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How To Identify Vintage Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Who Is Russell Woodard

Rusted Metal Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Made New Again DIY… Trash to Treasure!

Russell Woodard is a third generation member of the Woodard Brothers furniture company family. Lee Woodard started Woodard and Sons and produced metal furniture. The second generation, Lees three sons, Joseph, Russell and Lyman II were responsible for taking the company brand to the national and international level.

Outdoor Furniture: Cast Aluminum Vs Wrought Iron

Choosing the right type of outdoor furniture is difficult because there are so many options available. There are many factors to consider such as how much you are willing to spend, the type of maintenance you need to put in, and the kind of look that you are going for. For this blog, we will be looking into the differences of cast aluminum and wrought iron outdoor furniture. Both are stylish and durable, but which one would be a great addition to your outdoor space?

Cast Aluminum

This type is made from individual solid pieces of metal that are welded together. It is definitely lightweight and more durable than wrought iron. It has a combination of strength both weatherproof and rust-proof. These two traits make cast aluminum outdoor furniture desirable in all parts of the world. It is very long lasting as it is finished with powder-coat paint another durable material. Unlike other types of outdoor furniture, those that are made from cast aluminum require little maintenance to keep the product looking brand new for a very long time. It also comes with different styles and designs to choose from both traditional and trendy. Thanks to powder coating technology, many colors are available for this type of patio furniture.

Wrought Iron

Here at Palm Casual, we offer a wide variety of cast aluminum outdoor furniture collections. Our products come in different styles and designs. We make products that are easily maintained and will certainly last for years on end.

Different Types Of Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

A patio is more than a place to enjoy the summer its also an outdoor living area.

Whether youre hosting a large party or just sitting down for lunch with your friends and family, you want to ensure your patio furniture is stylish and can withstand the elements.

But dont forget that people also use their patios year-round! Youll want to find comfortable pieces when its too chilly to sit outside and elegant enough for Christmas or New Years Eve.

But buying vintage wrought iron patio furniture can be tricky there are many different types of styles, size options, and variations.

But here, we have discussed 7 different types of famous wrought iron patio furniture, which will prove a perfect fit for your patio and prove more durable.

The following are some of the different types of wrought iron patio furniture that are sold today. The list is in no particular order.

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Garden Benches Patio Furniture

These are the traditional wrought iron patio furniture pieces used to sit outdoors. These benches often have intricate carvings on their sides and backs and usually come in pairs.

They can either be purchased as separate pieces or in sets. Garden benches are most commonly used as decorative furniture items for home patios, but many variations can also be used indoors.

How To Care For Your Outdoor Wrought Iron Furniture

Vintage Wrought Iron Table and Chairs

Your wrought iron furniture sets will last longer if you devote some time to their care and cleaning. To maintain your fancy furniture, follow the tips below:

  • Your patio set might be life-proof, but inclement weather might weather away its protective coating. Protect it using protective covers or moving it indoors away from heavy rain or snow.
  • Your wrought iron furniture can withstand a lot of outdoor use punishment and wont bend or break. Heavy falls, however, will chip at the coating. To minimize any damage to the frame, touch up the outer coating or paint before rust sets in.
  • Once a year, before the rainy season sets in, wipe your patio sets down using a soapy solution and a non-abrasive cloth. Once the furniture is dry, seal it with a spray wax to fortify it against rust and rain damage.
  • If your wrought iron patio set break, do not despair. It is easy to fix. Contact your manufacturer, and they will have it back on your patio in no time.

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Why Is Vintage Woodard Patio Furniture Highly Sought After

Like other types of vintage furniture, Woodard patio styles are sought out for their rarity and durability. But what makes Woodards creations stand out are their unique designs and high-quality manufacturing practices. It is also said that the metals used in Woodard outdoor furniture have been molded using special metal mixings that dont rust easily with age or when weathered.

You may pay a wrought iron furniture maker to produce one set for your patio. But they are less likely to deliver a style thats the same or similar to Lee Woodards design vision. Let alone a durable set that would still look new for the years to come.

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Promises Made Promises Kept

The talented artisans who make quality wrought iron furniture take pride in their work, and they stand behind it. Its typical to find a five or seven-year warranty on these well-made pieces, but do not be surprised to find some warranties that extend to 20 years.

Now that you know what to look for, there are three manufacturers of premium quality wrought iron furniture whose names you should know. Each has been in business for generations and is known for outstanding, uncompromising quality. They are:

  • Woodard, in business for over 140 years, which today uses generations-old techniques in harmony with high-tech manufacturing processes and
  • OW Lee, an Ontario, California-based company that began in 1947 making custom wrought iron gates for Hollywood mansions.

Choosing leisure furniture from any of the above manufacturers will ensure that you are buying the very best and avoiding costly mistakes. Now that you know what to look for, all that remains is deciding on the style of quality wrought iron patio furniture that suits you best. Whichever style you choose, you may rest assured that you are selecting a durable, lasting product that will retain its good looks throughout the seasons for many years to come.

To keep reading and learn how to properly care and maintain your wrought iron furniture, visit our maintenance and care information center.

Manufacturing Marks Of Vintage Woodard Patio Furniture

Identifying wrought iron

Woodard uses a few manufacturing stamps to ensure the authenticity of its furniture.

Look for them if you want to know whether the furniture is genuine. They would not only guarantee the quality of the product but also help you to know when the product was manufactured.

Paper labels are used by the Woodard company as an identification system.

This label is found on the frames, under the cushions, and on the legs of the furniture. The label says the name of the furniture and the logo of the company.

Metal tags are used by Woodard furniture makers to identify each piece of furniture.

Furniture made from wrought iron does not need to be labeled because it already carries an embossed sign.

This makes it easier for inspectors to spot the pieces of furniture.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Wrought iron patio furniture is the style to go for if you want a romantic, bohemian look on your patio. The vintage type, complete with a rusted patina, is an excellent option for patios rich in lush greenery. Why is wrought iron such a great option for patio furniture?

Wrought iron patio furniture has timeless extravagance and a classic visual appeal. It is versatile and durable. The best-wrought iron patio sets should have a protective coating and high welding quality, and they should be heavy, comfortable, and have a warranty.

This complete guide to wrought iron patio furniture will highlight beneficial knowledge, such as:

  • What makes wrought iron so durable and visually pleasing?
  • The history of wrought iron furniture
  • The excellent qualities of the best-wrought patio sets
  • Different design styles of vintage wrought iron furniture
  • How do you identify vintage wrought iron patio sets?
  • How to identify the best wrought iron patio furniture
  • How to care for your outdoor wrought iron furniture

There Are No Mold Lines

Those who dont know what theyre looking for could easily be deceived into thinking that a cast iron chair is wrought iron. However, you can identify whether this is the case or not by understanding that wrought iron was fashioned by hand, while cast iron furniture was you guessed it poured into a mold.

Because of this, cast iron furniture will have mold lines on the sides, while wrought iron wont. Mold lines typically look like ridged grooves on the sides of the back and legs, and will make the table or chair look a bit more manufactured.

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What Is Cast Iron Made Of

Cast iron is one of the oldest ferrous metals used in construction and outdoor or exterior ornamentation. Its composition is primarily iron, carbon, and silicon, but it may also contain traces of sulfur, manganese, and phosphorus. It has a fairly high carbon content of 2 to 5 percent. Unlike wrought iron, for instance, cast iron is strong, heavy, nonmalleable , and is more fusible. While cast iron can fracture with extreme force, it performs well under compression. Its composition and manufacturing method are vital in determining its characteristics.

Cast iron is still manufactured by the same process as it was produced historically. Iron ore is heated in a blast furnace with coke and limestone. This process deoxidizes the ore and drives out any impurities, producing molten iron. The molten iron is poured into molds of the desired shape and allowed to cool and crystallize. If manufactured right, cast iron develops a protective film or scale on its surface, which makes it more resistant to corrosion than wrought iron or mild steel. Finishes, coating or factory preservative treatments are applied to prevent the cast iron products from rusting when exposed to humidity. These might include bituminous coating, wax, paint, galvanizing and plating.

Outdoor Furniture Refresh With Woodard

Vintage Cast iron garden table and chairs

Seven years ago we moved into our current home. As a young family, we werent entirely sure how we would use the house, but did know we would be using the pool as soon as the weather warmed! I wanted quality outdoor furniture that would stand up to high usage with little care. With three young children and plans to entertaining often it needed to function and be easy to care for. I purchased my outdoor furniture from a family run company called Casual Image. They felt Woodard Furniture was exactly what I needed. I loved the transitional look of the Andover Collection. We purchased pieces for our fireplace sitting area and master balcony. Casual Image convinced me Woodard outdoor furniture was a high quality brand and not only would it last and need little care it would be ridiculously comfortable!

Truth be told I was worried about wear and tear of outdoor cushions. I felt confident the framing would hold up at least a few years, but I didnt think the cushions were a smart choice. But the Woodard patio furniture was so darn comfortable I had to try it for the sitting areas in our home where I knew adults would lounge fireside and my husband and I would drink our coffee everyday. I crossed my fingers and purchased it.

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Wrought Iron Patio Chairs

Buying vintage wrought iron patio chairs can be an excellent choice if youre looking for a slightly more modern or contemporary feel. With these pieces, you can update your patio space without sacrificing your traditional look.

Make sure youre comfortable with the wood used to make each chair. Whether youre looking for a traditional dining chair for your family or a modern lounge chair for your guests, these unique chairs are built to last.

Each one is crafted using steel welded together and coated with a durable polyurethane finish to withstand the elements.

Like all other types of wrought iron furniture, these pieces have been tested and inspected to ensure that they are free of defects and have passed safety standards.

If you buy vintage wrought iron patio chairs from an online retailer, ensure that the company is knowledgeable about its product line and has excellent customer service before placing your order.

How Do You Clean Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Thoroughly wash your wrought iron patio furniture with mild soap and water. Allow to completely air dry. Apply an automotive spray wax to your wrought iron patio set once or twice a year. Be sure to remove any grease spots left from suntan lotions or bug sprays as soon as possible to avoid iron discoloration.

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Terrace Set For Secluded Garden Spots

3-pc. Terrace Set is just made for use in those secluded spots in the garden, on the balcony or down by the beach. Made to stand up to outdoor use, but serves as an excellent choice for small indoor dining alcoves or apartment kitchens.

Adjustable Terrace Table moves easily down to 18? cocktail height has 30? diameter top, pedestal base. Stacking Chairs offer contoured comfort, self-leveling feet, tubular arm rests.

Convert even limited space into a delightful spot for relaxing or dining. Adjustable Terrace Table has pedestal base which can be lowered to 18? cocktail height and raised to dining height.

Woodard Orleans Wrought Iron Dining Table And 4 Chairs /

Furniture Flipping a Wrought Iron Patio Set, Turning $45 into $325!

Woodard Wrought Iron Dining Table with 4 Chairs Absolutely Fantastic! Orleans / Oak Leaf and Acorn Chippy Yellow Paint superbly sturdy For national delivery contact Local delivery to NYC and DC and Baltimore every 4 weeks. Phila. every week. $300.00 Please Converse with Robert for local Pickup or for local delivery: 302-382-5868

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Different Types Of Vintage Wrought Iron Patio Furniture: A Detailed Guide

Wondering why Wrought Iron Furniture is a great option for a patio?

Due to its classic visual appeal and aesthetic style look, wrought iron patio furniture is a go-to choice for people who want to give their patio an appealing, vintage, and romantic look.

There are a variety of designs in wrought iron furniture, and you can select any of your desires according to your patio outlook.

Many people today find that wrought iron furniture has some distinguishing factor that sets it apart from other types of outdoor furniture. Most of what is sold today are one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces.

So before making a wrought iron furniture choice for your patio, you need to know more details about their style and quality.

This article will share a brief guide on wrought iron patio furniture and everything you should have a clear idea about.

Perform A Magnet Test

Performing a magnet test is the easiest way to identify a piece made of wrought iron. Press a magnet on the iron pieces, and if theres attraction, its genuine wrought iron.

However, youll need to perform additional tests because the magnet could also be attracted by cast iron, which is often used to make much furniture thats modern.

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Ideal For Areas That Experience High Wind Gusts

Frames made from wrought iron are tough enough to endure the beating that your kids can put on it. One benefit wrought iron has over plastic or aluminum is that it is heavier. This means that during high winds or storms, your patio set wont blow over and become scattered across the yard or even in the pool. Not something you want to wake up to every morning. Even if wrought iron furniture does get knocked over, you dont need to worry about dents or damage because its so sturdy.

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Vintage wrought iron warm gold yellow patio set decorative table four ...

Mid Century Woodard Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Set Of 5 Chairish. All other names designs logos and slogans are the property of their respective companies. Woodard Patio Furniture Parts Finished with a variety of the rust and backs used for lazy susan it as easy fix disclaimer this is a coarse sandpaper to use cedar boards after wouldnt it comes to come apart around the garden furniture on the craftsmanship and chairs by restoring because wrought iron furniture try again later. 10032020 Try scratching an inconspicuous area of the furniture with your fingernail if you dont notice any marks to see if it is easy to put a mark into which can indicate that it is made out of softwood. 2 Identify pine by its yellow color straight grain and abundance of knots. Vintage Woodard Patio Furniture. A guide to buying vintage patio furniture. Outdoor furniture has not always been historically well documented. Sisters Antiques Catalog Of Vintage Patio Salterini 1948 Furniture Architecture. Greet to be able to the blog site with this time period Ill teach you in relation to how to identify salterini furniture. Salterini outdoor furniture salterini small wrought iron table.

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