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Removable Acrylic Panels For Screened Porch

Install The Windows And Begin Inspections

DIY Screen Porch Enclosure

The windows turned out really well. They block the outdoor air even better than I expected. I had two inspectors come out immediately to make sure my project was up to code! Using my multi-meter to measure temperature differences, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a 10 degree C difference between indoors and my porch and a 8 degree difference between the porch and outside. For Fahrenheit reference it was about 74 in my house, 55 on the porch, and 41 outside. This porch to outside ratio has held up pretty well enabling my cats to enjoy being outside on days down to about -1 degrees C.

What Is The Warranty On The Porch Conversions Product

The aluminum components of the frame/sash members are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the windows. The powder coated paint finish is warranted against blistering, peeling, cracking, or chipping from normal intended usage for a period of 10 years from the date of installation to the original purchaser. The vinyl is warranted to be free of defects resulting in material obstruction of vision and cracking for a period of 10 years from the date of delivery by Porch Conversions. The screen and moving parts shall be warranted for a period of years on the material only from the date of delivery by Porch Conversions.

Sunroom Windows: Choosing Between Acrylic Glass & Vinyl

When you start thinking about building a sunroom, you probably consider a number of different options, such as the design of the framing or the type of screening youll install. One facet that you may overlook, however, is the material used in the windows of your sunroom. Many people assume that glass windows are their only option. Sunroom windows come in three different types. Glass windows seem to be the standard for a sunroom window, but acrylic and PGT EZE-Breeze vinyl panels are attractive alternatives to traditional glass.

Acrylic Panels Are Inexpensive and LightCompared to traditional glass windows, acrylic windows can be an attractive budget material for sunroom windows. Acrylic is a type of rigid clear plastic, and each acrylic window panel is typically much lighter than a comparable glass panel. Acrylic windows are less expensive to manufacture than glass windows, and their light weight makes them inexpensive to ship, store and install. Acrylic is also resistant to sharp blows, and if an acrylic panel does crack, its less dangerous than a shattered glass window.

However, glass is a heavy material, and the weight of this material will force some limitations to your sunroom designs. The window panels themselves are more expensive to purchase, and working with glass is more expensive along all stages of the installation process. Glass is also prone to shattering, and shattered glass can give painful lacerations.

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Costs By Enclosure Type

Here are the most popular enclosure styles and their general cost ranges when hiring a contractor to build the enclosure. Weve included stick-built options as well as other patio enclosure types for comparison.


  • Roll Shades | $15 $600 based on quality and size.
  • Privacy Screens | $40 $250 based on size.
  • Ceiling Fan | $55 $400+
  • Lighting per Fixture | $20 $200+
  • Electric or Propane Space Heaters | $15 $450
  • Propane Fireplace | $700 $1,500+
  • Fireplace and Chimney | $1,250 $4,000
  • Screen Material | $.15 $1.10 per square foot. Your options from cheapest to most expensive include fiberglass, vinyl mesh, aluminum and stainless steel.

Porch Installation & Repair Services In Richmond Hill

Removable Acrylic Panels For Screened Porch  Randolph Indoor and ...

Does your enclosure or porch need re-screening or repair? For porch and patio screen enclosure repair, or replacement needs, contact us at Global Glass and Aluminum and professional service and Free estimates are just a phone call away.

There are a variety of methods Global Glass and Aluminum can use to help weatherize your porch and patio screens. From clear acrylic removable panels to converting your screen porch into a sunroom. From roll-up PVC to lightweight sliding memory vinyl panels. We have seen it all and have the solution so youll love your porch again.

A high-quality screen porch enclosure will give you the extra living space that youre looking for and the assurance that your porch will look good for years to come. The added living space will increase the value of your home and the quality of your life. Thats a Global Glass and Aluminum promise.

Do you have concerns about excessive exposure to the sun? By screening your existing porch, youre adding a protected casual space to your home. If youve ever wondered how to enclose a porch, its easy. Simply call Global Glass & Aluminum and you will have a screened in porch that is designed to blend into the appearance of your home.

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Charlotte Screen Guys Removable Screened Porch Panels

Why have us install removable screened porch panels?

  • Easy to remove and reinstall when you need to paint
  • It allows us to stretch the screen tighter for a beautiful view
  • Some folks like the contrast and some like to blend frame
  • If an animal rips the screen, it is easy and quick to rescreen
  • We don’t have to rip half the porch down to replace the screen
  • This is the way to go!! No question about it


Depending on how your screened porch is set up in Charlotte, we need to install furring/stops to your screened porch openings. Removable screened porch panels look the best when we can inset them– it looks very sharp and creates a much better seal to keep the bugs out.

We will usually use treated 1×2’s or 2×2’s to create our boarder depending on your porch set up. We can also add posts, frame and install screened doors and storm doors on your screened porch.

We will mount your removable screened porch panels to the stops with painted hex screws for easy removal and re-installation.

We build and install removable screened porch panels in

Charlotte, Matthews, Harrisburg, Monroe, Mooresville, Albemarle, Locust, Mountain Island Lake, York, Newton, Conover, Mount Holly, Davidson, Waxhaw, Stallings, Indian Trail, Statesville, Gastonia, Belmont, Kings Mountain, Lake Norman, Huntersville, Marvin, and surrounding areas of North Carolina. 704-909-7753

Enclosures in Albemarle, NC EZE Breeze, RSG Acrylic Porch Systems

Interview: Leon Bromley President Of Rommel Usa

“We have a second floor screened porch and we didnt want to turn it into a three-season room. We just wanted to install something that would keep the snow and the pollen out during those time and on sunny days you could still go out there, and the PES product fit that need perfectly.” Read Interview & Photos

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Put Your Frame Together

I pre-drilled pilot holes for the frames and used a 2.5″ screw to attach three parts of the frame. I then slid the plexiglass in from the top and finally attached the top piece with two more 2.5″ screws as pictured. Be careful not to screw the screws in too tight because it can crack your frames. The second picture of the frame with no plexiglass was a test frame to make sure it would fit as I envisioned. Not a bad idea to make one and check your measurements before doing the rest! In retrospect I would have gotten two smaller pieces of plexiglass for the door and put a cross-piece of wood in the center. It is still plenty strong, but off all the frames this one had the least structural rigidity.

Rip Your Wood To Size

EZ Storm Panels – Porch Enclosure

I ended up buying 5″ x 72″ x 1″ boards and ripping them to 2″ x 72″ x 1″ pieces. I know every woodworker out there is saying you shouldn’t do that because it can cause the board to change and you’re right! For my project however, the frame was still rigid enough and the strength of the plexiglass ended up fixing any curved pieces. Used my table saw blade to cut a dado for the plexiglass which worked really well as the plexiglass was 1/8″ and the table saw blade is the same thickness. I cut this 1/2″ into each side of the frame. Then I painted all the pieces of the fame.

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How To Close Off The Porch For Winter: Acrylic Vs Glass Vs Vinyl

It’s that time of year when it’s time to put the swimsuits and short sleeves in storage and pull out the sweaters and warm fuzzy socks. Additionally, it’s time to perform winter home maintenance. If you have a porch enclosure, its time to winterize it. However, what material is best for keeping your space protected during the cold and wet of winter?

Today, on the Metro Screenworks blog, were going to compare some of the most common options for enclosing your porch this winter.

Clear Vinyl Porch Enclosure Panels

Screen Porch and Patio Enclosure Options:

Enclose your porch for winter time use, blocking wind, rain, and cold air. We have four options for enclosing your porch to create a warmer more comfortable porch. Temporarily enclosing your porch also allows for regular Spring, Fall and Summertime use of your porch.

Each option offers specific benefits for protecting your screen porch or restaurant patio. We can help you determine the best solution for your porch and budget.

We sell, install, and service Clear Vinyl Porch Panels and Eze-Breeze Porch Enclosure Systems. Choose from manual cord pulley roll-up clear vinyl porch panels, manual worm gear operated clear vinyl roll-up panels with side tracks, motorized retractable clear vinyl panels, or Eze-Breeze four track versatile porch enclosure system.

Unlike paneling a porch with glass windows or walls that create a permanent room that needs to be cooled in summer months, adding clear vinyl curtains allows the homeowner to roll-up curtains up or stow them away in summer.

The purpose of having a porch, patio, or outdoor living room is to experience the joys of nature. Adding a sunroom or permanently enclosing an existing screen porch separates the homeowner from the beautiful outdoors and fresh air. Enjoy nature during warmer months by rolling-up or taking down clear vinyl panels.

Cord Pulley Clear Vinyl Roll-up Panels:

Cord Pulley Clear Vinyl Roll-up Porch Panels


Snap-in Clear Vinyl Curtains:



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Winterize Your Screened Porch

Winterize Your Porch: Block Sleet, Snow, Wind and Cold all winter long with our Winter Porch Enclosures that roll-down and attach securely to your screened porch or patio, while letting in the warmth from the sun. In winter it is not uncommon to have temperatures inside your porch 35+ degrees warmer from the sun alone.

Our winter porch curtains let in plenty of light AND offer superior clarity to other clear vinyl plastic winter curtains. This is the result of high quality scratch resistant sheet glass, the same used in the automotive industry on convertible vehicles, along with marine grade polyester and stainless steel hardware.

In early spring and late fall roll-up your panels independently to let in fresh air, while keeping other curtains down to block the cold wind. Or store your curtains for the summer by removing them from the top track and placing in optional storage bags The low profile top track can also be removed if necessary.

Panels on left are rolled up. All PES enclosures roll-up and down.

PRIOR TO INSTALLATION OF WINTER PORCH PANELSPrior to PES coming to the rescue, screened porch owners try to enjoy mimosas and oysters outdoors during an unseasonable warm winter day. Our clear vinyl window curtains can be kept down to keep out the wet, dirt and cold, then rolled up easily on days like this.

The same screened porch in winter prior to installation of our porch enclosure panels.

Resources for Considering a Porch Enclosure System

Screened Porch Enclosure Systems

Removable Acrylic Panels For Screened Porch  Randolph Indoor and ...

Clear Vinyl Panels for Screened Porches Rolls Down Over Existing Screens

PES customers enjoy the best of both worlds, their screened porch in good weather, and complete weatherproofing from rain, HEAVY WIND, snow, pollen and dust when they need it. Your PES can easily be deployed last minute and can offer seasonal winterizing protection of your screened porch.

Clear Vinyl Panels with Glass Like Clarity

Our clear vinyl panels utilize scratch, UV and stain resistant pressed polished vinyl sheet glass that can roll up. This is a high tech, high density, and more durable solution than found on most restaurant enclosures & party tents. Our clear vinyl windows are auto-grade, marine grade and wont yellow, cloud, mildew or crack over time.

The above photo is a perfect example of screened porch to sunroom conversion for a fraction of the cost. Check out our photo gallery and testimonials for many great examples and customer experiences.

Below is the same screened porch with vinyl glass patio curtains as viewed from the inside and outside.

Our Porch Enclosure System for the screened porch pictured above included 4 roll-up window panels, a clear vinyl door panel, and a solid fabric vent panel for over the door.

Removing PES Panels from Screened in Porches

However, most customers choose to leave their patio curtains installed year round. Reasons include:

  • Low profile design
  • Big fluctuations in temperature in Spring and Fall means they use PES more than expected
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    Overview Of Patio And Deck Enclosures

    An enclosure is an outdoor project that optimizes your enjoyment of the patio. It can be customized to your climate and lifestyle. Where the weather is typically mild, a simple screened enclosure might be sufficient to provide shelter and protection from insects. In more extreme climates, a three-season enclosure or a four-season room with heating or cooling allows you to enjoy the patio for more of the year. If you already have a deck or porch, learn about the cost to screen in a porch here.

    This cost estimate covers cost factors and gives specific cost ranges for various types of patio and deck enclosures. Sample project costs for contractor-built enclosures are included. Reader-submitted prices are included. Please consider returning to Costimates when youve built a porch enclosure to share the project cost for the benefit of other readers.

    Note: This page covers stick-built porch enclosures rather than kits, either cheap steel frames with screening or high-end sunroom kits that exceed $100 per square foot.

    Introduction: Porch Plexiglass Storm Windows

    This is my first instructable. It is about time I gave back to the community as I have used the site plenty of times for my own projects. So thank you to everyone who has posted!

    The purpose of this instructable is to outline the process I used for building plexiglass storm windows for our outside covered patio…..or as we call it the catio. The issue was that our cats love being out here, but living in the midwest, winters can be a bit chilly. As a result, we started looking for ways to seal the windows during the winter. We like the full screen windows in the summer and didn’t want to install windows that would block any of the airflow when the weather is nice outside.

    First I looked at installing sliding windows and also got a quote from a window installer. The quote was over $6000 so we defenestrated that idea. Next I looked at custom storm inserts. This quote was better but I still didn’t want to spend $3000+ for this project. I started looking into material costs for making storm windows myself. At first I was very discouraged. The shipping cost for the plexiglass sheets was going to be much more than the cost of the sheets themselves. Fortunately there was a plastic supplier with a local office who not only cut the sheets for me, but the price came in way under what I was looking to spend. Total the plexiglass ended up costing $360.32 for 9 windows and a door.

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    Related Costs And Installation Time

    Contractors know what they want to make per hour. Then they estimate the time it will take to complete a patio enclosure when figuring the labor estimate of the job.

    • $40 $100 per hour | Installation labor cost to build a patio enclosure. As noted above, this works out to $12 to $40 per square foot depending on the type of enclosure you choose.

    Here are typical time frames for building common patio enclosures covering a 10×15 patio 150 square feet.

    • 2-3 Days | Frame and Screen Enclosures
    • 3-4 Days | Frame, Screen and Acrylic Panel Enclosures
    • 5-7 Days | Three-season / Four-season Rooms

    The Convertible Garage Slider

    How to Enclose Your Porch with Clear Plastic Vinyl – Enclosure Guy

    What a better way to add an extra room to your garage than with THE CONVERTIBLE while adding to the beauty of your home. Our heavy-duty threshold assures many years of trouble-free service, and our exclusive 1 roller adds ease of operation and dependability. While this product allows for the benefits of Floridas subtropical climate by enclosing your garage with a convertible garage screen slider, it is a favorite in many other states as well.

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    Install Heavy Duty Clear Vinyl Sheets

    Clear vinyl sheets are a better option to insulate your porch as you have to install them directly on the screen. They can withstand weather elements including snow. These vinyl sheets seal completely, closing gaps that may bring in cold drafts or any other undesirable elements.

    Always keep in mind, nonetheless, that the sheets have to be thick to protect them against damage. A gauge between 30 and 40 is fairly heavy for a cozy room, though you could get one with a higher gauge of between 60 and 80 that is more durable.

    You also have to get a vinyl sheet with a cold-crack rating that can withstand the cold temperatures in the area you live. Harsh temperatures can cause the vinyl sheet to crack.

    Below is a guideline on how to install the vinyl sheets on your screens to insulateyour porch:

    Items Needed


  • Clean the windows and frame thoroughly to enable the Velcro tape to stick properly.
  • With a measuring tape, measure the length and width of the screens to know the size of vinyl sheets you will need. Remember to purchase sheets with a gauge and cold-crack rating suitable for the temperatures in your area.
  • Add an extra 2 inches to the length and width of the sheet to fit both the screen and framing.
  • With a heavy-duty scissor, cut the sheets according to the measurements you have taken.
  • Peel the Velcro tape and stick it to all the sides of the frame.
  • You may still secure further by installing grommets or marine snaps along the top edge, spacing them 2 feet apart.


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