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How To Make Old Concrete Patio Look Good

St 10 List How To Makeover Concrete Patio For Small Backyard Entries :

10 Ideas How to Makeover Concrete Patio for a Small Backyard Poster

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10. Bamboo Outdoor Dining Room Project Idea

Do you happen to see your weary concrete patio with mossy surface? Its no longer as appealing as it used to be, right? Dont worry! You can resurface it so that you get a brand new concrete patio on the cheap.To resurface a concrete patio, you need to clean it thoroughly to remove any dirt, oil, grease, and moss. Try to do perform this task with a high-strength pressure washer. Mix the concrete resurfacer and begin to apply it. Bear in mind that concrete resurfacer sets quickly. Therefore, you will need to section your working area so that youll have enough time for the finishing touch before it begins to set.Once the resurfacing process is done, cover the pergola posts with bamboo panels to get a brand new look as well as privacy. Besides, the panels will also provide a little bit of Asian style in your backyard.

9. Paint the Concrete Patio

8. Erect the Pergola

7. Wrap the Pergola around with Climber

6. Prep it for a New Social space

5. Stain It

4. Cover It with Deck

3. Opt for Geometric Style

2. Stencil It

Lastly number 1. Complete it with A Rug Made of Concrete

Backyard Makeover How To Paint Concrete To Look Like Oversize Pavers

Friday ~ Posted by Karen Schravemade

When we bought our house, the one thing I hated about it was the concrete area out the back.

What an eyesore, right? My first instinct was to get it all ripped up and put down some turf, but we quickly realised it was THE BEST THING EVER for our kids, who spent hours riding their bikes and scooters around on it.

So the concrete stayed. And bugged me every time I walked out our back door. For the next three years.

I mean, it was uuuuuugleee. Kind of a cross between a grimy old garage floor and a prison yard. Just the sort of delightful ambience you want for social gatherings.

The area is too undulating to tile successfully, but at one point we got quotes to get it stencilled.

After that $3000 heart attack, it sat unchanged for another couple of years.

Finally I couldnt stand it any longer. If we couldnt justify the cost of stencilling, I was gonna have to DIY.

I really wanted to somehow create a tile pattern to make the backyard look like a real entertaining area. I figured if I could paint stripes on a wall, I could create a striped tile pattern on the ground surely?

I mean how hard could it be? Right?* 

Closing off my mind to any recognition of my temporary insanity, and bouyed by my hatred and loathing of what I had begun to refer to as The Bunker, I took myself to Bunnings and bought some paving paint. In two colours. I chose a light grey to create my grout lines, and a dark charcoal grey for the pavers.



Paint Or Stain Your Concrete Patio

If you just want to add a little flavor to your outdoor space, adding some color to your patio might be just the thing. There are plenty of options here, from a simple coat to diagrams and scoring. Here are just a few ideas.

Score Lines to Add Depth

Decide on a pattern, then use a chalk line to draw the diagram onto the concrete.

  • Use a diamond-tipped blade on a circular saw with a depth about 1/8 to carve straight lines into the concrete.
  • Once you add the color, youll be able to create alternating color patterns, abstract blocking, or just give the illusion of paving stones.

Tape Off Sections for A Tapestry Effect

If you dont love the idea of cutting grooves into your old concrete patio, you can still get those cool color sections by taping off sections. You can simply use painters tape and apply your color sections one block at a time. Taping instead of scoring adds considerable flexibility for designing shapes you may not even have to stick to straight lines!

Paint or Stain?

The difference between paint and stain essentially comes down to where the color goes. Paint sits on top of the concrete and provides a layer of color. Paint will allow you the greatest flexibility for vibrant color. If youre an artist, you can even create a mural directly onto your patio.

Step 2: Set Up The Area

Before you start demolition, its time to put in some prep work. 

First, remove any furniture from the patio and clear the surrounding area. Youll want your tools nearby, including a wheelbarrow to take concrete pieces to the dumpster. 

Then, hang drop cloths to protect any windows or door frames in the vicinity pieces of concrete can fly up to 50 feet when broken apart with a sledge or jackhammer. Cloths are better protection than plywood or other hard surfaces, since they let pieces safely roll to the ground instead of ricocheting. 

Safety Tip: Before removing your concrete patio, be sure to wear gloves, a hard hat, sturdy shoes and protective eyewear. 

Step 3: Tools For Carving Concrete

Concrete Patio Resurfacing

I am using a Roto-Zip tool. I bought mine online at: http://www.rotozip.com/Shop/. This tool is not unlike a Dremel, just bigger and more powerful. I am using a diamond blade because concrete can be very hard. It gets harder with age.With my safety eye wear on, I set my Roto-Zip at a slight angle to the crack and began carving the crack a little wider and or smaller depending on how the vine would actually go. This tool runs at a very high speed and dust will fly. Wear protective clothing and gloves.

Best Paint For Outdoor Concrete Patios

Outdoor concrete patio paints have come a long way in the last decade. Many of them are formulated for concrete and for the wear and tear of the elements and heavy foot traffic. Choose a concrete or masonry paint or epoxy specifically formulated for the application. Staining certain untreated concrete is also a popular option that lets the grains and natural stone shine through. PPG has several different paint formulas for outdoor concrete patiossome more heavy duty than others. A professional paint expert will determine which is best for your slab.

In general, though, youll want a concrete paint that is weather resistant, can cover surface defects, is non-skid and fade-resistant, andwhen applied properlyis self leveling. 

Best Diy Concrete Patio Ideas That Beginners Can Do

Every time you wish to transform your patio, the concrete is an ideal choice. It is durable, affordable, and much doable. So, get the outstanding patios with these 12 best DIY Concrete Patio Ideas that involve using the concrete to make concrete patio pavers, concrete patio tiled walkways, and solid clean concrete pathways. You can use the custom forms, stamps, and patterns to give too many variations to your concrete patios like the cobblestone pattern. To check out all stunning patio transformation, just check out these 12 DIY concrete patio ideas that are adorable and will require much low maintenance. You can build a concrete patio around a pool around deck, and it will be great to feature in your outdoor landscaping. You will get the much-needed home outdoor improvements with these concrete patio ideas in a budget-friendly way.

The concrete patio ideas will not merely involve building the concrete patio floors and pavers, but they will also involve doing the decorative makeover of old, tired, and cracked concrete floors. Use the whitewood or 2x4s planks to set up the concrete pavers form and then pour the concrete in them. Smooth them down, float, towel, screed, and add joints if necessary. Finally, finish them off with decorative edging. Install the concrete patio with a gravel base and build the concrete patio pavers with gravel lining.

+ Nice Ideas How To Makeover Concrete Patio For Small Backyards

Making your own wonderful patios mean that you need more efforts than just preparing some chairs and expecting for the best result. It means that you need to shape the artistic vision and transform that vision become a true reality. Many experts add some elements such as rattan, teak and white wood with the beautiful prints and your garden will look so great around the pool. While those elements may out of your reach, at least now, you can add DIY string lights, firepit and so on.You can check some ideas below.

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Table of Contents

Intro : Concrete is renowned for its durability. For this reason, many people use this material to make driveways, pathways, stepping-stones, or even patios.Although concrete patio is durable and long-lasting, it doesnt mean that it will always look standout. Just like other materials, it can be worn and weathered due to the prolonged exposure to the sun, wind, and weather conditions. This is why you have to do a makeover to bring back its striking look. Related to that concern, check out these next 10+ project ideas on how to makeover concrete patio for small backyard. For more ideas or different learning experience, follow reference link or play next awesome video.

20 Ideas How to Makeover Small Backyard Concrete Patio Ideas Poster

Step 6: Colored Acid Stains

If you think of the stains as transparent, you will have more luck with building up your colors. As you carefully paint on this liquid stain, it will run. This is the reason I carve my designs first. This helps keep colors separate from one another.This acid will bubble. This is how I know it’s actually working. People have said that you need to use baking soda to stop the reaction. Water will also stop the reaction as it dilutes its ability to scar the surface.I will put a first coat of stain on all the leaves, then come back after the bubbling stops and add a second coat to areas that might need a darker tone. This helps define shadows as well. At the end of a work day I will flush the entire space with water and let dry This helps me to see areas that need extra carving and or stained darker.

How To Transform An Old Cracked Concrete Patio

If you have got bored with the old concrete patio that has cracks, and is looking tired, then think of a quick concreting backyard makeover it. Get here instructions about how to transform your cracked patio with the rust-oleum stone effect. The project will cost you much less, for sure. Details here thehappyhousie

Get Creative With Scoring Patterns

How about using some patterns scored onto the concrete to give it a lovely finish? Scoring concrete transforms it from an ordinary space to one you want to spend the most time on. 

It’s a simple process. All you need is to cut patterns onto fresh concrete before it completely dries up. You can do it yourself or ask the contractor to do it for you. Then, pick the pattern you want and make the space more appealing. 

The best way to make the patterns pop is using scoring that’s mixed with color. Again the right color depends on the theme you want on your patio. Consider the color of the furniture and surrounding space before settling on one or mix several. 

You can use a diamond blade for the process that gives you a good finish. However, you can chisel the lines if you want to get a more rustic look. Just remember this is a more tedious endeavor that takes time to produce results. 

Scoring is an eco-friendly way of transforming your concrete patio without needing to tear it up. Also, it’s pocket-friendly and doesn’t require lots of maintenance to keep it popping. Not to mention, you get a chance to customize the space as you please. 

Ways To Make Old Concrete Look New Again

Old concrete can cause a beautiful home to lose some of its curb appeal. However, that doesnt mean that you have to spend a lot of money replacing the concrete to make your space look good again.

Replacing concrete is not always the answer, especially when it has relatively minor damage. Take a look at our tips to help you transform your old, stained concrete into the pavement that looks like new!

Create Your Own Backyard Living Room

Concrete Patio Resurfacing

Many people elect to bring the indoors, outdoors by making their patio an extension of their living room or kitchen. For the purposes of this article, were going to talk about turning your patio into a living room.

Hit up a patio furniture factory and pick out a nice set of outdoor furniture. Put as much thought into it as you would when buying the furniture that goes inside your house.

If you dont go with the painting suggestion listed above, invest in a colorful area rug. It will be the eye-catching piece you need to bring a little life to an otherwise gray slab of concrete. Make sure the rug is weather-resistant though or it wont stay beautiful and colorful for long.

Bring the whole look home with a couple of planters and a string of lights to make your outdoor living space nice and cozy.

Diy Cement Tile Concrete Patio

Get here free instructions about how to turn a plain solid concrete patio into a cement tile oasis. The makeover is pretty smart, and you will just love it. Mark the lines with chalk for 8×8 tiles and then use the Edco Walk-Behind Downcut Saw that you could also take on rent, to cut expansion joints. Next, use a grinder to dig the lines more and finish with paint. southernrevivals

How To Make A Concrete Patio Look Better: 7 Ingenious Ideas

Youre going to be hosting the family outdoor BBQ this year. As you look around at your concrete patio, you realize that its not in the best shape for guests. Its not horrible to look at its just a little plain.

A lonely concrete slab with nothing on it but a table and few chairs. We can teach you how to make a concrete patio look better. It only takes something small like a colorful rug or a fresh coat of paint to transform it. You can try out specialist concrete painting services in Brisbane to make your patio look admirable.

Check out this guide to learn more about livening up your patio and getting it ready to impress your guests.

How To Make Concrete Patio Pavers

Living in a shipping container house? Then transform it into normal housing by adding a paver patio. Use the wood slats to make the pavers patio forms and next fill them up with concrete to make pavers. The concrete patio pavers will cost you $6.20 per square foot, and a solid cedar deck will be ready at $30 per square foot. homemade modern

Hire A Professional To Paint Your Concrete Patio

A final note on painting your outdoor concrete patio: while many homeowners DIY this project, we strongly recommend hiring a professional. It might seem like just a concrete patio, but this painting project is actually tricky to execute properly. The prep work, especially, can be tough work for the average weekend warrior, and sealant and paint application must be done 100% correctly to ensure the life of the project. 

A professional will also guarantee their work and finish the project quickly so you can get to enjoying your freshly painted outdoor concrete patio as soon as possible. Most will offer a free consultation, as well.

How To Make A Concrete Patio Look Better Than Ever Before

Concrete patios are pretty durable. They dont rot or break under harsh weather conditions like some other materials. If you dont do something with it, however, it sort of looks like a boring gray slab.

Use these tips on how to make a concrete patio look better to upgrade your backyard and impress all your guests.

Looking for more ways to improve your home? Check out our blog daily for more articles like this one.

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How To Pour A Concrete Patio

Get your landscaping features with this DIY concrete patio that comes with a solid concrete texture. Our all concrete patio ideas are long-lasting and economical and will require low maintenance too. For this DIY concrete patio, you need a concrete mix, gravel, acrylic cure, and seal as the main ingredients to build this solid concrete patio. Details here bobvila

Step 5: Roll On Base Coat

The next coat that goes on is the Charcoal Base coat. My color choice is Lake Rock and these are the colors that go with this particular one. They dont call it charcoal, but the color is charcoal gray. They just call it Base Coat. Its a thick paint with lots of stone particles, so its thicker to apply. Definitely get a 1/2 roller for this coat, it holds much more paint and you can control it easier. For the other coats I used a 3/8 roller as recommended, but a 1/2 roller works much better for this base coat. I painted with a brush around the perimeter of the house and posts and rolled most of the rest.

It was slow going until I got the 1/2 roller and then went much faster.

All done! I was told also not to worry about some of the primer showing through. Once the 2 faux finish colors go on top, it will all blend together. So I didnt worry about the Base coat being splotchy, its hard to cover every bit of concrete so its OK for some of the primer coat to show through.

Ready for Faux finish coat 1.

A Bit Of Paint Works Wonders

Stamped concrete patio with stone veneer wall and fire pit ...

If you have any space in your home that you want to transform quickly, one of the easiest ways to do so is using paint. The same applies to patio spaces around your home. Instead of leaving it as it is, how about using a coat of paint to transform it. 

Painting such a space has numerous benefits. First, it makes the concrete patio attractive. Second, there’s no limit to the kind of paint you can use. So, pick out any colors and get to work transitioning the space to what makes you happy. 

Second, painting concrete adds to its durability. The layer of paint will act as protection against the natural elements. It helps the cement last longer, especially if you live in areas with extreme weather. It keeps out the moisture that can damage your concrete surface. 

Third, it gives the patio a facelift. Each time you notice the space looks dull, all you need is a fresh coat of paint to transform it. That not only benefits the patio space but the entire exterior of your home. Touch-ups are inexpensive and something you can do on your own. 

Make sure you properly clean the floor before you paint it.  Because of the consistency and texture of the patio paint, you should use a roller to apply the stencil to your patio.

Once youre done, you will want to protect your paint with a sealer. If you dont, the paint will get destroyed. Make sure you let it dry for 24 hours before you walk on it. 

Step 4: Break Apart Your Concrete Patio

Continuing from your starting location, use the sledgehammer to break apart pieces of concrete while another person lifts up the section with a pry bar. Lifting will make the concrete easier to fracture and break. 

Pro Tip: If you are using a sledgehammer, remember to let it fall onto the concrete patio naturally. Attempting to swing it down can result in injury. Simply lift it and let gravity do the work for you. 

Clear the debris as you work, and if you run into any mesh cut it apart with the bolt cutters. Continue the pattern of breaking, cutting and clearing out the concrete until youve reached the end of your patio. 

Concrete Patios With Firepits

Theres hardly a more enjoyable way to spend a summer night than with good friends around an open fire. You dont have to pack the car with your tent and sleeping bag to enjoy the heat of a fire pit. Making a fire pit the center of your patio is a great way to gather everyone around for a toast and a laugh.

There are several ways to design and build fire pits, but you need to choose one that compliments your concrete patio. You can do this with cinderblocks, bricks, or by using forms and pouring concrete. Whatever your choice of fire pit material, this can be a great addition to a patio.

There are a few things to keep in mind when building a fire pit. Paver base makes a great foundation for fire pits, as it can become very hard and stable when packed but will drain during rainy weather. Gravel may seem like a good material for a fire pit base, but you should know some stones may have water trapped inside of them that may expand when heated. This can cause chunks of rock to take flight and could actually hurt you.

Using a metal barrier like this Garden Treasures 36 Galvanized Fire Ring is ideal for keeping your fire stable and safe. They can be dug into the ground and filled with paver base before the remaining structure of the fire pit is built. Grab some inspiration from the pictures below.



A Fresh Perfect Surface For Old Concrete And A Uniform Look For New Repairs

Sponsored by Sakrete

I recently replaced a section of sidewalk using Sakrete concrete mix. It was a huge improvement. But next to the new concrete, the old sidewalk looked kind of shabbypitted, flaking and worn. Plus, the old concrete was a darker gray.



Im all about matching the old with the new. Sakrete Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacer allowed me to do just that, and it added a durable, perfect surface to the entire sidewalk.

This was my first time at using Sakrete Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacer, and there was a learning curve. Ill pass along some lessons below.

To prep, I power-washed the old concrete and the new, which had cured for a month. The next day I edged along the sidewalk with a shovel to clear away overhanging grass and create a small trench. A deeper, wider trench would have been much better .

To protect areas I didnt want to coat, I masked the adjoining concrete surfaces with duct tape. Duct tape adheres well to concrete. Masking tape doesnt.

Surfaces that are dry quickly rob a mix of water and inhibit easy spreading. I misted the entire sidewalk before I began applying the product. I made sure it was thoroughly damp but there was no puddling. This is critical.

I marked a container with a black line to indicate the 3-1/2 qts. of cool water required for each 40-lb. bag. I wanted to make sure my mix was uniform from one batch to the next.

I poured resurfacer across the first section, doing my best to distribute it evenly over the area.

General Ideas How To Make Your Concrete Patio Awesome

Idea 1. Make your Concrete Patio your Outdoor Living Room

Put couches and chairs that are comfortable enough to sit on and lie in. Line them with pillows to make for a completely cozy experience. You can also add a coffee table so you can drink tea or coffee outside while enjoying a good book or listening to fantastic music. When you have couches and chairs on your patio, you can also use this as your personal space for meditation or your mindfulness practice. Consider adding shade if you dont have it already so you can protect your furniture from the elements. Keep in mind that heat and rain, as well as possible snow, can drastically shorten the life of your furniture if youre not careful.

Idea 2. Set Up your Patio as an Additional Dining area

Idea 3. Install a Firepit

If your neck of the woods gets quite cold during the winter, it may be a good idea to add a firepit on your concrete patio. The great thing about having a firepit is your whole family, and some friends could camp out in that area. If you can still fit small chairs around it, thats even better. If not, you can still enjoy the heat by sitting around the fire and savoring the firepit-prepared food like simple barbecues, hotdogs, and of course marshmallows.

Idea 4. Add a Small Fountain in the Middle of your Concrete Patio

Idea 5. If Money is not a Big Concern, you can also put a Hot Tub on your Patio

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