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How To Hang Patio Lights On Stucco

The Rotten Risks Of Diy

How To Hang Patio String Lights On Stucco

The first time we do anything in life, the results are rarely perfect. Yet, when installing heavy light fixtures in a stucco exterior, there is no second chanceat least no second chance that doesnt come with serious repair costs. Here are just a few things that can go wrong when homeowners attempt to learn how to hang lights on stucco instead of calling professionals.

  • Breaking The Water-Resistant Barrier: Drilling holes to install heavy lighting destroys the weather proof house wrap and other protective layers of stucco that keep your homes foundation from being damaged by moisture.
  • Causes Cracking and Crumbling: If a hole is improperly drilled into stucco for light installation, cracking and crumbling are sure to follow. Without protective measures, the hole will not remain small but grow. This in turn leads to a weaker, less durable exterior.
  • Detachment and Damage: Due to the heavy weight of lighting fixtures and the fragility of stucco, it is likely that an improperly installed light will fall off the exterior, taking large chunks of stucco with it.

Each of these risks cause visible damage to you home and allows moisture, mold, and rot to invade your homes foundation. Thus, when it comes to installing outdoor lights and lanterns on your stucco exterior, its important to hire a stucco professional.

How To Hang String Lights: 10 Different Ways

Outdoor string lights are wildly popular, and for good reason! They feel magical and bring a warm, intimate ambiance to any party or outdoor living space.

Inexpensive, simple for the average person to DIY, relatively easy to put up and take down with the seasons, and the list goes on

And if youre still not sure what kind of lighting is best for your outdoor living space, I walk through more backyard lighting options in this post.

Attaching String Lights On A Stucco Wall With Clips

A. Measure the border, you need to beautify with lights, such as your homes rooftop line, patio overhang, or around window outlines. Buy enough light strings to cover this separation serenely. Consider the shading design you intend to show, such as utilizing just one shading, exchanging two hues, or arbitrarily blending shades.

B. Purchase an adequate number of clasps to cover this separation with one clasp each 6 to 8 inches, contingent upon the kind of lights you will utilize. Bulb-type lights, known as C7 or C9 bulbs, use bigger clasps than scaled downlights or icicle lights.

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How To Hang String Lights On Wall

Now that you know how to hang string lights on your ceiling, lets take a look at how to hang them on your wall. Once again, its best to use adhesive hooks rather than nails. In a pinch, thumb tacks can be used for wall hanging. This way, you can avoid nails and the damage they can do to your walls. In using thumb tacks, look for flat headed ones. These wont protrude from the wall very much and come in all different colors. This means that you can mask them by choosing the same or similar color as your wall. Since a lot of string lights used are connected by intertwined wires, its easy to slip a pin between wires. Its crucial that you dont put a pin through a wire, however.

If youre hanging your lights across a window in the design you create, wire suckers are also useful. These attach to the window via a suction cup and have a groove to attach the wire in. This can help make sure your lights dont sag around or on windows in your wall.

Its also great if you can start close to an outlet. If you cant, though, dont worry because an extension cord can do the trick. Just like on the ceiling, you can clip the cord to the wall to avoid it distracting from your design.

Screw The Screw Eye Hooks Into Place

15 Photos Hanging Outdoor Lights on Stucco

Hanging string lights without the use of nails is my preference. Screw hooks are more durable!

We opted to put up screw hooks to fasten the lights into place every 4 to 5 bulbs. Our home sits up fairly high and gets A LOT of strong wind gusts. So, I was concerned the bulbs could potentially break if they were not secured well.

There have been several storms since we’ve put our lights up and this appears to work well for our location.

PRO TIP: Use a drill to start the hole prior to screwing in the screw hooks. Makes the process a lot easier!

I highly recommend getting the heavy duty lights. They are made to withstand the elements! With most commercial grade string lights, the bulbs are spaced every 24 inches. At the top of every bulb there is a molded loop to making hanging easier.

This leads me to the next step.

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Can You Hang Outdoor Lights On Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a bit more resilient when it comes to adhesive, so you can use all of the options Ive presented. In fact, a fantastic no-drill vinyl siding hanger can be found here for cheap!

Vinyl siding also has the advantage of coming in pieces, which is beneficial if you do end up damaging one.

Cladding Splints Or Tabs

Some homes with stucco exteriors still have portions of their external walls covered with wood or vinyl siding. Many hardware stores sell plastic hooks that simply slide into the spaces between the wood or vinyl siding.

Christmas lights are very fragile. Christmas light clips are very useful for hanging lights because they have large hooks.

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The Hanging Process Is Surely Important Youll Know Why Just Keep On Reading

How to hang christmas lights on painted stucco. Hold the object against the stucco for 10 seconds to make sure it sticks. Residents then hang the Christmas lights from the protruding hook. Again hold it firmly in place for 30 seconds to ensure a proper seal.

Step 3 How to Hang Lights on Stucco Without Doing. I have some gutters that I can hang clips on and theres some woodwork I can put some nails in. Now that you know what a hanging outdoor lights on stucco can do and also have an idea about what you want it to appear to be.

Im willing to do something permanent that I could use every year. Here are a few of my favorite ways to hang things on Sheetrock wood and brick without hurting your. If it is a true stucco finish you could use a masonry bit and drill a pilot hole insert a plastic insert to accept screws and screw a small bracket or clip to the stucco.

Again hold it firmly in place for 30 seconds to ensure a proper seal. Typically made out of plastic the hooks simply slide and latch into place on the gutter. Make it easy on yourself and buy new lights.

Tap lightly on your stucco to see if it has Styrofoam backing. There are many styles of decorated trees I like so I usually have 5 theme Christmas Trees. Apply a small bead of glue to the side of the first empty bulb socket.

Pull the trigger directing a glob of glue onto the cord and wall. Command strips may not stick to stucco it may be too rough. Lets Find Out How to Hang Outdoor String Lights on Stucco.

Attaching String Lights On A Stucco Wall With A Hot Glue Gun

How to hang patio string lights

A. Measure the border you need to beautify with lights, such as your homes rooftop line, patio overhang, or around window outlines. Buy enough light strings to cover this separation serenely. Consider the shading design you intend to show, such as utilizing just one shading, exchanging two hues, or arbitrarily blending hues.

B. Purchase an adequate number of clasps to cover this separation with one clasp each 6 to 8 inches, contingent upon the kind of lights you will utilize. Bulb-type lights, known as C7 or C9 bulbs, use bigger clasps than scaled downlights or icicle lights.

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How Do You Hang Lights On A Stucco Patio

How do you attach patio lights to stucco?

  • Load a glue stick into the glue gun. Plug the hot glue gun into an extension cord.
  • Place the ladder in the location where your string lights will end, and climb the ladder with your lights and glue gun.
  • Hold the string lights against the wall for about 20 to 30 seconds, allowing the hot glue to harden.
  • How Big Is The Patio String Lights To Be

    Often look out for hanging patio string lights in peoples walking routes. Short, thin strings of exterior lights are hard to see when not switched on.

    You dont want to be liable for someone whos wearing shoes! Its hard to tell you a definite height, provided that it depends mostly on the height of the tallest individual on your patio! Yet 9-10 feet is a decent rule of thumb.

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    Where To Hang String Lights

    String lights can be placed virtually anywhere in the yard or around the property. Some ideas on where to hang string lights include:

    • Between trees
    • Around a tree trunk and into the branches
    • Between walls
    • On patio railings and balustrades
    • Up pergola posts and across overhead beams
    • Along a single wall, as a hanging grid or an overhead edging
    • Installed on the permanent yard or patio posts

    How To Hang Christmas Lights On Painted Stucco

    How to Hang Christmas Lights on Stucco

    If you dont think it is command actually has hooks made for hanging Christmas lights just saw them yesterday at home depot when we were looking for some other fasteners for coax cable. Stucco is an uneven surface and can be stubborn and difficult for your tape to attach to.

    How To Hang Christmas Lights On Stucco Hunker Christmas Light Installation Hanging Christmas Lights Christmas Lights

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    Attaching Light Strings With Clips

  • Measure the perimeter you want to decorate with lights, such as your home’s roof line, porch overhang or around window frames. Purchase enough light strings to comfortably cover this distance. Take into account the color pattern you plan to display, such as using only one color, alternating two colors or randomly mixing colors.

  • Purchase a sufficient number of clips to cover this distance with one clip every 6 to 8 inches, depending on the type of lights you will be using. Bulb-type lights, known as C7 or C9 bulbs, use larger clips than mini-lights or icicle lights.

  • Secure the clips, using outdoor adhesive, along the perimeter to be decorated. Follow product directions for applying the adhesive and allow sufficient time for the adhesive to cure.

  • Test your light string to make sure there are no missing or burned-out bulbs. You can do this indoors by plugging the lights into an electric outlet. Replace bulbs as needed, then unplug the lights and take them outside.

  • Arrange the lights along the line of clips, placing the cord in each clip as you go.

  • Plug the light string into an outdoor outlet, using an extension cord if needed.

  • Hang The String Light Under Pergola

    String lights are the perfect complement to a pergola because you can hang them anywhere without needing to worry about permanent fixtures. String lights are ideal for outdoor spaces because they dont require any effort to install. Its much easier to change things up when you have a pergola with string lights. The beauty of a pergola increases as it becomes more adaptable.

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    How To Hang An Ordinary Bulb With Bulb Holder On A Stucco

    What you need

    Step 1

    Hold the bulb holder against the surface you want it to be. Use a faint pencil to trace the holes of the mounting screws.

    Step 2

    Remove the holder and take up the drill with a soft masonry bit. Drill pilot holes on the marked points. Make sure you do not go too deep, a one-inch hole is enough. However, if you see that the mounting screws are longer you can extend the pilot holes with another inch.

    Step 3

    Fill up the pilot holes with silicone. Give it three minutes to be semi-dry then screw up the bulb holder until it is firm on the wall.

    Step 4

    Add some silicone from the outside to reinforce the bulb holder. Then screw up the bulb or attach the bulb to the bulb holder.

    How To Hang Outdoor String Lights On Posts

    How To Hang Patio Lights

    For an area without anything to hang lights on, insert 8-foot long, pressure-treated posts in half barrels, planters or other containers. The containers must be big and heavy enough to hold the posts without tipping over and strong enough to hold fast-setting concrete.

    For more on how to hang string lights, visit here!

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    How To Hang Lights On Stucco Without Doing Damage

    November 9, 2018 by Gavin Semrow

    Dressing up your homes exterior with new lighting, shutters, or other additions can seem like an attractive option. However, installing these weighty items causes a risk to the integrity of your stucco. To learn about how to hang lights on stucco without doing damage, read this blog from the experts at Ai Restoration.

    How To Hang String Lights On A Stucco Wall In 2021

    How To Hang String Lights On A Stucco Wall: Hanging string lights can upgrade your terrace, yard, or deck. Hanging outside lights that are weatherproof lets you utilize the zone all year. Utilize this manual to figure out how to hang string lights outside your home.

    Pixie lights are turning into a staple in school apartments and rooms. Series of bulbs is a decent method to add a vintage contact to lawns, lofts, and even bistros are embracing them. Indeed, even strings of hanging lights are an eccentric touch to any patio gathering.

    Simply hurling string lights most likely wont give you a look you need. Theres a decent tip before we get into an establishment is to check your string lights before hanging them up. While everything is probably going to be fine, its smarter to locate any possible issue with the lights before you experience the difficulty of hanging them up.

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    Create An S Design Over The Front Of The Shrubs To Make A Random Pattern

    Plug in a strand of mini-lights and start on the closest side of one bush. Snake the lights through the foliage in a winding shape from the bottom of the shrub to the top, only covering the front and some of the top of the shrub. This lighting technique gives the effect of randomly dispersed lights throughout the shrubs.

    How Do You Hang Something On Brick

    10 The Best Hanging Outdoor Lights on Stucco

    If you need to hang heavy objects or ensure the object is secure on the wall, use screw-in anchor hooks. All you have to do is pre-drill holes into the mortar or brick, then screw in the anchor hook. You can also use anchors that stick to or clamp to the wall, but these are best for light objects only.

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    How Do You Fix Patio Lighting To Stucco

  • Insert a glue stick into the glue gun. Connect the hot glue gun with an extension cable.
  • Place the ladder where the fairy lights end and go up the ladder with the lights and glue gun.
  • Hold the string of lights on the wall for about 20-30 seconds to allow the hot glue to harden.
  • Lightly dab the grout to see if it contains Styrofoam.
  • Avoid using hot glue once the putty is painted.
  • Remove the bulbs before installing the strings.
  • Apply a small drop of glue to the side of the first empty base.
  • Hold the socket against the wall for 4-5 seconds.
  • Do You Need Wire To Hang String Lights

    neededstring lightsWirelights youhangingstringslightsYouneed wireyouhanginglights

  • Security Lighting. Security lighting, generally the brightest backyard lighting, is safety lighting to illuminate large areas and scare off would-be burglars or destructive animals.
  • Path Lighting.
  • How to Hang Things on an Aluminum Porch

  • Determine where you wish to hang your item on the aluminum.
  • Insert the drill bit into the chuck of your drill.
  • Don protective eyewear and gloves.
  • Carefully push the trigger for the drill, and gently add pressure.
  • Gently pull the revolving drill bit from the aluminum once it has completely passed through the material.
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    Attaching Light Strings With A Hot Glue Gun

  • Measure the distance needed and unroll the light string. Check to make sure there are no missing or burned-out bulbs, and replace them if needed.

  • Apply a line of hot glue along the side of the first bulb socket. Hold the glued side of the socket against the wall or overhang and keep it in place for several seconds to allow the glue to cool and set. Continue until all of the bulb sockets are glued in the desired positions. Use an outdoor extension cord so you can take the hot glue gun up on the ladder with you.

  • Plug the light string into an outdoor socket. If you use the type of cord that you cut to your measure, apply a male socket to one end and a female socket to the other end before you do this.

  • Things You Will Need

    • Extension cord


    Clips can be used year after year and they allow the light strings to be removed easily. However, the adhesive is permanent and removing the clips themselves will be difficult.

    Bulb sockets that have been hot-glued can be pried out of the glue when you are ready to remove the light display. The glue may leave some residue when you remove it from a rough surface such as stucco, but generally it will degrade with weather changes over the year.

    If you have gutters, you can bypass glues or adhesives by using gutter hooks to hang your Christmas lights and other decorations.




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