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How To Get Patio Screen Door Off Track

Dirty Or Blocked Tracks

Chances are your patio door undergoes a lot of traffic. Over time, its very likely that your sliding door has gotten dirty and the tracks become clogged and blocked.

When the tracks arent clean, it can cause your sliding door to stick. Dirty tracks are one of the most common causes for a sliding door sticking.

Luckily, this is a very easy fix. All you need to do is clean off the tracks of any dirt, dust or debris and your door will go back to opening and closing smoothly.

In order to prevent this, remember to clean your screen door about once a month or whenever you perform a good house cleaning. You can use a vacuum to get any loose debris in the tracks and use a cleaning solution and rag to wipe up any remaining dust or grime on them.

How Do You Remove A Sliding Screen Door

QuestionWe have an Anderson sliding patio doors, the screen is filthy, we would like to remove it to clean it, but we can’t get it off the top track.

probably original with the house 1959. Screen door has a bolt on L and R, outside face, at bottom of door. I can see 2 wheels at top, but no adjustment screws anywhere for those. Removed bottom bolts which loosened door, but even when pushing the top wheels in by raising the door, there isn’t enough room to get bottom of door up and over either side rail. Help!?

AnswerI could give you a better answer if you could include a picture of the top of the door but it sounds like this might be a top hung door.With these, first you loosen all the screws holding the top rollers, then you need to swing the bottom of the door out almost 45 degrees to the house, before you can unhook the rollers from the top track.

Try These 4 Ways To Get Sliding Door Back On Track

When glass sliding doors bog down in their tracks and need to be tugged open and closed, there are four possible fixes. Three take just a few minutes, and only one could require a helper.

Cleaning tracks and wheels: Most sliders ride on plastic wheels along a rib in the floor track. Balky operation is often due to leaves and other debris that clog the wheels and wheel carriages recessed into the bottom edge of the door. Brushing or vacuuming may clear it. If not, use a crowbar to pry up the door slightly for access. Also check the base weather-stripping. This replaceable strip can become ragged and drag under the door.

Adjusting ride height: Most sliders have an adjustment screw that raises and lowers each wheel assembly. Lower the wheel carriage, and the door rides higher and is less likely to scrape. Before you turn the screw , pry up the door enough to take weight off the wheels. That lets the adjustment screw turn freely.

Replacing wheels: To replace broken wheels and wheel carriages, you have to remove the door. Most people need a partner — one person at each end of the door lifting straight up and shifting the base off the track. With the door on its side and the wheels exposed, you may find that a twig is causing the problem. If one wheel is damaged, most manufacturers can supply replacements, or a full wheel carriage. Most wheels simply unscrew for removal.

Check Your Doors Alignment

Your sliding door operates on a track to open and close. In order for smooth and easy operation, there is some slack that can potentially cause your door to come off the track.

If you can feel your door moving in a direction other than completely straight from left to right, then your sticking door can be caused by a misalignment.

Since theres some play to the door on the track, you should be able to easily lift it and place it back on the center of the track. Youll be able to tell if its in the center of the track if your door opens and closes smoothly.

In order to help prevent this from happening again, be sure to never slam your sliding door. Doing this can easily cause your door to come off of the tracks and cause your door to stick again.

Part 1 Of 2:removing The Screws And Head Stop

Trouble Removing Sliding Patio Door

  • 1Remove any curtains or other decorations. Any decorative items you may have on the door, such as curtains, will only get in the way of your job. Removing them before you start working will save you from hassle later on.XResearch source
  • 2Locate the screws at the bottom of the door. Most sliding screen doors have screws located at the bottom corners. These screws hold the wheels your door uses to slide back and forth on its track in place.XResearch source
  • 3Use a Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew each screw. Unscrewing the bottom screws will effectively loosen the doors wheels and make the door easier to remove from its frame. Be sure to rotate the screwdriver to the left to unscrew the screws. Dont stop until you can clearly see the heads of both screws sticking out of their sockets, and the door has become loose enough for you to push it up and away from the bottom track.XResearch source
  • You dont have to take the screws out completely unless theres no other way to get the door off the track. You can test this by lifting the door once the screw heads are poking out of their sockets. If the door lifts up from the track easily, dont unscrew any further. Keep unscrewing if the door wont lift.
  • Your screen door could fall out of the frame once the door stop is taken out. Be sure to have someone else watching it while you work until youre ready to take the door out of the frame. They can catch the door just in case it falls.XResearch source
  • How To Remove A Sliding Glass Door

    Before we get into the step-by-step process of removing a sliding glass door, make sure you have all the necessary supplies. Sliding glass doors are a lot heavier than they look and moving it yourself could be dangerous. Have a friend on hand to help you brace and move the door!

    Youll also need:

    • Phillips screwdriver
    • Foam sheets, layers of heavy blankets or comforters

    Once youve gathered these supplies, follow the steps below to remove your sliding glass door:

  • Clear the Work AreaMove any furniture away from your sliding glass door. Youll want at least ten feet of clear space around your work area.
  • Prep the FloorFoam sheets or thick blankets will protect your floor from any chipping or cracks due to the weight of the sliding glass door. It will also protect the door itself as you set it down.
  • Remove the Screen DoorUsing a flat-head screwdriver, carefully lift the rollers of the screen door off the bottom track. Once removed, move the screen door to a safe place away from your work area.
  • How To Fix A Sliding Screen Door That Sticks

    Although it serves an important function, your screen door should also be easy to operate, with a smooth gliding motion that allows you to open and close it with just one hand. A sticky screen door is more than just an inconvenience, however; over time parts and materials can break or wear down from the forcible operation, which can lead to a premature replacement. The experts at Mr. Handyman are pleased to offer you some tips on how to fix a sliding screen door so you can protect your investment and get back to enjoying the nice weather.

    Sliding Screen Door Repair

    If your screen door is making unusual sounds or is difficult to move, you may benefit from the following tips and techniques:

    1. Clean up the track.

    One of the most common issues with sliding doors is a dirty track, where dust, pet hair, and other debris can accumulate over time. Vacuum this area using the crevice tool and scrubbing gently with a stiff brush to remove any caked-on material.

    2. Straighten the frame.

    The metal frame around a screen door is typically made from a lightweight material which can bend or warp with repeated use or contact. To check if the door is bowed you’ll need to remove it from the track:

    3. Adjust the tension.

    4. Replace the wheels or spring load.

    How to Fix a Swinging Screen Door

    A screen door that won’t close all the way does little to keep insects, dust, and debris out. Read on for tips on how to repair a screen door efficiently and effectively with just a few simple tools.

    Build Your Own Modern Wood Privacy Screens

    Want a nice, modern looking privacy screen while still being on a budget? Then this great DIY tutorial it just for you! It offers step by step instructions on how to build your very own back porch wood screens. These easy to construct hanging screens were built from scratch, by hand, using wooden planks, to create a lattice effect. They look great, dont they?

    And for an extra layer of privacy, there are curtains. In the case you want to host a private patio party or just relax in a quiet, you can achieve even more privacy. This is one of our favorite ideas.

    Use Bifold Door As A Privacy Screen

    Similarly to the previous shutters idea, you can use a bifold door room divider to make your privacy screen. And this DIY tutorial shows you exactly how a three-panel bifold room divider was turned into a privacy screen. To make it last longer in the outdoors, you could use a metal bifold door with anti-rust finish.

    This is a great design idea because its a super simple purchase that will really add privacy and some decor element to your patio. Its also a lot easier on the eyes than just a patio wall since the slats add extra light into the patio.

    Measure Before Buying A New Door

    • If you plan to replace your old glass door with a new one, be sure to get the right measurement to buy a door that fits the opening left by the old one. It is best to measure after removing the frame. Place the tape measure from one side of the door jamb to the other when measuring the width and from the beam to the floor for lengthwise measurements.
    • When measuring the length, do so starting from the floor upon which the doorsill is installed up to the beam of the door. This ensures that the new door you buy is not too short for the opening.

    Installing A Screen Doortips And Techniques

    Installing a screen door and getting it to slide nicely means you have to check a few things on the door. The rollers have to be in good shape, the door should be properly aligned and the tracks it rides on should be good too.

    What follows is advice I have given to a number of website visitors who have sent in questions over the years about how to go about making their screen doors work.

    How To Put A Security Screen Door Back On Track

    A sliding door uses a top and a bottom track to facilitate its rolling. Two sets of rollers are affixed to both the top and the bottom, and these roll, or ride, along the track. These must be properly placed back on their tracks to return the door to its functional self. Luckily, returning it to its proper place is not difficult.

    First, make sure the tracks are clean. Give them a solid vacuum and cleaning. The second step is trickier: with top end of the door angled towards the door frame, insert the top rollers in to the frame, making sure they fit securely.

    Now, swing the bottom of the door towards the frame, while maintaining upward pressure these rollers are often spring-loaded. Once the lower rollers have cleared the frame, you can slowly release the upward pressure, lowering the door on to the lower rollers.

    In some cases, the door may not clear the bottom track of the doorframe when you swing it in, no matter how much upward pressure you put on the door. If this is the case, you have some options. Using a flathead screwdriver, lift each of the spring-loaded rollers on the bottom of the door having some help makes this step considerably easier.

    Finally, give the door a test slide. If it isnt sliding smoothly, you may need to adjust the rollers or the door, to ensure that is sitting securely on the track. And you, and your sliding security screen doors, are back on track!

    Make A Patio Living Wall

    Sliding Screen & Glass Patio Door Track

    Do you think a simple lattice screen is boring? So why not build a privacy screen that is also a living wall? Lattice panels are just perfect for it, and this DIY tutorial shows you exactly how to create your very own living wall privacy screen. This is a super cute idea that features plenty of living plants that will not only add extra privacy, but will add some more life to the patio, as well.

    This is a more modern concept that helps you add some extra plant life to the patio without taking up too much space. Make sure all plant fixtures are fastened securely, as this tutorial suggests, to prevent damage to any falling plants.

    Change Slider From Left To Right

    I just bought a house with sliding patio doors in the back. I would like it to open from the left rather than the right. Is it possible to just switch this around somehow?If the screen door lock or handle is located in the center of the vertical bars, you can just flip the screen door over and make it an opposite hand.The top rollers will probably be in much better shape too so the door will roll nicely. If the the latch or handle is not in the dead center it is going to end up being too high or too low when you flip it around. Sometimes you can move the handle, and if you dont use the screen door latch much, having it too low might not be a big deal.

    Looking For Screen Door Rails

    Hi,I’ve got 15 36″ white aluminum sliding screen doors, like the ones included with 6 ft sliding patio door units.To screen my walkout 32’X 10′ deck, I’d like to mount these screens on proper rails, essentially giving me a “slide open anywhere” configuration.QUESTION: Where can I buy the upper and lower rails that the screen rollers glide on? I assume that uppers and lowers are identical, but I’ll need a double rail for each of the upper and lower surfaces, as adjacent screens need to overlap.If the rails are “doubles”, I’ll need a total of 52 lineal feet, each, of the upper and lower rails, for a minimum total of 104′ lineal. I’m in Ottawa fairly often, if that helps. I also have friends in Burlington, who might deliver the goods to me.Thanks!RickThe top rails are easy enough, I can supply you individual top rails in vinyl or aluminum to guide the top of the screen doors.I can also supply small aluminum angles to act as the bottom track.Give me a call at 1-866-904-2383 if you are interested in going further with this.

    Slider Just Wont Come Off

    Cant get the screen door off to repair the screen.Hi June;Sometimes screen doors can be a problem to remove, especially if the patio door frame is sagging. Try measuring the patio door frame height at the left, at the right and in the middle to see if it is sagging down at the top.If it is that will explain why the screen door is broken. The patio door frame will need to be fixed first.On some doors i have to jack up the center of the frame with a 2×4 post and a hydraulic jack. Its sometimes the only way to get the 1/4″ more height you need to get the door out.You can also pull gently on both sides of the screen door in the mkiddle of the vertical bars. You can spring them out a little bit often enough to get the door out. You may have to shorten the frame a little to get the door back in and working properly again.

    Screen Door Sides Bow Inward When Rescreening

    I have a tall screen door. when pulling the screen material taught the door frame pulls in giving me a sort of hourglass shape door. How do I keep the door from doing this?Some doors have vertical rails that are cambered outward and you intentionally stretch the material to bring them straight.Usually, though, you dont want to stretch the material at all, just keep it as flat as you can.I do this by clamping the material all around the frame with spring clamps. I make sure the material is square to the frame. Then i preroll one side in and then roll the spline in, taking note that the material left sticking out is the same width all the way down.A bit of it is practice but if you keep the material square and make sure you preroll each side and guide the material without stretching it, the material will not cause the hourglass effect.You can use an old screen bar or metal rod across the center to limit the pulling but half the time when you remove the bar you end up with puckers in the material.Hope this helps

    How Do I Put It Back In

    so my screen door is in between two doors the inside and the outside i got it out with out removing the glass doors but now i can’t get it back in is there any way i can put it back in without removing the glass doors?Usually you have to remove the 2 outside glass doors so you can install the screen door properly

    Create Outdoor Privacy With Curtains

    This DIY tutorial features outdoor curtains that act as privacy screens. This is a pretty cheap design concept that will set you back only about $100 to execute correctly. Of course, you may be able to find cheaper curtains where you live.

    This is a really elegant idea that the owners came up with to gain privacy from the house that sits high above. The curtains also add an interesting decor facet to the patio.

    Add Flower Pots To A Lattice Privacy Wall

    This adorable DIY tutorial shows you all the steps in creating your very own privacy wall with flower pots. The latticed wall will give you an extra layer of security, while the potted plants will add some charm into the backyard area.

    This would be an especially cute idea for a patio area that is furnished with some outdoor furniture and barbecue pit.

    Avoid Forcing The Door Out

    We have patio door, wardrobe, and screen door tracks ...

    Shims, fasteners, and sealing can make detaching a door particularly difficult. Excessive pushing and prying increase the chances of breaking the glass pane, ruining the tracks, or damaging the door frame and surrounding skirting, which means extra repair costs.

    Try to remove all fasteners and to use appropriate tools such as a reciprocating saw to cut through sealing material to disassemble the door with minimal damage.

    My Sliding Screen Door Keeps Coming Off The Track

    • John on May 27, 2017there should be a small wire looking thing that is a stabilizer and tension adjustment on the frame of the screen …in fact there may be several….lightly use needle nose pliers to GENTLY bend them out….be careful as there may be a spring behind them…..If you don’t have these…you need to get more tension…you can glue thin cardboard strips to the frame…slide the door back and forth so the cardboard conforms to the channel…you may need more than one thickness of cardboard, but you definitely need more tension…seal the cardboard with polyeurathane or it will dissolve first time it gets wet

    New Top Track Needed For A Sliding Screen Door

    I need a new track for my patio screen door. The track i currently have is on the bottom and I am not sure if that matters.The track on the bottom, is cracked, bent, the whole shabang.We just bought a brand new sliding screen door, and we can tell its the track. The track right now is metal, the new wheels are plastic, not sure if that matters also.Is this is universal part? I cant find then anywhere locally and I am worried this doesn’t work, that I am out $35 bucks. I guess this is all new to me, what do you suggest I do?Is there any information I can provide you to see if this will work?Thank you

    Is there something I can put in the track of my sliding glass door that will make the sliding SCREEN door move more smoothly? My house is only 5 years old but but the builder used cheap materials for everything so this is not a fancy door–just standard. I keep them clean, but wonder if using something like silicone lubricant, white lithium grease or WD-40 would help, for instance.Hi;Most window installers use silicone spray to lubricate moving parts. The track is a problem because any lubricant you put there will make dirt stick to it.If the screen door does not slide easily, there must be a reason. Either bad rollers or a frame thats rubbing somewhere, or both!If you can post pictures here of the top and bottom of your screen door I will be happy to try to give more specific information to get your door working properly.

    Is Your Sliding Door Sticking Heres How To Fix It

    Patio doors are a great feature for any home and help open up the house with a clear view to the outdoors. Theyre meant to be convenient and easy to use. However, many homeowners experience a sliding door that sticks.


    A sticking sliding door may seem like a minor inconvenience, but it gets to be a real big pain sooner rather than later. Plus, if you let the problem proceed, it could damage other parts of your patio door which can end up being costly to repair or you might have to replace the whole door.

    In this article, well go over how you can fix a sliding door that sticks so you can enjoy your patio or deck without being annoyed every time you open and close your door.

    The Screen Door Hangs Up When You Try To Slide It Open Or Closed

    When I try to open or close my screen door it hangs up. I have put new plastic rollers on the door and the problem is still the same. I was thinking about replacing the plastic with metal. I just took steel wool and went back and forth inside track. What do you think? GaryHi Gary;If the corners that hold the screen door together are worn out or broken, then replacing the rollers will often make no difference.Whenever you try to open or close the door the frame will twist out of square slightly and jam against the track.You can stiffen up the frame by replacing the screen cloth with aluminum instead of fiberglas cloth.You can check to see how sturdy the frame is by holding the bottom of the door in place with your foot and gently pushing the door to one side or the other. You should be able to “feel” if the door frame is loose.Another problem that can cause the door to jam is if the patio door frame is sagging or twisted due to settling. Are ther any cracks in the concrete sill ?, Is the height of the door frame lower in the middle than at the adges ? If so you may need to re-square the patio door frame.Hope this helps,


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