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Is A Deck Or Patio Cheaper

Is It Cheaper To Pour Concrete Or Build A Deck

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If youre looking to expand your outdoor living space this summer, youve probably been asked if youre planning to build a deck or a patio. They re both offering a great way to enjoy your property, giving you space to eat, relax and have fun. Although the surface patios and decks seem similar, there are, in fact, some key differences that could make one more suited to your property than the other.

Wood Deck or Hardscaped Patio: Whats the Difference?

A deck, typically made of wood or composite material, is a raised structure, most often attached to your house. Wooden decks may be a few inches or a few feet above the grade and require a supporting structure below. Most of the time, this structure is also made of wood, but can be made of poured concrete pillars for extra strength.

In comparison, the patio is more often made of concrete or stone. It normally sits at the grade, but can be raised if your property is on a slope. Because the patio needs less structural support, it can be built next to your home or anywhere else on your property to give you the opportunity to enjoy a garden or a swimming pool, for example.

So Should I Buy A Decking Or A Patio

Pros of Decking

  • Has a higher return on investment on average
  • Quicker to install for simpler designs
  • Can be built on uneven surfaces
  • Can customise with unusual colours Easy to customise
  • Can have a better view
  • Comfortable under the foot in heat

Cons of Decking

  • Can have a shorter lifespan
  • Weight restrictions especially if youre considering a hot tub.

Pros of Patio

  • Needs less equipment to build
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Provide more privacy as they are lower to the ground
  • Generally, have a longer lifespan
  • Doesnt usually require planning permission

Cons of Patio

  • Has limited colours when on a budget
  • More risk of cracking especially in extreme temperatures
  • Slipping risk in colder temperatures
  • Susceptible to staining from food and drink

We looked at some basic steps needed to install both decking and patios. There are other ways to install decking and patios however we just wanted to give you an idea of what kind of labour and tools might be needed. They both have their pros and cons. In general, decking is more likely to need a professional whereas, with a patio, most DIYers can do it. Not forgetting a deck can be put up on any slope or uneven surface but a patio needs an even flat surface. Time wise a simple deck can take as little as a few days whereas it takes a few days just for paving slabs to dry. It all comes down to you and your preferences on time, cost and type of landscape you are working with.

Deck Vs Patio Average Cost Calculator

28¬∑Compare Costs of Decks vs Patios Summary: Average Cost of a Deck vs a Patio The average cost of a 16′ x 20′ deck is between $6,720 and $22,720 depending on materials and labor costs. A DIY 16′ x 12′ patio made from concrete pavers has an average cost of $700, with a poured concrete patio of the same size costing between $2,000 and $4,000 for labor and materials.

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Composite Deck Vs Pavers

The cost of composite deck vs pavers will depend on the quality of the material. You can find high quality composites anywhere between $9 and $20 per square foot. A simple brick paver patio will cost around $5 per square foot, while stamped concrete with ornate designs will cost closer to $12 per square foot.

The lifetime costs of a composite deck vs paver patio are roughly the same. Apart from intermittently hosing them down or replacing the occasional broken paver, both require minimal maintenance.

Cost Of Building A Deck Vs Patio


Is a deck or patio cheaper? Once again, comparing deck vs patio cost in an accurate way requires looking at several elements. The main differences come down to material cost, the size of the job, the location of your project, and any extra features you want to include, such as built-in seating, multiple-levels, or embedded lighting.

For example, building a ground-level patio is less expensive than a raised patio. Likewise, an ordinary deck that consists of flat, straight lines; is typically less expensive than a floating deck, raised deck, or a deck that has a rounded shape. Additionally, constructing a patio on uneven terrain can considerably increase the price of the project due to the amount of labor required to level the land.

That said, the average cost of adding a 15×15 patio is roughly between $2,000 and $5,000 . By contrast, the average cost of building a deck of comparable size is somewhere between $4,000 and $9,000. To put it another way, it costs roughly $30 per square foot to build a deck and roughly $15 per square foot to build a patio. However, directly comparing patio cost vs deck pricing can be misleading. While patios are often cheaper in the short run, theyre not necessarily cheaper in the long run.

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Cost Of Decking Or Patio Cheaper Options

Hi Which one would be the cheaper option patio or decking . At the bottom of garden I have a small area I would like either decking or patio and was wondering which would be the cheaper option as Money is tight thanks

In most cases a patio would be a cheaper option but it all depends on the martials you choose to use.

Many thanks tony

Hi This will all depend on the height you want the patio/deck and the materials you choose to use. It will also depend on access as well as what is in the area you plan to install the patio/deck

For small areas using basic paving or standard decking there will not be a big difference in costs. Once you start using higher quality paving or decking then this can make a difference.

My advice would be to get at least three quotes but make sure they are all quoting for the same thing otherwise it can be confusing. Therefore make sure the paving or decking is the same for each quote.

Type Of Flooring Required

The posts and support structure of a is often constructed of pressure-treated lumber. Typically the flooring is made of wood, but there are alternatives including composite materials that require less maintenance. The wood used for the deck flooring is often pressure-treated pine or cedar. A potential hazard is that wood can become slippery when wet, and ice can easily form in winter.

Patios are generally constructed of concrete, stone, pavers, or other hard materials. Direct sunlight, especially if your patio is made of dark-colored materials, may cause the surface to become very hot. Patio surfaces that are smooth can be problematic when wet, creating a slipping hazard, and careful consideration should be given to the intended use of the patio when deciding on a material. For example, a concrete patio beside a pool is less likely to cause slips and falls than a patio made of smooth stone like granite.

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Does A Covered Patio Add Value

A covered patio offers shade and privacy in your backyard. It makes for a great place to grill in the summer and get some fresh air in the wintereven in stormy weather. But the ultimate question remains: Does a covered patio add value to your home?

The answer is yes! Adding a covered patio definitely adds value to your home. However, as with any upgrade, its important to remember that the most high-end, extravagant upgrades probably wont increase the value significantly more than middle-range upgrades. To recoup the cost of your investment, stick with mid-level materials and finishes.

However, if youre concerned about resale value, you can certainly design the covered patio of your dreams. Youll still have years ahead of you to enjoy it, and if money is not an object, then the benefits certainly outweigh the drawbacks.

Durability And Overall Lifespan

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The simple fact of the matter is that concrete is a lot more durable than wood, and this is true in terms of water resistance, fire resistance, and impact resistance.

On average, you can expect to get well over 30 years of life out of a concrete patio, whereas a wooden deck is going to last for 10 to 20 years.

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Building A Wood Deck Vs Building A Hardscaped Patio

If youre looking to expand your outdoor living space this summer, youve no doubt been asked if youre planning to build a deck or a patio. Both offer a beautiful way to enjoy your property, giving you space to eat, relax and entertain. Although on the surface patios and decks seem similar, there are, in fact, some key differences that could make one better suited to your property than the other.

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Key Differences Between Decks And Patios

One of the primary differences between decks and patios is the material they are made from, as well as their height off the ground and need to be attached to a building or other structure.

Wooden decks or patios may need to be re-stained or refinished periodically, and other materials may need sealing, refinishing, or other work depending on your climate and any damage from weather or other catastrophes. Re-staining a deck tends to cost around $700 on average and refinishing a deck is around $975, with additional costs if repairs or replacement panels, boards, pavers, or similar materials are required.

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Whats The Roi Of A Deck Vs A Patio

While adding a beautiful outdoor living space will most likely improve your enjoyment of your home as well as its property value, there is a difference in the return on investment of decks versus patios.

Deckswhile more expensive to constructhave a return on investment of around 60 to 80%. On the other hand, patios cost less to install but tend to have an ROI of under 50%. In areas with warm climates suitable for outdoor living, the ROI from adding a deck or patio might be even higher.

Wood Deck Or Hardscaped Patio: Whats The Difference

Pin on DIY Projects

A deck, typically made of wood or composite product, is a raised structure, most often attached to your house. Wooden decks can be a few inches or several feet above grade and require a supporting structure underneath. This structure is most often also made of wood but can be made with poured concrete pillars for extra strength.

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Does A Patio Cover Add Value

Yes, a patio cover can add value to your home. The ones built at the time of the homes construction add the most value. If you choose to add a patio later, then install one that complements your home. The patio cover permits the homeowner to use the patio in different kinds of weather, makes it an extension of the homes living space, and creates an area that is functional for various activities .

It is important to select a patio cover with attractive material that complements the home. Also, the life span of the patio cover and whether it performs its intended use are important too. Lastly, dont go overboard when installing a patio cover. You want to buy a low to mid-priced cover because the entirety of the patio must be in good condition, complement the home, and be desirable to the buyers, not just the patio cover.

Which Adds More Value To A House: Deck Or Patio

A deck adds more value to a home. Decks cost more to erect and are therefore worth more per square foot than a patio. Though, both decks and patios are a valuable addition to any home and expand the comfortable living space beyond the interior of the home. Overall, the return on investment is higher for a deck than a patio.

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Maintenance Costs Of Your Deck And Patio

Another factor to consider when choosing between decks or patios is the cost for maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. Decks built of certain materials only need the occasional spraying or refinishing. Although, repairing a deck costs about $1,500 each time. Patio are usually built of materials that require less maintenance over the lifespan of the patio. The problem with low-maintenance is that some people ignore long-term problems with the structure, which in the long-run its expensive to fix. That is why patios are the easiest structure to manage.

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Caring For Your Patio Or Deck

One of the main things people think about when looking through the deck vs patio debate is what it will take to care for either. The wood deck needs year-round maintenance to retain its beauty. This might require sanding or scrubbing. If you let it go too long, you might have to paint or refinish it again. Whether you choose to refinish it or paint it, youll still have a good amount of work ahead of you. Both methods require that you prepare the area adequately.

This requires you to ensure there are no loose screws, boards or nails. Youll also need to refinish or sand to take care of any peeling wood pieces that could lead to splinters. Thankfully, there are plenty of deck products on the market to help you care for your deck.

As far as a patio is concerned, youll find that maintenance isnt typically as hard as with a deck. Depending on the material you choose, determines how much work you have before you.

For example, with bricks, you could easily replace them as needed. Pea gravel requires that you rake and clean it on a regular basis. Furthermore, concrete needs to be regularly cleaned to get rid of mildew and mold.

The one downside that you will face with a patio vs a deck is more debris. Youll encounter more leaves, dirt and nearby grime just because it is sitting on the ground. This typically isnt something thats difficult to clean, however, as long as you stay on top of it.

Weatherproofing Your Deck Or Patio

Another factor to consider when deciding between a deck or patio is weatherproofing. Any outdoor structure needs to be weather-resistance for it to last. Decks and patios would require some sort of waterproofing, sealing, and coating in order for its surface to be protected from the weather.;

Weatherproofing with decks is less of a hassle because since theyre composed of more expensive materials, they might just need recurring cleaning. However, wood decks might require sealing and waterproofing every couple of years and sealing alone is expensive.;

On the other hand, materials that make up patios do not need as much treatment for weatherproofing, except cleaning and coating. However, if the material gets too wet constantly, it may crack and need resurfacing. Overall, its easier to protect patios from weather than it is decks.;

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What If You Cant Choose Deck Vs Patio

There comes a time when it feels impossible to choose between the two. Thats natural and theres a handy solution for this. By selecting a patio-deck combo you give yourself the best of both worlds. To do this, you would simply place the attached deck higher above the patio. This effective solution comes with many advantages. The main ones include the fact that you easily double your entertaining space outside and dont have to choose between the two. Of course, there are some downsides to consider in the process. Youll want to build your deck high enough that you allow plenty of entertaining space below. Otherwise, your patio wont be useful. This makes it more complicated to do if you own a split-level or rambler style house.

The Potential Roi On Installing A Deck

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When it comes to return on investment, a classic wooden deck still wins the top prize. Although, as mentioned above, a patio can add great value to your home, a deck will add even more. A study by Barclays suggested that a wooden deck adds an average of nearly £15,000 to a home in the UK. This is on average, so you could only imagine how much a more luxurious wooden decking could add!

Overall, it is clear that the installation of a patio or deck not only adds an attractive outdoor space to your home but also provides a clear return on investment, which varies depending on how much you spend in the first place.

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