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How To Build A Flagstone Patio

Snap A Base Line And 2 Perpendicular Lines

How To Install A Flagstone Patio (Step-by-Step)

Snapping chalk lines directly in the sand is the best way to keep your bricks running straight. For the running bond pattern, youll only need a baseline and two lines perpendicular to the baseline, offset by half the width of a brick. Mark the rough center and snap a line at right angles using this method:

  • Measure out an equal distance from the center and make two more marks .
  • Cross two tapes at the same measurement .
  • Snap a chalk line from point D through point A.
  • Then snap a second line half the width of a brick from the first line.
  • Base Install: Think Outside The Box For Joint Fillers

    Several materials can be used for fillers between each stone. Flagstone mortar or grout, crushed rock or gravel base, and sand are the most common. They keep the stones from shifting and provide a level surface for furniture and décor items. Small size gravel and landscaping sand are the less expensive way to go, and theyre easier to install since you dont have to do any mixing. You can even use colored gravel to make a singular design statement.

    One note: Dont use beach sand. Landscaping sand is coarser and wont settle as much as time goes by.

    Now, if you are looking for a softer look for your patio project, consider planting low-growing groundcover plants in the spaces between the stones. A short grass can be a wonderful accent to the natural colors of the stones. Or include short plants with small flowers to add a touch of brightness. Adding vegetation to your patio will soften the look of the stones.

    Style tip: Place the flagstones farther apart and plant grass or groundcover between them. Youll need less stones to cover the area, and youll still have a nice, natural-looking space.

    Diy Vs Hire A Flagstone Patio Pro

    DIY cuts out a lot of the costs of building a flagstone patio but that’s only if everything goes as expected. Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to get the area level and flagstone cut and set just right. Hiring an experienced patio builder near you is the best way to get the perfect look and the biggest return on your investment.

    Compare Quotes From Flagstone Patio Pros

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    Diy Vs Contractor: It Takes An Artistic Eye

    The naturally occurring irregular shapes and colors of flagstones mean that putting together a patio is more like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. It takes time and an artistic eye to know what pieces should go together and how to shape the stones to match the desired area. If your patio has a lot of border areas, it can take skill and time to shape the stones to fit them correctly.

    One solution is to use a less defined pattern and put more space between the stones. By letting the size and shape of the stones dictate the pattern, you will have less trimming and shaping to do. This will save you time on the installation and give your patio shape a more natural look.

    Breaking stones isnt as difficult as it may sound . A light hammer tap on the edge should break off pieces fairly easily. Or you can try dropping the larger stones on a hard surface and let the pieces fall apart naturally. A chisel and hammer can assist when more precise shaping is required. The key is dont try to take off too much at one time and you should be able to shape the stones to meet your design.

    How To Install A Flagstone Patio With Irregular Stones

    How To Install A Flagstone Patio (Step

    Learn how to design and build a large flagstone patio with irregularly shaped stones.

    Im not sure that anyone could have prepared me for the strength needed and exhaustion that resulted from moving flagstone for 12 hours over 3 consecutive days, but it was a lot of fun. And I have new tricep muscles.

    If youre not up for the heavy-duty DIY projects , this might be a good instance where youll want hire some willing DIY-loving friends or a professional, but we did it, so theres no reason to believe you cant give it a try too.

    Our patio is nearing completion, and were excited to have it ready for cookouts and late-night campfires into the fall months.

    Luckily, sand spreads pretty easily and it only took us about an hour to get the sand moved bucket-by-bucket into the backyard. While Pete made the brunt of the trips, I controlled sand distribution using two 1 PVC pipes and a simple scrap 2×4 board to;screed;the sand evenly over the crusher so that it was settled in a consistent 1 depth over the whole circle.

    We did this same exact process when we were laying the crusher itself, but I never actually showed in last weeks post how it was done.

    If the sand is compact, its easy to create a firm, even base by dragging the 2×4 in different directions, as long as you keep the outer edges of the board resting evenly on the PVC pipes.

    After three days of hard work, we were left with our pretty stone patio:

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    Flagstone Patio Cost Vs Stamped Concrete

    Flagstone patios are $4,345 on average, while stamped concrete patios cost an average of $4,025. Like flagstone builds, stamped concrete patios are often priced by the square foot. A basic, single color layout is about $10 per square foot, while a complex design is as much as $28 per square foot. The decision between pavers vs. concrete really comes down to looks since the prices are so close to the same.

    Getting The Ground Ready For Flagstone

    If your driveway stone is higher than the surrounding elevation, dirt will need to be added around the edge to keep the driveway stone in place. If not when you go to compact it, the driveway stone will just fall away on the edges. Use either a power tamper, or hand tamper to compact the driveway stone.

    This is where things are different between laying a brick patio and using flagstone. Flagstone varies in thickness from piece to piece, so your base doesnt have to be perfect. Brick on the other hand demands a consistent surface to be laid on.

    Each piece of flagstone needs to be placed and leveled individually. Since the flagstone is not always uniform the way it sits, it needs to be completely supported underneath to avoid cracking. Using a layer of paving sand on top of the stone base you just compacted down accomplishes this. Now the flagstone has even support and this will also stop it from rocking when stepped on.

    Large pieces of flagstone can be difficult to manipulate without a helping hand. There are two benefits to using larger pieces of flagstone:

  • Large amounts of surface area are covered by on piece
  • The larger size makes the stone stay where you place it.
  • Using a pallet with wheels attached to the bottom was extremely helpful to move the large stone from the drop off point to the worksite. Keep this in mind when you have your stone delivered and place it as close as you can.

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    Diy Vs Contractor: Flagstones Are Heavy

    Flagstones are much heavier than traditional clay or concrete pavers. Usually coming in standard sizes, pavers are fairly easy to handle and haul from place to place. Flagstones can vary in size, from cobblestone size to gigantic slabs, and can weigh quite a bit.

    Plan on recruiting additional manpower to help you lift the stones into place. Equipment helps, but someone needs to know how to operate it effectively and safely.

    One good thing about using these heavy rocks is that they dont have to be settled in a bed of mortar. As long as the bed and joints are filled and compacted correctly with sand or gravel, the stones will stay in place for years to come.

    How To Determine How Much Flagstone You Need

    How to build a flagstone patio – A Helpful Guide
  • Determine the size of the patio you wish to build.
  • Multiply the width in feet by the length in feet to determine the patios size in square feet. Length in feet x width in feet = size in square feet Insert your dimensions here: _________ feet x _________ feet = _________ square feet
  • Select your flagstone. Since flagstone varies in thickness and density, Lang Stone can use you square footage to determine the amount of stone you need. 3 Stone covers an average of 50-60 square feet per ton. 2 Stone covers an average of 80-90 square feet per ton. 1 Stone covers an average of 100-120 square feet per ton.
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    Lay Bricks Along Layout Lines

    Lay a row of bricks along the baseline, aligning the end of the first brick with the perpendicular layout line. Butt them tightly together. Lay another row, aligning the end of the first brick with the second line. Continue laying bricks until one section is complete. Then work out from this section to complete the patio.

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    • Jazmine BullionJune 2, 2020

      Mulch and Dirt yards sell crushed granite. Google it or look it up on the map, and call one close by. One place quoted $65, and another quoted $85 per yard and should fill the back of a pick up truck.

      We are putting in an above ground pool, and I accidentally bought masonry sand, and then had to by bank . Bank sand is $18, and masonry sand is $25 per yard. The place I ordered the sand from will deliver in a dump truck if your within a short miles distance near them for $75.

      Can I use the masonry sand under the flagstone? And then the granite on top? Or is the masonry sand to pose-able? Like it will slip and move too much. I dont know what I can use the masonry sand for thats in the back of my pick up.

  • Jeff MathewsFebruary 25, 2018

    Dan where have you been? Ive been searching for a practical way of laying flagstone since my first home purchase in 2010. My feverish search waned over the years but the fire never went out and now here you are. Thank you so much for the information, demonstration, ideas and video. My flagstone project can now begin.

  • Mohammad KashkiMarch 6, 2018

    Very formative instruction. I got a question: can I fill the flagstone gaps with cement/mortar? I want a match with other laid area.

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    Spread Landscape Fabric And Gravel

    Double-check your calculations for gravel and sand and arrange for deliveries. Then call the rental store and reserve a gas-powered plate compactor or tamper. This is a heavy beast; youll need a trailer or pickup truck and a couple of strong bodies to move it around.

    After compacting the soil with the tamper and before you start filling the hole, roll out the landscape fabric, allowing it to extend at least 6 in. beyond the patio all around. Use spikes to temporarily hold it in place. Then we spread a 2-in. layer of gravel over the top.

    Note: If your soil is soft or soggy, you might have to add more gravel fill to create a stable base. Ask your building inspector or a soil engineer to recommend the right base for you.

    Breaking Up The Flagstone

    Image result for flagstone patios

    The guys at the stone supply place suggested trying to use the really large pieces around areas where you might put a table or;where there might be concentrated activity.

    Beyond that, we would need to try and split up the pieces into usable chunks.

    Some sources I saw suggested that you could use a chisel; others suggested getting an electric tile saw.

    We didnt really want to do the tile saw, because it seemed like a bigger undertaking, and we were still embracing the whole organic look.

    Then when we purchased the stone, the men helping us said we could just use;a regular hammer and quickly whack the stone along a straight line. And after a few whacks, bam!

    We were so excited. No need to rent a fancy tile saw. And it sounded like maybe we didnt need even need the masonry chisel I had bought just in case.

    Turns out it was a little harder than we thought. These were THICK pieces. Most of them were 2 inches. Some were close to 2-1/2;or 3;inches;in some places.

    So we tried various things:

    .The simple hammer-along-a-line techniqueno dice. There was no way a regular hammer could deliver enough power.

    Masonry chisel with hammerstill no.

    I even borrowed my father-in-laws air chisel and air compressor to try;scoring the stones before breaking them. That didnt work either. They were just too thick and burly.

    Ultimately we found that using a combination of a mall/sledgehammer and a blacksmiths;hammer worked best.

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    Best Flagstone Patio Designs

    Welcome to our gallery of best flagstone patio designs. A flagstone patio is a great way to take advantage of a yard, whether it may be for personal relaxation or for bonding with family or friends. Flagstone patios add a stunning visual element ;to outdoor spaces. The unique pattern and texture of natural flagstones give off a distinct character, making patios more inviting, welcoming and aesthetically appealing. Below we explore different flagstone patio designs to help you decide which one is the best for your home.

    The versatility of beige sandstone makes it a popular choice for stone patios which are both traditional and modern inspired. The flagstone patio pictured above harmoniously blends with the deco stones of the exterior walls and built in seating of this cozy contemporary home.

    What is a Flagstone Patio?;A flagstone patio is consisted of various pieces of stone laid as flags in a particular pattern. By definition, a flagstone is a general term for any generic flat stone which is normally used for paving slabs or walkways and other outdoor areas. It may be a sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous rock which is consisted of layers of sand, clay,organic sediments and other minerals. Flagstones are commonly used for patios, fences, pathways, fire pits, pool areas, walls and even roofing.

  • Small Flagstone Patio Ideas
  • Advantages of a flagstone patio are:

    Disadvantages of a flagstone patio are:

    Easy Steps For Constructing Your Dry

    Note: This is a nice DIY project even if you dont have a lot of masonry experience since you dont need to worry about mixing mortar or concrete. If you want to tackle a bigger project or even add a stone wall to your design, its best to consult a professional masonry company like A&X Masonry.

    • Step 1: Consider a style for your patio inspiration and other practical considerations

    Do you want a patio that is more rustic-looking or something more refined? Do you want it to blend in with the surroundings or stand out?

    Here are a few pictures to help you visualize the possibilities.

    In addition to the aesthetics, you need to take into account other practical aspects of your design, such as good water drainage. Make sure you direct water off of your patio and away from your house. This will help prolong your patios life and protect your building.

    You should also investigate which colors and types of stone are available in your area. Choosing stone that is locally available will help your design look more natural and will usually save you money.

    *Note: Flagstone refers to large flat stones in general and can include a variety of stone types.;

    Also, if youre planning a small patio area without a lot of heavy traffic, you can choose smaller stones that are easier to handle. However, if youre laying flagstone in a larger area to accommodate a lot of foot traffic, look for stones that are up to 2 inches thick.

    • Step 2: Remove a layer of topsoil
    • Step 3: Add a gravel base

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    Before You Start Building Your Flagstone Patio

    When youre ready to build your patio, heres what to do:

    How To Build A Flagstone Patio A Helpful Guide

    How to: Build and install block fire ring and flagstone patio

    Im warning you, be careful, if your wife is anything like mine, she knows how to plant a seed in my mind. Once planted I have no choice but to carry out her plans. Thats how this whole flagstone patio installation got started in the first place. She is crafty that way and thats why I love her. All she did was merely mention adding a flagstone patio near our backyard pond and BAM I was obsessed!

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    Overview Of Flagstone Patio Ideas

    You cant beat stone as a building material for a backyard terrace. It blends well with any back yard and garden, its always in style and it will last almost maintenance free for generations. We built the walls in this project from blue ledge stone and the flagstone patio from cut and squared bluestone.

    Stonework is a big job, so we kept our flagstone patio at a smaller, intimate size, about 300 sq. ft. This size is perfect for a small dining table, a few chairs and a barbecueall in all, a nice space for a family of four and for occasional entertaining.

    The modest size means you can complete this flagstone patio installation on weekends and in evenings without heavy professional equipment. We added the low, curved stone wall to enclose one end of the flagstone patio and provide plenty of informal seating. Thats the perfect place to position an outdoor fireplace to chase the chill on cool spring and summer evenings.

    In this article, well show you how to build handsome, durable stone walls and lay smooth, close-fitting flagstone. If you enjoy building challenges and dont mind heavy work, this projects for you. But give yourself plenty of time. Figure on about 14 full days to complete it, or about a solid month of evenings and weekends. Its an advanced project because it requires meticulous work and patience to choose the stones and fit them together.


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