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How To Repair Patio Cover

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Alumawood patio cover repair / make-over

Field: As far as scheduling work, for our typical rates listed above we normally schedule work Monday through Friday from 7am to 4pm .

Most projects get a 2 hour window of arrival, so expect something like 7am to 9am, or 10am to 12pm, or even 1pm to 3pm window. We are available for emergency carpentry work based on a first come first serve system & whether or not we have a crew available. Expect to pay more for these types of calls . If you need us to come outside of those times, expect to pay a bit more, or experience different restrictions like job minimums, etc.

Perform A Deep Cleaning

This next step will require a pressure washer and a roof cleaning solution. You can pick up a variety of roof cleaning agents at your local hardware store. This article by A Cleaner Choice also gives a helpful list of some of the best roof cleaning products. But if you dont want to go out and buy a roof detergent, you can use a simple mixture of one part bleach and three parts water. Apply whatever cleaning agent you choose in sections. Pour the mixture over one part of your patio roof and then rinse it away with the pressure washer before moving on to the next section. It is important to keep a few things in mind when you are using your pressure washer:

  • Start off by using the lowest pressure setting. If that isnt enough to lift mildew, moss, stains and debris, move up to the medium setting. You should never use the max setting when pressure washing your patio roof.
  • Keep the spray head at least a foot above the surface of the patio roof. Too much pressure , or painting the wand too close to the surface can strip shingles of their protective granule, damage the shingle or even blow the shingle away entirely.
  • Chances are, your patio roof is flat but you should always spray your pressure washer downward or toward the edge of the roof line. Spraying upward toward the ridge of the roof can lift up shingles and cause water damage.

Damage Assessment Of An Aluminum Awning

Aluminum awnings are fairly sturdy. However, because of high winds or rust, they can start to accumulate damage. It is a good idea to call in an aluminum awning company to take a look at your awning and appraise any damage to it. If the basic structure is sounds, however, you have a good chance of saving your awning.

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Patio Deck And Porch Repair That Lasts

Mr. Handyman can fix all of these and more. When you call, we will arrive at your home, inspect the damage, and perform any porch repairs to ensure the area is usable, safe, and beautiful. We can also repair any of your deck and patio fixtures, such as fire pits, built-in barbecues, sitting areas, and more! Once were finished, we can add a fresh coat of paint or stain. Our repair services will take care of all the necessary repairs for a deck that looks great such as:

  • Board replacement

How Do I Repair The Tear In My Patio Furniture Cushion Covers

Alumawood patio cover repair make

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The cushion covers on patio furniture are prone to tearing over time, especially along seams. Repair tears yourself by sewing them closed by hand, or by using iron-on patches or a specialty fabric glue. Store them during the winter months to prevent further damage unless you live in a mild climate.

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Four: Clean Up If Necessary

Despite how hard I worked at taping off the covering, I still ended up with a few places where paint hit the ceiling of our awning.

In the words of my ten-month-old son, uh oh

Thankfully, with a few tips from yall and a lot of good ol elbow grease, I was able to get it up. I tried approximately 7 billion solutions so you dont have to, and I can definitively tell you the best method for removing spray paint that landed where you didnt want it to: acetone. All you need to do is grab some pure acetone, load it up on a sponge and scrub. Itll come right up just be sure not to let the acetone touch where you want the paint to be!

Can you even believe how good it turned out? Im absolutely in awe of how much of a difference it made on the patio I genuinely never expected it to be quite this impactful!

I love how the metal awning went from feeling like a cheap and ugly growth off the back of our house and became this beautiful, intentional thing that actually makes me smile. The black feels a little dramatic and instantly makes the porch feel cozier. It ties in nicely to the dining furniture on the back patio, and its going to look so ridiculously good once we start loading it up with our sofa and everything else!

Stay tuned for more back porch excitement soon!

Patio Roof Leaks Is A Common Service Repair Call

If you have water stains on the ceiling of your beautiful patio or sunroom, the main question is why? Patio roofs have low slopes and water rolls off them slower. That means water has more time to find its way into your property. Patios need materials that are less permeable to water. And sometimes they may require full waterproofing. In this article we go over the reasons to why your patio roof is leaking. Plus, how to further prevent this problem from recurring.

Installing standing seam metal roofing and flat roofing materials are required for patio roofs. Metal materials look nicer on a front porch. Flat roofs are best for patio roofs that have little to no slope. Water damage in patio rooms is very typical when a general contractor works on the roof. Usually the GC used the wrong material for the original installation.

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How Can You Repair Extreme Dry Rot With Extreme Craftsmanship

Dry rot is an insidious foe, sneakily working its way into any weak points in your homes exterior. Once it finds a good base camp, it sets up a buffet line and begins working its way through any healthy wood fibers it can find.

In this case, there was substantial damage done to the wood in our clients patio cover.

We began by completely rooting out the issue and starting from scratch with replacement wood. The patch would later become a seamless, invisible repair, but it began as an addition of healthy wood to replace the section that was beyond saving.

Aluminum Patio Cover Parts Easy To Install

Screen Repair – Rescreening Patio Door

Anyone with a drill, impact driver or even basic hand tools can install these components. We sell only genuine Alumawood covered patio parts. Not aftermarket or patio cover components probably made elsewhere. These aluminum patio cover parts are manufactured right here in sunny Southern California by Amerimax. Genuine Alumawood aluminum parts are manufactured the same every time for consistency. The result of this type of consistency is a product that fits the same every time.

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How To Make A Concrete Patio Look Better

My gramps made these DIY adirondack chairs and couch. Isnt he talented? I told him we are going to make some more for my side of the yard and Ill be taking pictures of him to post on the blog. I think we need a tutorial on these, dont you?

We gave them a fresh coat of water-based stain and I think they are looking pretty snazzy!

What do you think of that DIY lattice privacy screen to hide the air compressor units? My dad and I recently made it one Saturday afternoon, I will post the tutorial soon!

My mom loves black and sand colors together so we used her existing cushions along with some DIY bolster pillows from the fabric I had left over from our dining room makeover.

My mom is loving her new space! Especially the Cape Cod Gray cement color.

Learning how to repair a cracked and old cement patio can seem overwhelming. One of the biggest tips I can offer no matter what product you use is to prep your surface properly.

This is where my mom drinks her coffee every morning. Its a pretty cozy spot!

Wood Patio Cover Repairs

In the event that your patio cover ever becomes damaged, have no fear there are solutions. specializes in patio cover repair of all types. Our team of specialists are familiar with all types of patio covers because after all, its all we do throughout the Los Angeles zip code.

For the most part, patio cover damage can come in multiple different types. For instance, we have dry rot, moisture deterioration, insect damage , or in the case of aluminum patio covers, denting.

No matter which type of material you have, be it wood or aluminum, pergola,lattice, or covered roof, we have a solution for repairing your patio cover. Obviously, as a patio cover construction-only company we have access to all types of materials finishes completing just about any job, large or small throughout Los Angeles. It seems as if patio covers in Los Angeles are a termite’s best friend.

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Why Patio Roofs Leak Where It Meets House Or Another Roof

The point at where a porch roof meet the siding of the home, or perhaps another roof, is a prime location for leaks to occur. Water leaks into these vulnerable areas because they were not properly waterproofed or flashed. This type of damage in patio rooms is very typical when a general contractor works on the roof. Usually the GC used the wrong material for the original installation.

With a correctly installed patio roofing system, it will work together well with all roofing materials to transport stormwater including:

  • Slate Roofing
  • Roof leaks in a variety of places are common. However, homeowners contact us all the time about water leaking into their home where the patio roof meets the side of their home. The leak is usually caused by improper installation and waterproofing of that area. The best way to avoid problems with your roof leaking in this area is to hire a roofing specialist.

    Trex Decking Contractor In Los Angeles

    Alumawood patio cover repair make

    Patiocovered offers a full line of Trex composite decking solutions. Trex composite decking is a beautiful solution to traditional wood deck and railing materials which are as previously mentioned, not susceptible to damages like wood.


    Trex is Different from wood just as Aluminum is, Trex composite is a material that may cost slightly more than wood, but lasts forever or at least a very long time. As Trex decking contractors here in Los Angeles, we have a great relationship with the suppliers which gives us great pricing breaks. As a result, we transfer those savings onto you the customer.

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    Peak Roofing Dfw Testimonials

    So very impressed with these guys and absolutely recommend them. Throughout 20 years of home ownership, I’ve had several contractors out to my house for various reasons. I found a leak in the house and traced it to a part of the roof. They came out on time, took time to assess the problem, explained the problem thoroughly and provided the best possible solution. Chris was honest, to the point and polite. I can see that they are building long-term relationships, and I intend to be their customer as long as possible.

    Jade G.

    Awning Repair Contractors In Your Area

    An awning can be a real asset if you enjoy spending time in your backyard. It offers protection from rain and sun, helping to keep patio areas dry and cooler. But when your awning is ripped, torn, or otherwise damaged, it can become an eyesore and a burden. Whether you have a retractable or fixed patio cover, fabric or metal, here are some of the issues you may experience:

    • Loose hardware attachments
    • Torn fabric or holes in the metal
    • Damaged frame
    • Malfunctioning motor

    To continue to enjoy your patio, its best to call in an awning repair service near you to fix the problems. Enter your zip code and HomeAdvisor will connect you with companies in your area who can get started on your repair right away.

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    How To Fix Covered Patio Roof Leaks

    Leaks that occur in the roof of your covered patio are repairable depending on the type of material that is used for the roof, such as vinyl. One type of patio roof is a vinyl cover or awning that attaches to the side of your house. When a rip or tear occurs in the vinyl, it will leak and require repair.

    Why Choose Best Rate

    Pro Tips – Repair a Patio Screen Door

    With over 16 years of experience and countless projects completed, you can count on us to build your patio cover right. We treat every project with the highest level of respect and care. Your patio cover needs to look great but, more importantly it needs to stand up to years of weathering.

    Our team will build your patio cover to meet or exceed your expectations. We take pride in our expertise and workmanship. Our ongoing 5 star ratings across the board shows that we not only finish projects right, but we treat customers right.

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    Keep Your Outdoor Living Space Looking Its Best

    Having a deck, porch or patio can be a wonderful addition to any homeno matter whether its for curling up with a good book, entertaining guests, or throwing a summer barbecue. Unfortunately, the space is exposed to the natural elements, meaning when it rains, snows or gets windy, your deck, porch and patio bear the brunt of the damage. Fortunately, we offer professional porch repair services for all your outdoor living spaces.

    Some common problems decks, porches and patios include the following:

    • Wood is loose, cracked, or rotten.
    • Boards become too pliant.
    • Support posts or concrete footings can become aged and weak.
    • The structure may cause drainage or erosion issues
    • Rodents or vermin are causing problems

    What About The Color Differences

    Ive seen Alumawood patio covers which were well over 20 years old. The fact that the paint was still very close to the paint of old is remarkable. Common sense tells us that in time, especially with painted products left in the sun. The aluminum pergola patio cover material may fade slightly over time, however, to prevent this maintenance is key.

    Alumawood offers up to seven colors to choose from. For those patio covers with newer paint, the color should match perfectly. Older patio covers, however, blending the paint may be required. If you have doubts as to how the colors will match up to one another, call us. We can send you a color chart free, so you can compare and ensure you order the correct color.

    As a matter of fact, if you require any help what-so-ever, just call us. 661- 309-1149.

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    Can You Tile Over Cracked Concrete

    A tile floor is only as strong and as stable as the subfloor on which it is installed. Cracks in concrete are a sign of a structural problem. Cracks mean movement, and a tile floor isnt meant to move. If you install tile over the crack, then most likely, the crack will eventually appear in the tile.

    How To Repair Outdoor Furniture Covers

    Alumawood patio cover repair make

    Outdoor furniture covers are perfect for keeping your furniture protected and ensuring its longevity. With a cover on your outdoor furniture, you can worry less about damages, meaning less time will be spent on repairs and less money will be spent on replacements. But what if the cover itself becomes damaged? Should you go out and buy a new one? In some instances, yes. But, in most cases, the damage will be minimal enough to repair yourself.


    Furniture covers are typically made of canvas like materials . Because the material is usually soft and fairly workable, you have several options for repair. If the material is thin enough, you can have success simply sewing or patching any rips or tears. While sewing a gouge shut can help, its best to use a fabric patch of some sort to ensure the best seal. Stitching will most likely leave small holes behind, which is fine if youre looking to prevent sun damage. If you want to keep out moisture, however, sewing up the tear and then sewing a patch over the area will give you the best results.

    Duct Tape

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    How To Repair A Leak Where A Patio Roof Meets The Main Roof

    • Written by Manuel Paucar on Jan 22, 2011To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

    When learning how to repair a leak where a patio roof meets the main roof, there are some important considerations you should make such as whether the patio roof will be able to support your weight. Patio roofs are typically weaker and less reinforced than main roofs, but holes can easily be repaired with the right tools, materials, and instructions. Take a read through the steps below to repair the roof joint without damaging your home and your patio.

    Step 1 Install Temporary Supports

    Youll want to make sure that the patio roof can support your weight by installing wooden posts during the repair process. Purchase 2 long pieces of wood measured at 2 by 6 inches for the height of your patio roof. Attach shorter pieces of wood to the top of the longer pieces with nails in a T-shape. This will provide more support. Take 1 post and position the top of its T on the underside of the roof around 1 foot from where the hole is. Have the post tilted a little bit so that itll fit under the patio roof. Now, use a hammer to tap the bottom of the post in the right direction until its vertical. Do the same for the other post, also 1 foot away from the hole but in the opposite direction.

    Step 2 Climb Up onto the Roof


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