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Gazebo With Retractable Canopy

Ecotouge 10ft Outdoor Patio Pergola Retractable Canopy Garden Gazeboaluminum Frame Grape Trellis Sun Shade Cover Beige

Outdoor Canopies & Retractable Awning Manufacturer

This pergola has an adjustable canopy that can provide the best shade. The canopy position can be changed and retracted as desired at any time. Whether you are enjoying the sun or enjoying the shade, it all depends on your preference. Aluminum frame is used to reduce weight while increasing stability. Heavy Duty Steel provided for extra stability and security if necessary. Let you use the outdoor pergola outdoors without any worries. This outdoor gazebo combines a simple and generous design, suitable for various occasions. Whether it is an outdoor party, a family meal or a garden dinner, etc., it can become a beautiful scenery. Even can be used as a grape rack to decorate your backyard. 10FT patio pergola makes your backyard an ideal place for gatherings. Easily accommodate family members and enjoy a good family life outdoors. Large size canopy has excellent sun protection function, open structure around increases the air circulation.


Great value for what you are paying. Easy to assemble with 2 people. I anchored it down to a concrete slab and it withstood gust of up to 60mph. Only issue is that the retractable tarp tends to get stuck when trying to pull it back to place.

Weight: *

Consider The Aesthetic Of A Retractable Awning Vs A Pergola

A pergola or awning is a convenient piece of your patio or garden interior. Not only do they cover the area from the sun, but they also enhance your yards appearance. It is hard to say which will look more beautiful. It all depends on your imagination and taste.

The pergola will possibly take up less space, but it can become a nice and cozy corner in your garden. Besides, you can decorate the pergola with flowers or surround it with climbing plants. The design of the awning also can be very different: from modest to very pretentious. You can apply different styles, colors, materials to create the desired atmosphere.

Diverse Options For Easy

  • 7 ft. to 8 ft. Wide Vertical Shades Available in Textilene 90%-95% UV-Protectant Mesh Fabric
  • 6 ft. to 7 ft. Wide Vertical Shades Available in Either Select Sunbrella Solid Fabrics or Textilene Mesh Fabrics
  • 5 ft. Vertical Shades Available in Most Solid Colors or Any Mesh Fabric
  • 4 ft. Vertical Shades Available in All Fabrics, Including Striped Patterns

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Retractable Awnings Are Best For Sun Protection

It is so pleasant on a hot summer day to sit in the shade, read a book, drink tea, and just relax. Or invite your friends for a little talk. A retractable awning vs. pergola is definitely more useful in this case.

A pergola can be very cozy, but still, it can usually protect from the sun only a minimal area. In contrast, you can cover a large part of the yard, patio, or deck with an awning. Plus, it will allow you to adjust the space where you want to create shade and choose which side you want to hide from the sun.

Add Extra Shade & Privacy With A Colorful Pergola Canopy


Canopies are fade resistant, easy-to-clean, and block over 92% of UV rays. Made in the USA.


Create a beautiful shaded area by adding a colorful canopy to your Pergola Depot pergola kit. Custom-made to fit our pergolas, our pergola canopies are an affordable way to transform any outdoor living space. Choose from popular industry-leading outdoor fabrics and colors to enhance your pergola. Add an Infinity retractable pergola canopy to any of our attached pergola kits or our freestanding pergola kits in sizes 8×8 up to 20×20 to create extra shade and privacy. The canopy sizes listed on our website are for our standard pergola kits and are custom-made to fit Pergola Depot pergolas. Canopies ship within 4-5 weeks of paid order. Canopy panels ship separately from the canopy hardware.

Canopy Sizing

Canopy Fabrics and Accessories

A favorite for outdoor use, Sunbrella fabric offers excellent fade and weather resistance and blocks 100% of UV rays. The fabric is water repellent, yet is also soft and easy to work with. A wide selection of colors are available for retractable canopies built for Pergola Depot pergola kits. Functional and durable, Phifertex Plus Mesh fabrics block 92% of UV rays, are easy to maintain, and are resistant to mold and fading.

Adjust your canopy with the included pull cord or upgrade to a magnetic latch or pulley & rope systems. The magnetic latch keeps the canopy in the shade position, and the rope and pulley keeps the canopy where you leave it.

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Trim The Wire Ropes And Attach Turnbuckles

Extend each of the turnbuckles out as far as they will go by turning the two ends counter-clockwise to each other. Attach the three turnbuckles with the hook end to the three remaining eye screws on the pergola. Extend the free end of each wire rope to the eye end of the turnbuckles to get a general sense of where to cut the ends. Add 4 inches to your measurement and cut there, using wire cutters.

Working With Wire Rope Hardware

Suspending the wire ropes that will serve as cables for the canopy is done with a special type of hardware, known as a thimble-and-wire rope fitting. The process involves first threading the horseshoe-shaped metal thimble onto a screw eye anchored to the pergola’s beam. Then, the wire rope is fed through the screw eye so it fits into the groove of the thimble. Last, the free end of the wire rope is doubled back onto itself and secured with a specially designed clamp. This type of hardware is necessary since the wire ropes will be stretched between beams under tension.

This hardware is stocked along with other metal cable fittings in your hardware store or home center and is also available from online retailers.

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Material Durability Differs Between A Retractable Awning And A Pergola

If youve almost decided between a retractable awning or pergola, next youll want to choose the right material. Pergolas are usually long-term installations, so it is worth selecting durable materials like wood or aluminum. For awnings, however, very different materials are used. It can be a durable fabric, also wood , plastic, steel or galvanized steel, etc.

Install The Eye Screws On The Pergola

PVC pergola sample

Next, you’ll install the six eye screws on the support beams, three on one beam and three on the opposite beam. The support beams are the pergola’s chief horizontal load-carrying beams, often 2×6 or 2×8 lumber, upon which the upper structure rests. They are not the top-most lattice , nor are they the cross members directly below the lattice. The support beams are the structural members that rest on the vertical posts.

Using a ladder, drill three equidistant pilot holes on one beam, slightly smaller in diameter than the eye screws. Position the holes as high as possible, while maintaining a 1-inch space above the holes so that the canopy will slide freely and clear any structural components directly above. Screw the three eye screws fully into place. Repeat for the opposite side.

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Install The Eye Screws On The Support Bars

Stretch out the canopy and lay it on a clean surface. The canopy can be oriented so that the wooden support bars are either above or below the canopy fabric. Installing the bars above the fabric gives the cover a clean look that emphasizes the draping. Installing the bars below the fabric means that the bars will be visible from below. This is a stronger attachment since the support bars, not just staples, are holding up the fabric.

Attach three of the #10 eye screws on top of every support bar. Space the eye screws so that they match the spacing of the three eye screws you previously installed on the pergola beams. Be sure to drill pilot holes to avoid cracking the wood.

Stain The Support Bars

Cedar wood naturally weathers to a silvery-gray color and its oils keep it protected for many years. But if you would like added protection or a different look, you may choose to treat the cedar boards with semi-transparent stain or solid color stain.

Let the stain dry fully before proceeding to the next step.

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Purple Leaf 10 X 13 Outdoor Retractable Pergola With Sun Shade Canopy Patio Metal Shelter For Garden Porch Beach Pavilion Grill Gazebo Modern Yard Grape Trellis Pergola Beige

No matter what style your house or furniture is, our pergola in a stylish design can match different outdoor styles. Large size offers plenty of room to place the sofa or table, giving you the possibility to design what you want to place. You can use it for BBQs, parties, picnics with your family and friends.Adds an elegant and relaxed outdoor space for dining or entertaining in your garden, pool, deck, patio or yard. Our pergola will give you the best outdoor experience!


Like: I can tell this product is well engineered from the way the product is packaged, individually labelled and how the parts fit together nicely. The product looked very elegant and the retractable shade is a nice feature. I will put over a sail-shade on top though to prolong the life of the retractable shade material.Dislike: The posts are made of aluminum, very lightweight and may not be as study as wood or steel, however this is somewhat of an advantage in terms of the weight load on my composite floating deck. Also, when it is hot, the post would tend to be hot-to the touch so be careful, thinking of putting some kind of insulating material or vinyl cover over the posts.

Weight: 96.5 pounds

I Own A Restaurant How Can I Benefit From Pergola Awnings


The Sunair® Pergola® Awning systems are the ultimate systems for larger residential spaces and restaurant cafés. We have the most comprehensive product offering, and our Pergola® Awning are available in many models to best fit your needs and budget. They add durability and function agains the elements. These systems can be used both as sun protection and inclement rain protection, with integrated gutters to disperse water. All Pergola® models are custom built to fit your area. Model will be chosen based upon size and features, and whether the awning can be mounted to the wall or needs to be a free standing and self-supported system. Your choice of system will also depend if you want to add roll down bug screens, or colder weather zipper screens with windows to create a 3 season room. Multiple units can also be mounted together with a gutter systems to cover even larger areas.

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What Is A Retractable Canopy

With this retractable canopy design, the fabric is attached to horizontal 2×2 support boards, which slide along tensioned stainless steel cables, called wire ropes, which are hung from the pergola’s horizontal support beams. When retracted, this DIY pergola canopy tucks neatly away at one end of the structure. When extended, the canopy shades the underlying area in graceful drapes.

What Is The Difference Between An Awning And A Pergola

Awnings and pergolas are both outdoor structures designed to provide shelter from sun and/or rain. The difference between the two products is that an awning is attached to the house or building while a pergola is a more permanent attached or detached structure with posts, beams and rafters.

The range of pergolas and various awnings is now so extensive that sometimes it is tough to choose. Before you make such a purchase, you should understand what is an awning or pergola. You need to determine what features you need and what you want your yard to look like when you want to spend time in the yard. This article puts together a few essential factors regarding the differences between an awning vs. a pergola.

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X 10 Feet Patio Pergola Gazebo Sun Shade Shelter With Retractable Canopy

If you want to create a cool and cozy corner for outdoor leisure life, this patio pergola gazebo will be a good choice for you.

  • Price:CAD $359.00+ Free Shipping

    List Price:CAD $448.00

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    List Price:CAD $248.00

  • Price:CAD $439.00+ Free Shipping

    List Price:CAD $548.00

  • Price:CAD $169.00+ Free Shipping

    List Price:CAD $211.00

  • Price:CAD $79.00+ Free Shipping

    List Price:CAD $98.00

  • Price:CAD $259.00+ Free Shipping

    List Price:CAD $323.00

  • Price:CAD $309.00+ Free Shipping

    List Price:CAD $386.00

  • Price:CAD $239.00+ Free Shipping

    List Price:CAD $298.00

    You Save:CAD $59

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  • Large Order Deals

Key Features

    If you want to create a cool and cozy corner for outdoor leisure life, this patio pergola gazebo will be a good choice for you.

    This outdoor canopy could cover a large area, which is big enough to cover a full outdoor furniture set. It could accommodate 6 to 8 people at the same time. With 3 retractable canopies, this patio sun shelter can fully block out annoying sunlight all day. You can pull the rope loop to slide the top canopy effortlessly and fix the side canopies through screws to customize the shading area. Made of high-density polyester fabric, the canopy has good wear-resistant and waterproof ability to ensure long service life. In addition, its sturdy steel frame greatly increases its stability, and you can reinforce its feet and hide these stakes under metal covers.

Iwicker 10 X 13 Aluminum Frame Patio Retractable Pergola Outdoor Uv

Louvered Roof Pergola in Brooklyn, NY

Aluminum frame with superior rust-free coating, the solid structure guarantees long-term durability which is hardly to deform even after using for long time. And the ground stakes are included for adding its stability. The solution dyed polyester fabric is UV resistant, non-fading and water-repellent, can stand up to weather variations. The pergola is simple but practical, it will create a cozy nook which full of relaxed ambience while bring you years of enjoyment. You can slide the canopy smoothly and easily with the inside pulley and drawstring. The design allows you adjust the sun shade according to your needs, perfectly accommodate your requirement for sheltering from the harsh summer. The patio pergola can prevent harsh sun rays and unexpected rain showers. It is also a good choice to open up the canopy for bathing warm winter sunshine and viewing beautiful stars at night


Item as described. Easy for one person to assemble. I anchored each post to a chair with clamps and stretch chords. Then assembled the outside rafters so that it was free standing. I am 75 years old with bad knees, so it took 2 days. Instructions were great.

Weight: *

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A Versatile Addition To The Exterior Of Your Home

Another benefit of retractable pergolas is that they can be installed in all kinds of different locations in your home. For instance, you could install the structure off of your master bedroom or other favorite room to provide shade while you relax indoors. Another option would be to add it off the entryway so you can take advantage of its cooling effect before stepping foot inside. You also have options for installing one at any opening on the exterior of your home, including over decks, patios, and walkways.

Consider The Place Of Installation For A Retractable Awning Vs Pergola

Pergolas are usually freestanding. You choose the most suitable place and install the pergola there. Awnings are usually adjacent to one of the walls of the house while creating a comfortable summer terrace. You can also attach the awning to tall, strong trees in your garden or use a special frame to support it.

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Size The Canopy Fabric

When fully extended, the canopy must be the size of the pergola’s area, plus at least 20 percent longer to accommodate draping. Heavier cloth such as sailcloth will sag more muslin and linen will sag less. Determine the look you wish to achieve when the canopy is extended. Tighter cloth has a trim, finished look. Cloth with deeper sags gives your pergola an airy, fanciful look. Find the area of your pergola by multiplying its length by its width.

Owning A Struxure Has Never Been Easier

hometrends Retractable Shade Pergola

6 MonthsDeferred Interest / Deferred Payment

First payment and interest deferred for 6 months. Example: $15,000 project, $198 payment based on 120-month term at 9.99% APR with no prepayment penalty.

12 MonthsNo Interest / No Payment

Interest and payment deferred for 12 months. If balance is paid on or before the 12 months you pay *zero interest. *REVIEW PLAN DETAILS FOR ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Based on approved financing from an authorized lender. Financing program availability may vary based on the state and lender programs available. StruXure is not a finance Company and does not provide lending to its customers directly. Approved financing is available on a dealer by dealer basis throughout the U.S. and North America and not all dealers offer financing programs.

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Cut The Canopy Support Bars

The canopy fabric will be stabled to 2×2 cedar supports bars, which will then be suspended from support wires using eye screws that allow the canopy to slide back and forth.

With a power miter saw or circular saw, cut 2×2 boards to the width of the canopy. Generally, plan on one board for about every 18 inches of the canopy’s length, though the exact spacing is up to you. Increasing the number of boards creates a scalloped, ribbed look. Fewer boards produce larger, lower drapes.

Abccanopy Patio Pergola For Your Garden Lawn Backyard And Deck

  • This patio pergola is made of riplock fabric, which gives superior pull strength, makes the canopy more durable.
  • Heavy duty rust resistant steel frame and reinforced structure for long lasting durability and protection guaranteed.
  • Retractable canopy, enjoy the sun or creat a cool shade are simple easy.
  • Good choice for recreational use-parties, outdoor backyard events, lawn, outdoor deck, garden, patio, or near a pool, weddings, etc.
  • Stable steel construction
  • UV and water resistant

Sturdy Frame

Made of high-grade engineered steel and powder-coated for rust-resistance and extra durability. Can resist chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion.

Retractable Canopy

Allows you to creat a shade for cozy ambiance, or enjoy the sunshine becomes easily.

Riplock Fabric

The gazebo cover is made of riplock material,which is more durable than normal fabric, not easy to be teared by bad weather.

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