What do you plan on adding or doing to your front porch?


    Another front porch ideas involves lights. It wasn’t very comfy out here and it certainly wasn’t used by all of us.’, says interior consultant julia reynolds .


    Many country cottages owe their curbside appeal to impressive front porch decor. Make the most of a large porch by separating it into multiple zones.

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