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How To Protect Powder Coated Steel Patio Furniture

How To Paint Powder Coated Patio Furniture

Using 303® Indoor & Outdoor Protectant to Car For Your Patio Furniture

Although powder coating lasts for far longer compared to typical paint, it will need to be refinished at some point.

But painting over the powder coat is not a simple process.

You may need to struggle hard before the fresh paint can stick to the surface properly.

So, if your powder coated patio furniture needs sprucing up you have two choices.

Either try to strip the old powder coating away or apply a new coat over the existing layer.

Tips For Caring For Powder Coated Fences And Gates

Powder coating is a very durable finish, but you cant get away with treating it as though it doesnt need any maintenance at all. Certain weather conditions can have a negative effect on the coating over time, for example.

When dirt and grime builds up in the joints and crevices of fences and gates, it can create a place where bacteria gather and insects find a home. Both circumstances only serve to speed up the breakdown of the coating.

In coastal areas, salt water can damage fences and gates situated close to the ocean. If they are not thoroughly cleaned at least once a year to remove the buildup, salt will remain attached to the coating and dull its appearance, leaving it looking chalky. To extend the life of your fence and gate, youll need to make sure you clean it properly.

  • Start by wiping the surface gently with a wet sponge to remove any loose dirt and debris. You can also use a soft brush for this purpose. A wire brush would be too harsh, since it would also remove the finish. Your goal is to remove most of the surface dirt and dust at this point.
  • To remove salt and any other deposits from the surface of the fence and gate, use a soft brush and a mild household detergent.
  • Rinse the detergent off the fence or the gate using lukewarm water. At this point, you can allow it to either dry naturally or use a clean, dry cloth to dry it off if you would like to get a cleaner look.
  • When Not To Use Electrostatic Painting

    • It only works on conductive surfaces. Most items in a household arent made of metal so must use traditional painting methods.
    • Improper use of equipment could result in a safety or fire hazard, so it’s often best to allow a certified professional to electrostatically paint a surface.
    Get a Quote From an Electrostatic Painting Professional

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    How Restaurants Can Protect Their Outdoor Furniture With Powder Coating

    Powder coating has been used by a ton of different industries to help protect things like outdoor furniture from the elements.

    Powder coating can keep metals protected for up to 15-20 years, depending on pre-treatment and the type of powder used. It is resistant to weather, corrosion. It is a much more durable finish than paint or other liquid coating options on the market.

    Other benefits of powder coating outdoor patio furniture include:

    • Increased durability: Unprotected metals will become rusted and corrode over time which can weaken their structure. This can cause rusted pieces to break off or poke customers. This hazard is a non-issue with powder coated metal because it eliminates the risk of corrosion.
    • Fantastic coverage: Powder coating allows for a more even application than traditional paint because it is applied using an electrostatic spray deposition process to provide a uniform coating across every surface of the patio furniture.
    • Environmental friendliness: Unlike other metal coating options, powder coating doesnt involve the use of dangerous volatile organic compounds . At Powdertech, we also ensure that the coating is applied using pollution-free processes.
    • Anti-microbial protection: The VitraGUARD proprietary thermoset powder coatings that we use are treated with an antimicrobial silver ion. This especially coating protects against unwanted bacteria and harmful microbe growth to prevent diseases and viruses from spreading.

    Does Oil Stop Rust

    Outdoor Patio Furniture Restoration

    Oil not only lubricates metal parts and allows them to move with less friction, but oil also forms a protective barrier against rust . The principle here is pretty simple with a coating of oil , moisture can t react with the iron in the metal and cause rust .

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    Why Is Proper Maintenance Is So Important

    Most products that get a powder coat are metal items that you will find outdoors. These items are exposed to a large number of elements throughout the year including potential sun, rain, wind, cold, heat, salt water, pollution, and electrical currents. . Its no surprise that any of these can pose a threat to the life span of the coating.

    For example, think of taking a trip to the beach. If you dont protect your skin from the sun, you will soon see the harmful effects on your unprotected skin. Another great example is your car. If you never wash it after dirt, salt, and other debris are sitting on the paint, youll later see the nasty effects of corrosion. Maintaining and properly caring for the powder coating regularly will extend the overall life of it down the road.

    While it may be impossible to tell exactly how long a powder coat will last, you will definitely extend it from correct cleaning and maintenance. Doing so may even double or triple the coatings life span!

    Powder Coating Uses Pros And Cons

    Powder coating costs $50 to $600 plus freight. This works great on any high-temp resistant object like metal or plastic. Only objects that can withstand temperatures of 380 degrees to 580 degrees Fahrenheit can benefit from this method.

    • Done one of three ways, only two of which use electrostatic charging.
    • Uses a dry powder always applied in a specialized shop.
    • Materials must be shipped to and from a shop.
    • Most durable available.

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    How To Clean And Protect Powder Coated Materials

    Powder coating is the premier solution for boosting the appearance and longevity of your metal products. While powder coating is extremely durable, it will need maintenance from time to time to make sure that it stays looking great. Fortunately, cleaning and protecting your powder coating isnt as difficult as you might imagine, particularly if you follow a few simple tips.

    Here are a few of the easiest solutions for powder coating maintenance that will help you keep your powder coating finish looking like new for years to come.

    Choosing the Right Cleaning Products

    One of the most important decisions that you will need to make for your powder coating is what type of cleaning solution you will use. While powder coating is much more durable than almost any other coating type you could choose, it is not invulnerable, and can easily be damaged by coarse solvents.

    If you clean your powder coating with harsh chemicals, you will be drastically reducing its lifespan, impacting both its appearance and ability to protect your products. If youre going to frequently clean your powder coating, you should choose a cleaning solution that is free from harsh chemicals. Stick with soap and water, and you should be able to easily maintain your powder coating.

    Using Pressure Cleaning

    Take Advantage of Wax

    Tips for Powder Coating Maintenance

    How To Care For Powder Coated Surfaces: Bollards

    Easy fix for oxidized patio furniture

    Bollards are obstructions used to create barriers around buildings or a particular area. Natural materials, such as wood or stone, may be used for this purpose, but in most instances, short metal posts are used for bollards. They can be made from aluminum, iron, steel, stainless steel or cement.

    These barriers can range in height from approximately 36-52, depending on where they are placed. Bollards may be used indoors or outdoors to control pedestrian and vehicle traffic. They may also be positioned in front of a store or business as a security measure to discourage smash and grab thieves. Bollards can also be found in parking garages, near marinas and ports and at airports to protect vehicles from straying into certain areas or colliding with specific objects.

    High-Impact Resistance and Low-Impact Resistance. Bollards are designed to either provide high-impact resistance or low-impact resistance. High-impact bollards are chosen for applications where security is the main function required, while low-impact bollards are used when their purpose is mainly for decorative value.

    Bollards may be placed in locations such as public parks for aesthetic purposes, such as decorating walkways. They may also be used as hitching posts for bicycle racks at any public building. A high-impact style may not be needed in these instances.

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    Eastwood Powder Coating Polish For Powder Coat

    If you are looking for a wax polish for powder-coated finishes or painted surfaces, then Eastwood Powder Coating Polish is the best option for your requirements. This wax polish works like magic for removing scratches on surfaces. It also gives an excellent mirror polish and protects your powder coating from the damage due to sun and haze exposure.


    • It is an excellent wax polish for solid colors and clear coats.
    • It is also suitable for painted surfaces.
    • It has a unique non-abrasive formula for cleaning and removing haze and minor surface damage.
    • Due to its low-effort formulation, it is easy to use.


    • It does not give good results and hence is not recommended for chrome, metallic, satin, or matte powder coating finishes.

    Can I Spray Wd40 On Rust

    WD-40 is designed to loosen the bonds between rust and the metal surface it has adhered to by penetrating the porous layer of rust and using its lubricating properties to loosen it. To remove surface rust , simply spray it on the rusted surface, leave it for around ten minutes and let it get to work on the surface rust .

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    How Do You Restore The Shine To Metal Patio Furniture

    How to Clean : Mix up a squirt of dishwashing detergent with a bucket of warm water. Scrub surface with a scrub brush. Rinse furniture and allow to dry. Use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove any rusted spots down to the bare metal . Wipe off any metal reside with a clean cloth dampened with mineral spirits or naphtha.

    How To Clean And Repaint Powder

    ABSOLUTE Patio Furniture Restoration

    For those who want greater protection for patio furniture made from iron or steel, powder coating should be considered for the protection they bring.

    Based on your usage, and the finishing you desire to have, you should also get your powder-coated furniture repainted from time to time.

    In this article, I would be discussing the exact steps for refinishing your old patio furniture.

    Hopefully, it will help you to easily protect the metals like iron and steel from external elements and harsh weather conditions.

    But before we proceed further lets take a look at what is powder coating, why its popular, along with its advantages and disadvantages

    What’s Here in the Article:

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    Woven Outdoor Furniture Protection Tips

    Woven furniture is usually wicker or rattan. The weaves can be made of synthetic, typically vinyl or PVC, or natural material, called loom wicker. Synthetic wicker is extruded, and the color typically runs throughout the lace. Loom is actually painted. In both cases, all the nooks and crannies provide places for organic material to land and support mildew growth. We recommend spraying it with a light spray from a garden sprayer, NOT a pressure washer, and a little dish soap. Rinse well and let dry thoroughlythen cover for the rainy season.

    With the shifts between rain and warm weather this season in the Sonoma and Napa areas, please come in and take a look at our breathable outdoor furniture covers. With the fluctuations in temperature, it makes for top conditions for mold growth and why we suggest breathable patio furniture covers as a solution.

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    How To Maintain Freshly Painted Powder Coated Surfaces

    Although powder coat is tough and scratch-resistant maintaining the surface well is recommended to keep the shine and beauty of the paint.

    Few tips you can follow include:

    a) Inspect often:

    To maintain your powder-coated surfaces, regularly inspect the surfaces for any scratches, chipping, or rusting.

    Before they get worse always try to repair them ahead of time which will avoid the larger issues.

    b) Clean with mild soap and water:

    Avoid harsh solvents and only use distilled or filtered water to make a soap solution.

    Filtered water has a low amount of chlorine, iron, sulfur, or fluoride and will prevent the staining and weakening of the coating due to the chemical reaction between these substances.

    c) Protect with top layer:

    After you have finished with the powder coat application or regular cleaning, its good to use a wax or ceramic layer for adding further protection.

    These will help the coat protect against harsh elements such as humidity and extreme temperatures.

    Other Related Questions

    Powder coating is a highly durable, environmentally friendly alternative to liquid paints.

    Unlike wet paints, powder coating also provides superior color retention along with physical toughness.

    Especially for finishing metals, its considered harder and stronger than oil-based enamel paint coats.

    How do you fix or touch up powder-coated paint?

    Powder coating along with paint can flake off if the surface is not treated or prepared well before the application.

    Final Thoughts

    How To Keep Your Metal Outdoor Furniture Rust

    How to Paint Metal Patio Chairs (Step-by-Step!!)

    There are many perks and advantages that metal outdoor furniture has to offer. First of all, when it comes to durability, you simply cannot beat metal. Just the fact that even today archeologists are excavating metal tools and weapons from several millennia ago speaks enough about how long a metal object can last.

    Other two significant reasons of why metal furniture is great for your garden or backyard are the fact that it is easy to maintain as well as the fact that it simply looks so good. This means that once you purchase metal furniture, it has serious prospects of making your outdoors looking classy for ages to come provided that you manage to keep it safe from its arch nemesis the rust. Luckily for you this is not that complicated and by following just these few simple rules you can make this happen.

    Victorian Patio by Other Metro Media & BloggersAiken House & Gardens

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    Plastic Wicker Patio Furniture Vs Steel

    Q. Thank you so much for all these tips. I would just like to ask one more question. I’m interested in investing in some wicker patio furniture, but I can’t decide whether to push through with my plans or to get steel furniture instead. I found quite a lot of options at, but want to make sure that I’m making a good choice for all-weather durability. Thoughts?

    A. Hi Hollie. Unfortunately, the durability of any of this stuff depends on factors that you can rarely tell from looking at it or by reading the seller’s sales pap. Plastic imitation wicker certainly can’t rust, but it’s only guaranteed for a year. Although people tend to write reviews while their furniture is still new, if you can find a consensus about this furniture in reviews that are a few years old , I think that would be your most reliable guide.

    Furniture purchases are a matter of taste, as well as durability, but if heavyweight steel furniture suits your taste, I think it’s the most durable. In my case with furniture sitting on a windswept deck over a lagoon, the weight of steel furniture was an important factor neighbors’ plastic chairs and aluminum beach chairs blow into the lagoon rather frequently 🙂

    Good luck.

    Q. I purchased a metal gazebo and have not put it together yet. What can I do to help prevent rusting even before it is used? Also, would it be a good idea to wrap all connections with electrical tape to prevent water getting inside the different metal legs & brackets?

    What Is An Electrostatic Coating

    Electrostatic coating uses electricity to apply a high solid coating to conductive metals. Paint materials may be either powder or liquid.

    The painting equipment is charged with one electrical polarity while the object being painted is charged with the opposite polarity. The process uses the “opposites attract” magnetic principle which eliminates waste and results in an even an smooth surface on complex and curved objects.

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