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How To Replace Straps On Patio Chairs

How To Replace Webbing On Outdoor Furniture

How to replace broken patio chair straps

Patio chair webbings take a lot of beating from the elements, so its pretty normal for them to crack and fade over time. There are two things you could do as a user buy a new chair with new webbing or spruce up the old chair by replacing the webbing. If youre here, then youve likely chosen the cheaper route. Now that youre set and ready, the next thing to figure out is how to replace webbing on outdoor furniture.

To replace webbing on any furniture piece, you need to remove the old or damaged webbing and replace it with a new one. This usually involves loosening the screws or rivets holding the old webbing, removing the webbing itself, and swapping in the new webbing with new screws or fasteners. It sounds pretty easy.

Rewebbing a chair is a far better deal as opposed to replacing the whole furniture. Yes, you will save money, but you will also get more use for your furniture. In this article, we will see how to properly replace the webbing on your outdoor furniture. Dont worry; its easier than you think.;;

Weave The Webbing From The Back

Now we can weave the replacement webbing into place.;

Lay the newly cut webbing across the seat starting out from the back. Next, fasten it to the frame bottom with the screws. Make sure you fold the ends under before you drive in the screws and washer.

Do this continuously until you cover the entire length of the chair you measured. Avoid pulling the webbing too tight so it wont warp the frame. Keep it firm but gentle!

Replacement Webbing For Lawn Chairs: Clips

The cleanest way to secure your webbing ends and prevent them from fraying over time is to use patio furniture webbing replacement clips. Each package includes 12 clips.

For each strip, vertical and horizontal, youll need two clips. Count the number of strands on your chair and multiply by two.

These clips fit all tubular lawn chairs with slots, and are rust and fade resistant.

That said, these are a little bit difficult to use, and many people may prefer to simply skip the clips. The patio furniture webbing may fray more quickly if you dont use clips but the changing process is easier.

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A: Strapping For Single

Push a single-wrap pin through each;end of the vinyl strap. Position one end of the strap;at a hole on the frame. Push the pin through the hole;until it locks . Stretch the strap around;the front to the corresponding hole on the other side;of the furniture ; push the remaining pin;through the hole on the backside of the frame, and;lock it into place .

Repair Or Replace Your Patio Furniture

Vinyl Strap Replacement

Vinyl patio furniture has been popular for decades largely due to its relatively low price. It is also popular because it is lightweight, making it easy to move around, and it is easy to clean. On top of that, it is readily available both at high-end stores as well as at grocery stores, drug stores, and discount retailers.

Even though some vinyl furniture is inexpensive, you could spend a few hundred dollars replacing an entire set of chairs. If for aesthetic reasons you want all of your furniture to match, not only will you need to replace chairs that need restrapping, but also tables and accessories. You will end up spending close to $1000 for a new set of lower end furniture to well over $1000 for a mid to higher end set.

On the other hand, restrapping patio furniture will cost just a fraction of the amount spent buying new patio furniture.

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Has Anyone Replaced Glued On Vinyl Strapping On Patio Furniture

  • Dee on Jul 08, 2018

    I would use Loctite Marine glue. It is used for boats and can withstand water and pressure. I have used it on many outside project with no problem.

  • on Jul 08, 2018

    Hello Buffy,

    I am considering an alternative replacement options that dont involve glue for my Woodard ramsgate chairs from the 1990s.

    Heres a few diy instruction links for your viewing and consideration.

  • Doreen Kennedy on Jul 09, 2018

    After you glued the straps I wonder if you were to drill small holes in each to reinforce them with flat headed nuts on top screwed into washer topped nuts underneath. Im not sure if that would help or compromise the strength of the straps so its just an idea.

  • Linda K. Ritter on Jul 09, 2018These may not be glued in, it looks like the inner metal bar is snapped in to place, keeping the straps in place. It might be possible to pry that inner frame away and then install new straps, and snap it back in place.
  • Alice on Aug 03, 2018

    If I were you I would look up macramé and do it that way. It will tell you how, I had a cousin that use to so it and it is beautiful and very sturdy on the old chairs. I would love to do mine but I have carpel and can’t use my hands to well. good luck.

  • Lori Evenson Lutz on Apr 19, 2020

    I have those same exact chairs and am stumped also as to an economical way to redo the. What did you end up doing please??

  • Lori, were you able to get any answer on how to re-strap these type of chairs?

    Thank you,

  • How Much Webbing Does It Take To Redo A Lawn Chair

    Measure the existing webbing sections on the lawn chair. The replacement webbing is sold in rolls usually containing 39 feet of webbing. For large chairs it may be necessary to purchase more than one roll. If new screws arent included in the package, purchase galvanized sheet-metal screws and washers.

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    Pool Furniture Swim Club Vinyl Strap Replacements In Muncie Indiana

    Last weekend four guys from the club rehabed 8 lounge chairs for our club.It was not half as bad as we expected. We learned that turning the chair upside-down wasmuch e z r and the double wraps went faster. We are planning on doing more soon.Check out our fb page for updates as we get closer to opening in May.Halteman Swim ClubTRACY RABEL PRESIDENT

    Patio Chair Webbing Replacement Screws

    How to Replace strap on outdoor pool and patio furniture

    Use these screws to attach the lawn chair replacement webbing;to your furniture tube. These screws are a must, and should fit any tubular aluminum patio furniture frame.

    Each package contains 20 screws, and for most chair models, youll need one screw per strap end.

    Count the number of straps, vertical and horizontal, and multiply by two to determine the total number of screws youll need per chair.

    If you dont plan on using webbing replacement clips, use a washer to help take the load off of the screws, and to slow down the fraying process.

    • Screws for Lawn Chair Re-Webbing Furniture
    • Works on Tubular or Wood Furniture
    • Rust and Fade resistant

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    Rehab Your Patio Or Pool Furniture

    Slings, vinyl, & repair parts or replacements!

    Winston, Woodard, Mallin, Tropitone, Innova, BrownJordan, Agio, Carter Grandle, Molla, Telescope, Lyon Shaw, Hampton Bay & more!

    Patio or Pool Replacement Fabric Slings for names like Carter Grandle, Agio, Woodard, Winston, Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Innova, Mallin, Lyon Shaw, Telescope, etc.

    Leave It To Brown Jordan Vinyl Repair Experts

    First of all, in order for the chair to be completely restored prior to restrapping, the frame will most likely need some rehab work as well. To properly restore it to mint condition, the frame should be sandblasted down to the metal, cleaned, and a powder coat applied in the color of your choice. Finally, the coating must be heat-cured. Not exactly an easy part of the project to do yourself!

    After this process, the vinyl straps can be replaced. However, important to the restrapping process is making sure that the straps are applied with the proper tension. This is difficult to accomplish if you do it yourself. Because the vinyl straps will start to stretch and loosen after the chairs have been in the hot sun, it is critical that the straps are relaced to the chair at the proper temperature. Otherwise, after you restrap, chances are that the straps will loosen and sag after a few months of use and need to be repaired again.

    Professional restrapping patio furniture services such as The Southern Company prevent this problem by repairing furniture in a hot room where the temperature is set to at least 95°. This allows the professional making the repairs to tighten the straps to the proper tension so that even when you are using them on the hottest days, the straps will not loosen.

    To get a better idea about the restrapping patio furniture process, take a look at this video:

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    What Is Upholstery Webbing Made Of

    For many years, jute has been by far the most common webbing material found in furniture suspension systems. Jute is a natural, vegetable fiber that can be spun into extremely strong bands. These bands are then stretched over furniture frames to form what is known as the webbing for the furniture seat and back.

    How To Get Patio Chairs Restrapped

    Vinyl Strap Replacement

    Q. Can you recommend a local company to replace the strapping on my Brown Jordan patio chairs? The straps on mine have permanently discolored over 15 years outside. Id like to have them redone before spring.


    A. Youre smart to plan ahead.

    Urban Country, a Brown Jordan dealer in Bethesda, recommends having the chairs restrapped by Criterion Lawn Furniture Repair . The company is based in Keyser, W.Va., but picks up and delivers throughout the Washington area, including in Bethesda. The transportation fee, which covers both round trips, is $150. Restrapping typically costs $85 to $90 per chair. If you also want the chairs refinished, the total price might be $170 to $185 per chair.

    Q. How can I clean the slate tiles in my bathroom? They are sealed with some compound and show many splatters of paint as well as scrapes accumulated over the years.


    A. company that specializes in stone care can remove the sealer by applying a floor finish stripper. Potomac Stone Care uses the Hurricane stripper made by Daycon. The stripper will also take off whatever is on top, such as the paint spatters. Stripping may leave the slate slightly chalky, says Steve Kivinski, a stone technician for Potomac Stone Care, but the company then treats the stone to restore the color and bring back the luster. The complete treatment is typically a one-day job. The cost ranges from $450 to $1,500, depending on the size of the room.

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    Where Can I Get A Webbing That Is Durable

    There is more than one place to find webbing that is durable. A good place to start is hardware stores nearby. You can also check at home improvement stores. Webbings are readily available in these places, especially if its a big store.;

    If you also know any nursery around or garden center, you might be able to get a good deal there too.;

    For online purchases, I highly recommend Amazon. In fact, I recommend buying your webbing online if you want a better guarantee of quality. You can read reviews left by other customers to determine whether or not the product is durable or not.;

    Evidently, fixing webbing on outdoor chairs is very easy and may even be fun for some people. It is a lot less cheap than buying the whole furniture.;

    So if you have any webbed chair that needs an upgrade, consider replacing the webbing as described above. It might be the simplest and quickest DIY project youve ever embarked on. I bet even a beginner can reweb one chair in just an hour.;

    Rewebbing will not only save you money but will also get your chairs looking new again. And in terms of color and design, theres no limit to how far you can go. You can go wild with different color blends, or you can choose something simple that suits your existing decor.;

    Its all in your imagination!

    How To Replace Vinyl Chair Straps

    Vinyl strap furniture is found on many a Bay Area deck or patio because the durable vinyl holds up well to year-round exposure in Northern California’s pleasant climate. Over time, as the vinyl eventually fades, becomes brittle or breaks, it isn’t time for new furniture, just new straps. Pick up a new strap material in the same size and color, as well as the rivets or clips you need, and get started repairing your vinyl chair straps for patio furniture that looks as good as new.


    Measure the width of your straps using a cloth measuring tape. Place the end of the tape upward facing on the inside of the side bar of the furniture. Hold the tape in place. Wrap the tape under the side bar and over the top. Take the tape across to the other side. Wrap the tape under and pull the end up. Hold the tape taut and use the measurement where the tape crosses on the second side.


    Cut a test strip to length. Drill a 1/8-inch hole 1/2 inch from each end of the strap and centered. Cut the pointed ends off the strap with scissors. Insert the strap in boiling water for five minutes. Wearing gloves, use a tong to lift out the strap and dry it on a towel.



    Turn the chair upside down. Place a punch on the tab and hammer the tab flat to the side bar. Repeat on all tabs.


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    Patio Chair Webbing Replacement How

    For Polypropylene or Nylon webbed chairs, follow these steps to spruce up your chairs. Its best to do one strand at a time so that you keep the pattern.

  • Unscrew the fastener of your existing webbing, or pry it out with pliers.
  • Remove the existing webbing, being sure to get any random strands out.
  • Lay the existing webbing down on the floor or on a craft table, and use it as a guide to cut a new piece of webbing. If the old webbing is in really bad shape, take a new strip of webbing and weave it into place on the chair , leaving at least two inches of extra fabric on each end. Cut the new piece.
  • Place the new piece of polypropylene webbing on one end of the chair, and weave it through to the other side.
  • Place;end clips onto each side of the chair webbing. If youre not using clips, fold the ends over in a triangle shape, and punch a hole through so that a screw can be inserted.
  • Screw the clip into the chair with a new fastener.
  • Repeat until youre done the chair.
  • How Do You Tighten A Webbing


    For plastic-based webbing , you will need some screws, a screwdriver, and a good knife or scissors to tighten it to a chair. These items are readily available in hardware stores and online.

    Weave the new webbing to the chair as described above, then fold the ends over . Next, make a hole and insert the screw. If youre using clips, screw the clips and repeat the process until the entire width of the chair seat is covered.;;

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    Patio Chair Webbing Replacement Easy How To Guide

    Updated: ;;;Eric Clark

    Patio chair webbing will naturally fade and get damaged over time, with use, exposure to the elements, and exposure to the sun. You could always throw your pieces away and buy new ones, but does that make sense? Replacing the webbing on your existing patio chairs is often much cheaper than purchasing a whole new chair, and it is surprisingly easy. In this article, we have produced a quick guide to patio chair webbing replacement, and we look at several options for patio webbing materials and colors.

    Replacing your furniture webbing is an easy, fun task you can accomplish in about an hour per chair. You can make all of your chairs match with a similar fabric, or go wild with multi colors.

    Use your imagination and dont be afraid to be daring!


  • 4 Conclusion: Lawn Chairs Like New
  • A Revived Outdoor Space Awaits You

    We are experts at restrapping patio furniture. In the end, if what you want is your vinyl patio chairs looking and feeling brand new this summer, then let The Southern Company do the work for you. Our professional and experienced staff will repair, restrap, and refinish your furniture so that it is looking as good or even better than the day you first brought it home. Relaxing and entertaining in your outdoor space will be exciting and fun again!

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    What Is A Double Wrap Vinyl Strap

    The double wrap is the process of wrapping a vinyl strap over the top of the frame and around it once to hide the rivet of the frame. Its a bit tricky to get used to but once you get the flow of it youll be fixing all your broken outdoor furniture with ease.

    Tools & materials you will need: tape measure, vinyl to cut, or pre-cut replacement strapsrivetsfor a double-wrap chaise, a pot with a lid full of boiling water, tongs & heat-proof gloves or similar, a block of wood, a drill, cutters or tin snips.

    Time it will take: This is no more than a 10 minute job if you get that water boiling and ready to cook those straps right from the start.

    Step 1: Remove the old strap

    Pull off the old, broken strap until you have the frame with the empty holes underneath. If your lounger frame is a little dirty, nows your chance to give it a quick clean.

    Step 2: Measure strap size

    Hold your tape measure around the edge of one hole. Wrap your tape twice around the frame until it meets the edge of the second hole. Image. Then loop the tape measure around the other side of the lounger and wrap in a similar way. Pull it tight and measure the length.

    Now deduct 10%. We do this because the vinyl is stretchy and you want your straps to be tight around the chair. If we didnt deduct 10% and installed it, it would be sloppy and loose when you sat on it.

    In Jeffs example the tape was 33 inches. Minus 10% will mean 33-3 =30.

    Step 3: Make the straps

    Step 4: Install the straps


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