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How To Weigh Down Patio Umbrella

Be Particular About The Rib Material

Install Base for patio umbrella – “BEST Choice Products”

The cyclonic weather can severely damage your entire umbrella. Hence, having a strong heavy base is not enough. The strength of the wind can still cause hazards to the canopy.

When buying an umbrella, check the ribs material. Often people get frenzied over the wooden ribs that match their wooden patio furniture. Unfortunately, the wooden ribs are not dense or sturdy enough to bear the pressure exerted by the devastating storms.

If you are looking for durability, go for flexible fiberglass ribs and frames. Fiberglass is strong yet flexible rib material to ensure greater longevity. They are at least four times stronger compared to other ribs materials. Even aluminum ribs are stronger than wooden ribs.

Closing The Umbrella During Heavy Wind Or When In Disuse

Closing your umbrella when not in use reduces the potential of being blown over by the wind.

The reduced surface area means the wind wont exert much force onto the umbrella as it has less area to act upon.

The result? An umbrella that ensures the gusty winds and stays upright to be used another day.

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How To Make Rice Outdoor Furniture Weights

Pick The Socks

The first step to making rice outdoor furniture weights is to pick the right sized socks. I recommend you go for crew socks or any other type of longer socks. You will fit more rice into them and make heavier weights, as a result.;

Pick plain black socks if you want to keep your weights unnoticeable, or choose these colorful ones; to add a pop of color to your backyard decor.;

Pro Tip: You dont have to buy new socks for this project. You can repurpose those old socks in the back of your drawer. Just make sure there arent any holes in them!

Insert Stockings Into The Socks

Inert one knee-high stocking into each sock and leave an inch hanging out from the top.;

The stockings will add another layer of protection to your outdoor weights. It will keep the rice from damaging the socks, over time and will make your weights last longer in the harsh outdoor conditions, as well.;;

Fill The Stockings With Rice

Fill each stocking with riceusing a funnel or cut water bottle. Just be careful the stocking doesnt slip out of the sock while filling it.;

Make every sock weigh the same by using a kitchen scale. Dont overfill them because you will have a hard time closing them later on.;

Pro Tip: You dont have to use rice to make your patio furniture weights. You can fill the socks with pebbles or any other weighty material instead.;

Tie The Knots

Dont forget to tie a knot in the sock, as well!

Connect Weights With Shoelaces

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Patio Umbrella Basesoutdoor Umbrella Stand Guide

Patio umbrella bases come are available in a variety of weights and material from granite to plastic.; They serve an important purpose of keeping your umbrella from being lifted up out of the hole or from tipping over from the wind.; Its not easy to find the heavier bases at your local home improvement stores.

To determine the right outdoor umbrella stand for your pool umbrella you will need to know:

1. The size of the umbrella canopy

The most common umbrella sizes range from 6 to 12.

2. ;Where the umbrella will be used

Free standing umbrellas require a heavier stand than one that is resting inside a patio umbrella table. ; A table offers more stability from gusts of wind or windy days.;

3. The diameter of the umbrella pole.

The most common umbrella pole size is 1.5 in diameter, but can range anywhere from 1 1/8 to 3.

Section C Fabrics & Materials Best Patio Umbrella Fabric

How to Weigh Down A Patio Umbrella

Click here to view all Sunbrella Fabric Options.

Just like the fabrics of your outdoor furniture, you need to make sure that the fabrics and materials used on your umbrella meet all-weather requirements. If you live in windy areas, you may want to consider fiberglass umbrellas that are flexible and are designed to bend slightly. Likewise, aluminum is very durable and is still a viable option.

As far as fabrics go, youll want to look for a few key phrases that will indicate a quality outdoor umbrella. All-weather, waterproof and UV resistant fabrics, and breathable designs that prevent mold and mildew are highly recommended. Sunbrellais the most well-known name in outdoor fabrics. They began making awning in the early 1960s. They now make fabrics for umbrellas as well. Learn more about;Sunbrella Fabrics.

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How Do You Keep A Parasol From Spinning

Depending on the design of your specific cantilever umbrella, the canopy may spin if it becomes windy. Some patio umbrellas have a mechanism that prevents spinning, but not all umbrellas do.

If your patio umbrella spins in the wind, you can easily stop with help from two bungee cords. First, wrap one bungee cord around the umbrella pole and attach the second bungee cord to the top end. Then, attach the opposite end of the second bungee cord to a support beam in the umbrella canopy. The tension should prevent any spinning in the future.

Use A Tilting Umbrella For Rotating Shade

A tilting umbrella can be angled to protect against sunlight coming from a specific direction. If you use your patio in the early morning or late evening when the sun is low in the sky, a tilting patio umbrella is a good choice for your house. They are also useful in wide-open spaces where there are no buildings nearby to add extra shade.

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Budget Pick: Sunnyglade 9 Patio Umbrella

The Sunnyglade 9 Patio Umbrella is a good budget option if you need something cheap that will do the job for a few summers. The fabric on this canopy is made from polyester, which will not be anywhere near as durable as Sunbrella fabrics. But in our dirt tests, we had to really massage the particles into the fabric to get them to set. This umbrella comes in a reusable plastic sheath, which you can store the umbrella in to extend its life. Most of the other umbrellas we tested came in a single-use plastic package. The manufacturer does not claim fade resistance, and we expect that this red umbrella will eventually lose some of its color. But well keep an eye on that as we continue to test this umbrella.

The Sunnyglade umbrella is easy to maneuver, and, at about 10 pounds, it is the lightest of all our pickscompared with 16 pounds for the Treasure Garden and 14 pounds for the Hampton Bay. We had an easy time setting up the Sunnyglade and using the push-button tilt mechanism to tilt the canopy. As with most push-button tilt mechanisms, un-tilting the umbrella was harder due to the wind on our testing balcony. But even with this weakness, considering that this umbrella costs a fraction of the price of our other picks, the Sunnyglade is a solid budget choice for a patio umbrella. The Sunnyglade doesnt come with a warranty. So aside from the return window that the retailer you purchase from would offer, there are not a lot of options if something were to go wrong.

Store During Inclement Weather

How to Assemble Sunbrella Patio Umbrella – Customer Review (SKU: PU074)

While patio umbrellas are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions, leaving them out during heavy winds, storms, hurricanes and winter is not advised. Instead, pack them up and store them indoors or in a shed.

Store your umbrella in an appropriately sized umbrella cover.

But before you do, clean the umbrella this ensures its in great condition when its time to shade your patio again. Perform regular maintenance, like the cleaning routines outlined above, and make sure the umbrella is 100 percent dry before putting it away. If the fabric is a little wet, it could develop mold or mildew.

Its recommended that;you also store your umbrella in an appropriately sized umbrella cover, especially if you do leave your umbrella outdoors. Covers prevent scratches and debris from collecting on the umbrella.

With these straightforward maintenance tips, youll keep your patio umbrellas in great, shade-providing condition.

Where do you store your patio umbrella in the off seasons?

to browse our stylish selection of patio umbrellas. Add shade to where you need it most.

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The Bungee Cord Method For Cantilever Umbrellas

If you have a stand-alone, cantilever umbrella that spins, you dont have a ton of options to stop it. However, there is one option that only requires two bungee cords.;

Wrap the first bungee cord around the pole securely. Attach one end of the second cord to the first, and then stretch the other side to the closest umbrella support arm. When youre done, the umbrella will no longer spin because itll be attached to the base pole with the bungee cords.

Be aware, though, that this method can damage your umbrella by putting stress on it. Its up to you to decide if the risk of damage is worth it to stop your cantilever umbrella from spinning.

Stone Counter Weights For Offset Umbrellas

These stone counter weights can be purchased at any local home improvement store or landscaping supply.; Available in many sizes and weights, you will have to determine what works best for you.; Some will have designs on them and they can be available in many colors.

If you purchase plane stone weights, they could be very unpleasing to the eyes compared to some of the other counter weights in this article.

Total cost of this kind of weight will be less than others.; They will be hard to move when needed as they have no way of making them weigh less and they will have no handles.

Corners will have some sharp edges if a person was to fall on them, serious injuries can occur.; Many will use this type of weight for an easy way to balance their offset umbrella with great results.

  • One piece for each corner
  • Do not have to purchase a medium to fill

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How Much Wind Is Too Much Wind For The Umbrella

The coastal winds of Helsinki were a bit too much for my cranky old umbrella to handle

Toni -Turboherne-

How do you know how much wind is too much wind to keep your garden umbrellas open? For the most part, you should be able to use common sense when you close up your umbrella canopy, but there are a couple of telltale signs that it could be too windy. First, if the umbrella frame is creaking or shaking excessively, you should fold down the umbrella. Second, if the frame starts to resist weights on the base and shake or lift off the ground, you should immediately fold down the canopy.

Do You Want To Move Your Parasol

How to Weigh Down A Patio Umbrella

Invested in a humongous cantilever parasol. I like it.


When it comes to securing your cantilever umbrella, one of the first things you want to consider is whether or not you will want to move the base and the umbrella from one place to another in the future.

If you wish to move your garden umbrella from time to time, you will want to choose one of the less permanent options described below. This means you will want to use a weight or weights to secure the base of your umbrella instead of bolting it into place.

If you do not plan on moving the umbrella, you can consider more permanent install options to create a sturdy base. Using hardware to bolt your garden umbrella in place is the most effective and stable way to prevent it from falling over. However, it requires more tools and is not always a viable option for some people.

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Fifty Pounds Of Weight Or More

If you have a patio umbrella on the grass, you can drive stakes deep into the ground to hold it. But thats not an option on your concrete patio or wooden deck. Instead, you need a base with plenty of weight to counteract;forceful weather. A sudden storm might drive you inside before you can close the umbrella, and fifty pounds is heavy enough to keep the umbrella in place whether its open or shut.

Quality Stands Understand How To Keep Patio Umbrella From Spinning

It is important to take note of;how to keep patio umbrella from spinning. You can always go for a high-quality stand. A good umbrella stand should hold the pole tight.;

If you pull up on the rod it should release from the stand. This will help keep the umbrella on the stand. It also prevents the spinning of the pole that results from the wind.

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Cantilever Umbrella Wind Problems

Because cantilever umbrellas are designed in a lopsided way, errant wind gusts can quickly destroy an umbrella that isnt fully secured. Unfortunately, some umbrella companies dont make it completely clear that buyers usually cant just open up the included cross base and call it a day.;

There are a variety of ways to secure an offset/cantilever umbrella, and this article will cover a few of those options and a few different circumstances. Specifically, it will focus on DIY universal weight options.;For off-the-shelf cantilever umbrella bases, click here.

Keep The Patio Umbrella Closed When Not In Use

AI-LIN 10 X 6.5 Foot Rectangular Patio Table Umbrella With Solar Lights Review

At times, people may have a problem storing a giant umbrella indoors or in the garage. You can still protect it by keeping it closed and corded/. The flattened outdoor umbrella can become dirty due to exposure to dust throughout the day.

Even if you have a heavy base, the wind can still cause hazards to the fabric. To ensure greater safety and longer life for your patio umbrella, keep it closed and tie the cord properly.

If you already purchased the umbrella with cover, then keep the close umbrella fully covered when not in use. It will also protect the fabric from fading due to continued exposure to rain, storms, and sunrays.

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Tips On How To Windproof Your Pool Umbrella

1.; Always use an outdoor umbrella stand for all of your patio umbrellas.

This is very elementary, but yes you do need an outdoor umbrella stand to hold your patio umbrella – even if it is supported by an outdoor patio table.; Even better use an outdoor umbrella base that has a screw that adjusts to different pole thicknesses. The piston tightens and secures the patio umbrella pole.

2. A patio umbrella that is not stabilized by a table requires a heavier umbrella stand.

This beautiful blue outdoor umbrella was such a good deal and I needed one next to our wrought iron chaise lounge.

After placing it into an umbrella base that we already owned, the weight of this cast iron umbrella stand, was clearly not enough to keep the umbrella from tipping over.

Go here to get weight recommendations for the right size patio umbrella base:

3. You can also prevent damage to your umbrella;just by closing it when not in use and tying it;for extra protection.; Our Sunbrella patio umbrella came with nice ties so we do tie it up when we close it.

Our other outdoor umbrella did not come with any ties. In this case it is a good idea to use a patio umbrella bungee cord.

Close your umbrella and place the bungee cord around the fabric to protect your umbrella and keep it from being blown away by the wind.

Cover your outdoor umbrella with a patio umbrella cover.

A cover will secure and stabilize your closed umbrella and protect it from fading and staining.

What Is The Difference Between And Umbrella Stand Vs Umbrella Base

  • Umbrella Base – Is a weight to insert the bottom of pole, to hold the umbrella down in windy conditions when umbrella is in a table or bar. The base is not as heavy as a stand. Generally 50lbs and less are typical base weights
  • Umbrella Stand – Is a heavy weight to hold to insert bottom of part of pole to hold the umbrella upright in a free standing position. In general, 50lbs or more are inteded as free standing bases. The heavier it is, the more stable the free standing umbrella will be.

Minumum Umbrella Base Weights

120+ lbs 11-13ft umbrellas.

Umbrella bases come in a wide variety of sizes and weights. Bases and stands that weigh between 20-45lbs are usually intended for umbrellas that are used through a hole in middle of a table. The table and the base work together to provide adequate support for the umbrella. The base also prevents the umbrella from blowing away on windy days.

Umbrella bases and stands that weigh 50lbs or more are usually intended for free-standing umbrellas that do not have additional support from an umbrella table. These heavier stands have a longer stem or taller tube that holds the bottom end of pole. A typical 9 foot market umbrella requires at least a 70lb stand for mild wind conditions. The larger your umbrella, the heavier your stand or base should be.

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What Type Of Patio Umbrella Is Best For Wind

Generally speaking umbrellas made with lighter materials such as cotton or polyester can handle mild winds while those made with heavier fabrics, such as canvas and vinyl, should be able to withstand stronger gusts.

The type of material used in the construction of your umbrella will affect how well it withstands winds from various directions and intensities.


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