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How Tall Should A Patio Umbrella Be

Rolling Patio Umbrella Bases

IKAYAA â?¤ï¸? 9 Foot Wood Patio Umbrella – Review â

A rolling umbrella stand is great if you like to move your sun protection umbrella to different areas around the pool. Patio umbrella bases must be very heavy to keep your umbrella from tipping over, but their weight can make it impossible to move, unless…. you have an umbrella base with wheels.

This rolling umbrella base provides the weight and stability that is needed for a free standing umbrella.

The features of this patio umbrella base are

Fits 1-3/8in to 2-1/16in diameter umbrella poles

Made of durable high-density polyethylene, which will not rust or chip and requires no maintenance

Rolls easily on 4 high-quality wheels . This allows the stand to turn and pivot easily

You will need to fill it with sand or rocks to add the needed weight. It can be filled with sand up to 125 lbs. Check out the all 5 star reviews at Amazon here:

Shademobile Rolling Umbrella Base

The 21-inch diameter table accessory is set at the ideal seating height, 20-inches from the ground and comes in two colors – bronze and sand. The table only works with the Shademobile post. It’s easy to install. It literally just screws in place.

Patio Umbrella Pole Height And Diameter

Your patio umbrella pole diameter is an important measurement to check for because its crucial to the stability of your umbrella. For maximum umbrella stability, you want your umbrella pole diameter and base diameter to be as close as possible while still fitting. We looked through our collection of patio umbrellas and found that most had a pole diameter of at least 1.5 and some went up to 2.5. If you choose an umbrella with a pole diameter of 1.5, you want the base to diameter to be at least 1.5 and at the most, .25 larger. As a rule of thumb, your base diameter should not be more than .25 larger than your umbrella pole.

Pro Tip: Beach umbrellas are slimmer than patio umbrellas, make sure you double check before purchasing!

If you have the option to buy your patio umbrella in person, we highly recommend doing so. Being able to pick out an umbrella thats the perfect fit for your patio while also finding the right base will make your life much easier in the long run.

The height of your umbrella is another important factor. You want enough clearance so that taller individuals dont have to stoop down when they are under the umbrella. Still, it cant be so high that the shade is covering your dog instead of you! In general, you want your umbrella to be at least 7 feet tall. You can also look for patio umbrellas with tilting and cantilever functions to adjust where the shade lands. Well talk about that in the section below.

Can The Canopy Of A Patio Umbrella Be Removed And Died

  • on May 27, 2018You can paint it with fabric paint . Stenciling a design would be nice.
  • Ebbjdl on May 27, 2018I think this is too much work, why not cover it in fabric with pins or safety pins. Find some nylon fabric that will hold up to the weather. Start at one rib at a time, this seems easier, thats what I did, because my umbrella wàs faded also.
  • Flipturn on May 27, 2018To dye it so that the dye penetrates and circulates through the fabric evenly, you are going to need a very large container to first mix the dye with water. Then when you go to remove the wet fabric, it will be very heavy and cumbersome. You will need to squeeze out the excess water first, then hang it where it can dry without staining other surfaces with the dripping dyed water.
  • Anna Maria on May 27, 2018Thank you. I do not have the space or ability to squeeze out the water. Dying is out.
  • M. M.. on May 27, 2018White umbrellas can be very glare-y when you sit under them, try some darker fabric for your re-cover, maybe even some of the sun-resistant fabrics like Sunbrella, wont fade or develop sun rot. I just did a quick search for replacement offset patio umbrellas covers and found them for about $100-125 at various sources. Heres just one example , they have square and round, all sizes. You could easily spend that much just for the uncut fabric..
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    Matching Umbrellas To Patio Style

    After youve squared away all the logistical details, choose an umbrella that best speaks to your sense of style. Patio umbrellas round out an outdoor seating area with grace and balance. Select a color that borrows from the seat cushions of your patio set or choose an umbrella base that matches the materials woven into your outdoor design.

    A wooden pole blends with a country-inspired look, for example, while a metallic, aluminum or stainless steel fits into a sleep, modern layout. Go a step further by choosing a modern selection with ambient LED lights for evenings outside, such as the Starsong Borealis 9-Foot 30 LED Garden Umbrella.

    As with any other patio purchase, large outdoor patio umbrellas should further bring your outdoor dining and seating area to life, welcoming everyone to gather and chat on a sunny day. Check out Starsongs patio furniture buying guide and see what pieces you can add to your space to go with your new patio umbrella.

    Accounting For The Base

    What Size and Shape Patio Umbrella Should I Get?

    Since patio umbrellas need to remain fixated to the ground, it is necessary to have an effective base. A solid base as the foundation will provide stability and keep it standing during harsh winds. There are various sizes of bases for umbrellas . Taller umbrellas will require bigger and heavier bases. Customers need to make sure their base is sturdy enough to hold the umbrella up proudly and complete the look of your patio.

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    How To Measure An Umbrella Size

    Whether you are buying an umbrella in the department store or ordering a customized umbrella from a manufacturer, you should know how to determine the umbrella measurement. Here are the two important factors in determining the umbrella measurement:

    Umbrella Canopy Size The size of the canopy determines the area that an umbrella can cover. It can be measured by referring to the arc width or diameter. To get the arc size, open the umbrella then measure from one tip of one side then over the top to the tip of the other side.

    On the other hand, to get the diameter, open the umbrella then measure from one tip then move to the tip on the other side under the umbrella. Before buying or ordering umbrellas, research whether the brand that you will buy uses arc or diameter for umbrella measurement.

    Umbrella Frame Size The frame is composed of the shaft and the handle. To get the frame size, close the umbrella then measure from the top until the handle. The frame size determines the length of the overall umbrella measurement.

    If you have a foldable umbrella, you will have two sizes: first when it is folded and second when it is stretched out.

    If you are buying customized umbrellas, you have the prerogative to determine the umbrella measurement. The measurement would most likely be determined by the type of umbrella. Here is the common umbrella measurement for each type:

    What is the average size of a patio umbrella?

    What is the best size for a golf umbrella?

    Note Your Existing Canopy Ventilation

    Take a look at how the ventilation works in your existing umbrella canopy. The vast majority of umbrella canopies have a single vent in the center, a top hat that channels air through the canopy, preventing the umbrella from flying away on a gusty day. However, there are other ventilation methods available like double venting umbrella canvases, and you must be sure to match the ventilation style in your market umbrella replacement canvas to your existing umbrella fabric.

    There are not many double-vented patio umbrella canvas replacements around, but this one may fit your umbrella:

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    Selecting The Tilt Mechanism

    Patio umbrellas are designed to shade users from the sun. However, they dont always do that successfully because the sun is constantly moving. Therefore, to address the shifting of the sun, most umbrellas nowadays include a tilt function that allows an individual to adjust the angle of the umbrella for continued coverage. Depending on the model of umbrella, the tilt mechanism may not always be the same. Typically, there are three main styles of tilt systems: collar, auto-tilt, and push button.

    Rotating a crank lets user adjust the tilt Manual setting not requiredCan be adjusted while seated

    Prior to closing the deal, shoppers ought to check the type of tilt that the specific model offers. In general, these three choices are all effective and the decision one needs to make is one based on personal preference. Some individuals might choose to the ease provided by the auto tilt style while others might decide on the collar tilt for a wider range of angles.

    What Type Of Base Do I Need For My Patio Umbrella

    COBANA 9 FT Outdoor Patio Umbrella Push Button Tilt Crank Review

    Most patio umbrellas come with a patio umbrella base, but there are some umbrellas that do not. If you dont have a patio umbrella base, then you will need to purchase one.

    There are two types of patio umbrella bases weighted bases and cross-base bases.

    Weighted patio umbrella bases are the most popular type of patio umbrella base because they are the easiest to use and are very sturdy.

    Cross-base patio umbrella bases are a newer style of patio umbrella base that is becoming more popular because it is very stylish and can be used on any surface, including grass or sand.

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    Only Use Table Umbrellas On Level Patios

    Table umbrellas are a combination of a patio table with a hole in the center and a properly placed umbrella, typically sold separately but sometimes available as a single package. The two complement each other both in design and support, making this a common option. However, a table umbrella cannot easily be moved, and it requires a perfectly level surface to prevent wobbling. That makes this combination most suitable for level patios with plenty of open, unused space, large deck spaces, poolsides, and other highly developed areas.

    Pound Cast Iron Umbrella Stand

    A cast iron umbrella base provides a decorative and sturdy base for any patio umbrella. They are heavy, provide lots of weight and are long lasting.Many people like the look of a cast iron umbrella stand – including me. But I don’t like how quickly they rust and peel.

    Amazon carries a variety of cast iron umbrella stands that are often less expensive than buying them at a store. Or as in my case, I bought an outdoor umbrella on line and expected to buy an umbrella base at a local store. Would you believe that by the end of July all of the stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Target were all out of umbrella stands?

    Amazon provides a great selection – much better than any local home improvement store. Many of them offer free shipping which is amazing. This cast iron base weighs 40 lbs.

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    No More Fighting For A Spot In The Shade

    The 12 x 12 Square Garden Pavilion Umbrella from Treasure Gardens.

    Its quite plausible to replace a gazebo with Treasure Gardens Square Garden Pavilion Umbrella. Youll still be able to enjoy evening dinners under a covered area with a few additional perks. For one, you can take this umbrella with you in the case that you have to move. Luxury drapes provide privacy and give you the VIP Cabana feeling for a fraction of the cost to build a gazebo.

    More Patio Furnishing Buying Guides

    Should I Leave My Patio Umbrella Outside

    What Size Patio Umbrella is Best? What Size Patio Umbrella ...

    You should never leave your patio tables, chairs, and umbrellas outside during the winter. If you do, you run the risk of your furniture rusting because of the snow or icy rain. According to an article in The Chicago Tribune, your umbrella wont last more than a season if its left outside uncovered.

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    Cleaning The Umbrella Canopy

    • Aim to clean the canopy while its still on the frame. Using a garden hose with a spray attachment, wet the canopy, adding mild soap or bleach for tough stains, and use a medium-gentle nylon bristle brush to remove any surface dirt and debris.
    • Rinse off when done. If this method does not work, remove the canopy from the frame and wash in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.
    • Place the canopy back on the frame to finish drying Canopies should never be pressure washed or put in the dryer.

    Get The Top Opening Size

    Not all patio umbrellas get top cap. Many designs are actually pretty simple. However if yours have one, top opening is right on the top center of the umbrella. You need to get the measurement too so you can get the new canopy replacement to fit really well as you get the exact size of the hole cap.

    Look for a hole at the top and then measure it carefully. If the hole is small enough, you may not need to get the size. Instead, you can always cut the canvas with scissor later if it is small enough.

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    The Ultimate Patio Umbrella Buyers Guide

    Patio umbrellas are a vital part of your outdoor decor and are among the most desired outdoor furniture accessories to complete your patios look. They come in many different sizes, styles, weights, shapes, and forms. If youve ever purchased a cheap personal umbrella, you know that youre in for a surprise. In the same way, investing in a quality outdoor umbrella will make sure that your time is spent enjoying conversations with close friends instead of chasing umbrellas across the yard.

    To be sure youre not disappointed with your next patio umbrella, check out this comprehensive Patio Umbrella Buyers Guide that will teach you everything about patio umbrellas! By the time youre done with it, youll be an outdoor umbrella expert!

    What Is The Top Selling Product Within Patio Umbrellas

    Small patio table with umbrella

    What is the top-selling product within Patio Umbrellas? The top-selling product within Patio Umbrellas is the Hampton Bay 11 ft. Aluminum Cantilever Solar LED Offset Outdoor Patio Umbrella in Putty Tan. Which brand has the largest assortment of Patio Umbrellas at The Home Depot? California Umbrella has the largest assortment of Patio Umbrellas.

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    S To Choosing The Best Patio Umbrella

    If youve started shopping for a patio or pool umbrella you might be surprised and maybe a little overwhelmed by the wide selection of options. With so many sizes, materials, and features available, how do you know which outdoor umbrella to choose? This buying guide covers patio umbrellas from top to bottom size, fabric, features, and more so you can make your best purchase.

    The shape of your patio umbrella can be determined by a few factors: the area you wish to shade, the space available, and the look you prefer. The most common umbrella shapes are round , rectangle, and square. Are you shading a dining table and chairs? You may want a large rectangular umbrella. Setting up shade for a pair of chaise lounges? A round pool umbrella may be what you need. As you measure for your umbrella space, look around for any potential obstructions including tree branches, power lines, and your homes roof line.

    Umbrella Size
    • Fun alternative to traditional fabrics
    • Consists of polypropylene strips sewn into spun polyester base cloth
    • Will not rot, mildew, or attract insects
    • Hose it down to clean and allow to air dry

    Trying to decide between a steel vs. aluminum patio umbrella? The material you choose will play a role in the umbrellas strength, weather-resistance, and overall look. Take a moment to understand the options as you shop.

    Push-up: User grabs the collar of the umbrella , pushes the collar up, and locks it into place with a pin.

    So How Do I Know The Right Size

    That depends on your intended use.

    If you want a patio umbrella to protect yourself and guests sitting at an outdoor dining table, the umbrella should hang 2 feet outside the table on every side.

    If your patio umbrella is meant to cover a set of patio furniture, and you only plan to use it for sun protection, the extra 2 feet of clearance isnt necessary. You can angle a slightly smaller patio umbrella to block the sun without actually hanging over the entire outdoor living space.

    A nice cantilever umbrella sized about equal to the footprint of your patio furniture will do a great job of keeping everybody comfortable.

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    How Heavy Should A Patio Umbrella Stand Be

    Free-Standing Umbrella Size 5 Feet or Less
    Minimum Base Weight 50 lbs or Less

    . Keeping this in consideration, how heavy should a patio umbrella base be?

    Minimum Weights for Umbrella Stands11-13ft umbrellas. Umbrella bases come in a wide variety of sizes and weights. Bases and stands that weigh between 20-45lbs are usually intended for umbrellas that are used through a hole in middle of a table.

    Subsequently, question is, what is the best patio umbrella stand? The 10 Best Outdoor Umbrella Stands

    • Abba Patio Round. REVIEW.
    • Abba Steel Patio Planter. REVIEW.
    • FiberBuilt Base. REVIEW.
    • TropiShade Bronze. REVIEW.

    Similarly, you may ask, how heavy should a base be for a 9 foot umbrella?

    A good way to determine the minimum weight for your umbrella stand is to multiply the width of your umbrella canopy by 10. For example, for a 7.5′ umbrella we recommend using a 75 lb. umbrella stand a 9umbrella will require at least an 90 lb.

    How much does a cantilever umbrella weigh?

    After a great deal of research, we have determined that the best cantilever umbrella base weight is the EasyGoProducts 60 Liter Weighted Cantilever Umbrella Weight Base . This unit can supply up to 211 lbs of weight when filled with sand, or 135 lbs when filled with water.


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