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Lowe’s Grill Gazebo

The Basics You Need To Know

Assembling the Grill Gazebo by Sunjoy I got from Lowes.
What forms of payment do we accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & Amex. We do not accept cash or checks.

Are same day bookings available?

Same day bookings are not guaranteed, please contact support to confirm availability.

Can I receive a COI?

The COI can be provided free of charge after reserving your appointment. We will issue the COI for your building upon request.

Is the service price flat-rate?

Yes! All On Point Assembly services are flat-rate, no hourly charges ever. However, we do charge fees with your flat-rate price.

Is there a time window for my appointment?

All appointments have a 2-hour time window. Please be aware your time window may vary due to delays from prior appointments.

What is the booking policy?

Please refer to this article to read our booking policy.

Which Outdoor Gazebo Is Right For You

Naturally, your choice of gazebos has everything to do with your outdoor space, and whether or not you intend to use it on a year-round basis. If summer is the only season you spend time outside, consider the more portable gazebo models that are easy to assemble and take down.

There are even pop-up gazebos that set up in less than sixty seconds! Those are the perfect options to take camping, to the beach, or anywhere else you want some shade as well as protection from pesky mosquitos, bees, and bugs.

Wooden gazebos are often more permanent in nature. They usually require a substantial footprint as well as a solid, level surface structure. If you’re opting for a wood gazebo, we recommend you choose cedar or redwood as the main material as these woods are pest and rot-resistant, and can be sealed to last even longer.

Metal gazebos are perhaps the most popular and if you choose one that’s powder-coated steel or aluminum, you’ll never have to worry about rust and corrosion. While most of these gazebos aren’t intended for year-round use, there are a few that are durable enough to withstand a substantial snow load.

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Why Would I Want A Backyard Gazebo

For the most part, it’s all about creating a special space outdoors, according to this article from The Spruce. Sure, gazebos provide shade, and there’s no question, they look pretty cool too. But you have to admit, when you create a covered living area outside, it’s an especially cozy place to curl up with a book, take a leisurely nap, or stage an intimate candlelit dinner.

Gazebos are also important if you don’t have much shade in your yard. If you have big trees that already provide shade, you’ll want to place your gazebo in a wide-open area to maximize its benefits, says Amish Mike, a custom gazebo manufacturing company.

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How Should I Furnish My Gazebo

It’s all about the ambiance you are trying to create. Whether you’re after an outdoor dining space, living room, or just some comfy seating, you’ll want furniture that can handle the elements.

But creating your space is more than furniture, so you’ll want to add some decor pieces as well. Trying to create a beachy theme? Make sure your accoutrements evoke that feeling. If you’re looking for a warm Moroccan look, find decor that reflects the rich colors and vibrant patterns you might find there. If you prefer a mid century modern aesthetic, add some cool free-standing panels that create privacy as well as design.

A gazebo gives you an opportunity to freely express your design style without making major changes to the inside of your house. We say go for it!

Is A Hardtop Gazebo The Best Choice

Sunjoy Brown Metal Rectangle Grill Gazebo (Exterior: 5

Depending on how many months of the year you want to use your outdoor living space, you might want to skip the canvas roof and opt for a hardtop gazebo. These structures offer either polycarbonate roofs or steel.

Each has its advantages. Polycarbonate hardtops offer shade and UV protection, and many even reduce heat transfer so your space stays cooler. These roofs also allow some sunlight into your space, so they definitely make it brighter.

Metal roof gazebos are more bombproof and can handle all kinds of weather without issue. From downpours to snow storms, these hardtop gazebos will be with you for the long haul.

On the downside, they are definitely darker, so you’ll want to think about whether you want to add candles or light fixtures to your gazebo decor to make the space more usable.

In the end, both steel and polycarbonate are good hardtop options because they’re virtually maintenance free, per the pundits at Hunker.

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