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How To Turn On A Patio Heater

Lpg Patio Heater Working Instructions

How To Light Patio Heater With Lighter or Match Easy Simple
  • Always ensure that the liquefied gas tank is properly connected and completely closed. We surely do not want a gas explosion.
  • Make sure that the tank is opened and ready to use by turning the knob counterclockwise until fully opened for maximum patio heater gas usage.
  • Depress the gas control knob and turn it to the pilot position and do not let go. Then, press the ignition for 3-4 times.
  • Keep the gas knob depressed for about ten seconds until the gas flow without any hitch.
  • Finally, release the gas knob and turn it to the desired low, medium or high setting.
  • How To Keep Your Patio Heater From Tipping Over

    Were spending more time than ever outdoors with our loved ones, which means looking for solutions to stay warm in the colder months. Theres no shortage of amazing backyard landscaping ideas.

    For many, this means buying a patio heater. If youre planning on using a patio heater, its important to learn how to prevent it from tipping over.

    To keep your patio heater from tipping over, try the following tips:

    • Make sure the base of your patio heater is stabilized
    • Place your patio heater in a safe area away from hazards
    • Test the anti-tilt features in your patio heater, if included
    • Consider a mounted patio heater

    In this article, well show you how to make sure your patio heater is a safe, secure way to keep you warm this fall and winter.

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    Should Flames Touch Thermocouples

    Yes, the pilot flame touches thermocouples at a certain level. If flames are weak and blue they hardly reach thermocouples, therefore, they should be strengthened. If flames extend past thermocouples, they are stronger. The perfect position is when flames cover the tops of thermocouples and burn with yellow-tips.

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    How We Picked And Tested

    Outdoor patio heaters come in many shapes and forms, from wall-mounted infrared heat lamps to permanently installed fire pits that run on the same natural-gas line as your stove. Seeking something versatile and ready for immediate use, we limited our search to more-portable options, which typically rely on one of two heat sources: electric or propane.

    Electric patio heaters are pretty much the same as your standard indoor space heater they even tend to produce about the same power, maxing out at 1,500 watts, or the equivalent of about 5,100 British thermal units . The energy they produce is infrared, which means it works like direct sunlight and is absorbed straight into your skin and clothes, instead of the air around you. As you do with your average indoor space heater, you simply plug em into an outlet and flip em on, and you should be good to go.

    However, electric patio heaters present considerations beyond the standard indoor heater safety practices. AZ Patio Heaterss McMillen recommends an Ingress Protection Code rating of 55 or higher, which means the unit should be protected from the ingress of dust and light water sprays. We did find a few decent-looking models that were rated IP 44 .1 Anything rated lower than thatincluding any of our indoor-space-heater picks is an accident waiting to happen.

    How Do You Light A Patio Heater

    I Wish I Knew These Patio Heater Reviews a Year Ago

    4.2/5Outdoor Heater Instructions

  • Push and turn the control knob to PILOT position. Keep depressed for 45 seconds.
  • Continue to hold in the knob and press the stick button 4 to 5 times
  • Lot knob pop out and turn to high. (If it does not ignite turn everything to the off or closed position.
  • How to light a patio heater manually

  • Turn control knob. First and foremost, push the control knob to the pilot position.
  • Light it up. Next, you need to light the patio heater with a lighter if it does not light up after you have pressed the control knob consistently for a while.
  • Turn knob to high.
  • Beside above, why does my pilot light go out when I release the pilot light knob? The most likely of those is that the thermocouple needs to be replaced. The button you press to light the pilot bypasses the thermocouple. When you release the button, the thermocouple ensures that unburned gas doesn’t get released by shutting off the gas when it’s not heated by the burning pilot light.

    Beside above, why will my patio heater not light?

    Yet another reason your patio will not stay lit is that the gas valve orifice is blocked. You should clean the orifice or have it replaced. Sometimes there is air in the gas line which is blocking propane from getting to the heater head unit. Check the regulator to make sure it is tightly connected to the propane tank.

    Can you use a patio heater in a screened porch?

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    Electric Patio Heater Problems: Troubleshooting Tips

    Are you facing problems with your electric patio heater? Patio heater parts can experience several complications because of constant use. Follow some simple troubleshooting tips to fix the common outdoor patio heater problems on your own.

    Plug-in Problem

    Many times the inability of the patio heater to function smoothly is related to trivial problems. The unit will not operate if the power cord is loose. A loose wiring connection might also cause this. Contact an electrician if this is the case. Ensure that the wiring connection is firm before switching on the heater. Plug the cord back into the grounded outlet and start the device.

    Blown Fuse

    A patio heater will not function if the fuse is blown. This is generally indicated with an ignited signal. Replace the blown fuse with a new one in this case.

    Reset Button

    The heater will not turn on if the reset button is not activated. Press the reset button to fix this problem.

    Heating Element

    The machine will not work if the heating element is damaged. Replace the heating element, if the heating element is worn out. If there is no physical damage, switch off the power and check the connections of the element. You should also check the element resistance. It should be around 10 ohms. Replace the element if it still fails to function properly. Switch off the heater when the element glows constantly.

    Several patio heating problems are associated with a faulty installation procedure.

    Maintenance of Electric Patio Heater

    How To Adjust A Pilot Light

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    Although they are gradually being replaced by electronic ignition devices, pilot lights still provide the flame that ignites many gas appliances, including water heaters, room heaters and stoves. Pilot lights depend on the electric signal from a thermocouple to stay on, and the thermocouple in turn depends on the heat of the pilot light to provide that signal. Glitches in this symbiotic relationship are at the bottom of many pilot problems.

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    How To Clean A Patio Heater Thermocouple

    To clean the thermocouple on your propane heater, youll need the following items:

    • Steel wool
    • Pencil erase
    • Screwdriver

    Once you have the tools, clean the thermocouple on your patio heater by following these steps:

  • First and foremost, you must turn off the heaters fuel source.
  • After that, youll be able to find the thermocouple. Take a look at the owners manual for your patio heater to figure out where the thermocouple is located.
  • Now you must unscrew the screws around the thermostat with a screwdriver.
  • The thermocouple can be removed after all screws have been removed. It is simple to pull it out of the pilot assembly.
  • Take a dry sponge or steel wool at this point.
  • Steel wool can be used to gently rub the thermocouple. If youre going to use a dry sponge, make sure youre utilizing the abrasive side. Otherwise, you will be unable to successfully complete the cleaning process.
  • Continue cleaning until all dirt in the thermocouple has been removed.
  • Now you can start cleaning areas between the threads of the thermocouple screw with the pencil eraser. The thermocouple is connected to the patio heater at these points.
  • You can reattach the thermocouple within your patio heater now. After that, you may test the functionality of your patio heater to verify if it is working properly.

    Infrared Heaters Are Most Efficient Especially With Controls

    How to fix a tall patio heater that won’t light (SOLVED)

    Electric infrared radiant patio heaters are among the most energy efficient outdoor forms of heating, transferring heat up to 80% more efficiently than classical convective heaters. They do so by targeting objects rather than the air. Like the suns rays, they only emit heat when their radiant infrared light heat waves strike an object, and they remain effective as temperatures plunge. However, there is a point where even infrared patio heaters cant keep up with a cold Canadian winter.

    To make an infrared heater even more efficient, consider installing a heating control. Wall-mounted controls often come with dimming options in addition to an on/off control, and some models have wireless controls that can be linked by an app to your mobile phone. Occupancy sensors, which turn heat on only when a space is occupied, can be an option, but only use them after consulting a heating vendor or electrician.

    A 1,500-watt electric infrared patio heater operating at four hours a day for 15 days a month would cost around $10 per month to power, based on BC Hydros residential rate. By using controls, you could reduce that amount by up to 30%.

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    Gas Delivery To The Burner

    With a full cylinder in place, turn on the gas and listen near the burner. Do you hear the gas? Or do you smell the gas? Once you smell the gas, let it set for a while before trying to light it.

    If the patio heater has an electronic piezo ignition system, there should be a spark. can you hear the spark? If the heater does not light, try using a lighter to light the burner. If it still does not light, there may be a problem with the gas regulator.

    Solutions for Gas delivery

    The gas regulator is the little silver thing usually very close to the tank. This device reduces the pressure to 10, 20 or 30PSI dependent on the manufacture. They are usually are low pressure preset units for heaters, however they make adjustable ones. There are also high pressure regulators which are usually for higher BTUs.

    Most heaters that are portable would have a low pressure regulator, if you cant get the actual manufacturers replacement an adjustable regulator would do the trick. Check out these adjustable low pressure regulators on Amazon.

    If you get an adjustable regulator replacement, you would want to start at about a 1/4 of the way open, and adjust from there.

    Much depends on the manufacture, typically the rise in height the regulator will ad the pressure needed. Just make sure you have a 3/8 hose size when purchasing you replacemnt fot the average portable heat situation.

    Piezo Igniter Problems

    If it does start, you need to replace the worn-out igniter with a new one

    Report This Adsource : The Gas Burner

    The next thing on the podium is the gas burner itself. In fact, its one of the most occupied parts of the entire patio heater setup. So, there is a good chance that it might get into trouble over regular use.

    To check that out, disassemble the burner and check for any kind of blockage. Also, another thing to check is the burner aperture. It might not be set correctly, and that might cause trouble to the patio heater that we are concerned about.

    Once done with the basic checking of the burner, check out the small chamber of the burner where gas and air are mixed up. There can be some sort of build-up dirt on that chamber. And if you notice some, make sure to clean it properly.

    However, dealing with the burner is one of the most complicated tasks of patio heater troubleshooting. So, you need to know how those delicate parts of a burner work. Also, make sure to maintain these few safety concerns while dealing with a patio heater burner-

  • Make sure the gas is turned off.
  • Take the gaslight mantle off.
  • Beware of pressure while running pipe cleaners through the burner hole.
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    Check Other Gas Proponents

    Patio heaters that rely on gas will require the proper functioning of all gas components in order to function. In addition to having a full gas tank, having a clean gas delivery pipe and a gas regulator that properly functions is necessary for the patio heater to light. The gas delivery pipe does exactly as it sounds: delivers gas to the heater.

    Gas Delivery Pipe

    This part of the patio heater is responsible for delivering gas to the heater in a timely manner which means, if not functioning properly, it will not heat as effectively.

    With gas patio heaters, you should be able to hear gas traveling through the pipe once the heater is turned on via the control knob. With patio heaters that have electric ignitions, a sparking sound will indicate that the igniter has been triggered.

    A soft hissing sound will be heard once the gas reaches the burner.

    Some indications of a faulty gas pipe are:

    • The sound of gas traveling through the pipe is absent.
    • A gas odor whenever the heater is turned on.
    • The slow releasing of gas when the control knob is turned on.

    Replacing a broken gas delivery pipe is essential in preventing a potential disaster such as a hazardous blast. If the pipe is clogged, it is recommended to manually clean the it to remove any blockage.

    Gas Regulator

    Meaning Calibrations And Designs

    Mainstays Large Outdoor Patio Heater Powder Coat Brown ...

    Though they may be tiny electrical devices, thermocouples are one of the most crucial patio heater parts.

    If you dont know where to look for patio heater thermocouples, check around your heaters flame. They have copper casings that you can sport effortlessly.

    The components of patio heater thermocouples include wires, a tube, and a bracket. The tube is above the bracket. Under the bracket are copper lead wires which connect to the gas valve. A nut binds the wires and a bracket together. However, designs may vary slightly.

    A wires diameter determines its temperature range. Each calibration has a unique temperature range.

    Typically used thermocouples are the base metal thermocouples. Its categories are E, J, K, T, and N. Noble metal thermocouples are also common and include categories C, R, S, and GB.

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    What Are Patio Heaters

    A patio heater is exactly what it sounds likea device to heat your patio. But theres a lot more to them than that, and knowing the whole field before you buy will ensure you get the right heater for your needs.

    First, lets talk about how they work. Like any other form of heater, a patio heater uses fuel of some kind to keep a space warm. Patio heaters are designed for outdoor use, though they may also be suitable for covered porches and similar spaces depending on manufacturer specifications.

    Patio heaters can be floor-standing, hanging, wall-mounted, or sit nicely on a tabletop. They can also include fire pits and chimineas, as both of those can also provide a good amount of heat to an outdoor space. Heaters frequently come in one of four forms: natural gas, electric, propane, and wood-burning.

    How To Choose The Best Patio Heater Buying Guide

    Now that weve wrapped up all of our favorite products, is there one thats caught your attention? If youre still on-the-fence about one or two, thats perfectly normal.

    There are a lot of great products on this guide, and it can be hard to narrow it down. Thats why weve decided to go ahead and create the comprehensive buying guide, below. It will take you through each step of the process in choosing the best outdoor patio heater for you and your needs.

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    Maintaining Your Patio Heater

    Now that you know how to keep your patio heater from tipping over, it might be worth taking a step further to look through your manufacturers manual for more tips on maintaining your patio heater. Taking the time to ensure that your patio heater is stable and at peak performance will allow you and your loved ones to enjoy time outdoors without worrying about accidents. With proper maintenance, your patio heater will last a while meaning more time for you to spend connecting safely with friends and family. Dont forget to check out this article were we talk more about patio heaters!

    Adjusting The Pilot Flame

    How to light a patio heater.

    If the pilot flame is too small, you may be able to make it larger by turning the pilot adjustment screw on the valve control counterclockwise with a screwdriver to open it. If this screw isn’t labeled, consult the appliance owner’s manual to identify it. The cause of a weak flame may also be an obstruction in the pilot tube. You can often remove such obstructions by turning off the gas, unscrewing the pilot tube from the valve control and blowing compressed air from a can through the tube. You can also poke the aperture of the pilot tube with a needle.

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    How To Test The Patio Heater Thermocouples

    Youll need the following items to take the test:

    • Multimeter
    • Wrench
    • A source of flame, such as a lighter or a candle

    The open-circuit test is a simple procedure, but if you lack knowledge, it is advisable to hire a professional.

    • Because youll have to remove the thermocouple, make sure your gas supply is turned off before starting the test.
    • Unscrew the connection nuts, copper leads, and bracket nuts to remove the patio heater thermocouple.
    • Make sure your meter is set to ohms. Touch the meters two leads together. You should have a reading of zero. Return your meter to volts if this is the case.
    • To conduct the actual test, turn on the flame source.
    • Placing the thermocouple in the flame causes it to heat up to a significant temperature.
    • Connect your multimeters leads to your thermocouple. One lead should be placed on one of the sides. Connect the next lead to the end of the previous one at the flame position.
    • Your reading should be between 25 and 30 millimeters if your thermocouples are working properly. You should get a new model if the reading is less than 25 millimeters.


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