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How To Hang Patio Lights From Gutters

Hanging Lights: Step By Step

How to hang patio string lights
  • Locate an Electrical Receptacle. Plan to run a heavy duty extension cords from a working 120-volt electrical outlet protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter. If you can, use a switch controlled outlet or automatic timer.
  • Get Out Your Tape Measure. Measure the length of your home using a long tape measure. Measure any bushes, shrubs or trees you intent to light. Then be sure to check it twice.
  • Test Your Christmas Lights. Test the lights before you plug them in, inspecting them for any loose or broken bulbs. Faulty wires can also present a fire hazard, which may prompt you to replace the string entirely.
  • Ladder Safety. When climbing a ladder, be sure to use proper ladder safety tips, such as keeping two feet on the ladder at all times and enlisting a partner to help.
  • Secure Christmas Lights. Attach lights along your gutters or roof with plastic clips made for the job. These clips will grip shingles or gutters and have a lower hook that holds a light strand or extension cord.
  • Consider Using Clips. If you are attaching lights to your window trim, use tube light clips or nail on plastic clips. You can find these at your local home improvement store. Space the clips 12 inches apart. Dont use nails or staples to hang Christmas lights they can pierce the protective insulation, creating an electrical hazard.
  • When To Put Up Your Christmas Lights

    So – youve found out how to hang outdoor Christmas lights, but now youre wondering when to put them up.

    Given that the traditional date for putting your Christmas tree up is 1st December, the start of Advent, it makes sense to put your lights up around the same time. You often start to see lights twinkling when night falls around the end of November.

    However, if the Christmas bug bites, whats stopping you from commencing the sparkle earlier in November or, dare we say it, October? There are certainly no Grinches in Dyasville – we say go for it!

    How To Hang Outdoor String Lights From Diy Posts: Add Lights

    Arrange the planters in a rectangle no more than 10 apart. Secure one end of the string lights to one of the cup hooks with the hook attached to the light, or with cable ties or twist ties if no hook exists. Continue stringing the lights, making an outline of the planters. When you have reached the first planter and have formed a rectangular outline of lights, begin zigzagging the lights from one side of the outline to the other, spacing the passes of string far enough apart so that they will be evenly distributed to the end. Secure the end to a cup hook as you did the beginning of the string. Attach an outdoor-safe extension cord and plug into an outlet.

    Sam Henderson

    When you have reached the first planter and have formed a rectangular outline of lights, begin zigzagging the lights from one side of the outline to the other, spacing the passes of string far enough apart so that they will be evenly distributed to the end. Secure the end to a cup hook as you did the beginning of the string. Attach an outdoor-safe extension cord and plug into an outlet.

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    How To Hang String Lights On Gazebo Or Pergola

    Nails are not an option when dealing with gazebo or pergola, especially with canopy or metal. Therefore, alumahangers are a revolutionary way to hang patio and garden decor around your pergola or gazebo without ruining the finish.

    They have heavy-duty hangers with aluminum hooks that will not damage wood, plastic fittings, vinyl siding, etc. You can find them in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors that go perfectly with your gazebo.

    The last time I was looking for alumahanger, I found a durable six-pack on Amazon that last me three-plus years with no problems.

    How To Hang Outdoor String Lights: A Step

    How to Plan and Hang Patio Lights

    For an outdoor space thats sparkling with charm, create a glowing overhead galaxy of string lights. Energy efficient, affordable, and easy to install, patio string lights can make a huge impact with just a little bit of planning and preparation. Even better, learning how to hang outdoor patio string lights can be completed in one afternoon!

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    How To Hang Outdoor Lights From Trees

    If youve got big trees near your patio or deck, youre in luck! You can use eye hooks, cup hooks, or coaxial staples to secure them to the tree.

    Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange anchored her patio lights to a tree in this beautiful outdoor dining space.

    Ariel from PMQ for Two made use of some nearby trees to hang lights over her super-fun outdoor living room.

    Or drape them in the lower branches of a tree, like my friend Kippi did for this gorgeous backyard 4th of July party.

    Attach Your String Lights

    After the guide wires are installed, you’re ready to hang your string lights. recommends using zip ties to attach your string lights to the cable guide wire . For maximum support, use a zip tie on either side of each socket . Our commercial grade string lights do have mounting holes , however for long-term reliability and easier installation, we suggest using zip ties.

    Optionally, an extra zip tie between sockets can help add security and maintain a “clean” look to the installation. If going across multiple spans in a zigzag or other pattern, secure the cord with zip ties at the corners when changing directions. The same technique would be used whether your sockets are in-line or suspended, as shown.

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    How To Hang Outdoor String Lights

    Hanging outdoor string lights is a great way to add some extra ambiance and create the perfect atmosphere for your backyard. But, it can be a little tricky if you havent done it before.

    Well show you how to hang your outdoor string lights on your outdoor patio and cover everything from choosing the right lighting all the way up to hanging them.

    Want To Try Something Different

    Hang String Lighting from Alumawood Aluminum or Duralum patio cover.

    If youre not convinced that hanging Christmas lights is for you, or you just fancy a change this year, then you can always try a laser light projector instead. These weather-resistant wonders can simply be staked into your lawn and left to project dazzling light displays onto the front of your house. Theyre also great for other occasions like Halloween and New Year not just Christmas.

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    Prepping Your Lights Check Them Twice

    Before hanging your Christmas lights, we recommend checking them. Pull them out of storage and see if they are functional before you start fixing them to your home. Inspect them for any visible wiring issues or cracked lights. Plug them in to make sure they are working properly.

    This step may seem like common sense. However, many homeowners end up skipping it, which usually results in frustration after a lot of hard work is already completed. By planning ahead, you will have plenty of time to make repairs or shop for replacements.

    How To Hang Christmas Lights Around Your Windows

    While were guiding you through how to attach Christmas lights to your house, lets look at another area: the windows.

    Heres how to put Christmas lights around windows, step by step:

  • First, choose whether you need battery-operated or mains-operated string lights. Both types can be used for either indoors or out , so check if they suit your needs before you buy. Also make sure you choose a wire colour that best suits your window frame paint.
  • Next, measure your windows so you know how long the wire on your lights needs to be and how many hooks youll need. These strong, weather-resistant hooks are adhesive and will stick to your window frame wherever you choose to put them.
  • Test the lights to check they work.
  • Position your hooks. No drilling or nailing needed – you simply stick them on and peel them off once the festive season is over.
  • Place the wire in each hook around your window. Easy!
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    Easily Hang Outdoor Patio Lights Without Nails

    Patio lights can make a world of difference to your outdoor space. They immediately signal to all of your guests that you care about the ambiance of your patio.

    However, its not always obvious how to hang them up . You may be tempted to reach for a box of nails, but hold on!

    Before you do something you might regret, read on. Ill tell you how to hang outdoor patio lights without nails!

    How To Hang String Lights Without Backyards


    Some homesteads do not have backyards. Therefore, if your homestead does not have one, then you need to learn how to hang string lights without backyards. There are several ways to light up your homestead regardless of the backyard. Lack of a backyard should not hinder you from illuminating your house.

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    How To Hang String Lights When Youre Renting

    Heres a slight variation on the string lights poles above. These poles use a patio umbrella stand as the base. They can be moved around easily and are perfect for wedding receptions, outdoor parties, or anywhere you dont cant dig holes in the ground. And did I mention this one only requires 3 tools and takes about 20 minutes tops?

    Connect & Tighten Cable

    With the screw hooks in place, youre ready to start hanging the cable. Connect the snap hook* on the cable guide wire to the screw hook at one end of the span .

    Run the unfinished end of the cable to the other screw hook, loop it through and then loop the cable guide wire back through another cable clip . The cable clip allows you to adjust the length and tautness of the wire. After reaching the right length/tautness, you can cut off any excess wire extending from the cable clip.

    Alternatively, you could also use a turnbuckle to more easily get the tautness you want in the guide wire .

    If you are making a zigzag or other pattern and need to change direction at a sharper angle then the guide wire naturally bends, you can opt to stop and start your guide wire by cutting the guide wire and using additional cable clips to make the intersection .

    *Note that our 30-, 60- and 110-foot cable guide wires have a snap hook on one end and the other end is unfinished with an included cable clip to customize the length. Our 350-foot bulk reel guide wire is unfinished on both ends for more flexibility and you can buy the number of cable clips you need.

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    Best Ways To Hang Outdoor String Lights

    Backyards in many homes are brightened up by hanging string lights. Outdoor string lights can be hung temporarily during events such as weddings or permanently to enhance the backyard patio. Regardless of the events, there are numerous ideas on how to hang the string lights to create that cozy ambiance that will have you enjoy your nights.

    String lights bring out an inviting and soft glow in your backyard or the entire homestead. When properly fixed, they will transform your backyard into an attractive spot, where you can host friends and cheer up as you enjoy your night.

    Some backyards have trees and other objects while others lack a backyard. Therefore, before you decide on the best way to hand your outdoor string lights, you should take time to assess your backyard.

    Outdoor street lights should be able to withstand harsh temperatures, wind, and rain. Therefore, the quality of the lights and the hanging style are crucial.

    However, to achieve that inviting illumination in your backyard, you need to hang the lights in the right way to achieve the best illumination pattern. Therefore, you should learn the best ways to hang the outdoor string lights in your homestead.

    That said, here are the best ways to hang your outdoor string lights to beautify and brighten up the space.

    The Best Hack To Hang Outdoor String Lights From A Gutter

    String lights on Alumawood patio cover

    Have you ever Googled how to hang outdoor lights?

    Come Christmas time there are all kinds of suggestions on ways to make hanging outdoor lights easier.

    I have tried multiple clips and hooks, but nothing has been easier than this little gadget.

    No plastic hook or clip can match this!

    For more outdoor living ideas be sure to check out:

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    How To Hang String Lights From A Wall Fence Or Building

    If you want to hang your cafe lights from your house or another wall or fence, simply drill a pilot hole and screw either an eye hook, a cup hook, or a coaxial staple into the wall.

    We used this method on the house side of our patio.

    I hung string lights on the wall behind my new boho porch swings! You can see the whole porch makeover here.

    Jenna from Jenna Kate At Home hung string lights along her house next to her patio to create this ultra-casual look.

    Bring A Soft Inviting Glow To Your Backyard Porch Or Patio By Installing Cafe

    For string lights strung over a large expanse:

    • String light suspension kit
    • Wire cutters

    For yards without trees or other tall supports:

    • 10-foot-long wooden posts or 10-foot-long metal poles
    • Hammer
    • Nails or screws
    • Sturdy planters or weighted buckets filled with concrete and a PVC pipe slot in center
    • 18-inch-long metal rebar stakes
    • Cable ties

    Before You Start1. Choose where to hang your outdoor lights. 2. Measure for length and roughly choose your light configuration. 3. Purchase the cords and lights, and gather all materials.How to Hang String Lights1. Identify where mounting support is needed. 2. Install mounting hardware or use a string light suspension kit or both.

    • Hanging without a wire: To hang the patio lights without a wire, screw a cup hook into the wall, fence, pergola or tree trunk to use as mounting.
    • Hanging with a wire: If youre using a wire, you can purchase a wire hanging kit that comes with a cable wire and suspension hardware . Install according to the instructions included with the kit.

    3. Hang patio lights. How to Hang String Lights in a Backyard Without TreesAlong a wood fence. On a deck or concrete patio.Posts attached to a rooftop railing provide height and support for outdoor globe lights. On a lawn. How to Hang String Lights on a Covered PatioTell us:

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    How To Hang Outdoor String Lights From Diy Posts: Fill Planter With Concrete

    Place the unpainted end of a 2 x 2 x 8 post in each of the planters. Divide the dry concrete mix evenly over the planters. Add water to the concrete mix according to the manufacturers instructions and stir with a stick until well combined.

    Sam Henderson

    Place the planter on level ground and use a level on one side to make the post plumb. Add painter’s tape across the planter on all four sides of the post to hold it in position. Allow the concrete to harden according to the manufacturers instructions before proceeding.

    How To Hang Christmas Lights On Brick Walls

    One of our customers sent us this pic of his house using ...

    Once you have measured your lights out in the same way, all you need to attach your fairy lights to brick is some wall plugs, screw hooks and a masonry attachment for your drill.

    Slowly drill a hole in the mortar of your home and make sure its long enough for the screw part of your screw hook.

    Pop your wall plug into the hole youve drilled and install the screw hook, ensuring it is tight. Now youre good to go!

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    Diy String Light Poles: The In

    Our patio dining space is right next to the house, with no convenient trees nearby. So while we could hang them from hooks on the house side, we really needed some poles on the other side of the patio.

    We came up with this ultra-simple and inexpensive method for installing string light poles. The PVC stays in the ground year-round, but the poles themselves can be pulled out at the end of the season and stored in the garage. You can watch our quick video tutorial here:

    What Is The Best Way To Hang Outdoor String Lights

    The best way to hang outdoor string lights depends on where you are hanging them. If you have trees, its easy to hang lights. Just drill a hole into a tree, install a cup hook, wrap the light around it and secure it with a zip tie. Or you can thread them through the branches and not anchor them. But, make sure you are close enough to a power outlet. You can also hang string lights from porch or deck posts, your home, fences, gazebos, pergolas, or pavilions.

    When hanging heavy lights or hundreds of feet of string lights, thread them through a guide wire for extra support. You can also install wall anchors before the hooks for extra support.

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    Use Metal Pole And Pvc

    Cut PVC pipes into a sizable fit that suits you and hammer them down into the ground, this will ensure the pipe firmness.

    After this, squeeze in a pole with a hook on top, which will be used to hang your patio lights. You can hammer this pipes around your patio at intervals or the corners you desire.


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