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How To Build A Cover Over A Patio

Beginning Construction On The Patio Cover

How To Build a Patio Cover – Lots of Tips

Early the next morning the materials arrived at my house. Once the materials were unloaded, I began carrying the ten-foot-long boards and corrugated metal sheets to the backyard, laying them out in a pattern to roughly match how they would be assembled.

I also separated the corrugated metal sheets, wiped each one down with a light coat of vegetable oil, and then re-stacked them. This was something I had seen a neighbor do a long time ago when I was a child. I dont know if it served any purpose other than making me feel better. Its a step I probably could have skipped, but who was I to doubt the wisdom of the ancients?

Ledger Board Installation

Coagulate The Post Foundation Using The Cemented Anchors

How to build a patio cover step by step. With the help of a friend or spouse and a few basic tools, you can install your new patio cover in only a few hours. The first step of the project is to layout the patio cover posts. To begin, you’ll want to measure out the space you want your patio cover to encompass.

If you plan to attach the deck cover to the side of the home, then you only need 2 post mounts in the outer corners of the deck. When you are building a patio cover off of an existing roof or wall, you must take all of your measurements from the point at which the patio roof will attach to the existing structure, not the outside of the slab. Once you hav e made sure that you received

Step 1 // install anchors & column brackets while this step could be done several different ways, j and i opted to use a post bracket & wedge anchor to tie the columns into our concrete pads.using a drill bit we drilled a hole the length of our wedge anchor into the concrete. This size allows you to fit a table for four comfortably on the patio to dine al fresco. At the end, youll have a shaded patio that you built yourself.

Make sure you remove the vegetation layer and even out the surface. The placement of the ledger/header determines the level of the roof, so be sure it is positioned at the correct height and is horizontal. Use batter boards and string to layout the location of the legs.

Patio Cover Free DIY Plans HowToSpecialist How to

Patio block and wood steps Design in 2019

Double Check For A Better Freestanding Patio Cover

Now you have the structure of a freestanding patio cover. You can begin to cover the patio with the materials of your choice such as lattice wood, translucent fiberglass, wood and shingles, metal panels , boards and netting, or canvas shade sails.

The structure that you have just made is the simplest one. There are various kinds of structures available that suit your patio very well.

But you have to remember to double-check the level of the whole patio before adding the roof. For more freestanding patio cover ideas, check out these ten fantastic patios.

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Freestanding Metal Roofing Patio Cover

The aim of building a freestanding patio cover is to protect you from the rain and the glare of the sun. Therefore, you can use any materials for the roof including the tin roof.

Tin roof, just like any other metal roofs, has many benefits. Tin roofs are more durable than wooden and plastic roofs. They are also lighter which makes them easier to install. They are also resistant to fire.

This patio features a very simple structure and there is nothing wrong with that. The simple structure tends to be practical rather than aesthetical.

The black metal posts and beams are sturdy enough to support the tin roof. To get a cooler breeze, a fan hangs over the table.

Wooden Freestanding Patio Cover On Budget

How to Build a Patio Cover With a Corrugated Metal Roof ...

Lounging by the pool is really nice. But it is not that nice if the sun is too hot or the rain comes. Thus, you need a freestanding patio cover to sit back and enjoy the view of your backyard despite the weather.

This wooden patio cover is such a great idea for those who want to salt away some money. It does not feature any sophisticated pattern, even the posts are just simple.

The only curvy edges are found in the joist beams which are not too complicated yet accentuate the cover very well.

The patio features two wire chairs and a swinging bed. It will be nice to lounge on the swinging bed while reading your favorite book.

And the most important thing is you can get all these wonderful things at an affordable price. Being comfy does not have to be expensive, does it?

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Before A Badly Damaged Concrete Deck Slab

Family Handyman

This was the ultimate bad patio: severely cracked and cratered, some areas raised by frost, others sunken after 50 years of settling. Originally, it was tiled, then the tile was chiseled off and the pockmarked surface got a coat of paint. Luckily, weve got some great outdoor flooring ideas over concrete, starting with building a deck!

A slab with this much damage cant be fixed. But it can be covered upand this article will show you how. The results look just like a deck, but getting them is much easier and less expensive than building a deck from scratch. In most cases, this project is also less expensive than a new patio installed by a contractor. Local contractors estimated costs of $7 to $10 per sq. ft. to remove this patio and pour a new slab. You could probably replace your patio yourself for less than the cost of this project, but DIY demolition and concrete pours are big, backbreaking jobs.

Patio Design & Budget

  • Our patio construction experts make sure that each project turns out perfectly.
  • We can adjust the size and scope of your shade cover to keep costs within your budget.
  • Our desire is to create the shade addition of your dreams.

When it comes to building quality insulated aluminum covers, Houston clients will tell you that we are industry experts. Our local construction professionals design and build patio covers Houston homeowners are proud to own.

What additional considerations are there when installing covered porches in the Houston area?

  • Custom stone or brick columns can be installed.
  • Color options to match your home.
  • Screen walls that enable any shade cover to be converted into a fully enclosed screened porch.
  • Drainage is a important so we install gutters on every cover that we build.
  • Since the size of a shade structure impacts price, we can build any size or shape to suit your need.
Actual Client Review:

Price was reasonable and we received a quality product. Work was completed in the time promised. Crew demolished old patio cover and tile patio, removed debris from property and cleaned up work site completely at completion of project. I would recommend this company.

John Walters in Montgomery, TX

How to make patio construction easy to understand?
People also ask:

What is a covered patio called?How much does it cost to put in a covered patio?Is a patio cover or pergola cheaper to build?

Actual Client Review:
  • Sugar Land

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Rather Watch Us Build Our New Patio Check It Out On Youtube

So lets start from the beginning with the design. My husband wanted the biggest deepest patio we could get with unobstructed views. Our current patio was 30 long and that length was good so that we didnt cover the windows to two of our bedrooms. Our house is already on the darker side and we wanted to keep as much natural light inside as possible. So we knew 30 long, but how were we going to that big of a span without posts in the middle? I didnt think it was possible, but my husband wouldnt give up on it. So I went and talked to an architect friend and he said it would be possible with an 18 glulam. He also suggested adding another set of posts close to the outside that wouldnt block any views but would help balance the look. I totally agreed and is one of our favorite features. He also said we could get away with smaller joists, but because we were leaving them exposed, I went with 3x8s to again balance the look. As far as the depth, we settled on 14 so that we could use standard 16 joists rather than having to up the joist size to 20 and then cut them down to size.

Next up was #DemoDay! It was sure nice to see the old patio go down and that meant things were getting real! I did salvage the wood and made a dining table for the new patio. If you havent seen that build, you can check it out here. It is a real conversation piece when I tell people what I made it from.

Then lastly some paint, lighting fixtures and the patio was ready to be enjoyed.

Whats The Difference Between A Covered Patio Covered Porch Lanai And Veranda

DIY Patio Roof Build

The difference comes down to the placement of the structure and its design elements.

  • Covered patios and lanais: They are both extensions of a home’s existing room. Typically occupy the side or back of a home.
  • Covered porch: Usually sits in the front of a home. Open to the outside. Holds the same design elements as a covered patio and lanai.
  • Veranda: An open-air structure connecting to the outside of a building. Enclosed by a railing that extends across the front or sides.

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Cost To Build A Covered Patio Attached To A House

The cost to build a covered patio attached to a house ranges from $500 to $25,000 on average. A small bistro patio with a sailcloth cover is at the lowest end of this cost. An outdoor kitchen patio with a full roof is at the high end. Because patios come in so many different sizes and styles, the cost range is large. Attaching a patio and cover to the house allows more options. Attached and awnings can be less expensive than freestanding gazebos.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Roof Over A Deck

The cost to cover a deck will depend on a number of factors. These factors include the type of material, the size of the roof, and how complicated it will be to build. Currently, the cost to add a roof over your patio will start at $2,000 and increase from there. Contact a local roofing company to get started and schedule an estimate for your project.

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How To Build A Roof Over My Existing Deck

Summer may be over, but its the perfect time to start building a roof over your deck for next years sunny season. If youre looking to enjoy the great outdoors right from your backyard while still getting some relief from the sun or rain, a roof over your deck or patio is the perfect solution.

So, how do you go about it? You may want to just get it over with and do it yourself, but sometimes its better to hire a professional who can get it done efficiently. In this blog, were going to cover the benefits of building a roof over your deck, how to do it, and the average costs. Here at Legacy Service, we will do all we can to help you perfect your homes exterior. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with us for a roof replacement, give us a call at 215-798-9790 or fill out a contact form here.

Building A Porch Roof

Decor of Deck Over Concrete Patio Outdoor Concrete Patios ...

Building a porch roof or screened in porch roof over an existing deck or patio can be fairly straight forward or very complex depending on the type of roof you choose.We show you how two different roofs are constructed so you will know what is involved.Most porch roofs are typically shed roofs or variations of hip roofs.The biggest challenge is determining the rise and run and cutting a birds mouth at the outer end of the rafters that rests on the header.

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Tips For Purchasing Materials

  • Be flexible. I had originally planned on using 4×4 beams and joists, but local codes wouldnt allow for them, so I used 10×2″ headers and 6×2″ joists, which worked out just fine. Also, be prepared to modify your plan at the store when youre getting your materials, as doing so can save you money. For instance, I chose drywall screws instead of nails because, for some reason, they were less expensive, and they wont try to work themselves back out after a few years. Another substitution I made was choosing three- and four-inch deck screws instead of framing nails. Although more costly, they hold much better than framing nails outdoors.
  • Shop around. Shopping around for the best prices for materials was absolutely necessary. In the same town, in an area of fewer than 10 miles, the difference in prices was enormous. Total material costs ranged from $2,200 down to $800.
  • Beware the store associates. Some are aggressive and want to push customers into an insane buying frenzy, bringing up a storm of confusing nonsense that somehow equates spending more to saving more. The lumber store I bought from had an associate who simply made sure I bought the correct materials for the job by looking over my plan and suggesting shorter screws for the joist hangars and a lower grade of lumber for the areas of the patio cover that would not be exposed to the weather. The associate also arranged for delivery, which cost $25.
  • Choose The Type Of Wood To Use

    Another consideration for this project was the type of wood to use. After comparing the cost and aesthetics of cedar vs fir, cost overruled looks for us and at a third less was the more viable choice.

    The Sikkens teak cedar stain turned the #2 fir beautiful, but the one time that the can was shaken and not stirred, the wood was a lot lighter because the pigment was at the bottom of the gallon can.

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    Retractable Canopies Offer Maximum Versatility

    Retractable canopies are large shading structures built over the deck and mounted to the house and decking. The best time to choose these systems is when you’re planning a new deck, so you can incorporate the support posts into the design.

    • They provide one of the most customizable patio shade ideas.
    • The shading fabric slides open and closed along overhead tracks.
    • You can retract each canopy independently of the others.

    Pros: With structures up to 21 feet long and nearly 27 feet wide, the wooden canopy systems will cover almost any size deck. Each canopy is retractable, and it’s the only system that allows the canopies to be partially retracted, giving you more control over your shade. More than 40 fabric colors are available to match your home’s decor. Block sun along the sides by fastening vertical blinds to the overhead structure.

    Cons: You can install the canopies on existing decks, but the support posts may not look consistent with your current decking materials and could become obstructions. The overhead structure and posts stay in place even when the canopy is retracted.

    How Much Weight Will A Deck Support

    How to build a patio cover. pt 2 (Must see edition)

    Since all decks are different, its impossible to provide a universal answer to this question. However, theres one thing to keep in mind when youre wondering how much weight a deck will support: A deck thats properly designed will be built to hold 50 lbs per square foot. So, if you had a 100 square foot deck, it would be able to support 5,000 lbs.

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    What Can I Use To Cover My Deck

    If you search how to build a roof over a deck online, it will help you determine what to use to cover your deck. The three main options include a gable roof, a hip roof, and a shed roof. Once you determine the type of roof you want for your deck, then youll have to choose the type of material. We suggest contacting your local roofing company that builds roof decks to schedule a consultation.

    Fiberglass Freestanding Patio Cover

    This all-white patio perches on four stone posts. The rounded white posts look elegant and suit the window trims very well.

    The beams feature curvy edges that make the patio look more attractive. And the fiberglass roof is just nice. It protects you from the rain, but it does not hinder you from getting the sunlight.

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    Solve Water Problems First

    This corner of the patio had settled by more than 2 in. over the years. That meant a big reservoir after rainand water in the basement. So we filled the reservoir with exterior-grade self-leveling compound. After the first batch hardened, we poured on a thin coat and gave it a slight slope so water would run away from the house.

    Self-leveling compound hardens fast, so you can get on with the project. But it’s also expensive. If you’re not in a rush, you can get similar results for less than one-third the cost with concrete topping mix such as Sakrete Top ‘n Bond or Quikrete Sand/Topping Mix.

    We also took a couple of other water-fighting steps. To prevent water from seeping down along the foundation, we caulked the gap between the patio and the house. At the other end of the patio, a corner of the slab had sunk slightly below the level of the soil and rainwater pooled there. To correct that, we shaved off the sod with a spade, dug out a couple of inches of soil and replaced the sod.


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