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How To Waterproof Patio Furniture

Dispelling The Myth Of Waterproof Covers

Tips On Using Patio Furniture Covers

Whether its summer, winter, fall, or spring, having the proper cover for your outdoor furniture is essential. However, knowing which one to pick can be difficult, especially since some of the terms used to describe the covers seem to have similar meanings.

Weve found that one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding cover usage is whether they are waterproof or not. You may think that finding a waterproof cover is the perfect solution to protect your furniture or vehicle, but this is neither realistic nor ideal. Always look for a cover that is breathable and water-resistant; these are the ones that offer the best and safest protection.

How To Make Any Fabric Outdoor Safe

We just started moving on to outdoor projects after that very long winter here in Michigan & it feels so amazing!! I cant be alone on this, but whenever Im shopping for outdoor pillows or cushions I just cant find anything I love so I always end up wanting the pillows in the indoor section for my outdoor spaces, but they never hold up long in the elements until now. This isnt a new concept for me me, in fact we have used this technique inside our home, but Im finally ready to start decorating our porch & now Im bringing this simple technique outside to protect all of our stuff from the elements

So thats it, all this fabric was sprayed with scotch gard a few times & Im probably going to do it one or two more times before packing it all away come fall just to be safe. Now, my play is also to pack things in the house or outdoor storage when I know a really bad storm is coming because we do get a lot of crazy wind here, but for the most part we will be leaving it all out. I hope this helps some of you get motivated to make your outdoor spaces pretty & answers the question of how we keep our outdoor surfaces protected. I will be blogging our porch refresh very soon with more details. Thank you guys so so so much for stopping by blog today & let me know what you think of this trick & let me know how you keep your outdoor fabrics safe as well so I can try your tips in the comments below, find me on , & chat with me on . xx

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How To Keep The Furniture Cover In Place

Gone with the wind! Furniture covers dont weigh much and can easily be caught by a strong wind. Some of our covers are equipped with hook-and-loop straps to ensure they stay in place. If the cover doesn’t have this, a recommendation is to tuck in the lower edges of the covers underneath the corners of the furniture during windy days.

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Drying And Water Testing The Wood

This takes between 2-3 days; depending on the type of wood and the amount of water it had taken in. On the 3rd day, conduct water to ensure the wood is ready for treatment.

;Pour a cup of water across the wood and observe what happens. If the wood absorbs the water in the first 30 seconds, then it means the wood is dry enough and ready for waterproofing. If it takes more than 30 seconds to absorb the water, it means you will have to wait a little longer.

Why Trust The Spruce

Natural Outdoor Wicker Resin Patio Furniture Conversation ...

Theresa Holland is a freelance writer with several years of experience in the home improvement space. She’s been contributing to The Spruce since 2019, where she covers outdoor living, furniture, and yard care. You can read more of her home-related stories on MyDomaine. To make this list, she considered each pick’s size and material, as well as type of fastening.

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Is Patio Furniture Waterproof

Did you get new outdoor furniture or looking to and are wondering if its waterproof?? There is no bigger fear than;having;that;patio set;youve searched for months;ruined by an unforeseen accident. Taking care of your patio furniture can ensure a longer-lasting life. After all, outdoor furniture can be an expensive investment! We;want to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep it in the best condition possible, for as long as possible.

There is a difference between;water-resistant and waterproof. Spilling a little bit of water on your;sofa;may not have the same effect as having rain pour down on it. In either case, you want to make sure you are caring for it in the right way. For example, there are certain materials that are more resistant;than others.;Having;sunbrella;cushions and;pillows is a great start, but read on to find out more options!

Should You Waterproof Wood Before Painting

There is no need to waterproof wood before painting it, as long as you use exterior-rated primer and paint. These finishes have sealing elements built into them; so, by thoroughly applying both primer and paint to every inch of your wood furniture, you will achieve the waterproof result youre looking for.;;

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Introducing An Incredibly High

This powerful professional strength water proofer penetrates the fabric to form a protective barrier around the fibres, so that water and other liquids bead on the surface and run off it, instead of sinking in and soaking your valuable seating. You can use it on any penetrable fabric outside the home including awnings, gazebos, patio umbrellas, chairs and cushions, and bean bags.

Best Waterproof: Classic Accessories Madrona Rainproof General Purpose Patio Cover

How to Choose Patio Furniture Covers

Size: Available in multiple sizes | Material: RainProof fabric | Waterproof: Yes

  • Expensive

Since outdoor furniture covers will be used through different seasons, it’s crucial that they’re able to withstand the elements and protect your pieces. The Madrona Rainproof Cover is constructed from weatherproof polyester with taped seams, so you can count on it to keep water out year-round. Plus, durable webbing straps and click-close buckles stand up to extreme winds. Still not convinced? It’s covered with a limited three-year warranty that’ll protect your purchase.

Size: Available in multiple sizes | Material: Oxfordfabric | Waterproof: Yes

  • May need to be replaced every year

If you aren’t planning to move your patio furniture into your garage or shed for the winter, go with this all-weather option. Made of premium 420D polyester with a silicone inner layer, it’s completely waterproof and will protect your stuff from rain, snow, strong winds, fall leaves, dirt, dustyou name it.

According to Bill Ferris, president of;Decor Interiors,;it’s worth noting that mold and mildew can accumulate underneath airtight spaces. “Covers must allow moisture to evaporate through vents while still preventing rain or snow from penetrating,” he said.

Luckily, this outdoor cover features two mesh-lined vents to minimize dampness while still safeguarding your furniture from precipitation. Plus, it’s offered in multiple sizes, so it’s easy to find one to suit your furniture.

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Which Is The Best Material For A Patio Furniture Cover

Patio furniture covers come in a wide variety of materials, depending on the level of coverage and protection you need. Some of the most popular options include:


Vinyl covers are an affordable and moisture-resistant option that is lightweight and easy to take on and off your furniture. It is ideal for covering patio furniture that is placed in storage as the material is not form-fitting or breathable and can develop mold or mildew when left in the rain. Look for covers that feature 12-gauge vinyl as it has better durability than standard vinyl covers.


Polyester is quick-drying and breathable, which allows any water trapped under the cover to evaporate easily and prevent mold build-up. Polyester can also be treated with different substances to give the fabric additional properties such as UV-resistance, insulation, and waterproofing. The fabric also has a little stretch to it, which means you can buy a form-fitting cover to fit your furniture perfectly.


Canvas is an excellent option for a breathable, machine-washable cover. Perfect for covering patio furniture in warmer climates, and the tough, durable fabric can be treated to be waterproof and UV protective. The other benefit of using canvas covers is appearance. The texture and style of canvas covers are more visually appealing for patio furniture that remains outside during inclement weather.


Waterproof Outdoor Cushions: Protect Your Patio From The Rain

The groundhog lied! Most of the country is still in the throes of winter but spring is just around the corner, isnt it? Sing goodbye snow and hello rainy season!

Unless, of course, you live in a part of the country where its been raining all winter.

Weve all had more water on our patios this year, whether in the form of rain or snow. And unless youve invested in waterproof outdoor cushion covers, your outdoor furnishings have probably taken a beating.

Are youre wondering if, other than covering up the tables and chairs, theres anything else you can do to keep the water at bay? We have your answers here!;

Keep reading to explore a few fresh ideas you can use for patio protection on those endless rainy days of late winter and spring.

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Duck Covers Ultimate Sofa Cover

With price, materials, and strong features, I still love this unit. It is available to fit sofa up to 104-inch long, and you will never worry about whether your patio sofa is safe and sound as long as it has a duck cover over of it. Well, this Duck equipment comes with the waterproof and storm-proof facility that supports your indoor and outdoor sofa safe from any weather.

Like another cover, this unit also UV damage protection and support long-time. However, the manufacturer service is premium and allows me two years warranty and technical support. It is nearly 6 pounds which helps you to prevent and input the cover easily. So, if you have enough money you can consider this Duck sofa cover.


  • Have a huge coverage area
  • UV-resistant facility
  • It is highly resistant to fading
  • Excellent design
  • Have 2-years warranty and technical support


  • It does not work entirely with the legs

Plastic Wrap Or Tarps

Waterproof Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

Using plastic shrink wrap is a relatively easy way to protect your outdoor furniture. You can buy the plastic wrap yourself or hire a team to come out and cover it for you. This type of protection is popular in the Northeast where high-wind snowstorms are common.

However, plastic isnt breathable. If water gets through it wont be able to escape, resulting in mold and mildew. The likelihood of water creeping in rises if you have furniture with pointy edges. Furniture can tear through the plastic if you purchase a cheap plastic or it is wrapped incorrectly.

This cost for this service typically starts around $200 and goes up from there based on how many pieces you own. While that may seem like an affordable option in comparison to buying several covers, you will have to pay that $200+ year after year.

A tarp faces the same breathability issue as shrink wrap. Any water that gets in wont be able to evaporate. You will need to secure the tarp with multiple bungee cords or rope to ensure it doesnt fly off during high winds. A tarp that is too large can still catch air and blow off or knock your furniture over.

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Taking Indoor Furniture Outdoors: How To Weatherproof Furniture

Having the right outdoor furniture can make or break your patio, but purchasing furnishings specifically made to withstand mother nature can get expensive fast. Luckily, there is a way you can get the porch of your dreams without breaking your budget. Here is a quick and easy guide on how to take affordable indoor furniture outdoors.

Items You’ll Need

  • Waterproof lacquer

Step 1 – Prepping Wood Surfaces

With wood surfaces, you want to ensure that the material can withstand any weather condition, from the extreme heat in the summer to showers and humidity in the spring. To start, you will need to remove the outer layer of paint or stain to get to the natural wood surface. You can do this using sand paper and a power sander or a chemical wood stripper.

Once the original wood is exposed, sand the material using fine sandpaper. Then wipe everything down a tack cloth to remove sawdust. After everything is clean, apply a coat of primer or a stain to the surface. A good primer should be applied if you plan on painting the surface.

Tip: Always observe safety protocols when sanding, priming, staining, or painting materials. This includes wearing safety geardust masks, eye and ear protection, and glovesand working in a well-ventilated area.

Step 2 – Apply Sealant

Step 3 – Waterproofing Materials

Step 4 – Working With Metals

Additional Tips

Best For Grills: F&j Outdoors Waterproof Gas Grill Cover

Size: Available in multiple sizes | Material: Oxford fabric | Waterproof: Yes

  • Not machine washable

  • Only two sizes available

Technically, your barbecue isn’t a piece of furniture, but protecting it is just as important. Check out the F&J Outdoors Grill Cover. It’s made of dual-layer 600D oxford polyester, offering heavy-duty weather defense and long-lasting tear resistance. This BBQ cover also has vents to encourage air circulation and prevent rust. Thanks to its adjustable design, you can easily fit it over most outdoor grills with up to five burners. Everything but the wheels will be covered, so you’ll still be able to move it around your patio with ease.

Size: Available in multiple sizes | Material: Polyethylene | Waterproof: Water resistant

  • Not 100 percent waterproof

  • Limited sizes available

It’s a good idea to have somewhere to stash your outdoor cushions when they’re not in use. Be sure to consider the Abba Patio Storage Bag, which is made of polyethylene to effectively shield your pillows from rain, snow, sun, dust, dirt, and bird droppings.

It comes in three sizes to accommodate bench, chaise, and chair cushions of all shapes and sizes. Double-stitched seams add strength while enhancing its weather-resistant properties. Not only that, but handle straps make for easy carrying, and since it folds up, storage is a breeze.

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Is Outdoor Furniture Weatherproof We Ask The Experts

Is outdoor furniture weatherproof? Is patio furniture waterproof? Weve unearthed all the answers you need to know before you invest in a backyard update

ByAmy Lockwood2021-08-15T10:00:03Z

If youve found yourself asking is outdoor furniture weatherproof? or pondering is patio furniture waterproof? whilst browsing for outdoor furniture this year, then youre not alone.;

Sourcing the best outdoor furniture can transform a backyard or front porch from a place that is rarely used into a versatile outdoor living space. In fact, alongside landscaping, patio furniture is one of the key ingredients to creating a relaxing garden retreat, forming areas to socialize and entertain, and making the most of secluded spots to soak up the sun by the poolside.;

But what should you consider when youre looking for patio furniture, can it be left outside all year round, and what are the most durable materials for outdoor furniture to ensure longevity?

The materials you opt for whether that’s wood, metal, HDPE, wicker or rattan can make a big difference to not just how long your outdoor furniture lasts, but also to whether youll need to store your dining or lounge set undercover during inclement weather. So although it can be easy to get inspired by beautiful backyard ideas, it’s well worth understanding the unique pros and cons of each of these materials before deciding which is the right option to invest in.

Is Outdoor Furniture Weatherproof

Waterproof Fabric for Patio Cushions

Firstly it’s worth considering what we mean by ‘weather’, as depending on the region your property is located, the environmental factors your outdoor furniture needs to be built for can differ greatly.;

First up: water. No matter if your location is coastal, prairie or mountain, it’s likely that any outdoor furniture that is left outside is going to come into contact with water at some point in the season, whether that be in the form of rain, snow, humidity, or morning dew, so this is one of the first considerations to address in looking for durable patio furniture.

A decade spent designing award-winning outdoor furniture for use in public spaces in Britain a country pretty much synonymous with wet, rainy weather makes Jennifer Newman, founder of the eponymous brand, somewhat of an expert in the materials which can best cope amidst high moisture levels. As she explains:

‘Outdoor furniture does not need to be waterproof, like a roof, but it does need to keep water from being absorbed into the surfaces. The durability of outside furniture depends on having a base material that will withstand the elements or surface protection that will shield a more vulnerable material.’;

All materials have different levels of inherent waterproofing, and these can be increased by the application of finishes such as paint, heat treatments or preservatives. Without these most materials that absorb water will deteriorate over time, either rusting, rotting or allowing mould and mildew to form.

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Creating A Relaxing Outdoor Space Can Be Hard Work We Have Some Tips To Help You Choose The Best Outdoor Furniture So You Can Relax In Style Sooner Rather Than Later

In Australia we treasure our outdoor lifestyle, but furnishing an outdoor space so that it is spontaneously comfortable, clean and ready to enjoy can be a challenge. Dont despair! Theres no need to let the pleasure of reclining on a terrace be marred by the need to first get the cushions out of storage. Technical developments in fabrics and materials mean there are now a lot of beautiful options for all weather outdoor furniture.

Two Design Lovers has a constantly changing selection of outdoor furniture on consignment. Take a look at our current listings here.

Read on for our tips on how to choose outdoor furniture that will stand the test of time.

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