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How To Keep Weeds From Growing Between Patio Pavers

Weeding Block Paving And Paving Slabs

Preventing Patio Weeds Between Paving Stones

One way to take care of patio weeds is to take the old fashioned approach. For this, you will need gloves, some tools and a little bit of elbow grease. Just bear in mind, this method does take some time and it doesnt boast a 100% success rate.

If the weeds arent properly removed from the roots, they are likely to grow back again soon. To make sure that doesnt happen, diligently follow the steps listed below.

Tips To Keep Your Outdoor Oasis Clean All Summer

Every spring or summer we all go through the same thing: cleaning the patio because it looks embarrassingly hideous, like something from a zombie movie. In fact, it looks like the zombies would enjoy having lunch on it and reflect lovingly upon the weeds & moss growing between the stones.

I dont want my patio to look this way, do you?

Okay, we both want our outdoor spaces to look crazy awesome.

And not just for a few weeks. If youre going to spend several hours getting the patio stones looking pristine then youd also want them to stay that way all summer, right!! Plus, who has the time to continually scrub down pavers or stones when the kids have a million activities over the weekend that require carpooling, sunscreen, and the occasional ER visit?

Ive made the mistake of using the power washer or patio cleaner and thinking my cleaning job was done only to be back at it 4 weeks later.

Today youll discover 3 HUGE TIPs that will

  • prevent your patio stones from accumulating dirt
  • eliminate moss and weeds
  • allow you to enjoy your homes outdoor space while sipping your favorite beverage .
  • Heres the supply list for your adventure:

    • Dishwashing soap
    • These Amazon affiliate links help keep the lights on at HRTgracias!!

    MacGyver would be proud of this supply list. Lets get to it so that you can keep your patio clean all summer long

    Use Weeding Tools Designed For Narrow Spaces

    There are several weeding tools designed for weeding in narrow spaces, such as in the cracks between paving stones. These tools can make the chore of weeding easier and help you pull out more of the taproot, which, when left behind, is one of the main reasons your weeds keep growing back in the same place. Options include Cape Cod weeders, v-notch weeders, soil or kitchen knives , and tools specifically billed as paver weeders available at home improvement centers.

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    How To Prevent Weeds From Growing Between Paving Slabs

    The first step to stopping weeds from growing between paving slabs is preventing them from growing in the first place. To do that, regular maintenance of your pavers and paving area will go a long way.

    Regular maintenance involves:

    • Proper installation of your paving slabs
    • Ensuring the right water flow

    If the seeds of weeds are unable to take root, they wont grow. Sweeping your garden can stop the seeds from settling between the cracks of your paving slabs. That will inhibit weed growth while keeping your patio looking clean and appealing.

    Also, when installing your paving slabs, ensure that you have a tightly packed sand bed with additional sand in the crevices to keep your slabs in place and prevent weed growth.

    The point of installation is also crucial to water flow. When installing your slabs, ensure that the direction of water is away from the slabs. That means filling the foundation well enough to ensure water runs down and away from the area of the paving slab to prevent the soil from being damp, stagnant, or encouraging weed growth.

    Another preventative measure is pouring baking soda over the patio and sweeping it into the cracks. You can do this every 4-6 weeks to dry out and kill any weed that tries to grow.

    Pour Polymeric Sand In The Cracks

    How To Finally Kill Weeds On Your Brick Patio For Good

    When you have removed the weeds in the cracks of your paving slabs, pour stabilising sand in the space between your paving slabs to prevent the weeds from growing back. Some sands have a pH that makes the area inhabitable to weeds and even bugs.

    Do that when the area is dry and completely free of weeds. Be mindful of the sand, though, as some of the sand may be able to stain your pavers due to containing colourant. So, completely remove any that falls on your slabs. In addition, you shouldnt step on the paving slabs for some hours after using the sand.

    Please note that some polymeric sand comes with instructions, so read those and follow them carefully. You can find them at most convenience stores.

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    Kill Weeds Between Pavers With Vinegar

    Spraying vinegar on the leaves and stems of weeds will kill them, so this is a viable option. However, vinegar in an indiscriminate killer, so it will also kill any wanted plants with which it comes in contact. Using vinegar on paving stone driveways, patios or walkways also comes with the risk of etching the pavers, so you need to use caution when spraying vinegar on paving stone weeds.

    This method is most effective when you use 20% acetic vinegar instead of the stuff in your pantry. This strength of vinegar has a higher chance of etching your pavers, so you will need to be even more careful when applying it. You should also protect your eyes and skin when using higher concentrations.

    For an extra weed-killing kick, you can add about a teaspoon of dish soap to the spray bottle when you are mixing your vinegar-water solution.

    Keep in mind that vinegar does not kill roots, so you will need to stay on top of your weed control with repeated treatments or take additional measures to remove and prevent weeds.

    How To Get Rid Of Weeds On A Paver Patio

    Weeds can grow in even the smallest cracks in a patio if you dont take precautions to prevent them. When you properly install pavers, weeds have a difficult time growing up through the spaces between them.

    Regularly sweeping and maintaining your paved patio will prevent seeds from settling between the stones as well.

    Whether youre putting down new paving or refreshing old paving, theres a ton of ways to deal with weeds growing between them. Once youve already got a weed problem, it can be difficult to take care of, but there are several ways to resolve the problem in the beginning.

    Lets look at a couple of ways to prevent and get rid of weeds on a patio.

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    Preventing Weeds From Growing Between Pavers

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    While pavers have many advantages over concrete, one of their downsides is that weeds can grow up between the stones if you arent careful. This is why its important that you take steps to prevent this from happening. When weeds grow between your pavers, not only does it affect how your patio looks, but it can also cause damage. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that weeds cannot grow up between the stones.

    Use Baking Soda To Kill Weeds In Cracks Between Paving Stones

    Weed Free Paver Patio in Five Steps

    Baking soda can be sprinkled in driveway and patio cracks to kill and prevent weeds. However, you have the same issues you would have with salt, since baking soda is also an indiscriminate killer and can be carried to other parts of your yard through runoff. Also, like salt, baking soda must be regularly reapplied to maintain any weed-killing or preventive effects.

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    How To Keep Weeds From Growing Between Pavers

    There s nothing more frustrating than having weeds growing between the joints of pavers. Before you know it, the weeds can take over and be almost impossible to remove.

    Im going to share with you a step-by-step way to remove the weeds between pavers, but before I do I want to talk about how the weeds got there in the first place.

    Prevent Weeds Before They Take Root

    Despite how determined weeds are, you can take steps to prevent them from taking root on your patio in the first place.

    1. Ensure that your paving stones are properly installed to deter weeds. You need a tightly packed sand bed foundation. Once your pavers are in place, fill the spaces between the stones with polymeric sand, which forms an effective barrier to weeds.

    2. Never put plastic underneath the pavers. This will keep the joints wet and promote weed growth.

    3. Ensure proper sloping away from the house to direct rainwater down the slope and prevent stagnant water from encouraging weed and moss growth.

    4. Sweep your paving stones regularly to keep seedlings from settling in and taking hold between your pavers.

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    How To Prevent Weeds From Growing Between Brick Pavers

    Getting rid of weeds can seem like a never-ending chore. They’re not just garden pests they’re also an eyesore when they gather between the brick pavers that are usually so attractive. This is especially a problem if there are gaps between the pavers rather than those that are interlocking. To keep weeds at bay in those spaces, adopt one or more control techniques, some of which are put in place before laying the bricks.


    Spray weeds until they are wet with a ready-to-use nonselective herbicide product, such as one with glyphosate. Do this two weeks before laying the pavers. Respray weeds that are still alive with the herbicide in one week. Discard the dead weeds.


    Lay a landscape or geotextile fabric before laying new pavers. After installation, fill the gaps between the pavers with stones to further inhibit weed growth. Note, however, that landscape fabric can inhibit water drainage, so ensure that the soil is well-draining by amending it with organic matter before application. Also, regularly remove debris that accumulates between the pavers.


    Spray a ready-to-use, pre-emergent herbicide that is labeled for the problem weeds that were previously growing where the pavers are installed. Spray this type of herbicide in the spaces between the pavers until the ground is wet. Do this just before those weeds are expected to germinate, often in early spring or summer, depending on the type of weed and product.



    Keep Your Patio Clean


    Before weeds can begin to grow in between your pavers, they have to work their way into the sand. By keeping your patio clean, you can prevent these seeds from taking root. Sweep the space or wash it off with your garden hose regularly to ensure that the seeds are removed. This also helps keep your patio looking nice and can prevent other types of damage to the pavers by removing debris.

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    Can Pavers And Tree Roots Get Along

    Often the easiest plants to grow are the ones you dont want weeds. Sometimes, weeds like to take up residence between paving stones where they are not only an unsightly annoyance, they can also be difficult to get rid of.

    To prevent and remove weeds between pavers, its important to understand where they come from and how they grow. Weeds dont grow from beneath the stones. They grow between the stones when the jointing sand washes away leaving space for the seedlings to fall in. Here in a moist, dark setting, the conditions are right for weeds to germinate and grow. Even a couple seedlings can quickly spread across your patio floor.

    Treating Weeds With Chemicals And Heat

  • 1Spray WD-40 on weeds. WD-40 is quite effective at killing weeds, especially thistles. Simply spray and repeat as necessary. You can find this product at your local hardware store.
  • 2Put undiluted bleach in between cracks and crevices. Repeat this process two to three times, then simply pull the weeds out. Be careful not to splash any bleach on yourself or surrounding plants.
  • 3Spray herbicide on weeds. Look for a spray herbicide at your local gardening store for those especially hard-to-kill weeds. Just spray it on any weeds you wish to eliminate and repeat as necessary.
  • 4Kill weeds with a blowtorch. This is an extreme but effective method. Use caution when operating a flame of any kind, and be careful not to burn yourself or others. Also, be sure to monitor for any damage to patio stones, and stop if you see negative effects.Advertisement
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    Is It Too Late

    When weeds are already present you have to go from prevention to finding effective remedies for the problem. There are a number of ways you can remove existing weeds from your paver area. A single weed-removal method may not be enough. It may be more effective to combine two or more of these strategies, depending on how severe the weed problem is. Once the problem has been rectified, go back to the prevention methods to keep them away.

    Polymeric Sand Can Help Prevent Weeds With Pavers Heres How To Use It

    How to Eliminate Weeds Between Patio Pavers

    I need to use polymeric sand on an upcoming job. Ive never used it before and some of the instructions and videos Ive watched are confusing and have conflicting information in them. Have you used this material before? Did you find it hard to work with? Im terrified of having mottled stains on my new pavers! What did you do to ensure your job came out perfect? Diane K., Roselle, Ill.

    Polymeric sand is a newer product thats creating lots of interest among homeowners, contractors and material suppliers that sell the product. Its fascinating to me to see how many building products mature as they march through time.

    When concrete paving brick was first brought to market back in the early 1980s, the joints between the bricks were just filled with fine sand. It didnt take long for homeowners to grow dissatisfied with this because weeds would quickly grow and any cleaning efforts washed away the sand.

    Polymeric sand is best described as outdoor grout. Depending on the manufacturer, its a blend of different colored sand grains as well as chemical binders or glues that are activated by water. When the polymers dry and cure, the sand between the joints gets quite hard and it cements the pavers together. Weeds wont grow between the joints and the sand doesnt wash away.

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    Ridding Yourself Of The Weedy Problem

    If you already have weed growth between your patio stones, here are some tips to try.

    1. First, manually remove large weeds from between the paving stones. Do your best to make sure youve pulled out the whole root.

    2. Then, use a pressure washer to remove the existing sand from the joints. This will also remove all rooting zones. It is important to remember not to use the pressure washer on high power or too close to the surface when rinsing, or you risk damaging the surface of your stones. Always keep the nozzle at a 30° angle, 12 away from the surface and use the fanned nozzle setting.

    3. Apply a solution of 20% dish soap and 80% water to the surface of your patio. You can also use white vinegar or just boiling water. Pouring any of these solutions over the infected areas will kill already existing weeds and prevent new ones from sprouting.

    4. Let the surface dry and refill the joints with jointing sand.

    While its hard to keep weeds from sprouting up on your paver project, a little prevention will go a long way towards keeping them at bay. Talk to a Unilock design consultant about professional installation of a weed-resistent paving project.

    How Do Pavers Get Weeds In The First Place

    In my years, Ive heard many explanations of where the weeds come from. In most cases, they were wrong.

    The #1 misconception is that the weeds come from beneath the pavers. People that believe this, will ask us to install a weed mat beneath the pavers prior to installing them. However, this is not where the weeds come from and this certainly is not how you keep weeds from growing between your pavers.

    99% of the time, weeds in pavers start from seeds blown in from weeds that are around the patio. Chances are, if you have lots of weeds in your pavers you probably also have lots of weeds in your yard. If you dont believe me, see how Colorado State University says weeds start growing.

    If your lawn is free of weeds, the seeds could be blowing in from your friendly neighbors yard. Once you have a couple weeds in your patio, they will start to spread. Some types of weeds like crabgrass can spread and take over your entire patio.

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    How To Stop Weeds From Growing Between Pavers

    A deck or patio crafted of pavers is sure to have lines between each stone. Without proper prevention, weeds can find their way through those joints, reducing the appearance and potentially causing damage to the entire floor. With a few preventative measures, weeds can be avoided in the first place. If weeds are already present, theres no need to stress. Corrective measures can eliminate the weeds and restore the look of your driveway, deck, or patio.

    When In Doubt Use A Pressure Washer

    5 Tricks to Get Rid of Weeds on Your Patio that Actually ...

    Using a pressure washer is an ideal way to stop weeds from growing on block paving. However, you have to be careful not to go overboard with it. Constant pressure washing can cause long-term damage to your patio. This is due to the fact that overusing a jet washer can erode the sand structure beneath the paving, inevitably causing it to sink.

    If this is is putting you off from using a pressure washer, fret not! With the necessary precautions, jet washing can be very beneficial in removing weeds from your patio. Next time after you pressure clean the block paved area of your property consider applying joint stabilizing sealer. This will help the sand stay in place and also prevent weeds from growing back in your patio.

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