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Large Pergola With Retractable Canopy

Fixed Shade Canopy For Existing Pergola

How to Make a Slide-On Wire Hung Canopy (Pergola Canopy)

Another option to increase the amount of shade under an existing pergola is to add a fixed mesh fabric canopy.

Shade canopy covers are custom fabricated and can be installed either with a bellowed look with support rods or flat installation and are available in a variety of mesh fabrics in a range of colours.

Please note that due to the lack of a significant pitch for most existing pergolas, a fixed mesh canopy is not designed to protect against rain or take any snow load, and therefore would need to be removed at the end of each summer season.

Origin of Manufacture: Barrie Tent & Awning, Canada

Available Sizes: Custom-fabricated to each unique locations requirements

Manufacturers Warranty: Five to Ten Years:depending on mesh material uses

Options: – Support rods to create bellowed look

– Flat installation with a varitey of fasteners

When To Build A Diy Retractable Canopy

A retractable canopy is appropriate in situations where you want to enjoy sunny conditions some of the time but also want the ability to block the sun at other times. For example, you may want to grow potted plants but also want the ability to provide temporary shade when it’s time for entertaining. A retractable awning is ideal for such multi-purpose spaces.

An ideal time for the construction of this retractable canopy is on a dry, coolish day when winds are minimal. A day that is cloudy might be preferable, as you’ll be looking up upward into the sun much of the time as you build and hang the canopy. A bright sunny day in midsummer can be both blinding and unpleasantly hot for outdoor construction work, while a mild, overcast spring day can be ideal.

Trim The Wire Ropes And Attach Turnbuckles

Extend each of the turnbuckles out as far as they will go by turning the two ends counter-clockwise to each other. Attach the three turnbuckles with the hook end to the three remaining eye screws on the pergola. Extend the free end of each wire rope to the eye end of the turnbuckles to get a general sense of where to cut the ends. Add 4 inches to your measurement and cut there, using wire cutters.

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Space Motorized Retractable Canopy

This type of motorized retractable canopy is ideal for windy locations with its own support legs or over an existing structure to provide shade from the sun and light rain protection. Note that with limited slope this product is not designed to be used in moderate to severe rain conditions as water will pool and permenently stretch the fabric. It is also not to be used in the winter. Both styles are powered by Somfy® motors that work with a hand remote.

  • Mount over existing structure

Wind & Rain Resistance

Outdoor Large Pergola Aluminum Canopy Retractable Gazebo Shade

ShadeFX retractable canopies are a fully framed canopy system when extended, with the strength to withstand most winds and even heavy rain. ShadeFX has canopy wings that spread out from the drive beam support points unlike roll up awnings that rely on fabric tension for support between their front and back without support in between. For this reason, roll out awnings are not recommended to be left extended in the wind or the rain.Read the ShadeFX Story to learn more about the limitations of roll-retractable awnings that inspired the creation of ShadeFX Canopies.

  • Standard and Irregular Shape Canopies
  • Designed to be Retracted in Wind
  • Minimum of 20 Degree Slope Required
  • Standard Shapes Only

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Install The Wire Rope On The Eye Screws

Looping the ends of the wire ropes around the screw eyes is a somewhat tricky operation:

  • First, fit a cable thimble through one of the eye screws, then slide the end of one of each wire rope through the eye screw and over the cable thimble so it fits into the thimble’s groove.
  • At the other end of the wire rope, fit a cable clamp over the rope and slide it up to the thimble area so both strands of the wire rope are threaded through the clamp’s opening.
  • With a wrench, tighten down the clamp so that the wire rope forms a tight loop over the thimble.
  • Repeat for the other two wire ropes and eye screws.
  • The three wire ropes should now be anchored to the support beam at one end of the pergola, with the opposite ends of the wire ropes still hanging free.

    Cut The Canopy Support Bars

    The canopy fabric will be stabled to 2×2 cedar supports bars, which will then be suspended from support wires using eye screws that allow the canopy to slide back and forth.

    With a power miter saw or circular saw, cut 2×2 boards to the width of the canopy. Generally, plan on one board for about every 18 inches of the canopy’s length, though the exact spacing is up to you. Increasing the number of boards creates a scalloped, ribbed look. Fewer boards produce larger, lower drapes.

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    Attractive And Flexible Retractable Shade For Your Deck Or Patio That Also Adds Value And Hours Of Enjoyment To Your Home

    • – canopies can last over 10 years with proper care!
    • Adapts to existing structures or use our attractive and durable aluminum or vinyl shade structures
    • Modular retractable canopies cover small odd-shaped, or LARGE areas – spans up to 24′!
    • Choose from over 40 decorator awning fabrics
    • Easy do-it-yourself awning and shade structure installation, or we’ll help you find an installer
    • Helps reduce air conditioning costs!

    Who Is The Large Retractable Awning Appropriate For

    Heres How to Build a Pergola in One Hour

    Large retractable awnings are the perfect choice for homeowners and business owners who are looking for retractable awnings with non-standard sizes. Some manufacturers offer a wide variety of awnings that can be made in different custom sizes.

    Large retractable awnings are for residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial use. Among the customers who choose these products are interior and exterior designers, architects, pubs, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, golf clubs, clubhouses and the public at large.

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    Why Retractableawningsreviewscom is a site where you will find detailed product information, honest reviews, and opinions from homeowners and business owners regarding service, product, installation, and guidance. It is important to note that the described products and services are only related to retractable awnings, retractable patio pergola covers, and retractable screens.

    With over 40 years of experience as a manufacturer, distributor, and installer of retractable awnings, I can say that there is a lot of misinformation about these products online. In addition, they are often confused with fixed / permanent awnings, which further complicates buying retractable awnings.

    As mentioned above, there are many things to look out for when purchasing retractable awnings. That is why it is essential to know the product well. Moreover, the company you have chosen is of crucial importance. It must be specialized in offering large retractable awnings and have the necessary licenses and years of experience. will help you find out more about each product you are interested in and learn more about the essential fabrics and components when choosing a product. Moreover, the site provides information about the best companies that offer large retractable awnings and opinions of different customers.

    Metal Pergola With Canopy

    Metal is an excellent material choice for pergolas because of its flexibility and its sturdiness. With the right kind of metal framing and appropriate finishing, a metal-framed pergola can last you many years. It could be a bit expensive but it wont let you down in terms of durability and style.

    Being separate from the Mediterranean style home, this pergola easily transformed into a small cozy space to relax and lounge about. It also uses black painted metal framing and natural fiber canopy, to keep with the natural feel of the space. The upcycled wooden creates were used as sofa framing simply adds to its charm.

    The metal framing of this pergola has a slim silhouette and has been molded into a more traditional style. A sheer outdoor-grade fabric has been added into the slats of the pergola to provide a bit of shade and protection from light drizzle/snow.

    This is another interpretation of the Balinese look, but instead of a modern rectangular frontal profile, this pergola gives it a little twist by using an arched beam. To help make it look light, the battens were spread wide apart and a fabric canopy was used so that it follows the shape of the beam. A fire pit pergola can create an enchanting ambiance with the right decor and accessories.

    Blending seamlessly into the houses modern architecture, this simple metal pergola adds a small yet very useful communal space in the house. The gray framing matches the windows and doors, and has a retractable canopy on top.

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    Diy Pergola Canopy Ideas

    With the advent of mass production, you can now easily buy DIY pergolas off-the-rack from your nearest building stores or even online. They are usually quite affordable and has many designs and sizes to choose from. However, customization is very limited and quality of build is usually not as solid as custom-built ones.

    See this white vinyl pergola kit at

    This easy to install pergola has a classic white frame and comes with a retractable fabric canopy, giving you a complete look.

    A classic Do-It-Yourself pool-side pergola with solid wood frame. It serves as a nice structure to hold the crawling plants and adds an interesting touch to the space.

    Working With Wire Rope Hardware

    Belham Living Steel Outdoor Pergola Gazebo with Retractable Canopy ...

    Suspending the wire ropes that will serve as cables for the canopy is done with a special type of hardware, known as a thimble-and-wire rope fitting. The process involves first threading the horseshoe-shaped metal thimble onto a screw eye anchored to the pergola’s beam. Then, the wire rope is fed through the screw eye so it fits into the groove of the thimble. Last, the free end of the wire rope is doubled back onto itself and secured with a specially designed clamp. This type of hardware is necessary since the wire ropes will be stretched between beams under tension.

    This hardware is stocked along with other metal cable fittings in your hardware store or home center and is also available from online retailers.

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    I Own A Restaurant How Can I Benefit From Pergola Awnings

    The Sunair® Pergola® Awning systems are the ultimate systems for larger residential spaces and restaurant cafés. We have the most comprehensive product offering, and our Pergola® Awning are available in many models to best fit your needs and budget. They add durability and function agains the elements. These systems can be used both as sun protection and inclement rain protection, with integrated gutters to disperse water. All Pergola® models are custom built to fit your area. Model will be chosen based upon size and features, and whether the awning can be mounted to the wall or needs to be a free standing and self-supported system. Your choice of system will also depend if you want to add roll down bug screens, or colder weather zipper screens with windows to create a 3 season room. Multiple units can also be mounted together with a gutter systems to cover even larger areas.

    The registration for AWNINGS UNLIMITED INCORPORATED / 095415170 / 3JPN4 is now active in the U.S. federal government’s System for Award Management

    What Is The Difference Between A Regular Pergola Cover And A Retractable Roof

    A regular or traditional pergola is usually made from wood and does not have any type of cover to protect from sun, rain or snow. A retractable roof or what some term a retractable awning cover is a structure made of either aluminum or wood and has a retractable or rotating louver roof that provides protection from the elements including sun/rain or sun/rain/snow.

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    What Is Not Covered

    • Installation labor costs, on-site labor costs and shipping charges are not covered by the manufacturer.
    • Damage that occurs due to wind is not covered under this warranty. Retractable awnings and retractable canopies should always remain retracted at wind speeds of over 20 mph and sometimes also at lower speeds. Because of the irregular and unpredictable nature of local wind speeds and gusts, ANY damage relating to wind, regardless of the speed, is excluded from the warranty. Wind sensors and batteries needs to be checked regularly and failure of a wind sensor for any reason does not validate a warranty claim on an awning damaged by wind.
    • Damage that occurs due to the accumulation of water or weight loads on the shade product is not covered under this warranty. Lateral arm awnings should be and remain retracted during periods of rain. Normal wear, weather soiling, or stains from environmental pollution or other sources are not covered.
    • This warranty does not cover damage caused from acts of nature, fire, accident or similar hazards.
    • This warranty does not cover dents, scratches, corrosion, oxidation, rust, chipping or peeling of painted finish or weathering that results from normal use or wear and tear.
    • The shade products must be properly installed, utilized, and maintained. The warranty is considered invalid if deterioration of any kind occur due to abuse, negligence, vandalism, burns, misuse, or improper use and care.

    Attach The Drawstring To The Canopy End

    markilux pergola stretch – Large area awning system

    Cut two pieces of nylon rope, each the length of your pergola plus another 4 feet. Tie each to the end support bar, one at each end. Drape each drawstring over a horizontal support beam at the end of the pergola.

    Pulling the drawstrings down will move the pergola canopy horizontally along the wire ropes to extend it. Loop the drawstrings around the cleats to hold them in place. Retracting the canopy will involve removing the drawstrings from around the cleats, and sliding the canopy back to the fixed end by hand.

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    Retractable Awnings Are Best For Sun Protection

    It is so pleasant on a hot summer day to sit in the shade, read a book, drink tea, and just relax. Or invite your friends for a little talk. A retractable awning vs. pergola is definitely more useful in this case.

    A pergola can be very cozy, but still, it can usually protect from the sun only a minimal area. In contrast, you can cover a large part of the yard, patio, or deck with an awning. Plus, it will allow you to adjust the space where you want to create shade and choose which side you want to hide from the sun.

    Gorgeous Pergola Canopy Ideas

    Welcome to our gallery of pergola canopy ideas for the backyard.Pergolas are one of many architectural features that exists for both its function and its aesthetic. Functionally-speaking, they help create an additional space or extend your space outdoors, allowing you to have an additional area to your home that is directly connected to your garden/yard/outdoors. Depending on the type of pergola, it can also help provide shelter from the weather.

    Aesthetically-speaking, pergolas simply visually improve the overall look of your home. It can be made to match the architectural style of the house, or it can also be completely different, depending on the look you are going for. Check out our gallery of pergola ideas for even more designs.

    In the picture above solid wood posts and beams make up the main structure of this pergola, complementing the wood decking of the area it covers. The simple square silhouette gives it a contemporary appeal that would easily look good together with any architectural style. A retractable canopy of white sun screen fabric and side curtains has also been added for extra weather protection.

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    Pergolas Are Better Suited For Locations Prone To Seasonal Changes

    The most significant factors in terms of seasons are the ability to be enclosed and used in cooler weather. And this is entirely consistent with the pergola features, which can be enclosed and transformed into a small room in your garden where you can have a warming tea or coffee on chilly fall evenings. A retractable awning usually only provides shade in an outdoor area and cannot be enclosed.

    How Long Does The Coverage Last

    Best Choice Products 10x10ft Extra


    • Lateral Arm, Drop Arm and Basket Awnings: The warranty on the front profile, torsion bar, roller tube, tray, hood and cassette protects the purchaser should these parts become unserviceable due to a manufacturing defect for the lifetime that the awning remains as originally installed.
    • Retractable Canopies: The warranty on extruded aluminum supports protects the purchaser should these parts become unserviceable due to a manufacturing defect for the lifetime that the canopy remains as originally installed.
    • Solar Shades: The warranty on the extruded cassette, roller tube, terminal profiles and tracks protects the purchaser should this part become unserviceable due to a manufacturing defect for the lifetime that the shade remains as originally installed.
    • Thread: The Gore Tenara® sewing thread will not be damaged by exposure to sunlight or water for the life of the fabric warranty.
    • Ultrasonic welded and glued seams: Ultrasonic welded and glued seams will not be damaged by exposure to sunlight or water for the life of the fabric warranty.

    12 Years

    5 Years

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    What Is The Difference Between Water Resistant Water Repellent And Waterproof

    Water-resistant – This offers the lowest level of water protection. If a retractable awning fabric resists water, its usually because the fabric itself is acting as a barrier between you and a very light shower. Tightly woven fabrics will offer a very small degree of water resistance, as it takes some time for the water to seep through the material. It is not impervious to water penetration but can stand a very limited exposure to precipitation. However, with the addition of a coating or impregnation, you can make a retractable awning fabric water repellent.

    Water repellent – a step up from water resistance and offers a medium level of water protection. This means that water cant easily penetrate the material . It beads on the outside instead. However, as soon as you apply pressure like the skies suddenly opening and releasing a whole load of heavy rain, rainwater starts to seep in through the coating, the fabric, and onto your patio or deck.

    Waterproof – A waterproof material or product is one that is completely impervious to water penetration and offers the highest level of water protection including heavy rain. No water can get in or out of the product or material or around the edges. A waterproof material or product is able to provide sustained protection from water. does not offer water-resistant fabric. We only offer water repellent fabrics on our folding lateral arm awnings and waterproof fabrics on all* of our retractable roof pergolas.


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