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How To Keep Cats Off Patio Furniture

Use An Ultrasonic Repellent

How to keep cats off outdoor furniture cushions!

One alternative to sprays is ultrasonic repellent units. Theyre solar-powered, and so need to be placed in direct sunlight for much of the day. This is probably the biggest downside if you have a covered patio. But still, they tend to have a fairly wide range of motion. This one, from Broox, has a 110-degree arc and works up to 30-feet away. You can also charge it via a USB port if you cant find a spot to position it in the sun.

It has a motion sensor attached that activates the ultrasonic signal that scares the cats out of the area. So these are generally best for use on feral cats, unless you want to keep your cat off of your patio altogether.

If you go searching on Amazon for one of these, be warned. For whatever reason, theres a ton of reviews for other products for many of these ultrasonic repellents. So make sure to read several reviews and make sure theyre for the product youre looking at. Its a big problem and I hope Amazon gets it under control soon. The one mentioned above didnt have any false reviews, as far as I could tell, but its best to look for yourself.

Make A Deterrent Spray

You can use essential oils like lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon, grapefruit or orange and put them in the spraying bottle with a liter of water and spray around the patio. Another thing you can use for the spray is cayenne pepper. Before pouring anything, clear the bottle and its pipes so it wouldnt get blocked. Take one tablespoon of cayenne pepper and put it in the spray bottle. Fill the bottle with water afterward and shake it well. Make sure to test all of the sprays on the distinct part of the furniture before applying it just to make sure that it wont damage the material.

Make sure that you buy a new plastic bottle and not use the one that you find around the house since the residue chemicals can alter the mix.

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How Do You Stop Cats From Using Your Garden As A Litter Box

Try these solutions to keep cats out of your much-loved vegetable beds and away from the food you grow:

  • Prickly is best. Cats prefer to walk on soft, loose soil and will avoid prickly surfaces.
  • Use scent to keep the cats away.
  • Wash up to deter garden cats.
  • Fences.
  • Create an outdoor litter box.
  • Build a catio
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    How Can I Get Rid Of Birds On My Patio

    You may enjoy watching birds in their natural outdoor environmentbut not at the expense of them converging on your patio and regularly using that space as a bathroom.

    If you want to stop birds from making themselves feel right at home on your patio, try some of the following humane methods to remove your otherwise fine-feathered friends.

    Cinnamon Rosemary & Lavender

    How to Keep Cats Off Outdoor Patio Furniture â Sunshine &  Play
    • 3 tablespoons of each: cinnamon, fresh rosemary and dried lavender
    • 3 cups of boiling water
    • ¾ cups distilled white vinegar
    • ¼ cup lemon juice
  • Drop 3 tablespoons each of cinnamon, fresh rosemary, and dried lavender into a large heatproof container. Add 3 cups of boiling water, cover the container, and steep like tea overnight.
  • The following day, pour the mixture into another container using a cheesecloth or coffee filter to strain out the chunky bits. Grab a funnel and pour the strained mixture into a clean spray bottle.
  • Now add 3/4 cup of distilled white vinegar and 1/4 cup lemon juice to the spray bottle. Shake to incorporate.
  • Caution: Dont spray directly on plants.
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    Build An Outdoor Litterbox

    One way to stop cats from eliminating in one spot, like a flower garden, is to give them a more attractive place to go, preferably well off in a far corner of the yard. Inexpensive options include:

    – A large pile of peat moss approximately 4 feet square and 8 inches deep.- A sandbox, using regular “kiddie sandbox” sand.- Fill a large storage bin with a few inches of kiddie sandbox sand. Cut a doorway 8 inches by 8 inches in the bin just above the level of the sand. For extra cleanliness, instead of sand, put a litterbox with regular litter inside the bin.

    To attract the cats to their new bathroom, place a couple of pieces of the cats’ poop in the new digs To reduce odor, replace the peat moss, sand or litter regularly. Occasional scooping will also help.

    Give Cats A Comfortable Area

    Nowadays, the outdoor area is getting more and more comfortable. Many homeowners invest in dining space and a fire pit, creating a cosy lounging area. Therefore, its fair to ask: Can you blame your cat for wanting to enjoy your outdoor furniture cushions? After all, cats like their comfort.

    So, if you want to keep your cat happy, you could consider ways of creating a feline lounging area too. The addition of a cat tree where Felix can lie down and hide undisturbed is a fantastic idea. You can have a look for sturdy cat trees that are suitable for a covered patio, for example. Alternatively, if you enjoy crafting, it doesnt take long to turn an old shelving unit into a climbing castle!

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    Best Bird Deterrents That Actually Work

    Birds can become a very annoying problem very fast. The more birds, the bigger the issue. Birds love to eat grass seeds and bird droppings are just repelling.

    They also mess up your patio and driveway. The best solution is a proper bird deterrenta humane way to keep the birds away from your property. Here are the best solutions for your bird problem.

    Cats Sleep Under Your Porch Or In Your Shed

    Natural Cat repellent.. keep them claws off the furniture

    Reason: The cats are looking for a dry, warm shelter away from the elements.

    2 Quick Tips:

    1. Provide covered shelter. Or, if the cats have a caregiver, ask the caregiver to provide covered shelter. Shelters should be placed in quiet areas away from traffic. Find tips to build or buy shelters at

    2. Block or seal the area where the cats enter with chicken wire or lattice, but only once you are absolutely certain no cats or kittens are inside.

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    Citrus Scented Cat Repellent

    Kitties have better-smelling abilities than humans, which makes them much more sensitive to strong scents, especially citrus based fragrances. Using citrus essential oils, such as orange, citronella, or lemongrass, repel cats naturally in indoor and outdoor areas.

    Mix three parts waterto one part oil and shake well. Spray the areas you want your cats to avoid.

    Cotton balls soaked in essential oils can also be placed in the areas you want to keep off limits. Never spray essential oils directly onto your cat, as the oils can be harmful when absorbed through their skin.

    Etsitta 17 Inch Realistic Hanging Dead Crows Decoy

    A lifelike really works well and it has been a traditional way to scare off other birds as well.

    If you are done with dealing with new kinds of bird deterrents and want a good old fashioned device to work like a charm, then there is nothing better than this 17-inch dead crow.

    And when we say its life-like, the dead thing is truly close to a real crow.

    The feathers and all other minor details on this thing are very real.

    It means that this decoy is going to work very well. Make sure that you dont leave your dead decoy outside for too long, or other crows or birds will find out that its fake.

    The materials used in the construction of this decoy are all of the high quality. It also comes with a couple of ropes and you can use them to hang it in any direction you want.

    You will find this decoy very useful and will notice its aftermath pretty much instantly.

    • Very effective to deter crows and other birds
    • High-quality materials
    • Hang it anywhere you want
    • Comes with a couple of ropes too
    • Very effective against crows
    • Need to keep changing the position
    • Works well with other bird deterrent techniques

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    Stopping Birds From Perching On Railing

    I needed a way to enjoy the birds in the yard but discourage them from our porch. But how?

    Well, what if I ran a string along the rails about 4 high between the porchs poles? Yeah! That might make landing on our porch rail less attractive to them.

    Theyll try to land but with a string above the rail they wont be able to actually land on the rail. And with a 2 to 3 gap between the rail and the string they wont be able grip the string with their feet either.

    Their weight may push the string down but not enough to touch the rail to give them a more solid footing. Hopefully that way theyll give up and perch elsewhere!

    I asked RancherMan what string hed like me to use and he said Why dont we just use fishing line? Its cheap, its easy and it will be almost invisible!

    Why RancherMan, thats brilliant! Lets give it a try.

    Training Your Cat With A Clicker

    How to Keep Cats Off Outdoor Patio Furniture â Sunshine &  Play
  • 1Get a clicker and target stick. Cats can be trained to move on command using clicker training and a target stick. You can buy a clicker for training at a local pet shop. A target stick is simply a long stick you use to guide your cat on and off surfaces. You can use any long stick you want, such as a wooden rod you would buy at a craft store.XResearch source
  • 2Teach the cat to follow the stick. To start, you want your cat to learn to follow the stick. Place the target stick near your cat’s nose. As soon as it starts sniffing the stick, move the stick. If the cat follows the stick with their nose, click the clicker. Give the cat a reward, like a small treat. This will teach the cat it should follow the clicker stick to get rewarded.XResearch source
  • For a few days, spend short training intervals teaching your cat to follow the stick. Once your cat consistently follows the stick, you can train your cat to stay off furniture.
  • 3Pick a command. Choose a command to use to get your cat off furniture. The command can be something like, “No” or “Get off.” You want your cat to eventually jump off the furniture in response to this command.XResearch source
  • 4Guide the cat down when saying the command. Each time you see your cat on the furniture, get your training stick. Say your command while guiding your cat off the furniture. Reward your cat with a small treat when they obey.XResearch source
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    Changing Your Habits Regarding Cat Care

  • 1Stay away from spray bottles. Many owners use a spray bottle to punish a cat when they get on furniture. However, spray bottles are unlikely to help much when training your cat. Your cat is unlikely to make the connection between the punishment and the behavior. A spray bottle also only succeeds in stressing your cat out. Stay away from spray bottles as a training tool.XResearch source
  • 2Make sure your cat has scratching posts. Cats need to scratch to keep their nails trim. Unwanted scratching and pawing is often the result of uncomfortably long claws or nails. Keep a scratching post in your home. This will give your cat an outlet to scratch and keep it off the furniture.XResearch source
  • 3Give your cat room to play. Cats may take over areas like furniture if they don’t have space of their own. Have a room in your home, or a corner in one of your rooms, where you keep your cat’s toys, food, and bed. When you play with your cat, play in this area. If your cat feels it has its own space, it’s less likely to invade yours.XResearch source
  • Think about what kind of toys your cat likes the most and then fill its play area with them. The more you tailor the space to your cat, the more likely your cat is to spend time in it.
  • If you don’t reward your cat’s good behavior, it’s more likely to keep misbehaving.
  • You can tie a toy to a string a drag it off the floor. You can also throw items for your cat to chase.
  • Give Your Pets Their Own Space

    You can also provide your dogs their own personal patio furniture if they insist on getting up on your furniture. Encourage them to lay there with positive reinforcement. You can get them used to considering it their spot by leashing them near it so they have no choice but to lie down and relax in the spot. Over time, theyll do it on their own. Cats wont as easily adapt to sitting in one specific spot but as long as they have plenty of places to take a catnap in the sun, they shouldnt use your furniture too much. Pet proofing your outdoor furniture is much the same as doing it to your indoor furniture. It doesnt take much effort or money to keep your furniture safe from pets.

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    Catching The Cat In The Act

    Although it is not always easy, cats can be trained. If the cat is continually trying to sit on your porch furniture while you are outside, you can keep a small spray bottle of water around. Cats do not like to be sprayed, and although it could take a few weeks for them to learn what will happen should they climb onto the furniture, in the end, it will be worth it.

    How Do I Stop Stray Cats From Spraying On My Patio

    Keeping the cats off the furniture!

    You end up the lights to go to bed, whichs when you hear the roaring originating from the backyard. It ends up some feral felines chose to make the crawlspace under your patio their house for the winter season charming, well, type of.

    Having a roaming feline relocation into your backyard may appear charming and cuddly, however strays have some concerns. They do not have the exact same domestication as housecats, and they can have wild personalities. Males and women do not get any neutering or spaying, and they have all their glands undamaged, in addition to a raving hormonal agent system.

    For that reason, a feral feline is more like a wild animal than a family pet. If you leave onto your patio, you may discover that it smells like feline pee.

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    Commercial Cat Repellent Spray

    If making your own spray isnt your thing, there are commercial cat repellent sprays you can purchase. Some of these products are scents that cats dont like, but others may include pheromones or other indicators that a larger, predatory animal is in the area. Even some products that are intended to deter scratching and marking may keep cats away from your furniture entirely. These sprays may be just enough to keep the cat in different parts of your yard and away from your patio furniture.

    How To Keep Cats Off Furniture Naturally

    Here are 7 simple tricks to keep your cats off your furniture.

    1. Use Cat Repelling Mats and Pads

    This is by far the most efficient way to get your cats to avoid your furniture. This is a shortcut of sorts and all it requires you do is put these cat repelling mats where you want your cats to not go. Cats are intelligent creatures and learn which places to avoid quickly. These repelling mats word via different mechanisms and many different companies produce them. I will list my favourite and its details.

    Pet Safe Scat Mat

    The Scat Mat in Action

    You can place the Scat mat on your furniture, kitchen counters, garden lawn or anywhere you dont want your cat. The way the Scat Mat works is by discharging a 3-second static pulse whenever your cat steps on it or touches it. Although this small impulse is not enough to harm your cat, it is enough to irritate it and it will find another location to relax. Over a small period of time, the cat realises that your furniture is not a great place for a nap and will start avoiding it.

    Scat Mats features

    1. It is the most efficient and effective way to deter your cat from your furniture.

    2. It has a Safe, low-voltage battery-operated system

    3. It has a simple and transparent design and available in 3 different sizes

    4. One 9 volt battery will last approximately up to 6 months or 10,000 activations which means no running costs

    6. It can be used for cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds.

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    What Damage Can Cats Do To Outdoor Furniture

    You may already know the trouble that can be caused by a cat sitting on your outdoor furniture. However, if this is new to you, this is how neighborhood cats can wreak havoc on your patio furniture.

    • Scratching or clawing at the furniture, especially wicker, will cause it to deteriorate quite quickly .
    • If you have cushions on porch furniture and stray cats are laying on it, there could very well be fleas, ticks, or bacteria on the cushions.
    • Hair. Lots of cat hair. Nothing like having friends over and watching them walk away with cat hair covering their clothes. Its embarrassing, and its made even worse if its not even your own cat sitting on the furniture.

    Looking For Bird Mess Solution

    How Do You Keep Cats Off Outdoor Furniture

    I dont want to reduce the amount of birds frequenting our back yard. I really enjoy watching them. There are always a wide variety of birds near our feeder. And they nest nearby too, raising their young. Oh how I love it all!

    But I needed to be able to easily steer them away from using our porch railings as a stopping point. But how?

    In a perfect world Id be able to enjoy the porch & that gorgeous view and still keep everything looking natural. Wed be able to entertain guests out there, looking over a beautiful horizon and maybe sipping a cold glass of iced tea. It was the perfect entertaining spot after all.

    But how do I keep the birds we love from pooping all over the railings?

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