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How To Hang String Lights On A Pergola

How To Hang Patio String Lights

Hanging LED String Lights on Pergola

There are a few different ways that you can install string lights on your patio depending on the design of your patio. To break this up a bit, were going to focus on uncovered patios first.

Even with an uncovered patio, there are still a variety of design features that can change how you hang string lights. One feature that is typically constant is that the patio is attached to the house. To attach string lights to the side of your house, coaxial staples are your best choice.

Then, there is the concern of the other side to attach the lights too. This is the part that can vary from patio to patio. To start with an opposing view to the last thing we considered, you can attach the lights to tall trees if you have them. Once again, coaxial staples work best for this connection. The same principle can be used if you have a fence near your patio.

The most likely situation, though, is that an uncovered patio faces the same challenges as a backyard without tall trees. In these cases, it only makes sense that the same solution is the answer. Installing poles around the edges of the patio for light attachment.

Patio String Lighting Ideas For Around The Pool And Spa

A dark pool or spa area is unsafe. Whether you plan to use your pool at night or not, string lights can illuminate the area and make it a safer place. You only need enough light to see where youre going, so a few strings placed high over the area should do the trick.

Get creative in how you hang your lights. You could create several rows, crisscross them, create a perimeter, or have several strings radiating out from a single point to create a fan effect. Make sure you hang them high enough over your pool that they wont get splashed. You should always use lights that are rated for outdoor, which means theyll be waterproof. However, your pool water has chemicals, and if your string lights get routinely splashed, those chemicals can corrode your string lights.

How To Hang String Lights On Pergola

A pergola is a step between an uncovered and covered patio. These are the structures that cover usually a portion of the patio and have slats rather than full coverage. These slats could be side-by-side or create a grid-like pattern. Some homes do incorporate a cloth or canvas optional canopy to add extra protection from the sun during the day. They can either attach to the house or they can be free standing.

As with other structures weve looked at and will look at in this guide, you have plenty of options in the exact design. The most popular options are to run the lights either with or perpendicular to the slats. This is often chosen over choices such as zigzag patterns as it creates a cleaner look and avoids a clashing between the pergola design and the string lights.

Some homeowners may also choose to wrap string lights up the supports of their pergola. This is particularly favored when string lights arent permanent such as when Christmas lights are hung up. Its also a good way to disguise cords running up the pergola to power the lights.

Just like hanging string lights on a patio, coaxial staples are incredibly helpful here. They can be used both for pillars supporting the pergola and lights hung off the main body of the pergola as well.

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Can You Staple Outdoor String Lights

staples to attach the string lights closest to the power source. Unplug the cord from your outlet. Pull the cord taught, but not tight, and continue stapling the string lights along your path. Keep the string centered and make sure you dont staple through the wiring!

Hang Globe String Lights Anywhere

15 Inspirations of Outdoor Hanging Lights for Pergola

For a small quiet personal space, use lights to make the space feel a bit more expansive, yet still cozy. Instead of placing lights along a railing, place them high above your space, allowing the lighting to extend further outside which will maintain the intimacy of the space without making it feel too claustrophobic. Shorter lengths and smaller bulbs of globe string lights may come in handy for this cozy, small spaces.

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Contemporary Rooftop Dining Area

This rooftop design features a custom cantilevered Ipe pergola with stainless steel trim and tempered glass inlay, wall-mounted Ipe planter boxes and stainless steel light fixtures. The dining area under the pergola features a simple glass dining table, while an adjacent sitting area features contemporary wicker furniture.

If you’re about to embark on an outdoor renovation project, think through the areas you’d like to include lighting. You can work with your contractor to create a space like this one, where beautiful exterior lights are integrated directly into the pergola structure for a polished look. These projects require higher budgets, but the overall look are big benefits.

Do Outside Lights Use A Lot Of Electricity

Numerous common, modern landscape lighting systems incorporate LED bulbs, which are approximately 15 percent more efficient compared to halogen or incandescent bulbs. This means you can have multiple LED bulbs running on less electricity.

Additionally, LED bulbs live longer than regular lamps, which reduces maintenance expenditures. You can also opt for solar-powered outdoor lights, which are the best choice for eco-friendly consumers.

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What Type Of String Lights Should I Use

The most popular type is globe string lights. They provide plenty of light and are easy to hang. For a unique look, try ornamental string lights, They can help you create a theme. For the most durability, purchase commercial grade string lights. These lights are waterproof, weatherproof, and durable enough to leave up all year long.

Learn How To Hang Outdoor String Lights

Hanging Lights On The Pergola

Learn how to use support cables to hang outdoor string lights over your patio or yard.

  • Make a plan

    See above for all the considerations . You will want to attach the cables at least 9 off the ground to allow for a bit of sag and for the lights to hang down. Once you have decided these details, measure the space, then order your lights and cable hanging materials.

  • Attach eye hooks perpendicular to the run of the cable

    There will be tension on the cable, obviously, so it is important that the eye hooks be installed securely. At least 9 off the ground, choose a position that will allow the eye hook to stick out perpendicular to the direction the cable will run. This will keep the pressure of the cable from trying to pull the screw hooks straight out of the tree. Use a hammer to tap the end of your eye hook into the tree. Once it is secure, begin screwing it in. You may have to repeat the tapping and screwing a few times as it makes its way through layers of bark. Eventually, though, it will catch and you can screw it in securely. To tighten the screw, using a screwdriver through the eye for leverage.

  • Run stainless steel cable

    Between each set of eye hooks, run stainless cable and secure using aluminum sleeves or other wire locks. Be sure to pull the cable tight before securing.

  • Finish

    Secure the end of your final strand to the last eye hook and enjoy!


    Do you have any other questions about hanging outdoor lights? Ask away! And dont forget to pin it.

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    Why Do String Lights Look Yellow

    Lightbulbs give off light thats measured with a spectrum on the Kelvin scale. Youll hear it referred to as the light temperature. This refers to the shade and not the actual temperature of the light. Most string lights are meant to provide mood lighting, so they fall in the 2,000 to 4,000 range on the scale. This is soft yellow-tinted light thats perfect for creating ambiance. You may find some string lights that are bit brighter in the 4,000 to 6,000 range: This is a white light and better for performing tasks.

    How To Hang Outdoor String Lights

    First, lets take a look at hanging string lights outdoors. Whether youre preparing a temporary reception or creating the look of your dreams, youll need to know how to hang them. However, not every backyard is the same. So, its important to consider how to hang string lights in a variety of places and conditions.

    Before getting into it, its important to note that youll want to buy commercial grade string lights instead of standard grade string lights. This will make sure that the lights you install are going to last through the challenges of outdoor installation. The last thing you want is to install string lights in your backyard only to seem them wear out after the first storm.

    Here are the tools and supplies needed:

    • Commercial grade outdoor string lights
    • Outdoor rated extension cord
    • Pencil or painters tape
    • Tape Measure
    • String light poles

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    Airstream With Outdoor String Lights

    You can spruce up any space with string lights, even a temporary setup if lets say you take your mobile home out of an adventure. When you park for the night you can hang some string lights up in a nearby tree and when you find a more permanent place you can drape the lights across the yard like this..

    Drape And Wrap Patio String Lights

    15 Inspirations of Outdoor Hanging Lights for Pergola

    There are a lot of different ways in which you can hang string lights. They dont always have to hang horizontally. In fact, this has a lot to do with the layout and overall design of the space youre trying to illuminate. Instead of draping the lights across the patio you can choose to wrap them around a post or to hang them vertically on the walls..

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    Bring A Soft Inviting Glow To Your Backyard Porch Or Patio By Installing Cafe

    For string lights strung over a large expanse:

    • String light suspension kit
    • Wire cutters

    For yards without trees or other tall supports:

    • 10-foot-long wooden posts or 10-foot-long metal poles
    • Hammer
    • Nails or screws
    • Sturdy planters or weighted buckets filled with concrete and a PVC pipe slot in center
    • 18-inch-long metal rebar stakes
    • Cable ties

    Before You Start1. Choose where to hang your outdoor lights. 2. Measure for length and roughly choose your light configuration. 3. Purchase the cords and lights, and gather all materials.How to Hang String Lights1. Identify where mounting support is needed. 2. Install mounting hardware or use a string light suspension kit or both.

    • Hanging without a wire: To hang the patio lights without a wire, screw a cup hook into the wall, fence, pergola or tree trunk to use as mounting.
    • Hanging with a wire: If youre using a wire, you can purchase a wire hanging kit that comes with a cable wire and suspension hardware . Install according to the instructions included with the kit.

    3. Hang patio lights. How to Hang String Lights in a Backyard Without TreesAlong a wood fence. On a deck or concrete patio.Posts attached to a rooftop railing provide height and support for outdoor globe lights. On a lawn. How to Hang String Lights on a Covered PatioTell us:

    Other Tips For Hanging String Lights

    • Take the glass bulbs out BEFORE hanging. You don’t want to deal with broken bulbs!
    • If hanging your string lights on stucco, you will need to use wall anchors specific to stucco.
    • Get an assistant to help. Even having one of your kiddos help out by handing you items can make this process go a lot quicker!

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    How To Hang String Lights In Backyard Without Trees

    See these outdoor string light poles at

    At face value, this can seem like a tricky problem. After all, how do you hang string lights without a natural place to hang them on? Luckily, there are a few ways to tackle the problem.

    The most common answer to this problem is to use poles. These can be set up wherever theyre needed and they can provide a place to loop and attach string lights. Well take a deeper look at how to make and install your own poles later.

    Another answer is to hang string lights on your fence rather than across your yard. This is a great way to surround your yard in a soft glow. They can be attached a few different ways. Simply wrapping the lights around the fence works but it tends to look rather messy. Instead, its worth it to invest in coaxial staples. Theyre easy to attach and they hold on well to wood which means theyre perfect various outdoor uses.

    Other similar answers are to use the string lights where youre most likely to spend time at such as on your patio or deck. Were going to take a look at how to pull off these ideas in a moment.

    God Quality String Lights

    How to Hang Outdoor Party Lights…Weekend Warrior Project

    There are a few things to consider when choosing patio string lights. Its important to choose resilient, heavy-duty string lights which can withstand outdoor conditions. You might also want to pick a popular type or brand in case youll need replacement bulbs or if youll want to add some lights at some point..

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    Hanging Lights With Wire

    Whether its an outdoor patio, pergola structure, open yard, or tree-filled glade, outdoor string lights will add magic. But in order to ensure longevity , I think the best way is to use support wire.

    Using support wires isnt required. If you want to drape them through the trees, thats ok, too!. But it does relieves stress on the electrical wire and allows you to keep the lights taught above your head and all hanging the right direction.

    It is especially useful if you have long stretches of lights, like all the way across the yard or a clearing. In short, using wire to hang outdoor lights gives more stability and a cleaner look.

    You could purchase stainless steel wire and eye hooks from your local hardware store, but I found it simpler to purchase these string light hanging kits at the same time that we ordered our lights. We used three of them for ~320 ft of strung lights.

    Decide How You Will Hang Your Outdoor String Lights

    There are six popular ways to hang your outdoor string lights. The easiest methods are probably parallel and V-shaped, pictured below.

    • 1) Parallel
    • Gazebos or pergolas
    • Pavilions

    For softer wood like your porch, fences, or deck posts, you may want to use wall anchors to secure the hooks in place. Wall anchors are not mandatory, but if you can anchor your lights into a solid piece of wood like a stud, that will provide fantastic support for a long time.

    You dont need to add additional anchors of any kind for trees.

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    How To Hang Outdoor String Lights On Stucco

    Having a stucco finish on your house can be absolutely beautiful. This means that you dont want to mar or damage it when hanging your string lights from it. There are a few different ways to accomplish this depending on how permanently you want the lights installed.

    Believe it or not, a glue gun can be your best friend when youre temporarily hanging lightweight string lights to your home. This is a handy trick around the holidays that holds up better than you might think. All it really calls for is to add hot glue to the cord and hold it in place for about 30 seconds to dry. Instead of doing it in a long strip, its best to add a spot of glue around every 18 inches.

    For a more permanent solution, pull out mounting clips and a caulk gun. On each clip, add caulk in portions about the size of a quarter. Once again, youll want to hold it in place for a bit to allow it to set.

    Patio String Lighting Ideas For Yards And Open Spaces

    Pin on Pergola Designs

    You have a big open yard thats perfect for spending time in. Maybe you have a fire pit in one area, a table in another, a sitting area, and even a swing set. All of these features are useless once the sun sets if theres no light in your backyard. Hang string lights and bring all of these areas together under one cohesive set of string lights.

    If you have a privacy fence around your yard, you have the perfect setup for string lights. String them from your roof to the top of the fence. Do this several times and create a canopy of soft light. You could balance the light by adding more strings over high trafficked areas and fewer strings over less utilized space.

    If your fence isnt tall enough or if its too far away, then use posts. You can have them installed directly into the ground to give them stability. Youll want to place them in strategic areas to give your lights the most support and the most freedom in how you string your lights. Most people choose to place them along the perimeter or have one centralized post.

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