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How To Prevent Patio Umbrella From Blowing Away

Factor : Larger Base Area

Keeping Your Patio Umbrella from Going Away In Windy Days with Rhino BaseMate

Most people forget how much the dimensions of their base can significantly affect the overall stability.

The larger the base area of the object, the more stable the object.

The size of the base is usually limited by the location and the practical inconvenience of having large heavy structures under a table or in the middle of a patio.

To combat this, some bases have been designed to sit underneath paving slabs so they might be incorporated into a patio, where they also utilize the weight of the paving slab.

Is your base really that big?

When comparing, you need to consider how wide the base is from where it will pivot, not just its total width. Some bases have handy wheels underneath to make moving them easier but they may also reduce the effective width of the base.

If you are buying a new base then looking for a wider base would give you a double advantage.

Ultimately, if it is still getting blown over then maybe you need to try an alternative form of shade that is less susceptible to the wind, such as a properly installed shade sail or a pergola.

How To Keep Outdoor Furniture From Blowing Away

May 29, 2019 by admin

High winds have created a problem for many homeowners who are tired of witnessing their outdoor furniture blowing away. In certain parts of the country, windy weather has created a headache for many who have awoken to find their outdoor sectionals scattered across the yard.

Youve probably tried an assortment of ideas to keep your furniture from blowing away. Patio Productions is proud to let you know that you no longer have to command your dog to sit on your furniture until winds subside. Here are 7 Ways How to Keep Outdoor Furniture from blowing away and safely anchored in your backyard patio!

  • One of the easiest methods is to tie your furniture down with sandbags. This is how malls and other large venues usually handle high winds. You can also find canopy sand bags like these ones and adapt them to work with your outdoor furniture. Case in point, add weight to keep the wind from blowing it around. Here are some more solutions that really work!

Best Choice Products Steel Half Umbrella

Lastly, we come to the Best Choice Products umbrella, which combines affordability and quality. And as many good things as I could say about it, Ill just let Karin tell you about hers.

The angle of the house is such that the area receives a good bit of wind gusting. And weve had some super dupers the past few weeks: 45-50 mph winds, tree limbs blowing way over, etc. It worried me, but the umbrella wasnt phased at all. Weve left it full open for the past few months without any problems.

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How To Keep A Patio Umbrella From Falling Over

Learn how to keep a patio umbrella from falling over and avoid the disaster while having an excellent Al Fresco time out.

Umbrellas are an essential part of any patio, keeping everyone covered and protected from the sun damage and the unbearably hot weather. It doesnt have the complication of a permanent structure, although umbrellas have one flaw, the windy weather. Open patio umbrellas catch wind quickly, rattles, and topple over.

A blowing umbrella isnt only inconvenient but also dangerous and may cause accidents. Check out how to keep a patio umbrella from falling over, but before that, understand why this keeps happening first.

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Buy One With Air Vent Or Make One

How Do You Keep Your Patio Umbrella From Blowing Away

Most of the umbrellas have an air vent on the canopy. The purpose of this vent is to let air and heat through so that your umbrella holds well and keeps cool underneath. If your umbrella doesnt have one, you can go to the nearest tailor shop to create one.

And next time, purchase an umbrella that already has one by default.

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Patio Umbrella Pole Height And Diameter

Your patio umbrella pole diameter is an important measurement to check for because its crucial to the stability of your umbrella. For maximum umbrella stability, you want your umbrella pole diameter and base diameter to be as close as possible while still fitting. We looked through our collection of patio umbrellas and found that most had a pole diameter of at least 1.5 and some went up to 2.5. If you choose an umbrella with a pole diameter of 1.5, you want the base to diameter to be at least 1.5 and at the most, .25 larger. As a rule of thumb, your base diameter should not be more than .25 larger than your umbrella pole.

Pro Tip: Beach umbrellas are slimmer than patio umbrellas, make sure you double check before purchasing!

If you have the option to buy your patio umbrella in person, we highly recommend doing so. Being able to pick out an umbrella thats the perfect fit for your patio while also finding the right base will make your life much easier in the long run.

The height of your umbrella is another important factor. You want enough clearance so that taller individuals dont have to stoop down when they are under the umbrella. Still, it cant be so high that the shade is covering your dog instead of you! In general, you want your umbrella to be at least 7 feet tall. You can also look for patio umbrellas with tilting and cantilever functions to adjust where the shade lands. Well talk about that in the section below.

What To Do If Someone Steals Your Patio Furniture

If someone steals your patio furniture, you should contact your local police department and file a police report. In most jurisdictions, anything over $500 is considered a felony and is not taken lightly. Check to see if your neighbors have security cameras. Ask them to check their tapes to see if their cameras caught anything that would help you to identify the thief.

Dont wake up to find your deck bare. Patio furniture can cost several thousands of dollars. Protect it to secure your investment in your home!

In some cases, neighbors have seen people pacing or scouting a home. See if any of your neighbors saw anybody unusual walking around the neighborhood, maybe approaching the fence or windows.

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Umbrellas As Big As A Sail

When you consider the size of some of the Patio Umbrellas it really isnt a surprise that they blow over. They are much bigger than most kites and when you compare them to the sail on a boat you can see how much power they can generate.

The top speed of a laser sailing dinghy with a single sail area of 76ft2 that can take a 130lbs boat with a 170lbs skipper , totaling 300lbs at over 15mph !

Thats a sail area smaller than a round, 10ft diameter, umbrella!

Obviously one is finely tuned aerodynamically to catch the wind and the other designed to withstand it but you shouldnt underestimate the task involved.

Choose The Right Base

Stabilizing Patio Umbrella Base | Large Rectangular Offset Umbrella w/Solar Llighting | BAGWORMS!!!

If you dont want to go through the hassle of tightening the nut again and again, you might want to opt for a better, more secure base. The base in which the umbrella is secured is perhaps the single most important component of the entire structure as it offers support for the entire umbrella.

When looking to buy a base for your umbrella, you need to make sure that you buy one that is heavy and has an appropriately sized hole. This will ensure that the umbrella remains firmly fixed in place despite the heavy winds.

The sheer force and the pressure applied by the outdoor elements can uproot the whole umbrella if you are not careful. In most cases, manufacturers that make bases also offer complementary umbrella models that will go well with their base.

If you are looking for an umbrella and dont know which one to go for, just choose the one that the manufacturer recommends. The only downside to this is that it wont come with an additional set of weights.

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A Tall Stand That Firmly Grips The Pole

A secured umbrella can still rattle. So look for a stand that grabs onto at least a foot of the umbrellas pole. Good stands can also clamp onto the umbrella for an extra tight grip that doesnt bite into the wood, fiberglass, or metal materials. Not all umbrella bases are built to keep your patios umbrella firmly in place. Go to Todays Patio to see our selection of bases and additional weights.

Use Protective Furniture Covers & Group Furniture Pieces Together

An easy method of resolving the problem of patio furniture taking flight like a bird is to purchase heavy protective furniture covers. Group several chairs, table set chairs or all sectional parts of a sofa together. Drape across the whole group of furniture to keep them close together. Tie down and secure the legs if possible, or apply weights on corner legs. This method allows individuals to enjoy their lightweight furniture outside without worrying that they will fly off if left alone during a storm.

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Which Method Is Best For Securing Your Parasol

After reading through the different options for securing patio umbrellas, which method do you think would work best for you? Would you prefer a more DIY method that uses blocks or bags of sand? Or, would you like a more permanent solution that screws the umbrella frame into a wall, patio, or deck? Regardless of which option you choose, it would help if you were more than ready to get started.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Add Weights To The Base Of The Umbrella

How to Keep Your Patio Umbrella From Falling Over &  Spinning

Sometimes, patio umbrellas come with bases that look sturdy but cant hold itself against the strong wind. When thats the case, theres no need to buy a new stand when you can beef up the existing one. Strengthening the base of the umbrella can get done in several ways, with a single purpose of adding weight so it can hold the umbrella firmly.

One of the most straightforward techniques is using sandbags, an inexpensive and DIY solution to keep the umbrella from toppling over. Its cheap and easy to make and install, but efficient in adding strength to the umbrella base.

Another useful but cheap way to beef up that patio umbrella is by using gravel or garden rocks. Use a slightly larger bucket, fill it with enough gravel or rocks, and then insert the umbrella pole inside. It will serve as a strong base to the patio umbrella and create an excellent look, depending on how creative you can get.

Lead bags will also make efficient weights to hold the umbrella against heavy gusts of wind. They may be small but heavy enough in most cases, which is an excellent way to beef up bases in a more subtle way.

Another inexpensive option to add weight to an umbrella base is to use cinder blocks. You can paint them as you like, and cinder blocks are super cheap, which shouldnt hurt the budget.

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Stack Furniture In The Corner

Stack your furniture in a corner or near a wall so that your sofas wont be exposed to the elements. This way, they can remain outdoors without causing you to worry about them catching the brunt of powerful wind gusts that have been blowing your furniture away and leaving it scattered all over the yard.

Nesting furniture is a trending new style of design that allows all pieces to inner lock so that they stack away nicely. Check it out and see what you think! Nesting furniture looks great and is going to be your best bet when it comes to storing furniture efficiently.

Warning: Never leave outdoor furniture exposed in an unsecured location. In recent years, high end outdoor furniture has become the target of thieves in many cities across the nation.

Know What Base Is Required For Your Umbrella

I just told you to use a heavy base for your umbrella, but this term heavy is relative. One weight that is heavy for an umbrella might be nothing for another.

So the first step is to know the required base weight for your umbrella. If youve bought your one from any online marketplace like Amazon or eBay, the ideal weight is supposed to be mentioned there.

But if youre not sure what weight is ideal for your umbrella, let me help you with that.

For umbrellas that measure somewhere between 1.82 to 2.3 meters, a 40 lbs+ base is recommended. Umbrellas measuring 2.8 to 3.35 meters need a base weighing a minimum of 65 to 75 lbs.

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Can Beachgoers Get Injured By A Blowing Beach Umbrella

The safety of other beachgoers should be a concern of yours. Its easy to set up your umbrella securely before settling down for your afternoon at the beach. We dont want to get too dark here and go into the gory details, but a woman in Virginia Beach died in a freak accident involving a beach umbrella in 2016.

There have also been cases of other injuries caused by flying beach umbrellas. It sounds far-fetched, and yes it is rare, but all it takes a strong gust of wind, the wrong angle of the spike on the beach umbrella, and an innocent sunbather in the wrong place.

Pile Your Bags On Top

How To Sew A Patio Umbrella Strap

The two suggestions above are great if youre planning a beach picnic, or plan on spending a lot of time sitting down on a beach chair.

If not however, you might have to improvise!

While everyones beach kit varies, one thing everyone brings with them is a bag to keep all of their stuff spare clothing, keys, shoes, drink bottle, and a good book.

In a pinch, this can double as an effective anchor for your umbrella.

If you have spare canvas bags, you can even bring those along and fill them with sand as an impromptu set of sandbags, keeping your umbrella secure.

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Why Do Patio Umbrellas Blow Over

For most people, sitting outside under a patio umbrella when the wind is blowing hard is not what they are after. There are a number of Patio Umbrellas that have been tested in wind tunnels that show they are capable of withstanding 100Km/hr winds, when still up! For most of us, this is of limited benefit, as I have no intention of sitting outside in such conditions.

The main reason people are frustrated with there umbrella blowing over is when it happens due to an unexpected gust of wind, not when it is blowing a regular hurricane.

How Much Wind Is Too Much Wind For The Umbrella

The coastal winds of Helsinki were a bit too much for my cranky old umbrella to handle ?

Toni -Turboherne-

How do you know how much wind is too much wind to keep your garden umbrellas open? For the most part, you should be able to use common sense when you close up your umbrella canopy, but there are a couple of telltale signs that it could be too windy. First, if the umbrella frame is creaking or shaking excessively, you should fold down the umbrella. Second, if the frame starts to resist weights on the base and shake or lift off the ground, you should immediately fold down the canopy.

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How Do You Keep Patio Cushions In Place

Patio Cushion can be fixed to the cushions with a strip of velcro tape. In order to fix them, first attach two 10-15cm strips of velcro tape vertically around the outside edge of both sides of the cushion cover and then one or two horizontally inside it.

Make sure that the fuzzy side goes on top as an adhesive surface. Also, make sure there is at least a 1-2 centimeter gap between all three strips so they dont stick to each other.

How Do I Keep My Patio Umbrella From Blowing Away

How to keep patio umbrella from falling over

So weve covered beach umbrellas – but what about patio umbrellas?

These umbrellas face similar problems to beach umbrellas. Luckily, since they tend to be bigger and heavier, theyre less likely to fly off.

Of course, that doesnt mean that theyre immune from the effects of the wind.

The good thing about patio umbrellas is that you dont need to worry about soft sand – patios offer solid ground, which makes anchoring them a lot easier.

Many even come with their own dedicated umbrella stands that offer greater stability and protect them from the wind, with some being slotted into patio tables directly for even more stability.

As always, in strong winds its recommended that you close your patio umbrella promptly.

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Ways To Stop Your Patio Furniture From Blowing Away

Investing in your outdoor space is a big deal, and good patio furniture is definitely a big part of making sure you enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest. If you live in an area where you experience an array of weather you know that it is really important to ensure your outdoor furniture stays put during times of inclement weather. Here are eight ways you can make sure your beautiful patio furniture is still around after the thunderstorm passes.

Buy Heavy FurnitureOne of the best, and probably most obvious ways, to stop your furniture from blowing is to first buy furniture heavy enough to stay put. When picking out your furniture you might want to consider furniture made of wood, wrought iron, cast aluminum or steel. Pieces made from these materials are naturally very heavy, so with few additional precautions you will be able to ensure your furniture stays put year round. Click here to see our assortment of aluminum framed furniture and covers that protect your investment from the weather.

Plant a Windbreak in your YardA windbreak is a group of trees or large plants in your yard that can help to block the wind in a certain area, or the whole yard. During a time of harsh winds some might get through but the force will be lost because it has to fight through the windbreak.

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