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How To Install A Sliding Patio Door

Upgrade Your Old Patio Door With Great New Privacy Features

Sliding patio doors are a common, but a number of new features and benefits are available. Privacy features including upgraded lock hardware, tinted glass, and between the glass shades and blinds are just the beginning. No matter what features you are looking for for your home, Ron shows the basic steps required to remove your old door from the opening, and then securely install the new unit so that it is weather tight, looks great, and lasts for years.

Whats The Average Cost Of Installing A Sliding Patio Door

Just the labor for installing a sliding patio door ranges from $1065 to $2920. The cost of a sliding patio door itself will range anywhere between $300 to over $5,500 depending on what design you’re going with, how many panels, the type of glass, the brand, and other materials.

If you’re wanting a multi-panel sliding door with very durable glass, you’ll be paying anywhere between $1,000 to over $4,000.

Cost To Install A Sliding Glass Door In An Existing Wall

If you wish to install a sliding glass door into an existing wall without any kind of pre-existing door or opening, the costs will be higher on average than simply replacing a door. This kind of installation will cost around $1,500 to $5,000 on average.

The cost of creating a new opening in the wall ranges from $400 to $1,500, and then there’s another $300 to $600 in costs to frame the new opening, plus the potential costs of permits and structural engineers, which can add anywhere from $300 to $1,500 onto the total price.

How To Remove Install And Adjust External Sliding Doors

Chelsea Berry

Installing a sliding patio door in your home is an excellent way to welcome in sunlight and lower the barriers between the confines of your home and the fresh, bright world outside.

And if you’ve already got an opening in your home that is large enough to fit the doors in, you may even consider installing them yourself. It might even save you a few pennies.

But before you take on a job like this, you’ll need to know exactly what it entails. So we’ve put together this easy to follow guide that covers all the steps of installing and adjusting sliding doors.

We’ve even included instructions to help you remove your old door ready for the new arrival.

Should You Install Your External Sliding Doors Yourself

How To Install A Sliding Glass Door With Oglesby ...

We’ll be honest with you. Installing a sliding door, particularly an external one, can be a fiddly job.

You need to get the frame that the door sits in level. This in itself can take a lot of time, adjusting, fiddling and can be frustrating.

With internal doors, you have some room for fudging things. If it isn’t exactly the right size, doesn’t hang completely straight, doesn’t open all that smoothly….it’s annoying, and frustrating but it won’t have a major impact on your home or living.

With external doors, any mistakes are going to matter. If it isn’t straight, sealed, and armed with an effective lock, your sliding door will leave you open to damp, drafts and vulnerable to break-ins.  Ensuring you get the fit right is very important.

However, if you’re concerned about costs, particularly after purchase as big as the doors themselves, it is definitely worth considering installing them yourself.

Particularly if you’re quite a handy person, confident in your DIY skills. Installing sliding doors is not the most difficult job it just takes some time.

Just weigh up your options, be honest about your skill set. And read through this guide, to make sure you know exactly what needs to be done if you decide to try this task yourself.

What To Consider Before Installing A Sliding Glass Door

Before installing a sliding glass door, you’ll want to consider important factors like size, safety and energy efficiency.

Our glass specialists may recommend tempered glass, which is safer than regular plate glass. Rather than shattering into sharp, jagged pieces, tempered glass will break into rounded pieces that aren’t as harmful. Many building codes now require tempered glass to be used in sliding glass doors, so be sure to check your state’s building codes.

These types of glass help block harmful UV-rays from damaging the interior of your home, as well as help insulate your home from extreme temperatures. What’s great is that they still allow plenty of natural light to flow into your home, as well as give you a nice, clear view of your patio, lawn, or garden.

How To Replace A Sliding Glass Door With French Doors

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow’s Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards.There are 15 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 7,579 times.Learn more…

Replacing old sliding glass doors with new French doors is a popular option for updating homes and giving them a new style. Installing French doors from scratch is a big job, but it’s made easier by pre-made door kits. Start by uninstalling the glass doors and pulling out the old door frame. Then glue down the base for the French doors and screw the frame into position. Finish by installing the necessary hardware and sealing all spaces to prevent leaks in your new door.

What Are The Costs Involved With Sliding Glass Doors

A basic sliding glass door will run you anywhere between $300 to $800 for around a 6-foot panel that comes with a vinyl or aluminum frame. Medium-level sliding glass doors that come with double-pane glass will cost between $800 to $2,000. If you’re going with a premium-level sliding glass door, you’ll be paying between $1,500 to $5,000.

Caulk And Install The New Sliding Door Frame

  • Assemble the frame following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If you have a “knockdown” door frame, assemble it on the deck, garage floor or other flat surface.
  • “Dry-fit” the assembled door frame in the opening to make sure everything fits.
  • Apply two beads of silicone caulk along the length of the threshold and tip the frame into the opening.

Average Cost Of Sliding Patio Door By Brand

The cost of your glass sliding patio door will be largely determined by the brand you choose, along with the size and type. Different manufacturers offer different types of doors and use different methods and materials for their construction. In addition to that, the brand you choose will determine the door’s warranty. Since a sliding glass door can be an investment and can be costly to replace, finding a brand with a good warranty against defects can be important to factor into your choice. Below is a table of the most popular sliding glass door brands and their average costs.

$2,800 – $3,900

Sliding Patio Door Cost By Number Of Panes

When choosing sliding patio doors, you need to determine the number of panes you want your glass door to have. For each pane that is added, the glass will be thicker and more durable and better insulates your home. If you live in a temperate climate that sees few storms or weather events, then a single-pane door would suffice. But if you live in an area that is vulnerable to high winds and storm damage, a double- or triple-pane glass can lower the risk of damage. Double- and triple-pane glass is also recommended in areas that see temperature extremes as they are more energy-efficient and reduce your energy costs.

$2,000 – $3,000

Convert A Window Into A Sliding Glass Door

If you’re looking to put a sliding glass door where a window is now, you can do it yourself with a little hard work. Depending on whether you have a brick home or a home with siding, you’ll be using different tools . The general idea is still the same.

Step 1- Preparing the Inside of the Wall

Using the directions that come with the sliding glass doors, mark your measurements for the rough frame as suggested. Make sure each of your measurements and lines you draw are level. It will be easier if at least one side of the window is along the lines you’re drawing, but this is not necessary. Before drawing the frame, consult your home’s blueprints and repair history to see if there are any pipes or electrical wires in the wall. If you can’t find out that information from previous records or blueprints, use a combination detector to check the wall for studs, wires or plumbing. If you have any pipes or electricity in the way, you should call in a professional before proceeding. If the coast is clear, drill the outside wall in the four corners of the rough frame.

WARNING: Try to pick a wall that is not load-bearing. Otherwise, you will need to reinforce the other walls to avoid compromising your home.

Step 2- Working on the Outside Wall

Step 3- Remove the Window and Outer Wall

Step 4- Remove Studs and Remaining Materials

Step 5- Assemble the Sliding Glass Door Frame

Step 6- Installing the Sliding Glass Door

Steps For Installing A Sliding Glass Door

How To Install Pocket Door Frames

  • Use reciprocating saw to cut around the old window.
  • Pull out the lower section of wall.
  • Remove the old door and window from the wall.
  • Use 12-pound sledgehammer to bust out concrete curb at bottom of wall opening.
  • Fasten pressure-treated 2×4 form to floor with concrete screws.
  • Mix quick-setting cement in mortar tub with shovel.
  • Spray the form with a garden hose, then seal outside edge of form with silicone sealant.
  • Fill form with cement, then smooth it with a trowel. Allow cement to cure for 24 hours.
  • Reduce the width of the opening by building a wood-frame wall. Use pressure-treated 2×4 for the sill plate, standard lumber for the wall studs, king studs and top plate.
  • Cover the newly framed wall section with ?-inch-thick exterior-grade plywood.
  • Fasten plywood sheathing to studs with 2½-inch nails.
  • Rip a 2×4 filler to fit across top of wall opening. Nail filler in place with 3½-inch nails.
  • Staple builder’s paper to the exterior surface of the plywood sheathing.
  • Apply thick bead of silicone sealant around nailing flange on doorjamb, and along top of sill.
  • Set doorjamb into rough opening, making sure the nailing flange fits under shingles.
  • Measure the diagonals of the doorjamb to ensure it’s square.
  • Secure jamb to rough opening by inserting wood shims behind jamb. Drive 3-inch screws through the jamb and shims, and into the 2×4 frame.
  • Set the active, rolling glass panel into the doorjamb.
  • Fill the void around the inside of the door with minimal-expanding foam insulation.
  • Hurricane Proof Sliding Glass Doors Price

    Hurricane proof sliding glass doors are exactly what their name implies. They are glass doors designed to withstand damage during a hurricane. They are impact-rated and impact-resistant, meaning that the glass has been fabricated and tested to resist a hurricane’s high winds. They are also stronger, making them more difficult to break in the event of flying debris. Since broken glass and high winds can spell disaster, this glass is a must if you live in a hurricane region. The cost for this runs anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000.

    Retractable Screen For Sliding Patio Door

    Retractable screens are becoming more and more popular with many homeowners due to their unique advantages. As the name implies, they’re able to retract into a housing chamber when not in use, letting you pull them out and store them away as needed. They can be easily installed on any patio door and are available in a range of colors and styles, as well as being more durable than sliding screens. However, they’re more expensive on average, costing $400 to $600.

    Sliding Patio Doors With Built In Blinds

    As an additional feature, some sliding patio doors offer built-in 5 blinds, which give your home extra elegance and beauty. There are many advantages of built-in blinds such as little maintenance, easy cleaning, energy efficiency, and reduction in noise. Patio doors with blinds can be a worthwhile investment and improvement cost. Purchasing a patio door with built-in blinds can increase the cost of the patio door considerably. A patio door with built-in blinds can raise the cost by $150-$400.

    How To Install An External Sliding Door

    Installing a sliding door isn’t actually that difficult. Particularly if there are two of you to share the weight and the awkward lifting.

    But be warned that most new doors will come disassembled, due to their size and weight. This can be fiddly, getting all the pieces in place. Installing a new jamb and tracks will also up the expertise needed.

    Cost Of Sliding Patio Doors By Material

    There are a variety of types of materials that you can choose for your new sliding patio door. Each material has its own pros and cons as well as aesthetic look. Choosing the right material will largely have to do with the type of look you are trying to achieve and the type of weather you experience in your area. Below is a table of the different materials you can choose for your sliding patio door as well as the average cost without installation or other additional fees.


    Sliding Patio Door Vs Folding Door Cost

    Folding doors are another popular option for patio doors. Folding doors are designed with a whole glass wall that folds open completely along a track located in the floor and creates an opening to the outside. Unlike sliding glass doors, the whole door opens completely, providing a wider exit space.

    They are similar to sliding doors in a couple of aspects. They are both easy to operate and allow a significant amount of natural light to come in. One of the main drawbacks is that even though their function is easy, the panels are quite heavy. Moving the panels can be difficult for some people. Folding doors are a lot less expensive than sliding doors, running between $900 and $1,000, but they have fewer options when it comes to design.

    Take Out The Old Door Panels And Frame

    • 2.1 – Remove the screen door from the track.
    • 2.2 – Depending on the door model, loosen the screws holding the rollers. Lift the sliding panel out of the lower track.
    • 2.3 – Unscrew and remove the angle brackets on either side of the stationary panel. Slide the panel to the middle of the door frame, then lift and remove.
    • 2.4 – If the door has a nail fin, remove a section of the exterior wall cladding in order to release it. Unscrew the door and lift it out of the frame.
    • 2.5 – For a standard finless door, unscrew and remove the side jambs and the lower and upper tracks from the door frame.
    • 2.6 – Remove all exterior caulk around the door casing.
    • 2.7 – Use a reciprocating saw to cut between the casing and the jambs. Do not cut under the threshold. The door casing must be held steady while you cut.
    • 2.8 – Remove the casing from the opening.
    • 2.9 – Loosen and lift the threshold; you may need to use a crowbar.
    • 2.10 – Clean all residue and caulk from surfaces of the frame.

    How To Adjust An External Sliding Door

    How To Install Sliding Patio Doors

    Once a door frame is fitted in place, fixed with screws, and sealed with caulk or any other sealant, it is very hard to adjust your door frame. This is why we put so much emphasis above, on getting things level before you fix them.

    The best way to adjust a sliding door is always going to be using shims, packers, etc during the installation process rather than as an afterthought.

    If you’re feeling cool beads of sweat at the mere thought of all this effort, accuracy and pressure, you may not want to remove or install your own sliding doors.

    But, if you’ve discovered that isn’t as difficult as you once thought, and you relish the idea of spending quality time with your tools and your level, then don’t be put off.  It is definitely achievable to do it yourself.

    American Craftsman Sliding Patio Door

    American Craftsman offers a wide range of sliding patio doors in varying styles and materials to complete the desired look in your home. Their doors are all energy-efficient, though you can choose styles with varying degrees of efficiency. They offer premium, modern designs constructed with vinyl 1 or wood and even offer narrow options to allow you to fit one in a more customized space. You can also improve efficiency by adding triple-pane or Low-e glass. American Craftsman doors are reasonably priced, running between $350 and $2,500.

    How To Measure For Sliding Patio Door

    If you are replacing an existing sliding patio door or installing a new door, one of the most important steps is to correctly measure for your new door so that it will fit properly. Sliding patio doors often come in standard sizes so it shouldn’t be too complicated to order a door that will fit. The typical patio door opening is 6’8″ tall and 6 to 12 feet wide.

    To measure your patio sliding door opening for replacement, remove the wood trim first so that you can get more accurate measurements. Measure from one top corner to the other to get the width, and measure from the top corner to the bottom corner on the same side to get the height. Take 3 width measurements at different locations and average them, and 3 height measurements at different locations and average them, and submit these averages to the contractor. Make sure you measure your sliding patio door from the inside, as the measurements will be more accurate.

    This cost guide is based on installing a 6’-wide sliding patio door. It is important to keep in mind that the bigger the size of the door, the higher the cost.

    Impact Resistant Sliding Patio Doors

    If you live in an area with inconsistent or unpredictable weather, then an impact-resistant sliding patio door may be a great option. The glass on this door is designed to withstand pressure, strong winds, and flying debris. For homes on the outskirts of hurricane and tornado paths, this door can protect against glass damage and preserve the integrity of your home. The cost for impact-resistant sliding patio doors should range between $300 and $500.

    Sliding Patio Door Installation Cost

    Installing a sliding patio door requires professional knowledge so that it can be installed properly, so hiring a professional to do the job is a good idea. Installing a sliding patio door includes: preparation of the opening for the new door , applying leakproof flashing 3, caulking 4 and installing the new frame, adding extension jambs, trim, and filler strips, and then adding filling in the exterior trim to support the door.

    Installing a patio door in a wall where no existing opening requires some modifications to the wall, plumbing, and electrical wiring. If the wall is load-bearing then only experienced carpenters or structural engineers should decide whether it can be done and how. The cost to hire a structural engineer varies depending on a few factors. For instance, the length of time in their field will increase their price. Newly graduated structural engineers will charge between $18-$26 per hour while engineers with more experience charge from $30-$42 per hour for the same work.

    The average cost to install a sliding patio door averages $1,400-$4,000. This price includes labor costs, which average around $65-$85 per hour and will take approximately 7 hours to install, as well as material costs including shims, silicone, and caulking. Removal and disposal of an old patio door typically costs $100-$150 and is included in the cost.

    Right Hand Vs Left Hand Sliding Door

    Right hand and left hand are terms that help to determine the way in which the door will slide open.

    While facing the sliding patio door, if the door handle is on the left hand, then this is considered a right-hand door. The right side of the door is fixed and the left side will slide open along the tracks. Opposite to that, if the door handle is on the right side of the door, then this is a left-hand door. The left side of the door is fixed and the right side will slide open along the tracks.

    How To Insulate A Sliding Patio Door

    Homeowners use glass to accentuate their sliding patio door. The use of the glass patio door offers the home a good feature if it is well-insulated, especially during the winter months. However, if there is poor insulation on the glass door, this will cause ice to form, causing extreme coldness in the home. There are things that can be done to avoid this problem with glass sliding patio doors, especially during the cold weather. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to insulate a sliding patio door.

    Step 1-Checking the Weather-stripping

    Check the weather-stripping seal placed on the gaps of the sliding door. When the door is opened, this can be seen over to the right end side. If damage is seen on the weather-stripping, simply pull it out and replace. The weather-stripping material may be purchased at local hardware stores.

    Step 2-Setting the Window Film

    Step 3-Choosing the Right Window Insulator

    The next step is to apply the insulation for the window, which may be done by purchasing any type of window treatments, like insulating curtains, window quilt or window blinds. The type to consider should possess an insulating factor. The product selected for use should have an indication of the insulating factor, which should be carefully considered to obtain the desired insulating effect on the home.

    Step 4-Window Insulating Panel

    Cost To Install A Sliding Glass Door

    If you’re considering installing a sliding glass door in your home, call the experts at Glass Doctor®. While you may think installing a sliding glass door is easy, the project is quite difficult without the proper tools and knowledge.

    Avoid potential injuries and save time and money by letting our glass experts complete the job for you. Schedule an in-home consultation today at 855-603-1919.

    Position And Install The Patio Door

    How to Install Sliding Glass Doors

    • 4.1 – Run two or three beads of caulk over the sill and around the opening where the nailing fin will press against the flashing.
    • 4.2 – From the outside, place the bottom of the door frame on the sill, then tilt the door into the opening and push the nail fins tight against the sheathing. If the door is finless, the outer edge of the frame must be flush with the lath where the vinyl cladding will be nailed.
    • 4.3 – From the inside, insert wood shims to stabilize the door.
    • 4.4 – Adjust the shims to centre, square, plumb and level the casing.
    • 4.5 – Space shims every 12″ but at least 8″ from the corners. If shims are needed under the sill, space them 8″ apart.
    • 4.6 – Continually check that the door is level and square. Insert enough shims to support the casing, but never force.
    • 4.7 – Measure the two diagonals of the door frame: they should be identical, with a maximum allowable deviation of 1/8″.
    • 4.8 – Level the casing both horizontally and vertically . The maximum allowable deviation is 1/16″. Adjust where necessary.
    • 4.9 – From the outside, screw in the nailing fin starting with the lower corners, then the upper corners. For a door without a nailing fin, remove the cladding at the sides of the door. Nail the frame to the jambs at the appropriate places, through the shims. Replace the covering materials.
    • 4.10 – Screw through to the frame of the house.
    • 4.11 – Do not screw into the header or sill.

    How To Install A Sliding Glass Door

    This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow’s Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards.There are 12 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 46,146 times.Learn more…

    Homeowners often install sliding glass doors in order to let in sunlight, or to give them easy access to a patio or backyard. It’s most efficient to install a sliding glass door in an area from which a large front door—like a set of French doors—has been removed. You can install your own sliding glass doors over a period of a few hours. Ask a friend or family member to help you, since the glass doors themselves are heavy and awkward to move.

    Sliding Patio Door Replacement Cost

    Before you can install your new sliding patio door, you will have to remove your old door. Old patio door removal costs usually around $100-$150.

    If you already have a sliding door in place, you can actually save on the overall cost of installation. Replacing an existing sliding door costs around $700 to $2,400 on average. You’ll be expected to pay around $100 to $300 for removal of an old door. Additional costs of $100 to $300 may apply if the frame needs replacing or repairing.

    You might also just need a panel replaced on your pre-existing door. This will cost between $400 and $700 in general, which covers the cost of removing and disposing the old panel, plus the installation of the new one.

    Measure The Opening Before You Buy

    • Pry the interior trim free.
    • Chip away drywall to expose framing.
    • Pull off the interior trim around the old door and measure the “rough opening” width and height .
    • Pro tip: Make sure you measure to the framing right next to the old door jamb. You may have to cut away overhanging drywall to get at it.
  • To check the height, make sure you’re measuring to the subfloor.
  • That is, measure to the wood or concrete that the doorsill actually rests on and not a secondary layer of particleboard or plywood .
  • Select a new sliding glass door that fits your rough opening.
  • Pro tip: Once you get your door home, you’ll save a lot of time if you finish any exposed wood surfaces on the door before beginning the installation.
  • Prepare And Waterproof The Opening

    • 3.1 – For a new door with nailing fin, remove sufficient exterior vinyl cladding around the opening.
    • 3.2 – Ensure that all parts of the frame are in good repair. Remove all debris.
    • 3.3 – Apply self-adhesive flexible waterproof flashing to the sill and 6″ up each jamb. The membrane must cover the drip cap or the building paper on the exterior wall, under the sill.
    • 3.4 – Cut the corners of the flashing to facilitate folding. Cover the entire door sill.
    • 3.5 – Apply self-adhesive flexible waterproof membrane to exposed surfaces on both sides of the opening.
    • 3.6 – Fold the surplus to wrap around the jambs.
    • 3.7 – Always insert the membrane under the existing exterior cladding.

    Sliding Patio Door Cost Calculator

    Sliding glass door prices can vary wildly depending on a range of factors, including the project size and scope, type of sliding door, and the door material. For example, fiberglass and steel patio doors tend to cost more than simple vinyl alternatives. Bigger doors with more panels also have a higher overall cost. Use our calculator to estimate the cost to install a sliding patio door in your region. The calculator provides you with an average price for a typical 72”x80” aluminum patio door, as well as high and low costs.

    Aluminum Sliding Patio Door Prices

    Aluminum sliding patio doors are known for their strength and durability, making them ideal for areas with strong winds. They are insect and weather-resistant, which means they won’t rot or corrode. And while they are not the least expensive option, they are not one of the highest ones. The two main drawbacks that you will find with aluminum sliding doors are that they act as a thermal conductor and tend to produce more condensation. You can expect to pay anywhere from $600 to $1,000 for an aluminum door depending on the brand.

    Anderson Sliding Patio Door Prices

    Anderson offers both vinyl and wood frame options in several finishes and colors to fit in with your home’s decor. You can choose options with a protective aluminum or fiberglass exterior to increase durability. Their base options maximize light and view. They offer higher-end options that are extremely energy-efficient. Their sliding doors are backed by a 10-year limited warranty that is easily transferable. Anderson windows are typically more expensive and cost as low as $800 to as high as $3,500.

    Automatic Sliding Patio Door Price

    How to Install Sliding Glass Doors

    Enhance your new patio sliding door with an automatic sliding door system. Automatic sliding doors provide beauty, strength, and technology into one! Automatic sliding doors make it easy to open up with little maintenance and also provide a reduction in operational noise. Automatic sliding doors are on the expensive side and range from $2,000-$3,500 per door including installation fees.

    Sliding Patio Door With Sidelights

    Adding some sidelights to your patio door can help to enhance its appearance. There are different styles of sidelights that run along the side of the patio door or some that illuminate an entrance way. Sidelights that run along the length of the door range in price between $100-$250 each. The sidelights that illuminate the entrance way are called path lights and typically cost $75-$100 each. For installation of sidelights an electrician charges an average of $40-$100 per hour for installation.?

    Sliding Patio Door Prices By Size

    The price for installing your sliding patio door will vary by the type of door installed and the size of the door. A larger size means more material, longer labor times, and sometimes more expensive hardware. Below are some of the more common patio door sizes installed and the average cost you can expect to pay for each. The first dimension represents the width of the door and the second dimension the height, which is typically a standard 80”. Prices include the cost of the door but no installation or additional costs.



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